Mercury in Libra

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Horoscopes offer us possible clues to what interests us the most – our life and the future. Contrary to common belief, horoscope does not predict exact events in a person’s life. Many would get disappointed by the fact and simply reject any astrological interpretation as an old wives’ tale.

Well, the truth is, astrology does not grant perfect answers, but some rather useful information that tell about the actual potential of an individual.

It has been fascinating us since very old days. People have been looking into skies, searching for ultimate answers to questions about our existence and the existence of everything else. Maybe we will never know for sure, why we are here.

Nevertheless, since we are, indeed, here, let us see what we can learn about our earthly lives and ourselves.

Astrology, the ancient science of studying stars, planets and skies in general, can help us with that. In modern times, we do not use astrological information as a fact and evidence, but rely on exact sciences.

However, the mystique, obscure, hidden paths of cosmic forces cannot be measured or recorded by any of our magnificent technological inventions.

When it comes to horoscopes and everything related to it, you can believe it or not; it is completely up to you. Evidence from other, officially recognized disciplines prove that stars, planets, and everything that is happening in the known universe greatly affect life at home. However, they tell nothing about our individual destinies.

Natal astrology studies the impact of heavenly bodies and other elements, in astrological terms. It claims planets can define one’s personality. If this or that planet was at certain spot at certain time, it defines anything that takes place at the time. The moment in time, the one you were born in, corresponds to specific image of sky – specific positions of planets.

So we come to horoscopes. Horoscopes are diagrams that represent the image of the sky, mentioned above. A horoscope is actually your astrological birth chart and it shows every detail of your birth, as related with the skies. It is rather complicated!

An expert could analyze such a chart and tell you what each one of aspects found there mean.

We will stick to the basics, since we have no sufficient data to interpret your personal horoscope, of course. However, we could tell you about planetary influence in general terms, which is like a very good guidebook to further and more detailed interpretation.

According to astrology, planets play major role in determining one’s personality. Let us find out more on the example of Mercury in Libra.

Mercury and Horoscope

Just as we have mentioned, planets affect life on our planet, which is for certain. Okay, we know that Moon creates tides, we know that Sun emits all kinds of rays that affect overall life, we know that our Earth’s journey through cosmos is responsible for having night and day, seasonal changes and many more.

But what planets have to do with our individual lives, with our personalities and destinies?

Ancient civilizations associated planets with deities; certain planets are associated with specific concepts, ideas, powers etc. Western astrology relies on these ancient interpretations and associates planets in personal horoscopes with the same ideas, seen as capacities or potentials.

Certain planet at certain spot in your birth chart defines your personality, according to astrology.

Today, we focus on Mercury. What influences it has over a person’s horoscope and destiny?

Mercury is one of so-called ‘personal planets’, meaning it takes its role in shaping up your character and personality. Other personal planets are Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. A quick note to avoid confusion – Sun and Moon are not planets, in physical terms, but astrology recognizes them as ones.

Mercury is an interesting element as seen as an element in a personal birth chart. This is the planet of communication, eloquence, verbal expression, rational mind, reason, eagerness to learn, curiosity, youthfulness and more.

It is identified with the Greek god Hermes (Roman Mercury), who is the messenger of the gods. He is a deity associated with trade and commerce, as well.

Planet Mercury in a natal chart defines the way you are going to communicate with others. It also defines the way of your thinking and perception. It promotes rational thinking over fantasizing and dreaming.

Mercury is about practical thinking; it promotes one’s imagination as long as it leads to pragmatic inventiveness.

Mercury is the planet closest to Sun. In astrology, it is known as the planet of open mind. It rules over signs of Gemini and Virgo. Depending on its position in your horoscope, it will define your way of expressing what is on your mind.

It will also affect the very process of shaping your thoughts. People with mercurial characteristics are often curious, quick minded, intelligent and resourceful.

Mercury in Libra – General Info

People with Mercury in Libra are personalities with a patient and studious approach to things in life. They carefully think before making any important decision, which makes them appear indecisive. You probably know that one of the typical Libra qualities is rethinking.

Libra cannot decide if this shirt matches that shoes and is very likely to change combinations several times.

Mercury brings this sort of rethinking to another level. On one side, it turns it into an extremely positive quality. People with Mercury in Libra are very objective.

They would always hear all sides, before making the final opinion. They are the opposite of judging and they rarely have any prejudices. They are peacemakers, great diplomats and mediators.

Mercury in Libra inspires objective thinking, the power of making of multisided opinions and ideas. These individuals are communicative and friendly. Mercury does not make them too talkative, but very balanced in speech and in communication in general. They would always listen to others; actually, they enjoy it.

Mercurial Libras are selfless and compassionate. They would listen to your problems and offer an advice. They would also hear others’ opinions and they always respect their interlocutor.

People with Mercury in Libra are, perhaps, individuals that are most open to others opinions and ideas. They never see it as a threat to their own point of view, but as a source of valuable information.

Unlike many others, individuals with Mercury in Libra are capable of learning through other’s experience, not solely through their own. That could save them from all sorts of troubles and mistakes. They are very open, kind and easily approachable.

