Mercury in Cancer

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Heavenly bodies have always been fascinating us. Moreover, it is clear that they affect our planet and the overall life on Earth. Astronomers and other experts have proved that their movement and characteristics are responsible for many things happening in our earthly world.

We all know about Moon and tides, about Sun and its influence over our atmosphere and many more.

The whole universe we live in is a magnificent complex of energies and all kinds of matter bodies. It is something we have been intrigued by since the dawn of time. Cosmos, however, remains silent and still represents the area of unknown, for its greatest part.

Have you ever asked yourself how such a complex space and everything it features affect lives of individual human beings?

Astrology is very much interested into deeply personal characteristics of people. It sees those in correlation with the influence of heavenly bodies; mainly, planets of our Solar system.

While official sciences of the day do not tell much about planetary influence over people’s destinies and personalities, natal astrology gives some possible clues.

Astrological explanations of planetary influence over an individual’s life are something you choose to believe in or not. Our focus here is on horoscopes and personal astrology. More precisely, here we analyze basics of planetary aspects in people’s birth charts.

Birth charts are graphic representations of skies at the time a person was born.

It is basically an image of the sky we all see from our point in cosmos, from Earth. An astrologer would easily create a chart based upon your place, date and exact time of birth. It will show where each planet of solar system was at the time you were born.

This chart features zodiac signs, constellations, twelve houses and it shows relations specific for that exact moment of time.

According to astrology, this ‘sky image’ determines what kind of person you are going to be and partially shapes up your future. We say ‘partially’, because it does not show concrete events, but your potentials.

It is you who is responsible for what happens in your life, so do not try to blame your horoscope! However, it could actually affect the nature of your decisions and way of thinking.

Mercury and Horoscope

Mercury is an important planet in personal horoscopes, so let us learn something more about it. Mercury symbolizes reason, communication and intellect, in astrological terms. It is represented as a circle, with a semi-circle above it and a cross below.

Each of these elements represent ideas Mercury astrologically embodies: reason, divine power and matter.

In ancient mythologies, particularly that of Greeks and Romans, the divine embodiment of Mercury is the messenger god, Hermes. The association with youth, travel, commerce and communication is clear.

Mercury in a natal chart affects the way you think, talk and relate to others. Mercury is associated with analytical thinking and verbal expression.

It also represents movement and adaptation, principles of connection and exchange and pragmatic mind. Mercury opens someone’s mind to new ideas and knowledge. It is extremely connected with the idea of civilization itself.

There is no room for too much imagination and fantasy in those with ruling Mercury.

However, the exact effect depends on its position in your horoscope.

Mercury in Cancer – General Info

What can we possibly get from such a strange connection? Sensitive, mutable, dreamy Cancer and reasonable, rational and practical Mercury; it must be an interesting astrological aspect.

Mercury in Cancer brings some rationalism into fantasies typical for Cancers. Mercury in Cancer refers to accentuated sensuality, sensibility and imagination, although Mercury is generally associated with reason and logic.

However, Cancer is one of the most sensitive, dreamy and emotional signs, so these traits remain present and combined with the energy of Mercury. Mercury in Cancer could help these individuals, who typically trust their heart over reason, to make some bold, very rational decisions, based on almost pure logic.

Other times, it can make it hard for Mercury Cancers to find balance between emotions and reason, because both could be strong. Contrary to all what Mercury solely represents, Mercury Cancer people are often confused and insecure about what they feel and think. They could become indecisive and vulnerable in speech and communication with other people.

This is a personality of opposites, reason on one side, emotions on the other. Mercury Cancers tend to be very unstable and they are often unsatisfied with their decisions.

It seems they make decisions they regret, because they either hide their emotions and make decisions based on their logic or they completely put aside all logic and trust only their heart.

Mercury Cancers think a lot, in silence, in the moonlight. They could spend long times thinking about their desires and here their Mercury steps in with some rather good solutions. It helps them put their thoughts into concrete words, concrete ideas.

It is an amazing thing for Cancer Mercury individuals, because now they have more capacities to make their dreams come true.

They remain dreamy and imaginative, but now they do not want to waste time only fantasizing and they come up to marvelous ideas which can help them put their imagination into realization.

Mercury in Cancer also gives them amazing intuition and capability to dive deeply into other people’s souls.

Not only they can feel what others feel, but also they can rationalize such feelings and better understand others.

People with Mercury in Cancer are romantic and kind towards others. They have more diplomatic approach into relationships with people and they can become good mediators.

While alone they still might get confused by the strength of both emotional and rational self, if they act as a third part, they know very well to distinguish feelings from reason and logic. As seen, their personality is dual.

Good Traits

Cancer Mercury people are intuitive thinkers and this description consolidates all the good traits for this astrological profile. They have strong intuition and emotional depth, which is typical for Cancers.

On the other hand, they possess incredible ratio and logical, analytical mind, which is characteristic for Mercury.

Cancer Mercury is in deep touch with their emotions, but capable of rationalizing those. They are spontaneous and act on intuitively.

Mercury helps their intuitive mind and connects it with their logical mind, which is a successful combo. Mercury Cancers have all that is needed to make their fantasies real.

They are typically very creative and practical. Cancer Mercury is a protective and kind personality who deeply understands others and has a lot of tolerance.

