Leo in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Energetic and dramatic, Leos are always surrounded by friends and love to be the center of attention.

But if they don’t get attention, they feel very bad and sometimes behave like big, spoiled children.

Theater, acting, and jobs where they can be leaders and the center of attention are ideal choices for the Lions because they give them a free hand.

Leo – Meaning and Info

Lions know how to be warm and kind, reliable friends with whom it is always fun. Humor is their strong point, especially when they are entertainers, and it can also help them overcome their innate arrogance.

Members of this fire sign know how to be happy as children and look for fun in everything. With fiery passion, they will dedicate themselves to everything they do, from work to partnership. Money is there for the Lions to spend and make life beautiful and fun. They are usually easy to come by and easy to spend, especially generous to friends.

Like the king of the jungle, Leo likes to show off and be proud of his achievements. Arrogance is an innate trait of his, but as long as he keeps it under control using cheerfulness and humor, everything is fine.

The problem can arise when Leo becomes too in love with himself and his achievements, and so egocentric that he thinks only of his desires, ignoring the needs of other people.

It is very important for a Leo man to be the one who leads, be it in society, in a team, partnership, relationship. He likes to compete always and in everything, but he wants a worthy rival and a fair fight, otherwise he does not enjoy winning. He will be happy to support his team or employees.

The lion has a sporting spirit and that is manifested in everything – from a muscular body, through a competitive spirit, to ambition and the desire to win. And he is literally talented for sports, he prefers individual ones, although he can be successful in group ones if the team suits him.

With strong energy and magnetism, warm and sociable, the Leo man captures attention everywhere. For him, life is a big stage, and he is in the lead role. It is important to me that he be the main character of his play at all times.

The Leo man is a great seducer. Style and charm are his main means of seduction. When he decides to win a person, he will not give up until he achieves that.

The lion falls in love easily, and deeply. Each time he is completely committed and thinks he has found the love of his life. As he doesn’t do anything half-heartedly, the Leo man will completely surrender even in love. He is fully committed, loyal, and protective in his relationship.

The Leo man likes people with an attractive appearance, who leave a good impression with their appearance. He wants to meet a partner who is equal to him in his striking appearance, warmth, strength, generosity. When he likes someone, he will clearly show it and do everything to win.

Lions love new relationships with all the splendor and drama they carry, and usually work hardest at the beginning of a relationship. To win Leo, you need to see that you are confident, that you know clearly what you want and that you control yourself. Leo will not miss the opportunity to try his luck with an attractive person he likes.

Pamper Leo with attention, gifts, and make him feel most important. This will undoubtedly win him over. The Fire Lion is generous and passionate in bed.

Enjoyment is his priority, and he is demanded as a lover, but he will do everything to satisfy his partner. He is surprisingly romantic and warm, and can be a playful adventurer.

The Ruler of the Sun makes the women of the Lioness shine on the outside, and on the inside they feel peace of mind, serenity, and security in themselves. Sophisticated and beautiful, attractive and self-aware, Leos magnetically attract men.

7th House – Meaning and Info

It indicates the way of relating to others in general and to people taken one by one, chosen by the subject himself, in particular.

That is why he always talks about the couple, partners, allies, accomplices and close friends chosen by the subject, and the links (or type of alliance) that unites him with them, that is why he also talks about marriage.

But it also speaks of the declared enemies, who are chosen by the subject.

Indicates a great need to admire (or reject) others, so that others never go unnoticed. When choosing a partner, you tend to project the father figure onto the other, you need to admire him, which is why he will often marry an important person for some reason, or make decisions for him. Something that you will achieve with ease if you are well expected.

When it is badly expected it will indicate the same, but in a problematic way, often reaching the clash of egos, or “with me or against me” out of pure pride, so it can win rivals and enemies, or easily take offense. You must learn to make individual and independent decisions, forgetting about pride when interacting with others, who have their own problems.

Indicates a great need for attention, acceptance and protection from others, so you can seem insecure in the relationship. It grants a great capacity to communicate feelings and to share a lifestyle.

For this reason, it often supposes sentimental marriages or of a great attachment and family life, although unstable because they are very sensitive to variations in mood. It often indicates a sentimental or highly emotional spouse.

When it is badly expected, it can give overwhelming individuals, who need continuous care and protection, that others act as “mother” and completely monopolize them. He must learn to always contribute something to the associate, and to allow him a certain independence and not burden him with responsibilities.

Indicates the predominance of reason when joining others, although it does not necessarily indicate a calculating person in their associations. Verbal communication, whether oral or by letter, is very important in their associations, which will be multiple and varied.

