Mountain – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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On our today’s journey through the realm of dreams, we will go into mountains.

We will climb to their tops, admire their grandiose appearance, observe the horizon spreading beneath us and all else that could happen when one is around mountains.

Well, it does include some misfortunate events, perhaps, but remember, we talk about the spiritual, non-physical realm, although, at times, it could appear very real.

Mountains, hills, valleys, creeks, rivers, caves, meadows and forests and all other elements that beautifully (or dreadfully) paint the landscape frequently occur in people’s dreams.

All of them have strong symbolical meaning and individual spiritual meaning.

There is a reason why would one dream about climbing a mountain and the other about falling down the mountainside.

Symbolism of mountains

Since old times, mountains have been a motif in legends, myths, religious and all sorts of mystical and spiritual beliefs.

Mountains are huge, immeasurable to human eye and they hide unpredictable cliffs, caves, mysterious forests and many more.

High mountains have often been associated with the idea of the residence of deities. One of the most widely known examples is the Olympian pantheon of Greek gods.

Bearing in mind such strong mythological, mystical and symbolical meaning of mountains, one might only imagine how powerful a mountain would be as a dream motif. In general, mountains in dreams represents ambition, goals, aspiration, dreams in the most figurative way, desires and missions.

Mountains rise high above the ground and often symbolize exactly the highest goal, one that is the hardest to reach.

In addition, mountains are known to be places that are still wild, unstained by human hand, if we must say so. They represent cleanliness, purification, healing in physical, spiritual and mental way.

Mountains are places of meditation, union with nature, so in dreams, they represent enlightenment, finding one’s true self, understanding of the world and else.

In dreams, mountains often appear as a setting and not the main motif in a dream.

Nevertheless, they should never be left out of the full interpretation of the whole dream. Of course, details can vary and each one is important to note so to understand the meaning of the dream.

The last but not the least important is a dreamer’s own feeling about the dream of mountains.

Dreams about mountains

Let us begin with the simplest: dreams about seeing a mountain. The true meaning depends firstly on what kind of feelings did the very sight of the mountain provoke in you.

Did you feel scared, threatened, helpless, insecure, doubtful? On the other hand, maybe you felt optimistic, positive, fearsome, brave and courageous? Did you admire the mountain or hated it?

Let us see into some basic interpretations on dreams about only seeing a mountain.

Most commonly, this mountain represents either a goal or an obstacle. If you simply stand there and see it, it reflects your current status in life; it is, perhaps, a status quo. You are processing certain things and thinking about what would be the next step to undertake.

In this regard, the mountain might be an inspiration, as if you think clearly about climbing it.

On the other hand, if it makes you feel discouraged, it reflects some actual things in life that you see as obstacles. Safe to say, those must be obstacles that you see even greater than they are in real.

The mountain might also represent a true challenge you are facing in reality, one of which you are aware of or not at all in real life. This dream often appears in people who are on the edge of making some rather serious choice or take a serious step towards their goals.

Perhaps it requires a sacrifice, effort you are not used to, courage you doubt you have.

In any case, such a scenario depicts an actual situation in reality, a status quo situation, as long as nothing happens. What is very important to think about are the details, of course.

The appearance of the mountain in your dream might give you additional clues.

How did the mountain look like?

The appearance of the mountain in a dream plays a big role in the message. If the mountain was all covered in greenery, with a sunny top, blue skies all around, bathed in sunlight or it could be starlight and pleasant nightly scenery, it is a positive thing.

The sun-bright mountain still represents something that is in front of you, but something you are enthusiastic about, eager to pursue. You cannot wait to reach the top.

The night scenery could perhaps reflect some mysterious ways. Perhaps you are dealing with subjects that are uncommon, not mainstream, spiritual or else. Still, the idea excites you and you are willing to pursue your dreams. Both of these scenarios are positive.

If, on the contrary, the mountain was bare rock, gloomy, foggy and the whole landscape was dark, cloudy, unwelcoming, it reflects your doubts or the helplessness.