Cancer is so sensitive, compassionate and empathic that he or she could actually let others exploit them and manipulate their confused emotions.

Mercury does not let this to happen. Mercury Cancers are more reasonable and more ready openly to say what is on their mind. That said, we could agree mindful and emotional courageousness is another advantage of Mercury Cancers.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of Mercury in Cancer show up in critical situations, when both of their dominating sides are at their extremes, wildly clashing and distancing one from another. It is a devastating battle inside a Mercury Cancer and it is exhausting, both mentally and emotionally.

Mercury Cancers often do not know what to do with having both their emotional and rational self strong, trying to dominate one over another. They can become very insecure, timid and unsatisfied. They could quickly lose their ground and fall into desperation.

They become utterly unproductive and spend days and weeks or even more feeling sorry for themselves. They easily get lost between their logic and their heart. From that point, they get either overemotional or over-thinking. It eventually exhausts all their energy and they get nowhere.

The worst traits of Mercury Cancers are insecurity, indecisiveness, suspiciousness, susceptibility to pessimistic thinking and depression.

In reality, things rarely get so black and white and these bad traits usually come as episodes, while positive traits prevail. However, it also depends on other aspects in personal horoscopes.

Mercury in Cancer Man

That said, we turn to more specific analyses of Mercury in Cancer, in men horoscopes. Cancer is probably the most emotional zodiac sign. Regardless of the ruling sign, man with accentuated Cancer definitely shares some of Cancer general traits.

Here, Mercury affects it in a specific way, making him more skilful in expressing his thoughts and feelings through words.

He prefers written words over spoken. Mercury Cancer loves books and poetry and it is not unlikely that he is a writer himself.

He chooses professions in which he can put his incredibly innovative ideas to reality. He always sticks to artistic forms of expressing his talents. He is kind, generous and supportive personality, although he still remains a bit moody.

Mercury Cancer man feels other people and he can make them feel better. He could an inspirational spokesperson, but not in front of a large audience. He would usually be the one to talk at some small friendly or family gatherings.

Big events and crowds are not to his taste. Mercury Cancer is inclined towards stability and security in life. He cares much about his personal development, in terms of education and his interests in general.

He is dedicated to his hobbies, he is of a kind that prefers routine to excitement and generally leads a quiet, cozy life. Mercury Cancer loves to be surrounded by books and work of art. When at his best, Mercury Cancer man is calm, tidy, maybe a bit reserved, inventive and practical. If upset, he shows all the bad traits of Mercury Cancer to the fullest.

In love, Mercury Cancer is kind, romantic and protective. Unlike typical Cancer men, he is more inclined towards verbal expression of his feelings.

Of course, his words are always perfectly wrapped in some romantic gesture. He is hesitant when it comes to relationship, a bit suspicious and has an emotionally analytical approach to it.

Mercury in Cancer Woman

Mercury Cancer woman is just like her counterpart, sensitive and intuitive. Having Mercury in Cancer makes her less dreamy than Cancers are in general. Cancer women are generally more reasonable than Cancer men are.

Mercury, the planet of communication, rational thinking and intellect nurtures her reasonability and makes her even more grounded. Depending on her ruling sign and other aspects, both Mercurial Cancer traits dominate less or more.

Mercury Cancer woman relies more to her reason than to her emotions, but both are strong. She is probably a better balanced personality than a Mercury Cancer man is.

Mercury Cancer woman is incredibly creative and she is perfectly capable of using her communication skills to bring her imagination into light. She is successful in all sorts of jibs that include dynamic communication with people.

However, she would keep to her humanitarian, empathic nature and choose a challenging job that involves helping people. Mercury Cancer woman is intelligent and elegant. She could be an amazing teacher or tutor.

She is probably less prone to sudden mood swings that are typical for mutable Cancers’ nature.

Mercury Cancer women are all about saying things. It is even more important for her to hear those magic ‘I love you’ words from her man than to other specific astrological representatives.

She could become hard to deal with, if she did not hear what she wanted to. In addition, she fails to be objective, but has clear opinion on everything, thanks to Mercury. Mercury turns her emotions into points of view.

She is in touch with people’s emotions and could be an extremely supportive and caring friend, lover, and partner.

Mercury Cancer women are exceptionally intuitive mothers, who respect family values above everything else. Unlike Mercury Cancer men, they are not so susceptible to show all the bad traits of this astrological combo at once.


Mercury in Cancer is a favorable combination, with few risks if the energy remains unbalanced for long. That depends on other factors in an individual’s birth chart. Mercury smoothes the emotional energy, which is abundant in Cancer; it balances it with rational, logical mind.

It helps individuals with accentuated sensitive Cancer side to use their incredible imagination capacity and bring their dreams into life. Cancer could make them dream too much and get lost into their emotions.

Mercury in Cancer gives them more ground and encourages them to trust their reason and logic, equal or more than to their feelings.

However, typical sensitivity of Cancer remains strong, so in difficult, challenging situation they can easily break down.

They are more vulnerable if upset, especially if their Cancer traits and Mercury traits are very strong at the moment. They are generally humanitarian personalities, in search for stability in life and channels to express their emotions.

Mercury determines their type of communication: more writing than speaking, balanced, calm and understanding tone, emotional expression.

Mercury Cancers are people of both logic and feeling; if they learn to balance them (and they are open to learn how to do it), they could achieve great things in all areas of life.