North Node in Leo

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Probably the best way to understand what Leo in general means is to connect with the energy of the Sun.

More specifically, we can see the Tarot cards that represent this star, to understand symbolically what this sign means, and what the North Node natives in Leo are seeking as a condition of arrival in this life cycle.

Let’s observe a classic representation of the card: A child (innocence and creativity), on a horse, carrying a banner (symbol of leadership), naked (expressing himself fully). In the background a brick wall, which represents his creative capacity.

The child shines individually. It could be said that everything else is just symbols that accompany or reinforce what the child symbolically already radiates.

The Natives of this North Node (Leo) come to remember their creative power, leadership, individuality (not individualism).

From the outset it is usually easy for these people to blend into groups, that is, to get along with the group and be part of the herd;

Attend to group needs and ingratiate yourself with them, at the expense of expressing your own individuality and creativity. It is very easy for them to hide so as not to be the center of attention.

The way of life of the North Node in Leo is to let go of that position. Orient yourself to personal goals and make them come true.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

The north and south nodes of the moon in our astral chart speak of those situations that we come to resolve in this life, but that come from other pasts, that is why they are known as the nodes of karma.

Today we will explore the North Node in Leo, a position of people who must learn to be assertive with power and leadership.

The North Node in Leo makes a clear call to the expression of being, these individuals, in the past, used to prioritize the ideas and expression of others, losing their identity …

In this life the mission of these lions is to unleash their individuality, without sacrificing for the rest and focusing on your unique and original expression.

These people are original and creative, but for some reason they always fall under the shadow of others, for fear of not being accepted as they are, perhaps because they think their ideas are too eccentric.

Learning to have the courage to defend your position and above all, to lead with your personable and inspiring character is the strongest resonance to which a person from North Node in Leo can aspire.

These natives have the power to change the world, they already know how to connect with social needs (south node in aquarium) but it is necessary that they come and learn to develop their personal power to become leaders, public figures and achieve recognition.

At the same time, these people have great potential to become icons, celebrities, or thought leaders.

Learning to go to their charming and childish side can be difficult for these people, but if they know how to awaken their inner child, they can achieve the charisma that they feel they lack.

And a new cycle arrives, last night the lunar nodes changed position, the north node and the south node left the Virgo – Pisces axis to occupy the Leo – Aquarius signs. To start talking about the implications of this change, it is necessary to remember what the lunar nodes are.

Let’s start from the premise that we step on this place repeatedly, we are here obeying a divine will, a cycle of evolution that again and again puts us here and now.

Each process and each life comes with its tasks and with its mambo, we come to transform ourselves but first we will have to free ourselves, for that which is destined to arrive to arrive we must leave something, weights and old suitcases, a not so immediate past, of a life or past lives, it is rather distant but still latent.

When we talk about Lunar Nodes, we refer to the points where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersect the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

The South Node refers to that ancestral path that we know so much to travel, that which has become so familiar which represents a challenge to abandon it and transform it to achieve what the North Node has for us, our mission in this life, the next step on the evolutionary path, what we came to do and be once we have left the old packaging.

Yesterday the Nodes changed their location, they have entered the Leo – Aquarius axis and will be there for approximately 18 months (this is how long it takes for the nodes stationed on each axis).

The North Node asks the individual to stand in a particular direction indicated by the sign and the house it occupies. Here the node will point out qualities, faculties and aspirations that are totally new and therefore require a greater level of effort, conscious and sustained to be achieved.

The energies aimed at building this path that the North Node proposes will constitute the spiritual power of the being and his ability to live life in a revealing way, a very personal way but one that will dignify.

The South Node symbolizes the known road, according to the sign and the house where it is located defines the patterns that have already been built in the past, these do not have to be harmful or demonized, they are simply roads that no longer represent any growth for the be because they are already so busy;

The easy way works, you can also get there, but it does not involve learning to go through the new, which represents a challenge.

The Virgo North – Pisces South nodes taught us the value of going the extra mile, to work with effort, concentration and dedication (North Node in Virgo), to give everything in order to make dreams come true.

Procrastination, laziness, complacency and lack of initiative (South node in Pisces) weaken the pace of evolution, it was necessary to create awareness that the life we ​​want is a decision away, we must learn to fall and get up , to give everything for what the soul discovered makes it vibrate.

Combining talent and desire with discipline and perseverance. It is not an easy path, but as the journey becomes exciting and more valuable, it is worth doing.

Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

The South Node in Aquarius says that a person lived in a time of great social upheaval, the overthrow of a regime, and possibly was an active participant or leader in a great revolution (for example, if J. Node is in the 1st house).

This person was very charismatic, rebellious, and unpredictable. Barriers between classes, races, and ages meant nothing to her.

Thanks to her rebellion, progressive ideas, eccentricity and originality, she had a special place in society. This is a fighter for human rights, against oppression, against discipline.