These people have very appealing way of expressing their thoughts or emotions and presenting their ideas.

They do it all with certain charm and elegance. Their manner of communication is well measured, balanced; it is the perfect mixture of spoken words and gestures. Most people find them pleasant to talk to and have around.

Mercurial Libra would easily persuade you into something, without trying too hard. They generally avoid arguments and unpleasant discussions.

They are capable of finding peaceful solution in most of the scenarios. They would rather retreat than waste their energy in trying to explain something to someone they deem stubborn or inflexible. They are tactful in communication and efficient in defending their ground in a diplomatic way.

Even while criticizing others (which is a rare phenomenon), they remain calm and non-offensive.

Good Traits

There are many good traits resulting from having Mercury in Libra. People with this astrological combination are generally calm and patient.

They do not let stresses of everyday life get them out of their track. They approach to things without haste, with tact and reason. They are capable of finding a good balance between their reason and their emotions. They are caring and compassionate, but they do not let others drain their energy.

Mercury in Libra shapes up a diplomatic, objective mind. These people are often good negotiators and mediators. Their main focus is justice, for all.

They are usually the most capable of objective thinking, of all zodiac combinations, signs, aspects and complete personalities. It depends on their other horoscope aspect to what degree this Mercurial Libra affects their overall personality profile.

They could be very successful in working with people. They are the voice of reason in situations where other people lose their minds. They are non-aggressive and polite.

A person with Mercury in Libra would rarely be rude towards anyone. They are capable of making compromises. They understand other people, because they are open really to listen to what others tell.

People with Mercury in Libra would always give you a reasonable advice. They are sociable and they love to be around people. Others appreciate them and enjoy having them around.

They are inclined towards finding peace and harmony in life. What is more important, they see other people in their ideal picture of a balanced life. They are good in communication with everyone.

Bad Traits

The main problem of Mercury in Libra is procrastination. Since they like to study everything and to see situation from all sides, they could become indecisive. Their studying can prolong endlessly, until they get completely confused by their own decisions, ideas, and starts questioning everything.

They are masters of rethinking and doubting! They often procrastinate making important decisions and so miss out good opportunities.

Although people with Mercury in Libra are not timid personalities, sometimes they avoid conflicts because they are afraid of it. Not that they fear of losing the argument, but they are afraid of the very idea of engaging with it.

They also tend to theorize too much about one particular situation and question every single thing related to it.

They could become annoying with asking the same thing over and over again. Their fear of argument and the need to avoid it sometimes lead to hiding things from another person.

Although they do not lie and they value honesty, they could simply choose not to tell something, if they think it could provoke an argument. They do the same in order to spare someone they care for some unpleasant news or so.

Their intentions are not bad, but such a situation could turn bad for them. They need much time to make final decision; other people cannot always tolerate waiting, so Mercurial Libra end up empty handed. Their endless questions could be exhausting and repulsive.

Although Mercury Libra people are generally lovely and pleasant to have around, an indecisive Mercury Libra could literally draw all of your energy and drive you nuts.

Mercury in Libra Man

A man with Mercury in Libra is quite charming and good with words. He has the sense for justice and objectiveness and is always a good friend. He is someone you can definitely rely on. He is a person to be respected, because of his diplomatic attitude and general openness.

Mercury Libra man is polite, well mannered and he definitely knows what to say and when.

He is usually a person with good educational background, someone who is versatile in interests and open to know more. He is self-sufficient, but never arrogant. He is friendly and open, but insightful and not manipulated.

Mercury Libra man treats people kindly. He is a boy-next-door type of a man, regardless of all of his accomplishments in life. No success could corrupt him.

Mercury Libra man would always be nice to women. He, like all Mercurial Libras, could be indecisive about starting a relationship. It takes some other aspects in his birth char to be accentuated, in order for him to be more determined in terms of love life.

On the other hand, he is honest and would never give false compliments or say things he does not mean.

Mercury in Libra Woman

Mercury in Libra woman makes this lady a great friend, sister, mother and partner.

She is down to earth and friendly with everyone. She finds it easy to talk with strangers and is a true pacifist. She is a protective and humanitarian personality, the one very sensitive to injustice. Mercury helps her express her noble causes in the most elegant way.

She is reliable and everyone enjoy her company. Her attitude is open, sociable, funny. She is an excellent listener and advice giver. However, it could make some confusion and place her into friend zone, while she actually has other type of feelings for someone.

Mercury Libra woman is usually interested in working with people and finds great satisfaction in it. She also loves art.

When in love, she is very romantic. Mercury in Libra makes her rationalize her romantic emotions, but, at the same time, makes her indecisive, just like her male counterpart. She could theorize about the potential relationship for too long.

However, she is truly a charming personality, worth of waiting to decide her mind. One has to be gentle and honest with her.


Overall, Mercury in Libra brings great and mostly positive potential. It promotes friendly and diplomatic communication. It makes one not too talkative, but balanced with words.

Mercurial Libras have the most elegant and appealing way of presenting their ideas to others.

Along with that comes irresistible power of persuasion. Their only challenge is decision-making without rethinking.