Mount of Venus Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

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Palmistry is a study of the palm which dates back to ancient times. The aim of palmistry is to determine the faith of the person as well as the possible paths the person will choose to take in their life.

Palmistry pays attention to all the tiny details and markings on the hand. The shape of the palm, its color, the lines on the palm, and the finger length are only some of the details palmistry is considering during a palmistry reading.

All of these details can give a precise picture of the person’s character as well as the potential for success they possess.

Palmistry is an ancient science. It was developed in ancient India and China.

Palmistry can determine the person’s family background, their relationship with their parents, family support as well as the support of the person’s close surroundings, their health, work potential, and the resources the person has and the ones that is capable to gain.

Palmistry can describe the character of the person and their potential fate.

For palmistry readings, both hands are used, but the right hand has prevalence. The left hand holds the potential the person has received with birth, and the right hand describes the potential the person has gained during their life.

Right hand in general determines the reading, and the left is used to help and give additional information.

Beside other signs and markings, the mounds on the palm have a great significance in palmistry readings.

It is best when the mounds are well developed and easily seen on the hand. They should have good markings and lack unfortunate signs.

The mounds carry names of planets and share their areas of rulerships and general traits. Every mount has a certain area it rules.

Mount of Venus – Reading and Meaning

The mount of Venus is located on the part of the palm which is at the base of the thumb.

This mount is surrounded by the Life line. That line is the guideline for determining its placement on the palm. The area of the Venus mount rules love, passion, romance, sensuality as well as the person’s physical appearance.

The Venus mount and its condition could reveal the level of our love and commitment to others. It also reveals how passionate we are.

The Venus mount also rules art and our love for art and beauty in general. It reveals our desire to form a relationship.

A well placed mount of Venus should be visible, but not too bulky. It should not be very hard, flat, or intersected with a lot of lines. This mount should ideally be smooth and firm. It should also be higher than other mounts and the color should be pinkish.

The people who have a well-developed mount of Venus are energetic and transfer their energy to other people.

They are usually very passionate and have strong desire for physical intimacy. They love pleasures and try to enjoy as much as possible in life.

People with a developed Venus mount, love to eat and love good food.

They are also music lovers. They tend to influence the people from their surroundings and people often admire them and love to imitate them. In some cases, these people have a magnetic influence on others.

These people love beauty and love to be surrounded by it in every sense of the word. They usually have an excellent taste in music, the arts, dressing, decorating, etc.

These people usually have a kind and warm personality. They usually have a good love life.

They are helpful and enjoy being of help to others. These people are joyful and love to be around people. They usually have a lot of friends and easily make acquaintances. These people can sometimes appear needy.

They are also prone to overindulgence in pleasures of different kinds. They are very sensual and have a desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

People who don’t have a well-developed Venus mount usually have problems enjoying beauty and are usually timid and weak. They can also be considered cold and disinterested.

With a puffy Venus mount, people tend to be promiscuous and fear commitment, unless their Head line and their thumb are strong.

In that case, they manage to control their urges with their excellent self-control mechanisms and they focus their passion on providing themselves a life of luxury and pleasure as well as finding a perfect partner.

These people convert their physical passion into passion for gaining material wealth and they can freely let that energy loose without any moral restrictions.

With hard Venus mount, the passionate energy of the person could turn into brutality and aggression. That usually happens when the color of the mount is reddish and the skin on the palm is coarse.

If the Venus mount is very developed, the people might have health issues with their throat area.

People with prominent mount of Venus enjoy parties and spending time with people. They also love beautiful accessories. These people usually look good.

People with flat Venus mount are not very ambitious and usually have a criticizing nature. They are not very emotional and usually not interested in love and relationships.

The mount of Venus is an area related to the person’s family and the condition of this mount describes the relationship the person has with their family.

It is believed, for example, that if the Fate line starts from the Venus mount, the person’s parents and family in general are somehow influencing and supporting the person’s career.

This placement happens when a person continues the family business or received a financial help from their family to start their business.

Signs on mount of Venus

A straight line beside the Life line on mount of Venus

If the mount has a straight line beside the Life line that could mean that the person is very passionate and emotional.

If there are more than one line like that, the person could be considered promiscuous and having multiple affairs at the same time.

Prominent horizontal lines on mount of Venus

If the mount of Venus has prominent horizontal lines, that is often a sign of a romantic and charming person who is very attractive to potential partners.

The grill formation on mount of Venus

If a grill formation which consists of many mixed horizontal and vertical lines appears on the mount of Venus that usually isn’t a good sign because it represents the splintering of the person’s energy and lack of focus.

This person usually has way too many passions about different things and cannot easily focus on one thing at a time.

That usually causes stress to the person and unhealthy emotions. It is advisable for this person to try to balance their energy with meditation, walks, or some other techniques.

These people could also be easily influenced by others and often a target of insensitive partners.

This sign on the Venus mount could sometimes indicate a person who is overly passionate and interested more in that side of the relationship than in the emotional side.

The sign of triangle on mount of Venus

When a person has a sign of triangle on the mount of Venus, that sign could indicate the possibility extramarital affairs.

This person is very charming and knows how to impress their potential partners with their talk. This person could also have a cold approach towards relationships weighing the benefits and the potential negative sides of entering a particular relationship.

They usually don’t enter blindly into relationships and they give them a lot of thought.

The sign of star on mount of Venus

People with the sign of star on their mount of Venus are usually very successful in their love relationships and usually manage to provide the support of their partners or potential partners for their endeavors.

They are usually very passionate and enjoy physical intimacy. They have strong and passionate desires and they seek opportunities to fulfill them. If the star is at the base of the mount of Venus, the person might have trouble to find true love.

The sign of trident on mount of Venus

When the sign of trident is found on the person’s Venus mount that symbol is considered an excellent sign regarding the person’s love life.

It usually indicates that the person is very lucky in the matters of the heart and doesn’t have a problem finding the perfect match.

These people usually live a life of luxury and prosperity. They enjoy beauty and are able to provide to surround themselves with it in all their environments.

The sign of island on mount of Venus

The sign of island is usually not a good symbol in palmistry. If it is found on the Venus mount of a person that also represents a bad sign. An island on Venus mount is a sign of arguments and disagreements with their partner or spouse.

The person will most likely have difficulties in finding a mutual agreement with their partner.

There is a likelihood of quarrels even for the smallest of issues. The sign of island on the Venus mount can sometimes be the cause for the delay of marriage.

The sign of cross on mount of Venus

The sign of cross on the Venus mount is not considered a good sign. It could be a sign of deception and betrayal the person might experience in their love life.

If the person also has a cross on their Jupiter mount that could annul the negative influence of this symbol on the mount of Venus.

The sign of dot or spot on mount of Venus

If the person has the sign of a dot or spot on the Venus mount that is considered a bad sign. It could indicate a separation or divorce. It also indicates problems of the reproductive system.

The sign of circle on mount of Venus

A circle on the mount of Venus is usually a good sign for creative endeavors and arts, as well as success in love relationships unless there are some unfavorable factors present on the palm and the mount of Venus.

The sign of square on mount of Venus

When a square is present in the Venus mount, that symbol is a good sign because it annuls the negative effects of the person’s passion and lustful feelings.