Moon In 4th House – Meaning, Synastry

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When we want to discover something about a person who interests us, or whether a relationship has a chance of being lasting, or whether there is a chance of something happening in the near future, and many other answers to our questions, the astrology is the means we should turn to.

Astrology analysis give valuable insight and information about all things that interest us, the world around us and the people that we want to know more about.

Through analysis of individual charts, astrology can give us information about someone’s individual traits, their interests, beliefs, expectations, preferences, and other details.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The beginning of astrology analysis is a birth chart. The chart represents the image of planetary positions made for a certain moment in time, and that is usually someone’s birth moment.

The positions of the planets in that particular moment and the angles of the natal chart made for that particular moment can give a lot of insight about that person and their life.

The houses of the natal chart have a great importance especially when there are planets placed inside. They rule different areas of life and reveal the person’s focus of attention.

The houses’ energy and the energy of planets placed inside a specific house give unique traits to the person and reveal possible events that might happen in the areas ruled by that house.

In synastry analysis, houses of the natal chart are also important. Synastry is a technique in astrology which deals with analyzing relationship potential by comparing the charts of the people in the relationship.

Synastry analyses the meaning of the planets from one chart when they are placed in the houses of the other person’s chart; this analysis reveals how the relationship influence these two people and which are the areas of life which are mostly affected by the relationship or the partner whose planets are in their partner’s natal chart.

The birth chart has 12 houses. Every house in the house has specific meaning and areas of rulership.

The houses rule areas such as our personality and personal appearance, our relationships, career, house, parents, children, brothers and sisters, other family members, our education, interests, hobbies, neighbors, our home, travels, social life, our health, and many other life matters.

The houses in the chart are divided based on how they influence our lives. The houses from 1 to 6 are personal houses, and the houses from 7 to 12 are interpersonal houses.

Also, the houses from 1 to 3 are considered houses that represent our personal identity; the houses from 4 to 6 are the ones representing our integration process into the environment; the houses from 7 to 9 are houses representing our awareness of others, and the houses from 10 to 12 represent the process of our integration in society and social expression.

The houses are also divided in categories such as angular, succedent and cadent, or cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Moon – Basic Qualities

The Moon is a significant factor in astrology, even though it is not a planet but a satellite. This is the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Some people doubt that the Moon is a natural creation, and they believe that it was artificially created by aliens. In general, it is believed that the Moon was formed from debris that was left over after the Earth collided with a giant asteroid some 4.5 billion years ago.

The Moon circles around the Earth and to circle it one time it takes it about 27.5 days. During this time the Moon crosses all the 12 Zodiac signs. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer; its fall is in Scorpio; its detriment is in Capricorn and its exaltation is in Taurus.

The Moon rules all matters related to our feelings and emotions; it rules our subconscious mind, intuition, inner guidance, as well as our memories. The Moon is the ruler of women and our mother; it also rules our femininity and motherly instincts.

The position of the Moon in one person’s chart reveals their relationship with their mother and can describe her personality.

The Moon in our charts describes our homes and the relationships we have with our homes. It also reveals the level comfort we desire and need.

People who are influenced by the Moon, because they have it as their ruler or placed on an angle, have a lot of Moon qualities. They are usually very emotional and sensitive.

Their feelings are easily hurt and people never know what reaction to expect from them. They tend to misinterpret other people’s behavior and get angry or upset at them for no reason.

These people tend to be shy and hide their emotions. They are also prone to mood swings and change in their behavior and reactions.

They often hold on to the past and are reluctant to let go of their disappointments, past hurt, and resentment; this is a pity because their behavior often prevents them from moving on with their life and keeping them in the past overwhelmed with negativity.

They should learn how to release the past and move on with their lives.

They also need to learn how to forget people. These people often possess strong intuition and have premonitions about things that will happen in the future.

Moon people can also be prone to needy and dependent behavior. They might be clingy and possessive which many people dislike about them.

Another important trait about these people is that they are really devoted and dedicated to their families trying to do their best to keep them nurtured and protected. They prefer spending time at home surrounded with family members and close friends.

Fourth House Meaning

The fourth house is considered the house of our home and family. It describes our relationship with our home and family members. This house is the house of our origin, our ancestors, and the place we were born.

It describes how well our home is decorated and most likely the place we live in. This is the house ruled by the Moon and it corresponds to the sign Cancer.

