Moon in Cancer

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What can stars tell you about your destiny? According to astrologers, it could tell you anything and everything, depending on how good skilled you are in interpreting the sky.

Astrologers have a very difficult task in interpreting complex images of the skies, astrological charts. Astrological analyses are much more than those few lines you can read about zodiac signs.

Those short horoscopes are exactly what they are; they are generalized, summarized astrological interpretations related to the current period, such as a day, a week, a month or maybe a year and the possibilities stars have in store for all representatives of each zodiac sign. People look at it, read it and tell they are wrong. Well, the truth is, they are just too generalized.

However, most of us are personally interested in what stars can tell about our own life. This is what natal astrology deals with. Natal astrology tries to figure out in what relations are elements in one person’s birth chart.

Now, the birth chart is what matters the most. It is the most individual basis for one’s horoscope.

Natal chart is a scheme that represents the sky at one moment in time and that is the person’s in question birthday. This scheme features all the planets, in way they were positioned at that exact moment, distributed over the Zodiac circle and twelve astrological houses.

There are, of course, all the signs and all of these elements together create unique birth chart.

An astrologer uses this chart to create a horoscope. Yes, he or she creates it, like a piece of art. Each horoscope is unique creation, a masterpiece of several artists united. The universe itself, you as a person and your astrologer all contribute to your horoscope. This does not mean your horoscope as simply made up.

Astrology is a complex discipline and it features all essentials as any other science, although in modern world, we see it as an alternative approach, a pseudo science. Astrologers have to possess great knowledge related to planets, their movement, zodiac signs, the history of astrology itself and its practice.

There is a serious methodology and well-established principles.

What does your horoscope actually reveal? It tells about your life, as seen by an astrologer in your birth chart.

Various elements correlate amongst themselves and constitute the chart. They actually represent your potentials, describe what kind of person you are and tell about possibilities in your life. This means there are is no certain information, but guidelines.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

Planets are essential part of a natal chart. Planets determine your horoscope, because each one of them affects us, according to astrology. Their energies and vibrations intertwined create a personality, determine the way one is going to perceive the world and to connect with it. They determine they way in which we think, even our sub-consciousness.

There are three main groups of astrological planets. Before we move onto them, let us only remind you that we speak about planets of the Solar system, all known today. In ancient days of astrology, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were not on this list, because they could not be seen with the naked eye.

The Sun and the Moon, which what we focus on here, are astrologically considered planets.

The Sun and the Moon are the Luminaries, the bright planets. They are two of so-called ‘personal planets’, which also count Mercury, Venus and Mars. Personal planets are those that define us as personalities of certain traits, character and temperament. We could say that the Luminaries are the core of it. They are the first ones to look upon in a natal chart.

Symbol of the Sun in a natal chart is a circle with a pint in its middle and it is considered the most important of all planets in one’s chart. The Sun represents overall life force in the center of one’s own personal universe.

It reveals to us our inborn qualities and flaws, making them real and visible. It constitutes ourselves as personalities of certain qualities.

The Moon is its unavoidable companion, almost like a different side of the Sun’s disk. It represents everything that is not visible on the outside, our deepest emotions, our sub-conscious mind, our sense of connection with the world and the people.

In a way, the Moon represents our path to fulfill what the Sun represents.

Moon and Horoscope

Now that we know something more about astrological planets in general and the Luminaries in particular, let us turn to the second of the latter mentioned. It is the Moon, the mysterious shiny heavenly body of the night.

The Moon is incredibly important to look upon in a birth chart, because it defines our inner voice, our emotional self.

Without emotions, a man is like an empty bottle. It may be a beautifully carved one, made of precious materials, the one everyone admires because of how it looks, but hollow, empty, without any tasty elixir inside. This elixir is the Moon.

The Moon fills in our soul with the force of emotions. The Moon in a birth chart represents the way we feel the world.

The analysis of the Moon’s position in one’s horoscope is extremely important because it reveals our predispositions to how we are going to react in different situations in our life and especially to people around.

The Moon is also associated with femininity, fertility and motherhood. In a man’s horoscope, it could represent an influential feminine figure.

The Moon represents our deepest intuition; it is like a whispering voice that guides us. You should never try to suppress it and shot it down. The true art of life is to find the balance between your emotions and your reason.

For example, people who have matching Sun and Moon in their charts, are particularly well balanced personalities.

Without Moon’s magical touch there is no inner, emotional self-development. One should be curious about his or hers Moon’s energy and use it properly. The Moon brings both sadness and joy to our heart and makes us feel alive. The Moon gives as emotional depth, the ability to dive deep into all the layers of our emotional being.

It sparks our imagination, our intuition and nurtures our senses. No wonder people with distinctively strong Moon’s influence are artistic and poetic.

