Goose – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Goose is a bird which belongs to a species of birds called waterfowls. They are friendly birds and form strong bonds with their partners, which can last a lifetime. A goose can also be very attached to the person who raises it. They form very strong bonds with the person who is feeding them, especially if the feeding started when they were very young.

A goose is a term for the female, while the male geese are ganders. They are considered the first type of domesticated poultry, which happened more than 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Geese can live 20 years if taken good care of.

These birds are very social. Geese on a farm are usually not monogamous, and the males often have three or four female geese.

They are also known to be very dedicated partners and even morn when their partner is gone, usually stopping to eat. Such behavior could last for months. If a farm goose does not have a mate, it could easily form a bond with some other animal which lives on the farm.

Geese can be choosy about their diet. They eat plants, mostly fresh grass and other greens, but they don’t eat everything that is green. They have loud voices and throughout history they have been used for protection. These birds lay eggs which incubate around 30 days. They are known to have issues with their fertility.

It is a common misbelief that geese are not intelligent. In fact, they are very intelligent and also very sensitive and compassionate animals.

It is a privilege to have this bird as your totem animal. They are attracted to sensitive, intelligent, compassionate, kind and loyal people.

What does the Goose Symbolize?

As a spirit animal, in general, the goose symbolizes courage, communication, sensitivity, cooperation, friendship, fertility, guidance, imagination, loyalty, fidelity, productivity, protection, determination, being on the right path, spirituality, sociability, reliability, teamwork, assistance, knowledge, beginnings, wisdom and our soul path.

If the goose as a totem animal attracts you, the reason is probably to remind you of the need to rely on your intuition to receive the answers, which will assist you to accomplish the goals you have.

It could also be a reminder to communicate your thoughts and views to others to you clarify things. The goose also reminds you to respect and appreciate your ancestry as well as all the people who have helped you on the path of your success.

It is also a reminder to protect and take care of the things which are worth to you a lot.

The Meanings of Goose as a Spirit Animal

The goose spirit animal can have many meanings. Here are some of them:

Gratitude and appreciation. Geese are very loyal animals. They appreciate the kindness of the person feeding them or anyone who is being good towards them. This totem animal teaches you of the importance of appreciation and gratitude for the good you are receiving from others.

Don’t take anything for granted and make sure that the person who did something for you, is aware that you appreciate her actions and kindness.

Gift of following others. The goose knows when to allow others lead the way and become a follower for a change. This totem animal is teaching you of the need to slow down and allow others step in. You don’t always have to do everything.

Loyalty and dedication. Geese are very dedicated and loyal birds. They are always ready to help any bird from their flock. As a spirit animal, they teach us of the importance of being loyal and dedicated to our social group, and to do all we can to help and support the people we care about.

They remind us how important is to express the love and appreciation we feel, to those we love.

Fidelity. Although male geese on farms sometimes have more than one partner, such behavior is an exception, because geese are known to form lifetime partnerships. If the goose is your spirit animal, you are most likely very faithful to your romantic partner or spouse. It is normal for you to be with the same partner all your life.

This totem animal teaches us the gift of fidelity and taking care of our partners.

Being on the right path. Geese instinctively know the direction they should take. A goose as your spirit animal is asking you to think again about your goals and desires in your life. It is asking you to evaluate the current situation in your life and decide if you are satisfied with it or not.

Ask your inner being if that is what you imagine for your life and if the answer you receive is “no”, then do something about it. Change the direction and begin pursuing your dreams.

Spirituality and spiritual path. As your totem animal, the goose encourages you to begin developing your spirituality and moving towards a spiritual awakening and enlightenment as your final goal. That path will transform you entirely into a new person, calm and peaceful, with changed views of the world and the things and people around.

It will also open many new possibilities for advancement.

Sociability and friendship. Geese are known to be very sociable birds. They form strong connections with other members of their flock, but other animals as well. A goose as your totem animal is teaching you to value your friendships and show your appreciation to your friends for being a part of your life.

Compassion. Geese are compassionate birds which care about the members of their flock. They take care of each other and openly demonstrate their sympathy and compassion. These totem animals are teaching you of the gift of compassion towards others, first and foremost the ones that you care about the most.

Protection. Geese were often used for protective measures because of their loud voices. The goose as your totem animal teaches you about protectiveness. These birds are very protective towards their family members and their close circle. With this bird as your totem animal, you most likely express such traits as well.

You are probably very protective, caring and nurturing towards your friends and family members and would do anything in your power to keep them safe.

Communication. Geese are communicative animals, with highly developed communication skills. They warn other geese about trouble approaching. They also give instructions to other geese about the right flying path and the stations where they all need to land. As a totem animal, the goose teaches you the gift of communication and openly expressing your opinions and thoughts.

Sometimes this animal as your spirit animal indicates your openness and lack of hesitation to speak.

You always say what you mean, and often stand up for others, talking on their behalf.

Teamwork. Geese are team players. They need to cooperate to survive. They travel in flocks and it’s important for them to be a part of the group until they come to their final destination. As a totem animal this animal reminds you of the importance of cooperation and team efforts to achieve some common goals.

Be aware that you cannot reach all your goals on your own.

Determination. As your totem animal, the goose is teaching you of the importance of determination and persistence until you finish the goals you have. You are probably a determined person who doesn’t give up before the goals are reached.

This totem animal could also be reminding you not to be overly determined and only preoccupied with accomplishing your goals, but slow down and take time off to relax and devote it to your needs.

Goose as Your Totem Animal

If you have a goose as your spirit animal, you are most likely a sentimental, compassionate, loyal and kind person. You are very attached to those you love, and you care and protect them. You are very devoted to your family and friends.

You are also very sociable and communicative. Others enjoy being around you and hearing what you have to say. They value your opinion and open-mindedness. You always put others first, forgetting about your needs and desires.

You are also protective towards your loved ones, especially your family members. You keep everyone’s best interest in mind and you are good at giving others valuable advice about their lives. You are good at instructing others about the right path they need to take.

Being so attached to your family and friends, you often if you have the means for that, do everything to create great living conditions for them.

You are a faithful and devoted partner and spouse. When true love knocks at your door, you are only focused on that person and that could last a life time.

What if the Goose Appears in Your Life?

When the goose makes its appearance in your life, it could be a very good sign.

It could be a reminder to trace your own life path, according to your own wishes and desires, instead of conforming to the wishes and desires others, such as family and friends have for you or expect you to choose.

Ask yourself if you are where you have imagined you would be, or you have become only a shadow of the person you once were. If you realized that you had gone astray, get back on the right track and begin pursuing your true heart’s desires.

Remember to follow your own guidance and do only things you consider are the best for you and your life. Stop doing things because something is expected from you.

This totem animal is encouraging you to follow your dreams and passions because that will make you happy, and that is the only truly important thing.

A goose or geese appearing in your life could also be an announcement of some significant changes happening soon in your life.

This totem animal’s appearance in your life could also be a reminder to protect someone or something which is important to you.

When to call on Goose?

You should call on Goose as your totem animal when:

  • You need to begin following your dreams;
  • You need guidance about some major life decisions and changes;
  • You need to create new goals;
  • You want to release yourself from the constraints others impose on you;
  • You want to be more compassionate;

Dreams about Goose – Interpretation and Meaning

A goose or geese in a dream are usually good signs, possibly indicating happiness in the home, stable partnerships, friendships and compassion.

They could also be a sign of new beginnings and sometimes they symbolize the process of developing or awakening of your spirituality.