The individual will have several associates and intimates, but this does not indicate polygamy or infidelity, but several relationships of different types. Often indicates an intellectual, intelligent or resourceful spouse.

When misaspected, your associations will be exposed to misinterpretation, verbal aggressiveness, irresponsibility, skepticism, deception, manipulation, etc., which the subject attributes to others, whether it is true or not. Because of this, he will be exposed to breakups, divorces, etc.

You must learn to perceive and communicate feelings through the look, smile and other non-verbal language resources, since words often prevent us from seeing feelings, and can even distort them and give us a false impression.

Seeks to share happiness, joy and a certain aesthetic sense. You will be looking for an elegant, tolerant, beautiful, or well-mannered spouse. He will weigh the opinion of her partner and will never act towards her in an imposing way, which is why he usually gives very balanced marriages, almost ideal, at least in appearance.

Leo in 7th House – Meaning and Info

House 7 is the area furthest from the I and closest to the you. Therefore, the Planets that reside in that house are the tools we have to relate to others in a more direct way.

For this reason, it is traditionally considered the House of agreements, contracts, marriage or any other field characterized by the commitment between oneself and another person on a peer-to-peer level. (This astrological house is associated with the sign of Libra, with her ruler Venus of her).

The Descendant or Sign of the 7th House will also color the way of making contact with the other I (the you).

Carolina asked us in the astrological office the following: I have a question, house 7 is marriage, in that house it corresponds to a sign, and (in my Virgo chart) it means that the person with whom one is going to marry or live in partner is of that sign or has that ascendant?

When poorly expected, the subject may have problems giving more importance to appearances when choosing a partner than to the deep ties that may exist between them. Or he can look for a partner so ideal that he might not exist, because it is difficult for him to accept others with his defects.

He must learn to be demanding about what really interests him in his partner, and expose it clearly. And he must also learn to contribute something or sacrifice for the loved one when appropriate, since the search for pleasure in association can make the subject forget what others expect of him.

The subject seeks to share action and experiences with his partner or associate. Well expected supposes an early marriage, dynamic and with a great frankness in the relationship. The joint activity is very important to him and if there is no agreement rivalry can arise.

It indicates the way of relating to others in general and to people taken one by one, chosen by the subject himself, in particular.

That is why he always talks about the couple, partners, allies, accomplices and close friends chosen by the subject, and the links (or type of alliance) that unites him with them, that is why he also talks about marriage.

But it also speaks of the declared enemies, who are chosen by the subject.

It is not uncommon for their unions to be peppered with episodes of one being at odds with the other, heated arguments and fights. He is so clear-headed and wants to act so fast as a couple that he will often tend to impose himself, be overly demanding, or attribute these roles to the spouse, who may be, or appear, jealous, bossy, or aggressive.

When he is badly expected, he assumes hasty or ill-considered associations, marriages that are too early, improvised unions that end as quickly as they started, often with episodes of abuse or violence, whether verbal, physical or emotional.

The Leo woman stands out in every society as the brightest, smiling, and communicative. They are a bit theatrical and like to be the center of attention, but they are also pleasant and warm company.

Although she is aware of her qualities, the Leo woman treats her friends and other people from the environment as equals, without a complex of higher values. The generous Lioness will never allow people to feel inferior or less important next to her.

The Leo woman does not tolerate being subordinated to anyone, especially not men, and that is why her independence is very important to her. Self-aware and independent, she is the best support in life. Lionesses are usually intelligent, educated and persistent, which allows them to build a successful career.

Unlike a selfish Leo man, when a Leo woman falls in love, her world revolves around a partner. Without hesitation, he will surrender to his partner and invest everything in the relationship.

As long as her personal freedom is not threatened in the relationship, she is ready to invest everything in love.

An independent and strong Leo wants a partner next to her who can match her. Extremely committed in a relationship, she also has high expectations. When she likes someone, she doesn’t hesitate to show it to him.

When it comes to sexuality, the Leo woman is one of the freest in the zodiac. She enjoys sex unrestrained, she loves her body, and she won’t let the little things spoil it for her. She is usually very creative and playful in bed and this will be a completely new and unforgettable experience for her partners.


The 7th House is what is in us but initially we do not recognize and, consequently, we attract it.

The more unaware we are of ourselves, the more we attract that destiny.

When we meet we are already masters of ourselves, so we are no longer dependent on that initial attraction. You would have to look at Carolina’s specific Letter and the degree of self-awareness to see to what extent a Virgo man attracts.