Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Feeling uncertain whether a person we like likes us back is an unpleasant emotion. We would like to enter their heads somehow to find out what they mean and feel about us. We scour through every available data about them we could reach, usually through their social profiles.

Another way to find out if a person is a good match with you is making a horoscope compatibility analysis. It is made by comparing the natal charts of two persons and determining the meanings of the aspects between their planets.

The aspects between their planets are the ones which point out whether their relationship will be a harmonious one or not.

Also, by examining the placements in a person’s natal chart, we can get a clear picture about the character of the individual which interests us.

Although it is the most precise way of determining the compatibility between two people, natal chart compatibility analysis requires accurate birth data, which means that you need to know the exact time of birth, date, and place of birth of the person who interests you.

That information is not easily attainable because asking about it represents an intrusion in someone’s privacy and might make you appear awkward.

One of the information that is fairly easily attainable is a person’s horoscope sign. This is a common question asked today and is not considered rude or nosy by most people. It could be a way of commencing an interesting conversation as well.

The fact is you can do a compatibility analysis between the characteristics of these signs.

Every sign has general traits which are shared among the people born under the same sign.

Through that comparison you can determine whether a person is a good match to you or not. You can also discover a lot about their personality traits through their horoscope sign as well.

In the text below, we will make a comparison between the traits of a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman to see how well these two get along in various types of relationships.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are easily recognizable. They have powerful and magnetic personalities which leave no one indifferent.

These men have swift reactions and go after what they want. They quickly realize if they like a woman or not and if the answer is yes, they begin pursuing her. They are very confident and don’t have a problem approaching any girl they want. Nothing can discourage these men.

These men are very capable and usually very successful. They could reach high positions in society as well as earn great wealth.

One of the traits many of these men have is their tendency of self-destructiveness. These men are highly emotional and these emotions can lead them in another direction where they begin hurting them instead of using them for their higher purpose. They are often drawn to the dark side of life, secret knowledge, and mysteries which excite them.

Women are magnetically attracted to Scorpio men and not many women can resist their energy. It is so powerful that it draws people and things to him.

These men are very sexual beings, and sex is one of the most important things in their lives. These men can change a lot of partners, but deep down most of these men long for a deep emotional bond with a woman with whom they will establish a lasting relationship.

These men are true psychologists and not much can pass by him. He is aware of people’s feelings and thoughts and he can read them like an open book. They don’t need much to realize if a woman is interested in them or not. Even if she is not interested, all it takes for this man is to decide that he wants her, and he turns his desire quickly into reality.

Their willpower is amazing. Their influence on other people as well.

Scorpio men are capable of tremendous achievements if they don’t allow their lower instincts prevail and destroy their prospects. They need to practice self-control and avoid situations where their destructive urges could be provoked.

Because of the depth of the emotions these men can feel, they often find themselves in situations to be seriously hurt by a woman they love. These situations leave these men heart-broken and wounded for a long time. In such state, many of them end up bitter and continue hurting other women they date without any obvious reason.

Not all Scorpio men are like that, but some of them are.

These men are passionate, but their passion is different than the ones the fire signs possess. They are deeply emotional and they usually consider the sexual act a deep bonding of two individuals rather than only fulfilling needs. Many of these men are unforgettable lovers, which many women can’t get out of their minds.

Most Scorpio men are determined and full of initiative. They are good providers and take care of their loved ones. When they find the woman they have been looking for, they are ready to give up on their previous lifestyle, and become devoted and loyal partners.

These men appreciate strong women with an attitude, but they want to be in charge of their household. They have a traditional approach towards the roles in a relationship or marriage.

He wants to be the man and the woman he is with needs to perform that role. She can be successful and capable, but she needs to appreciate him and let him be the head. If she is smart enough, she will let him and never feel sorry.

This man is a wonderful husband and a protective father. He will most likely be the authority to the children, but he is willing to let this role to his woman if she is strong enough to do that. He is a gem of a man if he can manage to control his dark side. Even in such case, once you are caught up in his web, there’s no turning back.

Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman is an adventurous type. She is also a little philosopher, seeking to gain the answer to the questions about the Universe. These women are open-minded and enjoy contacts with other cultures.

They also love traveling and usually travel often, whether for work or simply pleasure.

These women are sports types and are usually very active. If they don’t do professional sports, they most likely do something for recreational purposes. They also love dancing and that is often their hobby.

They need dynamics and can’t stand stagnant situations and people. They are very energetic, and prefer similar types of people, especially men. The sign of Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and that makes these women prone to changes. They usually go through different emotional experiences before they find the “right one” and settle.

They are not promiscuous, but they are not traditional either, and they don’t consider dating and changing partners as something unacceptable.

Sagittarius women are very open and straightforward. They are often direct in their approach to men, and they don’t waste time. These women don’t have a problem telling a man that they like him. The problem is that most men don’t want to hear that on the first date.

That kills the joy of exploring and pursuing a girl not knowing if she will say yes or no to him.

This woman usually doesn’t know how to play these games, and she is brutally honest and that is sometimes to her detriment.

She is a very fun and interesting person to be around, and people enjoy her company. The Sagittarius woman is very sociable and has a large circle of friends and acquaintances. This woman is often in some kind of action. She doesn’t like to be in one place for a long time.

A typical Sagittarius woman is very knowledgeable and keeps gaining more. That is why she has a lot of interesting things to say and she is very good at communicating with people. Because she wants to be on the move and adores her freedom, it can be hard for her to decide and settle down with her man and establish her family.

Even then, she will try to organize some actions and movements taking the kids everywhere her and her man go. That can sometimes be tiring, but she would rather be tired someplace else, than being constantly at home.

She is a sweet and kind being, always ready to help. Although she can be a bit overwhelmed and jammed with different activities, she is a wonderful human being, and a man who wins her heart is a fortunate one. She is not a house type of girl, and if you are one, you better skip the relationship with her because she might never change (unless she has strong water or earth in her natal chart as well).

If you end up in a committed relationship with her, one thing is certain, you won’t be bored and you won’t lack action. The thing with this woman is that she is very capable and independent. If she wants something, there is no obstacle for her.

She usually is very optimistic and has faith that things will turn out great, even if the circumstances are not as shiny. She believes in her good luck, and good luck often follows her, even in impossible situations. Trust her and relax, and be ready for some unforgettable rides and experiences.

With this woman you will certainly experience them. Be ready to meet new people and see places you have never imagined you will see. And you will enjoy it immensely in her company.

She is easy-going and relaxed and that is how your relationship with her will look like.

Love Compatibility

A romantic relationship between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman is often a good choice. These two are very energetic and active, and they will fit energetically. He is a kind of man who appreciates honesty and is very direct about his sexuality, and he won’t mind her straightforwardness regarding these matters.

Their passion usually matches and they get along well in bed.

The problem can arise when the relationship between them becomes serious. He wants to settle down and doesn’t have the need to move as much, and she doesn’t find that easy to accept.

If she is able to suppress a bit her urge for freedom and allow this man to demonstrate the beauty of settling down and building stability, whole new horizons will open for her, as she will find new ways of expressing her personality, but coupled with the man she loves. 

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman could be a good one, if they make some compromises.

They are both energetic and active people, and are both very passionate.

She has an independent nature, which she needs to suppress a bit and let her man be the captain of their ship.

If she is willing to devote her life to their household and children, he will in turn be prepared to follow her on her desired voyages where they will both (and often their kids with them) enjoy exploring new cultures and seeing new places.


A friendship between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman is a likely thing.

These two have great energy and share the love for action.

They also have a zest for exploring the secrets of the Universe and enjoy having philosophical conversations with one another. 

Cool Facts

The Scorpio is a water sign, but possesses energy often greater than many fire sign people.

The waste energy the Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman possess is a strong attractive component in their relationship. These two have the capacity of creating great things together if they have a desire to. 


The Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman are a compatible combination, although it might sound surprising.

These two have a lot of potential for building a stable relationship if they manage to overcome some of their character issues.