Libra in 4th House – Meaning and Info

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The house is usually beautiful. A house in which they are not rude or rude, they always try to “save face” in it, and sometimes it happens that there is nothing to save.

For example, parents do not love each other for a long time, they do not treat each other tenderly and reverently for a long time, but even in this case, the mother will try to keep the mask of well-being and acceptability.

Libra – Meaning and Info

The house is the same – elegant, beautiful, and very harmonious. It is not customary to quarrel in this house.

In this house, generally speaking, it is not even customary to talk loudly (of course, if Venus or the state of the 4th house as a whole does not indicate the opposite).

At the same time, it is not pleasant to “lisp” here, all sorts of “calf tenderness” or fish sentimentality will not be the basis for creating an atmosphere in the house. The main thing here is harmony, balance.

Such a mother believes that you can talk about everything with a child. And she will speak, as a rule, as calmly and balanced as she always behaves in general. She will not experience any strong feelings, emotions (at least, she will not show them).

Moreover, as a rule, she will speak in her usual manner, and not adapt to her child. At the same time, of course, she will try not to get annoyed during this conversation.

And very often, children perceive such a mother as beautiful and ideal, but at the same time emotionally cold (if other indicators of the card do not contradict).

For the simple reason that this is her state of constant equanimity, even when one could be indignant, a child with a strong dominance of water or fire may suggest that the mother does not feel strong emotions for him.

The 4th house is our vision of a parent, it is we who perceive the reactions of our parent accordingly.

And in the case of IP Libra, the perception is usually marked by the feeling that the mother is not emotionally included in the Native.

Although, in fact, this may not be the case on my mother’s side (she has her own card, it is worth remembering that), and perhaps she is just trying her best to maintain her composure.

4th House – Meaning and Info

Well, in another case, from childhood, he made slightly different guidelines for the good – the main thing is that no one can find fault with the outer side of his life, his reality. Position – no matter what – don’t be nervous, don’t lose your composure, and don’t look ugly.

Not a bad position, by the way. But at the same time, it often destroys sensitivity. A person grows up with a stable position to always preserve the semblance of goodness, harmony, even if there is nothing left of harmony.

And it turns out in this case a sad result – not the happiest people, about whom they say from the outside, “who’s lucky, it’s her!” and you can’t even complain to such a person – you have to “save face”.

I repeat once again – rarely does a poor house give. As a rule, people are well off. As a rule, there is an opportunity to create a beautiful interior in this house.

As a rule, this is not a small housing, more often it is good housing, prestigious housing. Here there will already be prestigious housing, a prestigious house. Libra’s prestige is already precisely “prestige”, this is already precisely “level”.

If a Taurus chooses a good home, an expensive home, because additional amenities are associated with it. Then Libra chooses a prestigious house.

Perhaps it would be more convenient for them to live somewhere in another area – but this one is the most prestigious by the standards of the corresponding social circle.

Therefore, they will live here. Here, in this house, lives the society to which Libra wants to belong. Maybe not to the society itself, not to the community of people itself, but to the CIRCLE, to the social level.

They very much strive for this very “level”, they do everything for this, and more often than not they achieve sufficient elevation.

With regard to the amount of real estate. If Venus and other indicators of the 4th house do not contradict, then this is usually a big house, and perhaps not one. Everything is expensive, prestigious, and beautiful.

Prestige is generally the main word in choosing a Libra property. It must be fashionable, it must be beautiful. And then it goes well with the Libyan qualities and needs.

The end of life, as a rule, also proceeds in beauty, contentment, prosperity. But this, again, is not Taltson’s “contentment and prosperity.” Taurus, by the way, can be richer and more influential, and more satisfying and obese. But Libra is a LEVEL.

But all the same, as a rule – beautiful old age, beautiful people in old age. They live beautifully, wear beautiful clothes, and dress up. Go to social or cultural events.

It should be understood that such IP is not uncommon (like any other), and, alas, it does not guarantee wealth. People with such IP live in modest conditions, but in any case, the owner of such IP, especially a woman, will want to remain beautiful and elegant for the rest of his life.

Libra in 4th House – Meaning and Info

A beautiful house, a stylish house, everything is matched, everything is very harmonious. It is precisely the taste that is felt here, it is the style that is felt here.

Rarely is such a house poor. This, of course, happens, but for this there must be additional readings from Venus or 4 houses, but in general, if nothing is so obvious, then in principle this is a secured house.

Here, besides the fact that everything is beautiful, everything is very elegant, everything is very cultural. Mom is perceived as a very strong woman, at the same time very thin, graceful, artistic and harmonious.

Relationship with mom is usually very good, very harmonious. But nevertheless, Libra is a social Sign, a status Sign, and therefore, if such a mother is a friend (all air signs have a tendency to this), then she will be an older friend.

And very often, children perceive such a mother as beautiful and ideal, but at the same time emotionally cold (if other indicators of the card do not contradict).

With such a mother, you can go to the store with pleasure, pick out some things, she will advise, she has excellent taste (in any case, this is how the cardholder perceives her, unless, of course, Luna shows otherwise). You can go shopping with her, you can talk about art with her. She is a friend, she will support. You can also talk to her about relationships.

But with her, for example, it will not be possible to talk about some deeply intimate things, for example, on sexual topics. That is, she will, of course, tell you about how relations are built between a man and a woman, what is considered the norm in them, what is not, how to behave correctly in a relationship.

But let’s say, you are unlikely to discuss your sexual problems with such a mother. She quite clearly distinguishes between those issues that can be discussed with her and which cannot be discussed with her.

This mother can be very gentle, very harmonious, very elegant, from whom you can ask for advice in so many things, but at the same time such a mother maintains a very strict subordination in relations with her child.

And many things that are available with a different type of mom will not be available with this one. And the mother of the Vislosky type is more of a presentation option. You can show it with pleasure, say, at school – and everyone will say “what a beautiful mother you have!!!”

Libra is a mom for social life. One that is not ashamed to show to friends and present to the groom. She will always be admired by those around her.

But at the same time, such a mother rarely has close emotional contact (as with all Air Signs, unless, of course, Venus (Libra) or the Moon add something more sensual and soft to this image).

At the same time, this mother is still very attractive to Native himself. He will always strive for her, he will always want to be like her (or choose a woman like her for men). Because she is elegant, beautiful, delicate and sensitive.

Perhaps she represents some kind of Libyan profession, perhaps not, but she always has an inner style, an inner gloss.


She will go to concerts, let it be concerts of amateur performances – it does not matter. She will go to museums and exhibitions. Attend reading contests or meetings with the city’s creative people.

It is unlikely that she will devote herself to her grandchildren, as this is seen by people with a predominant Cancer or Taurus, for example.

But this does not mean that she will not pay attention to them. It’s just that everything will be different with her.

If Teltsovskaya grandmother takes her grandson to the dacha, she will feed him sour cream with milk, bake pies for him.

That Vesovskaya grandmother will take her grandson to all circles, to concerts, to develop his aesthetic side.

The goal of such a grandmother is to teach a child to see beauty, to develop it in herself and the world around her.