On the other hand, that person could be moody, anarchic, rude, childish, and spoiled in worse ways.

She could protest for no reason and be very difficult, act cold and disinterested because the main problem was loving and belonging to a person. These individuals could also practice astrology but were not caught because they were ahead of their time. And they could have been inventors.

Now they need to develop more discipline, self-confidence, generosity, warmth and openness. You must stop conflicting with yourself and value yourself more. You should also give more love, but learn to receive and enjoy it.

This position of the knots could indicate) that a person might get a divorce and that this divorce will teach him to value himself more and to love and protect his child most and that his priority (S. Knot – what we want) to lead him on the right path with a lot of love.

Leo is the sign of the consenting will at the service of what is wanted in life. If you make the decision to achieve your own achievements and creations, without fear of differentiating yourself from the pack and to shine for it, life will support you to develop inner strength to achieve it.

Also due to the above, when they try to become attached or mimic within a social group, their energy will be weakened. They can even experience various abandonments from their friends throughout life … but only as a measure of the Universe to lead them to individuate.

You can also try to actively advocate and participate in group social causes, but it will not be easy to do so either if you do not express yourself authentically and individually. His energy is a call to be the one who proposes and not who follows.

This does not mean that they cannot have friends, or that they cannot participate in causes. It means that he becomes the one who bears the rhythm and the bastion of the group, and not the other way around.

You are also called to express your creativity, and work to show it to the world. Leo is the ruler of the heart. This implies that the creative expression of Node Norte end Leo arises from an authentic, vibrant, generous place… it does not arise from the mandate of the group.

These Natives have the natural ability to express themselves and work in a team. Showing yourself creatively in the nude, with the help of these tools, will lead you to conquer your projects in the long term.

The card that we see on the left is another Tarot representation of the energy of the Sun. In it we now see two children sharing, and the Sun projecting and sharing its energy towards this group. The Sun is not waiting to be admired or praised for offering its energy.

The Sun is The Sun… you don’t need to be looking at you to offer what you already know you can give. In this way, radiating the vital energy in its greatest power, to contribute to the group and to the whole, is the highest final result that a North Node in Leo can reach in this aspect of its energy.

Only the joyous radiance of their power, (without self-centeredness and arrogance) are necessary to generate this final glow that they can and are aimed at achieving.

North Node in Leo – Meaning and Symbolism

People born under the sign Leo are magnanimous. They need to be in the spotlight and when they get there they enjoy being the center of attention.

Leos are born under the sign of magnanimity and proud feelings. The sign Leo symbolizes the human striving for self-realization, power and dignity.

People born under the Leo zodiac sign have an aversion to repetition. Once they understand what it is about, they become very impatient in discussions when other people do not share their views.

The Leo is well aware of his effect on others and is always thinking about how he could make an even better impression.

He will do whatever he personally deems right if need be, even at the expense of public applause. People born under the sign of Leo hate being pushed into situations that restrict them.

As long as the confident Leo feels that they have power and responsibility, they will leave no stone unturned to justify the trust placed in them.

The lion’s strengths lie in his organizational talent and his willingness to take on responsibility. He has a huge creative potential, which he also likes to use in his job.

He claims to be encouraged, praised, recognized and respected by his colleagues or superiors. His charisma sets him apart from others. Leo people are unlikely to be ready for any long time for subordinate positions. You want to have a career, be admired and lead other people.

Those born under the zodiac sign Leo want to be admired and worshiped. Leo is the sign of romantic love, ardent, passionate and jealous.

As strong and consistent as the Leo is in all other areas of life, when it comes to love he is incredibly vulnerable and unbalanced.

When Leo has decided on a partner, there are no more half measures and he is capable of great loyalty and loyalty.

The Leo child has a very sunny disposition and can hardly hide true feelings. It always wants to be in the center of attention and exercises its ruler ship role from a young age.

The Leo child has to be shown where his limits are with a lot of diplomacy, as he cannot stand paternalism. The little Leo can quickly make friends and is playful and carefree with other people.

He is a little bundle of energy and needs a lot of activity. Boredom annoys him and makes him dissatisfied and irritable. Leo children are usually very creative and love to paint, make music or do handicrafts.

In principle, Leo people are very robust and resilient by nature. You have tremendous vitality. The lion’s fondness for a beautiful life often drives him to deplete his health – tension often leads to sleep disorders.

Since you lead a very active life, it is particularly important to integrate regular recovery and relaxation phases for your health.


These natives have the power to change the world, they already know how to connect with social needs (south node in aquarium) but it is necessary that they come and learn to develop their personal power to become leaders, public figures and achieve recognition.

At the same time, these people have great potential to become icons, celebrities, or thought leaders.

He claims to be encouraged, praised, recognized and respected by his colleagues or superiors. His charisma sets him apart from others.

Leo people are unlikely to be ready for any long time for subordinate positions. You want to have a career, be admired and lead other people.