Cancer Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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What do you think about astrology and horoscope? If you read our text, you are definitely at least intrigued by the idea of stars and planets affecting our earthly lives. There has to be some truth in it, for astrology was, long ago, a component of a well-established science of astronomy.

Astrology falls under pseudoscience category and is not officially claimed ‘valid’.

However, in ancient times, it was widely used. Most of the greatest civilizations were in favor with astrological predictions and interpretations. Astrology was a common part of what we call astronomy nowadays for Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans.

Old peoples of Americas also much relied on astrology; Mayas, Inca and Aztec people also developed their own ‘science of stars’.

Each one of these has its distinctive features, but they share the same idea. Roots of what we consider Western astrology are to be found in Middle East traditions.

People of ancient Mesopotamia believed that stars and constellations are in relation with cities and countries in the world they knew. They were very respectful towards their stars interpreters; a king would never start a war campaign, if stars were not in favor.

This is only a tiny fragment of a long and rich history of astrology and astronomy.

In today’s Western countries these tow are divided and seen differently. Whether you believe in it or not, astrology definitely has a strong historical background. In modern days, it is commonly seen as a personalized approach to an individual’s matters.

Your birth chart tells about the exact position of planets and all astrological aspects at the time you were born. An astrologist could interpret it to the tiniest details and give you a colorful image of your personality and of what could await you in your lifetime.

Moreover, they could do compatibility analyzes and determine whether you and another person fit well.

This compatibility analysis could give you a clue about the nature of your relationship with someone. Here, we present basic compatibility of all of the twelve zodiac signs.

In today’s article, we will try to figure out what type of a relationship could develop if we match a Cancer man with a Taurus woman. Let us begin with astrological profiles for both signs.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is a true enigma to everyone around. He is quiet and reserved, usually shy. His character is a mixture of surprises and contradictions. His modesty, shyness and introvert personality commonly mask his inner need for independence and freedom.

A Cancer man is usually tidy and organized; he could be very strict in what he is doing, regardless of his sensitive nature.

The thing is, he is guided by his intuition and emotions, not by his reason. He puts all of his trust to his heart and commonly overlooks what his reason tells him to do. What is more interesting, his guts usually prove exactly what he was suspecting of.

Cancer men are prone to mood swings, in one moment he is sociable and friendly, while in the other, he does not even want to leave his room and finds any company repulsive and exhausting.

A Cancer man never opens up to a new person to the fullest; he does not feel comfortable speaking about his intimacy and his emotions, although his deeply emotional side is quite obvious.

This means that he acts guided by emotions, but would never tell you what he truly feels about you, until he is definitely sure he could trust you. A Cancer man is afraid of being emotionally hurt, because he is well aware of his fragility in that sense.

Despite of being oriented towards his inner self, his huge reservoir of emotions is not restricted to himself. A Cancer man is willing to help those in need and is very gentle, caring and loving of his closest ones.

In addition, he could be a true humanitarian; he literally feels other people’s pity and has a lot of compassion. He is easily disturbed by examples of the cruelty of the world.

A Cancer man tries hard to hide his true emotions, so he could appear arrogant or grumpy and indifferent towards others. He tries to disguise himself and he does in on a sub-conscious level.

His nature is dual and very changeable, which makes him mysterious and hard to get to know. It is hard to make him love you, no matter how well he thinks of you.

All Cancer men are creative, inventive, intuitive and kind. This man is not vengeful or greedy. He is smart, mysterious and usually very imaginative and charming. In love, he is loyal, dedicated and particularly tolerant.

If you want a man who will treat you kindly and gently, if you want a romantic soul to share your dreams with, a Cancer man is definitely the one.

Gemini Woman

Gemini women always represent themselves in the best edition. Even if she were sad or angry about something, a Gemini woman would not let it to be seen on the outside.

She could smile while screaming inside or be polite, while thinking the worst about something. She is a strategists, she knows her advantages and weaknesses and manipulate them well. In addition, she manipulates others with ease.

A Gemini woman is adorable and hard to resist. She is open and very communicative; her inventive mind is always ready to explore new ideas. She has an open ear for everyone and could give valuable advices.

However, she is careful; she has a perfect self defense mechanism that lies in her ability to make people know her more than they actually are.

A Gemini woman uses trick without a blink; you could find her so irresistible that you will simply accept anything she offers you. Imagine a sweet, lovely and serviceable promotion girl selling something.

She talks and talks and in the next moment you have bought yourself a bunch of completely unnecessary trinkets. That is a great metaphor for a flirty Gemini lady!

She feels at ease with everyone and comfortable in any situation. A Gemini lady is not shy and she would speak her mind plainly. She loves games, seduction and flirting, but once she has had enough of it, she would say it. Gemini women are emotional and quite moody.

