Pisces Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Stars are magical and so beautiful, seen from our point in the universe. We would never get tired of them, wondering about if is there any secret they hold we can never comprehend.

The space itself has always been intriguing us. In ancient times, people identified these beautiful far away heavenly objects with powerful deities, ascribing them all sorts of mysterious, supernatural powers.

If we look at it from our modern, more scientifically oriented perspective, we could actually come up with the same answer that there is indeed some force more powerful than us; be it spiritually or scientifically explained.

There are cosmic energies we are unable to comprehend and fully to understand. There have been so many attempts and approaches meant to unravel the secret of the universe.

One that interests us here is astrology. As it name say, it is the ‘science of the stars’. Astrology tries to find out the answers in stars.

Although not an acknowledged discipline in the modern world, it is still widely practiced.

Astrology is not only about those short daily ‘predictions’ for each one of zodiac signs. It is a complex system of understanding the planetary motion and its effects on peoples’ lives.

Sun Sign

Astrology is itself a discipline of several branches, of which natal astrology is what most of the people are interested in.

We would all like to know more about ourselves and about our destiny, because it is related to our instincts of survival. We want the best for ourselves and astrology could possibly help us become persons we want to be.

The first element to direct us towards the right way is the Sun sign.

The Sun is the core of the Solar system, which is the base of Western astrology. It is also the central point in a person’s natal chart. The Sun is a life-giving principle, a principle of creation.

Many ancient deities were associated with the Sun; sun gods are always the most powerful divine figures in all of the world’s mythological systems. The Sun gives life.

In a natal chart, the Sun gives creative energy and the will for life to an individual. It is your personality as it is; it constitutes your basic personality profile, your conscious self.

The Sun represents your motivation, drive, ambition and will to develop and progress. The Sun sign in good aspects manifests these qualities in the best light and vice versa.

The Sun sign is what shapes up these qualities, determining what is it that you could be the best at; what are some traits, talents, skills and characteristics within your person that you could nurture and make them flourish.

The Sun’s basic energy is positive and it wants you to take the best out of these, in the noblest way.

Sun in Pisces

Personal qualities that the Sun boosts are found in the Sun sign. If you have the Sun in Pisces, you share certain characteristics and traits with other Pisces people.

Since this is your native sign, all the qualities have tendency to develop the best way possible. Aspects found in a birth chart could make this either easy or difficult.

The idea is to develop the best side of them to their maximum. The diversity and dynamic of our existence makes it a challenge.

First, you have to learn what your actual qualities are. What is characteristic for Pisces people?

Pisces is by far known as the most mystical and emotional sign, which is what people think about Water element signs in general. However, each of them is different.

Pisces are calm and dreamy, often lost in fantasies and looking at the world through pink eyeglasses.

They are not dramatic and dark as Scorpios could be, nor hypersensitive and servile in Cancer manner. Pisces are great romantics and even greater idealists, guided by their intuition and inner voice.

These people are capable of seeing deeper than others see. They are interested in spiritual and mystical things, often daydreaming. They are quiet and calm; Pisces do not mind attracting attention.

They are emotional and highly empathic people. Sometimes they take others’ emotions personally, as if they literally absorb others’ impressions.

It makes them understanding and tolerant, so they develop great compassion for other people.

They are forgiving and kind. Pisces people are the most emotionally supportive representatives of the zodiac.

Moon Sign

There is another important element of a natal chart to look out for and it is the Moon sign.

The Moon represents the background to your Sun sign. The Moon represents an emotional aspect of one’s personality, something that is hidden behind the conscious self.

It is the intuition and an inner guiding voice. The Moon sign is the shape of your emotional personality.

The Moon is a feminine principle, the principle of change and transformation. Its energy is not stable; the Moon quickly changes positions in the astrological chart, travelling fast through all the signs.

The Moon sign is caught in your birth chart and it defines you as an emotional being. The Moon gives you an insight into your true desires, if you carefully listen to its subtle voice.