Moon in Cancer – General Info

The Moon feels at its best in Cancer, because it is the Moon’s natural place to be. What we know about Cancers? They are mysterious and deep individuals, with delicate sense and feelings, imaginative, dreamy and sensitive. Cancers are hard to recognize and hard to get to know; they are enigmatic, similarly to Pisces. The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer.

The Moon in Cancer could be described as an ocean of emotions. Its influence here is accentuated and dominant. People with the Moon in Cancer are individuals with distinctive Moon-like character and personality in total. A Moon Cancer is an intuitive, emotional, imaginative and a whimsical individual.

One could say he or she is overly emotional and they would not be too far from the truth. It is true that Moon Cancers feel things more intensively than others do.

They are prone to mood swings, exactly because they are so hypersensitive. Their current mood is always under the direct and primary impressions each single moment they find themselves in creates. These people are thoughtful and kind towards other people; they often see to please others the best they can and show incredibly warm hospitality.

Moon Cancers are closely attached to their family and it is usually their primary source of stability and security.

They need a warm and a cozy home, filled with people they love and who love them, as well. They are very romantic and passionate. They would show their love to someone in the kindest and the most sophisticated way. They want to make someone feel comfortable and loved.

They have distinctive need to connect, commit and make bonds, especially when it comes to love life. They do not like loneliness, because they have an inborn need to get emotionally attached. They are melancholic and nostalgic people. They enjoy telling stories from their past and are happy they have stories to tell.

It is not uncommon that a person with the Moon in Cancer is an individual who was or is under a strong influence of his or hers mother. The Moon in Cancer often represents an emotional, deeply caring and protective motherly figure.

These people could develop emotional addiction to someone very close to them.

Good Traits

Moon in cancer is one smooth and natural astrological feature, as a part of a natal chart. It depends on other factors to what degree the Moon in cancer sensitivity would be expressed in an individual.

If aspects are in favor, this person could be one of the kindest and the most loving individuals, but who also cares about their own integrity and does not let others take advantage of their emotional fragility.

Moon Cancers have strong intuition and deep imagination. They are often dedicated to their family or they would like to have one of their own, if it is not the case. They love unconditionally and deeply.

Moon Cancers do not let everyone in, but only people they feel lose to, on some mysterious level only Moon Cancers could understand. They are incredibly intuitive people. They are gifted in arts, poetry or any of the sorts.

Moon Cancers are protective and devoted, especially when it comes to romantic love. Family is their base, the source of their inspiration and their energy.

Although they seem too vulnerable and fragile at times, their emotional hypersensitivity allows them feel and experience things common people are rarely capable of. They could find impressive sensations in the most mundane things and experience them as magical.

Bad Traits

Their bad side is also their over sensitivity. They tend to be too emotionally fragile and moody. They take things to heart, even if nothing has to do with them. They often live in the past, meaning they are not only nostalgic, but they wish, with their whole soul, to be back in time and this shatters their impression of reality as a place of any good.

Emotional bonds they need to make could also turn bad, because of their inborn need to get attached.

They could become either dependant on another person (and this is where even their intuition gets blinded by their euphoric obsession with one) and even manipulated or they could become possessive and to emotionally press another one.

They could become suspicious, jealous and hard to deal with, having in mind their emotional changes. They could become manipulative themselves and act very passively aggressively.

It could also happen that they become indecisive and too permissive towards others, which might be used for bad causes. Sometimes they idealize one and just let the person make every decision in their place.

Moon in Cancer Man

In a man’s horoscope the Moon in Cancer often represents a man who is family oriented, the great host and the head of the house, the one who values marriage and family.

He us attached to his family and the idea of family as it is. He could be an impressive fatherly figure, who takes care of his children, protects them guides them and shows them love.

The Moon in Cancer in a male horoscope could also represent a protective and dominant female figure, usually a mother.

It represents a female figure that has played a major role in the man’s life decisions and generally his life path.

Moon in Cancer Woman

In a female horoscope the Moon in Cancer represents a woman who has strong maternal instinct and who deeply cares for her home and her dearest ones.

She is the pillar of her family and could have a dominant role; she is the one to decide everything that takes place in her household. She is a loving and protective mother, sometimes overly protective of her young ones.

The Moon in Cancer gives a lady who is passionate, romantic and emotional, as well. It is a person who never gives up her romantic dreams. She would dream about princes and brave knights even when she grows old.

There is nothing to stop her from dreaming. However, she is very present in reality and can handle her dreamy desires.


People who have the Moon in Cancer are deeply emotional individuals who need to develop strong emotional connection with specific people, close to their heart.

They are not open to everyone, but they are kind towards people and often show great hospitality. They are at risk of become manipulated by others who would see their emotional vulnerability as a good opportunity to take some advantage.

Influence of a motherly figure is very strong in each of Moon Cancers horoscopes.