Gemini energy is dual; a Gemini woman could change from adorable and cuddly to ignorant or ironic in matter of seconds.

Gemini women are intelligent and witty. They are excellent team players, but also like to work alone. They are versatile and have many interests. Their changeable nature makes them very flexible in all areas of life.

Just like a Gemini man, a Gemini woman does not accept failure as something definite. For her, life is a never ending and exciting game with many levels.

A Gemini woman is full of energy and she searches a partner who can follow her vision of a fairytale relationship. She could be very imaginative and dreamy.

Moreover, she is fearless in finding her true love; it takes a lot of time for her to abandon the idea of a gallant knight who will win her heart, if it ever happens. Her partner has to understand her vision.

Love Compatibility

The first problem these two face is a completely different sense of sex and intimacy. They are so different that it takes a miracle to happen for them to stay together. Gemini woman is all flirty and about experimenting.

Oh, yes, she would like to try it somewhere crazy, outside, risky and exciting.

Cancer is never thrilled by such an idea; he likes to make love in his soft and comfortable, warm bed. T is almost unimaginable for a Gemini woman to inspire him try something different.

Usually, this is the end of this strange connection. However, there is a chance of a gradual development of a harmonious relationship, although it does require a lot of effort on both sides.

It is essential that they share some life goals and that they see some sense in it. If they are connected, this couple could face many difficulties very often.

There is not enough understanding in this relationship. They rarely share values or perception of life as it is. For Cancer, everything is abstract and subtle, while for Gemini everything is a game and about fun and excitement.

Their natures are too different, very distant one from another. It could easily happen they never recognize one another as potential partners.

Both of them are changeable and this is not an advantage here. Gemini is flexible, free spirited and always hungry for some excitement and manipulates her duality perfectly and openly.

Cancer, on the other hand, is quiet and his changeability is channeled differently, through something he creates, for example. Both are emotional, but fail to understand emotions of the other one.

Cancer would actually love a steady and comfortable, cuddly and cozy relationship, where he will be given all the tenderness he dreams of. Gemini wants a fairytale, her prince charming, but he has to be more energetic than a soft Cancer.

She needs him to understand her passions and not only to understand them, but also to share them with her. Their pace and temper are completely different.

While Cancer is usually quiet and rather expresses his rich emotions through deeds, Gemini is talkative and all about saying this and that aloud. She would very likely feel bad for her Cancer simply does not so easily say: ‘I love you’.

It is a serious thing for a Cancer and it takes a lot of time for him to really think it, believe it and then say it. Gemini just fails to understand that. It is only words, right?

Marriage Compatibility

If individual horoscopes of these two have more matching aspects, this connection might work out fine.

However, chances are poor. Generally, these two signs do not fit well together. Slightly better potential this connection has only if a Cancer was a woman and Gemini a man.

This way, we doubt it, but nothing is impossible. If these two get married, it is likely there would be troubles of all sorts. Their non-matching energies are to blame and they would cause a lot of distrust here.

Static and sensitive Cancer would find it hard fully to trust his energetic Gemini. Even in marriage, he would be frustrated and suspicious about her numerous outside activities. They would very likely argue over this Cancer’s fears and Gemini’s unsteadiness.

It could happen they separate exactly because of that. It could happen because unsatisfied Gemini really had an affair or simply because these constant suspicion and distrust exhausted them both. If they manage to get over this and accept one another way they are, because they simply love one another very much, they could make it work.

Yes, it would be a challenge for a Cancer to spend his time alone not thinking about what his Gemini woman does. It would also be challenging for a Gemini not to lose her integrity and start blaming herself for things she is not guilty of at all.


It is not very likely there could be a strong bond between these two, unless they fell in love.

They are distant and different in almost everything, so there are no activities they share and interests they could find in common. Although rare, there are friends amongst Cancer men and Gemini women and they are very interesting and unique.

A dreamy Cancer who prefers staying indoors would enjoy fantastic stories of his Gemini lady friend’s adventures and she will also find interesting new things her friend has learned, made or invented while they were apart. It could be a fruitful and fulfilling friendship.

They will not hang out together often, only once in a while and then it could be just very enjoyable.

Cool Facts

Although this connection is strange, there are several celebrity Cancer man/Gemini woman couples to mention.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson and Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddard are three of those couples.

Some of them separated, while others not. Interesting, don’t you think?


While this relationship is unlikely even to start, not to mention to succeed, last and lead to a marriage, it is, of course, not impossible.

If both of them are reasonable enough to accept the imperfection of this relationship with no second thought, they are half way of making it harmonious.

They will both need patience and tolerance, but it could be a pleasant match.

There is a chance for you, sensible Cancer boys and charming Gemini girls.