It represents your ability to absorb various impressions from the world around; in a specific way, it makes you more alive, while the Sun sign makes you more alert and rational.

The Moon is not about expressing your personality traits, but about reacting to various situations in life and about the way you deal with those.

The Moon sign gives you specific emotional nature; that is the main reason we are emotionally different.

For example, Moon Cancers are extremely sensitive and emotionally vulnerable, while Moon Capricorns are stone cold, tough and lack compassion.

Aspects and other element in your birth chart would also affect your Moon sign’s energy.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is not a sign associated with emotional sensitivity and empathy; it is the sign of pure reason and logic, of order and discipline. Moon Virgos try to rationalize any emotion they get.

They feel very uncomfortable if they cannot give a logical explanation to why they feel this way or another. Everything that is irrational confuses them and makes them anxious.

Moon Virgos are organized, disciplined and modest. They live according their principles and hate chaotic behavior.

They are inflexible; the Moon cannot manifest freely in Virgos and give them flexibility.

Virgos are perfectionists, guided by ideals. They constantly work on improving things, in a kind of technical manner. They are great workers, whatever profession they choose.

These people hardly find full satisfaction in anything, because they want it perfect.

However, they never lose hope they could find perfection or that they could make it perfect; otherwise they would give it up.

They are usually completely focused on this, so they are emotionally distant from people around them. They are cold, reserved and strict.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Personality

This is a contradictive personality, with the rational Sun in an emotional sign and emotional Moon in a rational sign. Pisces and Virgo are very different.

However, with good aspects, it could create a good balance in one personality.

On the other hand, it also brings great risk of an inner conflict, making these people torn between their logic and emotions.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon are more alert and rational Pisces natives. What is very good about this combination is that they are emotionally more sensitive than Virgos.

They are composed and calm in all sorts of situations, but they are not as judging and strict. They have empathy, which leads to tolerance.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon know their emotional depths and limits of their empathy.

These people are also more practical Pisces natives. They are imaginative and creative, but also more consistent and very oriented towards details.

Both Pisces and Virgo are patient; this combination allows for being dedicated to something to detail, not losing focus and being consistent in doing it.

Great inspiration that comes from deep within and even from Pisces fantastic realm makes for amazing final product.

Good Traits

With good aspects, there is a perfect harmony between reason and emotions, in this combination.

These Pisces natives are not that dreamy, but are still emotional and empathic.

They are also not strict and cold, but understanding and tolerant. They combine logic with intuition and are capable both to differ one from another and to see the good part of each one. They could use them both, for the benefit of all.

Bad Traits

If any of their sides prevails over the other, they get confused and lost.

Too much logic suffocates their emotions and they cannot deal with them, trying to suppress them.

Too many emotions cloud their reason and make them anxious because they cannot understand why they feel so.

Such imbalance leads to insecurity, loss of good self image, dramatic behavior and projecting all of these frustrations on others, so Pisces sun Virgo Moon become criticizing, judging and victimize themselves.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon in Love and Marriage

These natives are strange when it comes to love.

On one side, they need deep emotional connection and on the other, they see marriage as an institution and a duty.

They often struggle between what their heart wants and what their reason tells.

It often takes a long time before they start a relationship and decide on a marriage.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

These natives need someone gentle and understanding, above all.

It has to be someone who shares their values and has some sense of order and organization that is similar to theirs.

They have no tendency for short-term relationships and affairs. Once in a relationship, they remain loyal and faithful.


Pisces Sun Virgo Moon are emotionally resistant, but tolerant and understanding.

Cold Virgo Moon does not let empathic Pisces Sun take things to close to their heart and get overwhelmed by emotions. This makes them understanding, but reasonable.

Typical Pisces cannot resist others’ emotions and could be exploited and manipulated, being aware of the fact the whole time.

Virgo Moon prevents them from that, which makes them more reasonable and actually more efficient in taking good care about themselves and those they would like to help.