Pisces Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Astrology could possibly answer many things science cannot. Many of us would like to know about what awaits us in the future; some would not like to.

However, we are all intrigued by the idea there are forces higher than we are that affect our lives, be it a nameless spiritual force, a religious entity or whatever else.

Today we talk about astrology and planetary influence over our lives.

According to this ancient discipline, planets affect individual people’s lives, just as they affect the whole life on earth. We know that the Sun provides us with light and that its energy is life giving.

We also know that the Moon is responsible for tides and so on.

So far, we have learned various interesting things about our Solar system.

However, no one can tell if planets have something to do with our destiny and our personal life paths. In old times, it was believed planets are gods and that they rule over our lives.

Modern astrology is based upon very old principles and it still believes planets have a great role to play in each one of us life.

Let us focus on one branch in particular and that is natal astrology.

Sun Sign

Natal astrology deals specifically with the life of an individual, as it was written in the starts above our heads.

According to astrology, all our destinies are written in the stars. Natal astrology takes one’s time, date and place of birth to determine that person’s natal chart.

This chart is then used to create a personalized horoscope. Personalized chart and horoscope tell about one’s potentials and capacities.

The Sun is the center of each chart, if we see it from the perspective of Western, modern astrology. They Sun is the central place that defines one’s personality profile, as seen in astrology.

This means the sign that is marked by the Sun in your natal chart is your native sign, the one that gives you basic personality traits.

As an astrological planet, the Sun represents personal strength, the will for life, attitude towards the world and the people in it.

The Sun is consciousness and self-awareness; it is everything that you consciously express and represent. The sun wants you to develop to your full potential; the Sun sign determines the nature of you potentials.

The house in which the Sun sits is the one that offers the best opportunities for you to prove your qualities, but also the one that will be the most challenging for you.

The sun sign is a shape of your inner, personal strength.

It defines your priorities in life and gives you certain manifesting form. In good aspects it develops the best way possible and the most benevolent and beautiful.

Sun in Pisces

If you have the Sun in Pisces then you are a Pisces native. It means you share Pisces qualities with other representatives of the same sign.

That of course does not mean all of Pisces people are the same, even though people tend to refer to someone as ‘typical Pisces’ or whatever other sign.

There are no ideal Pisces, but all of them would share characteristics and some basic traits. What are they alike?

Pisces is one of the most mysterious zodiac sign, along with its Water element relative Scorpios.

However, Pisces is less intense and dramatic, more shy and reserved. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative and highly intuitive personality, often lost in between the realms of dreams and that of reality. Pisces natives are compassionate, caring and empathic.

They enjoy exploring ideas that are beyond consciousness; many Pisces are interested in spiritual subjects, esoteric themes and else.

They are also very artistic, because they need an extra way to channel the tons of emotions they posses. They are not very direct and open.

Their nature is changeable, so Pisces people could become moody and unreliable.

They are benevolent and understanding. Pisces people would always show up to comfort a friend in need. They are everything the opposite of materialistic, being too abstract and artistic themselves.

They possess incredibly strong intuition and others would often think of them as even clairvoyant or psychic. However, they often lack the will to resist others influence.

Moon Sign

There is another important element to look out for besides the Sun sign. It is about the other Luminary, the Moon. The Moon represents the opposite of the Sun.

It is about sub conscious mind, intuition, instincts, dreams and imagination.

Above all else, the Moon is about emotions. The Moon sign is basically the way we feel the world around us.

The Moon makes us emotional beings. It is flexible and changeable, so it also helps us to deal easier with troubles that come upon our way. It also helps us absorb everything beautiful that happens to us.

The Moon in a natal chart represents one’s emotional and feeling nature, as embodied in a particular sign of the Zodiac.

The place it holds in a natal chart, the house it sits in, represents the area of life that would emotionally satisfy us the most, but also the one that would make us the most fragile about.

For example, if a person has the Moon in the field that symbolizes home and family, it means this would be the place of the greatest emotional fulfillment and vulnerability for that person.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earthly, calm and patient sign, very familiar with the subtle and emotional nature of the Moon.

In fact, the Moon is in exaltation in Taurus, which makes it a very favorable place.

Taurus is a sign that values beauty found in nature, a sign that is materialistic, but not stiff and stingy about finances, the sign that embodies the idea of patience, calmness and comfort.

Moon Taurus are warm, kind and gentle people with good manners, gallant and classy. They find material stability and security one of the most important things in life and they are known to be the greatest providers in the Zodiac.

These people do not care only for themselves, but also for their dear ones. They are very physical and they need closeness with people.

Moon Taurus do not talk much and they carefully think before they act. They are not shy or indecisive at all. They are benevolent and of very down-to-earth attitude.

They feel at their best once they secured themselves and their family materially, so that they can enjoy pleasures of life. They are creative and they would do as much as they could with their own hands.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon is one of the most creative representatives of the Zodiac.

There is so great creative potential in these people, with their Taurus Moon being capable of finding inspiration in simple things around them, especially in nature, and imaginative and emotional Pisces, inspired by fantasies, by dreams and many more.

Pisces is imaginative, but Taurus is practical.

This combination makes for an extraordinary talented, but also practical personality. It is very likely these people would dedicate their life to an artistic call.

It also greatly helps them channel loads of emotions found in their native Pisces sign.

These people, however, do not get so lost in dreams, which is a characteristic of Pisces.

Their Taurus holds them in real world, reminding them of the importance of the material aspect of life.

They harmonize their emotional needs and imagination with practical goals and they do it perfectly. They enjoy life to the fullest, without taking any advantage of anyone else.

People would often describe them as slow, but there is no one to complain about their company.

People like being around these kind and supportive people. They are kind of friends that would offer you a kind word and a warm hug whenever you need it or simply because they want to show you affection.

They are not as emotionally vulnerable as native Pisces can be, because their realistic Taurus helps them distinguish things they would worry about from negligible ones.

Good Traits

These are benevolent and kind people, ready to work patiently on their goals and very creative.

They could make wonderful things about of what many others would describe as nothing.

They find beauty in simple everyday things and see to enjoy their life to the fullest, picking fruits of their own work.

They are warm and friendly towards people, good and dear friends to many.

Bad Traits

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon are prone to overindulging both themselves and the others they care for.

They sometimes know no limits, if they have enough resources simply to lie down and enjoy the life.

It could lead to too much daydreaming, without any activity. They hardly resist earthly pleasures, such as food and drink, which could have bad consequences.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Marriage

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon is one of the gentlest and warmest lovers of the zodiac.

This person would spend the whole day cuddling in bed with his or hers lover; they need and offer deep emotional connection and the physical one.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon is a lover that would make one feel loved, cared for and secured.

They are not interested in love games and changing partners; they prefer finding the one for life.

In marriage, they are the same. They are also kind and caring parents, but there is a risk they would spoil their children.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Taurus Moon

The best match for a Pisces Sun Taurus Moon has to be someone emotionally open and warm.

They are not interested into those playing had to get; they need a lover who could return all the kindness and care they offer.

They want one to feel loved by, someone who enjoys physical closeness and much as emotional connection.


Pisces Sun Taurus Moon are balanced, calm personalities with overall positive and benevolent attitude towards life. They are modest, but they care for material security.

They do not need any public attention or recognition so to feel satisfied. They enjoy the fruits of their own work and gladly share it with people they hold dear.

They are down to earth, but still imaginative and intuitive. They would do the best in any artistic profession.