Either the goals you have set now appear impossible or you see an obstacle that is impossible to overcome.

Maybe you are going through hard times and have to deal with things you would never choose to do. It could also represent your inner struggles, not the actual physical and material ones.

However, if you stand there watching a mountain with a misty, cloud covered top, it does not have to be a bad omen.

This sight only reflects your state of wondering about big things in life and not knowing all the answers.

In many cases, this dream is only a reminder to us that we cannot know all things and especially that we cannot predict everything. In this regard, the dream might appear unnerving, while it in fact says that you should sometimes dare to do something, even if you are unsure of the final result.

Climbing a mountain in a dream

Dreams about climbing a mountain are fairly common. These dreams always represent progress.

Although we tend to attribute only positive ideas to the very idea of progress, it does not mean that all progress comes sweet.

Sometimes it is full of difficulties we should overcome. To climb a mountain in a dream means you are willing to progress, you have energy and attitude to do so. You have goals (or not exactly) to achieve.

The very activity of climbing is symbolically associated with endurance, strength, strong will and courage.

Now, interpretations vary, based on details in a dream. If you find the act of climbing easy and smooth, it means you are on the right road to achieve your goals.

You will be successful with no major problems. You must be a person of positive attitude, not easily discouraged. You simply do not see obstacles in places where there are not any. This positivity will definitely serve you well.

If you dream about climbing the mountain with great effort, with difficulties along the way, slipping steps and slowly, it represents the tough circumstances in life or an endeavor that you have already began and now you realize how hard it is.

Maybe you have overestimated your capabilities or the life did not exactly served you with a delicious meal.

However, if still keep on going, the dream is encouraging, a reminder and a mysterious spiritual support. You should not give up your goals; at least, so far you should not.

This kind of dreams often appears in times when we doubt whether we are doing the right thing or not or whether the endeavor is worth so much energy, even suffering or sacrifice.

Dreams about coming down from a mountain

If you dream about coming down from a mountain is usually a dream that represents relief.

It is a dream that should help you accept the situation after a defeat or a dream that suggests you should relax after a success. In any case, its message is relieving. In case you have been successful n something, the dreams suggests taking a break must be the best choice.

On the other hand, one might find it hard to deal with success, so the dream represents the same.

It is a dream that also represents the importance of modesty and reconsidering values of life; in the end, maybe what you have strived so badly for is not the most important thing in life.

In case of a failure, the dream represents the needed retreat, the need to recover, relax, gather your strength again. In addition, it represents the acceptance of failure as the most important step in overcoming one.

Falling down a mountain in a dream

This dream definitely cannot be a pleasant one. It is associated with loss and failure, but let us see more into it.

If you fell from the mountain before ever reaching its top, it means that perhaps what you wanted was never ever meant for you. It means that your efforts will prove vain and empty; pretty much as in stories of fallen angels.

The dream suggests you should think about your actual capacities and capabilities. Perhaps you should take a different approach to your goals and learn from experience.

If you have reached the top, but somehow fell from it, it means you will have your five minutes of glory, but it that will be all. The reasons could be many but it is most likely that you do not actually need it.

More sinister are dreams in which someone has pushed you to your fall. It means people who wish you bad, people who are jealous of you and want to sabotage you surround you.

Although this scenario pictures you in the positive light, think about the real situation.

Maybe it is you who is jealous of someone’s success, someone’s top of the mountain. It could also be a dream about honest rivalry and the fight for a position.

Standing on top of a mountain in a dream

If you stand on the top of the mountain and everything around is fair and pleasant, it means you have reached a goal in the most honest and good way.

You find yourself comfortable and content in it. If the scenery was unpleasant (e.g. cold, rainy, too windy), it means that your success actually does not satisfy you does not bring you any pleasure.

The dreams often appear before any such success, in order to make you think about your pursuits and true reasons for doing what you do.