IQ 97 – Score Meaning

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Intelligence is defined in many ways, but generally, it can be described as the ability of an individual to perform different cognitive tasks, gain knowledge, gather information, solve problems, create and imagine things, understand and reason, etc. Intelligence is a blend of various abilities of the person and their general knowledge.

Besides humans, according to scientists, animals and plants have intelligence as well. Artificial intelligence is man-made intelligence of computer programs and machines.

Humans have always tried to measure their level of intelligence because it was noted that some people were smarter than others.

That is why they created intelligence tests which serve to test the person’s various cognitive skills and abilities, by solving different verbal, conceptual, quantitative, or perceptual tasks.

The result of such tests gives an IQ score which determines the level of the person’s intelligence.

These tests are mostly used by psychologists when testing children’s abilities and determining whether their mental age is in accordance with the average age of children of that age.

They also use intelligence tests in recruitment process to check whether their candidates fulfil the required conditions and are suitable to perform the tasks required for a certain job.

IQ scores are determined by IQ tests and they demonstrate the level of intelligence. IQ scores are calculated by using the scales which are a part of IQ tests.

Sometimes the results aren’t very accurate because of some objective causes present during the test solving, which is why these tests have a tolerance score of up to 20 points.

The majority of people have an average IQ score which ranges between IQ 90 and 109. Those with an IQ lower than 90 have below average intelligence and those with IQ above 109 are considered to have above average intelligence.

Of course, results can vary depending on the test the person was solving, and it is a common thing to score differently on different IQ tests.

Regardless of that, if you are not satisfied with your IQ score, it is important that you know that the level of intelligence can be raised through education and certain activities. With patience and constant effort, you can raise your IQ score for up to 20 points.

Types of intelligence

According to science and psychologists, there are various types of intelligence. Most of them agree about the existence of so called “general intelligence”, or the ability to adapt, gain knowledge, reason, understand, learn from experience, etc.

There are also specific types of intelligences, which represent various skills and abilities of a person in various areas.

According to some scientists there are crystalized and fluid intelligence. Crystalized is a type of intelligence that the person gains through life and experiences, and fluid is a type of intelligence which the person is born with and represents the person’s ability to discover new ways of resolving problems.

Crystalized intelligence has a tendency of increasing as we get older, and fluid tends to decrease with age.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand desires, motives, and emotions of other people.

Also, according to some scientists, there are creative and practical intelligence. Creative is the intelligence which represents the creative skills of a person and their ability to visualize the outcomes of their creative activities.

Practical intelligence represents the ability of a person to manage their way out of problems, and it resembles general intelligence.

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

As we mentioned previously, the level of intelligence is measured with IQ-s or intelligence quotients. This score reveals the person’s general intelligence level.

Intelligence level is different in different age groups, which is why intelligence tests are standardized for different age groups and have average scores for various age groups.

The IQ is determined by comparing the mental and chronological age of a person.

The intelligence quotient is calculated by using the formula: IQ = mental age ÷ chronological age x 100.

We can use an example of an 8 year old child. When that child performs on an IQ test as well as the average child of that age, that indicates this child has an average IQ score of 100, or 8 ÷ 8 x 100 = 100. If that child scores on an IQ test for a 9 year old as good as an average child of 9, that means that the 8 year old child has an IQ of 112, or 9 ÷ 8 x 100 = 112.

The genetics factor is very important for the development of the person’s intelligence. It is a known fact that children inherit intelligence from their ancestors, and that they have similar IQ as their parents.

Regardless of the genetics factor, we shouldn’t neglect the importance of environment in the forming of intelligence.

Children who are raised in poor conditions and are neglected by their parents aren’t as intelligent as they should be according to their predispositions.

On the other hand, children who are average can raise their intelligence score significantly if they are well cared for and educated.

Possible causes of a bad IQ score

We mentioned that the scores on IQ tests don’t have to be accurate. The risk of the results not matching the real state is significant.

If the person solving an IQ test is in a disturbed mental state, feels tired, anxious or stressed, or is experiencing some other problems, the performance on the test cannot be accurate.

Sometimes learning disabilities can be the cause of bad IQ scores. That is why IQ tests have tolerance of up to 20 points. 

IQ 97 score meaning

An IQ 97 score is in the range of average intelligence. That is not something to be worried about because most people on earth have an average IQ score.

If this result disturbs you, you can do many things to improve the level of your intelligence, through education and performing some activities.

Because most IQ tests check the person’s general knowledge, visual and spatial skills, reasoning and logic, knowledge in areas like math, or science, etc. you should try working on developing these skills and knowledge in the mentioned areas.

You have many activities at your disposal to raise your IQ. Below are some of them:

Learning is obviously the most important activity you can undertake to raise the level of your intelligence. By expanding your knowledge, you are also increasing the functions of your brain.

Reading is related to the previous activity because every time you read something you also learn something as well. Reading also expands your vocabulary.

Meditation is a state of complete relaxation of the body and brain. The brain needs it to restore and be able to perform at its best.

Relaxing is very important because overstressed and tensed body and brain isn’t capable to function properly.

Exercises stimulate both the body and the brain. It is best if there is a healthy balance between exercising and resting.

Watching documentaries and informational programs. They seem boring, but these activities are very useful for the development of the person’s intellect. They increase the person’s knowledge, develop their logic and expand their vocabulary.

Playing Sudoku. Playing Sudoku is a fun and interesting way to raise the level of your intelligence. It develops your logic and fasteners the speed your brain processes information.

Eating properly. Food is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and development of new brain cells. Our brain cannot work if we don’t give it fuel.

Staying hydrated. Water is very important for our organism. Dehydration can cause serious damage, especially to the brain. Our brains need plenty of water to stay healthy, and you have to keep that in mind.

Breathing deeply. Breathing deeply enables our body to intake a lot more oxygen than when breathing shallow

Keeping your brain occupied. You always need to keep your brain working.

Expanding your vocabulary. Some of the previous mentioned activities like learning, reading, and watching documentaries and informational programs also involve developing your vocabulary. It is very important to make it as a priority because learning new words keeps your brain activated and develops your intelligence.

Focusing on tasks and goals. Try to focus on your goals and tasks you have, but on one at a time, until you finish it. That is how you develop your determination and keep your mind from wondering on other things.

Creating new goals. Creating goals is very important for the brain to work and look for ways how to accomplish these goals.

There are many more activities you can try, and sure you can think of some on your own. Whatever you choose to do, don’t allow yourself to give up. Remember that intelligence can be changed and raised for up to 20 points.