The fourth house also gives information about the people who share our home with us. This is the house of our basic habits and beliefs in life. It reveals the traits we have inherited from our ancestors.

This house also reveals the level of safety we possess. This house shows how much comfort we have and need in life.

The planets in this house reveal the circumstances we are likely to experience around the house. They reveal whether we can find home stability and protection or we experience our homes as battlefields and unsafe places.

This house can describe the placement of our home; the surroundings where the home is and the type of home we possess. It also reveals the relationship with our parents.

Traditionally, this is the house representing our mother, but it can in some cases, represent our father, if his role is predominant in our life, in a sense that he expresses his motherly and nurturing instincts more than our mother does.

The people who have their fourth house filled with planets have the area of home somehow highlighted.

If the planets are afflicted and malefic, this could indicate issues with home life or problems with the house or apartment. If the planets are well-aspected and beneficial, this is a sign of harmonious home and family life, and often of a beautifully decorated home.

Moon in Fourth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Being the natural ruler of the fourth house the Moon feels at home when it is placed there.

The person with this Moon placement perceives their home as a place of safety and best place where they can spend their time.

These people are not very sociable in most cases and prefer staying in the comfort of their home rather than going out. They love being there with family and friends.

These people also love returning to their place of birth and their parents’ home. They enjoy spending time with their parents and have a close connection to them.

These people consider their home a place of safety and retreat and they don’t allow anything ruin that image. Their sense of emotional security is often related to the relationship they have with their family members.

If their relationship with their parents especially is good these people are calm and satisfied. If the relationship with their family is conflicting and tense, this is a cause for these people to feel bad and insecure.

These people are not very open about their emotions. They open up only to their close family and some friends. It takes a lot to gain their trust. They also don’t invite random people to their house.

Their invitation should be earned. There only their closest friends and family members have the privilege to enter.

The Moon in our fourth house usually describes a close relationship with our mother, unless the Moon is heavily afflicted.

This position depicts our mother as a nurturing and caring person who is creating a safe haven for us when we are young.

If the Moon is afflicted, this could depict the mother as a person who is demanding and needy; she might also be prone to changing her mind and mood and not providing the necessary security and protection which the person with this Moon placement needs.

In some cases, the Moon in fourth house indicates a possibility of having a home somewhere close to water.

These people are usually very concerned for their financial wellbeing and they do all they can to provide it. Their family is often helping them attain financial and material independence.

Sometimes, the position of the Moon in 4th house is an indication of frequent home changes. In some cases, this placement is a sign of separation from the mother or both parents (usually when the Moon is afflicted).

These people usually have a strong desire to establish their families and create a safe haven in their homes for themselves and their family members.

Moon in Fourth House Meaning in Synastry

When some person’s Moon is in another person’s 4th house, this is usually a sign that the two people feel well in each other’s company and especially for the Moon person that it considers their relationship with the fourth house person as being at home.

Both the Moon person and the fourth house person feel as if they are family members, because they feel so close.

The Moon person doesn’t take long before starting to feel as a member of the fourth house person’s family.

The Moon person could help the fourth house person deal with home issues and daily duties. He might also help this person make improvements around the house decorate it, or make some other changes. The Moon person will certainly help this person improve their home.

Often this position of someone’s Moon is a sign that the person is likely to undertake a motherly and protective role in the relationship.

The Moon person will feel a strong desire to protect the fourth house person and help her with useful advice often regarding her safety and sense of security.

This placement often happens between natal charts of long-term relationship partners and married couples.

If the Moon is afflicted, the Moon person could be a negative influence on the fourth house person, especially influencing them to change their place of residence frequently or make some other unnecessary changes regarding their homes which will destabilize them and ruin their sense of security.

This position is often an indication that both partners will be very receptive and tolerant to their partner’s unusual traits, and find them likable rather than irritating.

They both have the need and desire to protect each other and they often isolate themselves from the rest of the world enjoying the company of one another. They enjoy being home.


The Moon in fourth house in individual charts is an indication of a person who is very attached to their home and family.

They consider their home a safe haven where they enjoy retreating. They usually keep strangers away from their homes. Sometimes they might be prone to frequent moves.

The Moon in 4th house in synastry is a sign of a strong emotional bond between two people.

They both enjoy being together and feel as close as they are family. They are very protective and caring towards one another and enjoy being alone enjoying their relationship, especially in the safety of their home.