Dreams About Ice Skating – Meaning and Symbolism

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Ice skating is an activity in which a person glides across ice wearing ice skates, which are metal-bladed shoes.

By most people, ice skating is mostly done for the enjoyment and recreation, but it is also a serious sport.

Ice skating can be a great way to exercise and improve your condition or it can be a way to cover great distances without losing much energy. Ice skating can be done outdoors and indoors, on specially prepared surfaces, and on frozen rivers or lakes.

The origin of ice skating dates back in time. It is believed that the first ice skating occurred more than 4,000 years ago, in Finland.

People used ice skating to save their energy while traveling. Earlier skates glided on top of the ice, but steel blade skates cut into ice during movement.

The shape and construction of ice skates didn’t change much over the time. Of course, some serious improvements were added to enhance their performance.

From the Netherlands ice skating was brought to Britain and introduced to the British high society.

Ice skating clubs started being organized and the club members needed to pass a test before joining the club which consisted of performing some figures on the ice.

In Europe, ice skating was reserved for the upper classes and royalty. During time, ice skating became a popular means of recreation and sport.

Also, figure skating began evolving.

The founder of what is called modern figure skating is an American Jackson Haines who was the first to combine ballet and dance moves in his skating.

Dreams about Ice – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about ice could have various meanings. These dreams often symbolize stress and upsetting moments the person could experience.

Sometimes a dream about ice could be a sign of some people with bad intentions surrounding the dreamer and possibly desiring to hurt or injure them in some way. Sometimes this dream could indicate jealous friends or acquaintances.

If the person was walking on ice in a dream, the dream could indicate taking too many risks and jeopardizing the person’s safety in some way.

If the ice was slippery that could be a sign of misfortune that could soon befall on the person, especially if the person slipped and fell down.

Ice in dreams often indicates the attempts of the person’s opponents and enemies to harm them in some way. It is often a sign of jealousy and actions motivated by envy.

A dream about ice often symbolizes some instability in your life, especially if the ice was cracking. If the ice was cracking and breaking underneath your feet, the dream is a serious warning about your security.

Such a dream is often a sign of unexpected problems and difficulties arising out of nowhere.

Often ice in dreams indicate an emotional status quo. Water symbolizes emotions and if it is frozen that means that your emotions are frozen as well.

It often indicates stagnation in some area of your life, or it could indicate your inactivity. It could also be a sign of cooling of your emotions towards someone.

Dreams about Ice Skating – Meaning and Symbolism

People who love skating often dream about being on the ice, but the ones who don’t know how to skate could also have such dreams.

The meanings of such dreams vary and can range from meaningless reflection of the person’s thoughts and daily events, to significant messages from their subconscious.

Dreams about ice skating could either reveal your self-confidence or indicate a lack of self-confidence; the interpretation depends on the details of your dream.

This dream could in some cases be a reminder from your subconscious to gain more confidence, especially in some situations in your life.

Dreams about ice skating often reveal your desire to experience some pleasant moments, usually in the company of people you love.

A dream about ice skating could reveal the dreamer’s playful and optimistic nature. You might be a person who is always ready for action and trying out new things.

Some of the potential scenarios of dreams about ice skating could be:

Dreaming of ice skating skillfully – If you dreamed of ice skating and demonstrating a lot of skills while doing that, the dream is a good sign, indicating your confidence. You have strong faith in your abilities to achieve success and accomplish your goals, and you probably don’t let anyone stand in your way.

This dream is a sign of being successful in all your actions, and it indicates succeeding with ease. This dream signifies your balanced approach and stability in all your actions.

This dream is usually a sign of being rewarded for your past efforts and finally receiving the prize for your accomplishments. It is a sign of your plans unfolding as you desired.

A dream in which you managed to ice skate skillfully, usually reveals your ability to maintain your life balanced and stable.

You are carefully measuring your actions and you always know what to do one step ahead.

This dream reveals that you are saving your energy instead of wasting it on useless matters.

It is a sign of success and progress towards your goals. This dream is often a sign of satisfaction with your current achievements.

Dreaming about ice skating with ease – If you dreamed of ice skating with ease on some ice surface, whether on frozen lake or river or somewhere indoors and enjoying a lot, that is a good sign.

Skating with ease in a dream is usually a sign of successfully removing some obstacles that are on your way to achieving some desired goals.

Dreaming of struggling to remain on your feet while ice skating – If you dreamed of having difficulties to remain on your feet while ice skating, that is not a good sign, especially regarding your emotional balance.

It could also be a sign of your lack of groundedness and a reminder to make changes in your attitude and become more focused and grounded.

Sometimes this dream is an indication of losing balance and stability in some area/s of your life.

The details of the dream could point out the areas where you could possibly be experiencing issues with stability and lack of security.

Dreaming of enjoying ice skating – If you dreamed of ice skating and enjoying it very much, that dream is a good sign. It is usually a sign of good times, enjoyment, fun, or experiencing some pleasant moments in the company of nice people.

Sometimes this dream reveals your desire to experience something different and new.

In some cases, this dream reveals your desire to get out of your comfort zone and do things you never expected you could.

Dreaming of ice skating with difficulties – If you dreamed of experiencing difficulties while skating, or finding it hard to maintain control, that dream is usually a bad sign. This dream usually means that for some reason you feel insecure and lacking stability.

It could indicate feeling challenged by someone or something.

In some cases, it could indicate feeling you don’t have support in some area of your life or feeling unsupported in some activities that are very important by people you care about very much.

This dream usually reveals lack of confidence in your abilities.

Dreaming of ice skating on thick ice – If you dreamed of ice skating on thick and stable ice, that dream is a good sign. This dream is an encouragement from your subconscious letting you know that you are on the right path and you are making the right moves.

Skating on thick ice in a dream is sign that you need to believe in your decisions and actions and your faith will lead you to the success of your desires.

This dream is usually a sign of your abilities and strong confidence.

Dreaming of ice skating on broken ice – If you dreamed of ice skating on broken ice, that dream could represent a warning from your subconscious. It could often be a sign to be attentive to the people from your surroundings, but also your own actions.

You could be surrounded by people who might try to harm you in some way.

This dream could also indicate your thoughtless and reckless behavior which often puts you in jeopardy and problematic situations.

It could be a warning to watch your behavior and try becoming more focused and careful.

Dreaming of skating over smooth ice – If you dreamed of ice skating over ice with a very smooth surface, that dream is a good sign. This dream is most likely a sign of success of your actions and it usually means good luck.