Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our lives are full of mysteries, no matter how far we get with all of our technologies and discoveries.

We know so much about the world, but at the same time, so little about ourselves. We are interested in everything and still unable to find answers to so many things.

That is, perhaps, what makes our loves so interesting, in the first place.

Many of us wonder about what awaits us in future; it definitely comes to our minds at certain times, especially when we find ourselves at the crossroads or feel so.

No science and technology still can give us answers about it, but many alternative approaches try to do so.

Astrology is one of the oldest. Astrological systems are presents throughout our history and throughout the world.

They may be different from one another, but they are all based on the same idea of planets and stars affecting our lives. Western astrology is what we talk about here and it comes from ancient Persia.

It was once considered kind of a royal discipline; many rulers of the past greatly relied on their astrologers analyzes.

Many notable figures of the past, known for scientific discoveries, practiced astrology amongst other things.

Sun Sign

Speaking about astrology, we have to mention it is a complex discipline; although considered a pseudo science, it consists of all the elements a scientific discipline requires.

An astrologer requires great knowledge and experience so to interpret stars and planets correctly; having a talent for it is definitely a bonus.

When someone mentions astrology, people usually think of natal astrology.

Natal astrology analyzes astrological destinies of individual people and the way they reflect in real life. The base of any natal astrology analysis is a natal or birth chart. In Western astrology, the Sun represents the central point in it.

The Sun is astrological personal planet, meaning it defines basic personality traits, character and temperament of an individual.

The Sun is light, glory, success, generosity, gratitude, warmth, vitality, will to live. The Sun is associated with fire, gold and day. The Sun is a masculine principle and its quality is stable. It represents life itself and in a natal chart, your true self and your Ego.

The Sun sign defines the basis of your personality; it is about everything you are on a conscious level.

Your Sun given traits are something you can never hide. It is your attitude and your energy for life.

The Sun is a creative and motivating principle; although you may face failure along the way, the Sun energy drives you forward, motivates you to progress and to develop the best way possible.

The Sun represents all of your true potentials and it is meant to offer you possibility to reach your maximum.

Sun in Pisces

The Sun marks one sign in a person natal chart, in the Zodiac circle. Today we talk about the Sun in Pisces, which makes you a representative of Pisces people.

All Pisces people have something in common, but they are different from one another, thanks to all other elements in their birth charts.

Pisces is a particularly intriguing and enigmatic sign, being extremely emotional and deeply intuitive one. Pisces are everything opposite of materialistic and strictly rational ones.

These are deeply intuitive individuals, who are likely even to possess psychic abilities. They are dreamy and love to fantasize. Pisces are genuinely imaginative and creative.

They are gentle and kind, compassionate and nurturing people. Pisces do not like aggressive attitude and would rather avoid any conflict.

They run away from real problems, because they find it so difficult to deal with them. They tend to look at life from a pink eyeglasses perspective, finding it difficult to face reality.

Pisces are aware of their fragility and they do not deny it.

They are empathic and they are great listeners. Pisces people feel good if they can offer comfort to someone else; their own emotions confuse them and make them nervous.

They, however, have a very good channel for their tons of emotions. It is usually any form of artistic expression.

Pisces are very talented and creative. Their imagination also plays a great role in their life.

Moon Sign

Our Sun sign has its counterpart in the Moon sign; the two are inseparable. The Sun and the Moon in a natal chart represent the essential and needed duality found in any personality.

The Sun is manifesting, acting energy; your Ego and attitude that is visible in the world. You are well aware of your Sun given traits and people around you usually recognize it easily.

The Moon side is something entirely different; it is associated with deep, sub-conscious desires, needs, intuition and, above all else, emotions.

The Moon is changeable and wandering; it is a principle associated with flexibility and transformation, a water element planet. The Moon is a birth chart represents the emotional personality of an individual.

It is not about how you act, but about how you react to the world around you and the people in it. It defines your impressions, not the expression.

The Moon represents an intuitive, guiding voice and feelings you cannot explain by logic. The Moon sign represents the shape of your emotional being, to say so. It allows you process emotions in certain manner.

Moon in Scorpio

Your Moon sign determines your emotional personality and the house the Moon sits in represents the area of life that brings emotional vulnerability, but also the greatest potential for full emotional satisfaction.

The Moon in Scorpio indicates a specific emotional profile; Scorpio is one of the most emotional signs, but also the one who does the best job in hiding their true feelings.

Moon Scorpios are mysterious and intriguing; their magnetism is inexplicable. Moon Scorpios usually do not need to say a word in order to be noticed.

They keep reserved and quiet, but are definitely not shy. They are emotionally intense on the inside, but ice cold on the outside. Scorpio Moon needs fully to trust someone in order to let him or her nearer.

It is not that Moon Scorpios are suspicious of others out of paranoia, but they like to maintain their tough and cold reputation. They would let near only those they find respectful.

Moon Scorpios are very exclusive and selective, which makes them actually miss out some truly promising connections and friendships. They are proud and do not like to show weakness.

Moon Scorpios could be moody and dramatic; they do not ask anyone for help, but tend to make drama over simple things.

They are prone to complicating everything, since they are emotionally deep, intelligent and insightful. It is a disadvantage, just as it is an advantage.

Their intentions are, however, noble. Everything a Moon Scorpio does is guided by ideals of righteousness and ultimate, universal values.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

We have a truly emotional individual here, but tougher and more restrictive than Pisces natives are in general. Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon are intuitive, emotional, insightful, oriented inwards, very sensitive and imaginative.

These natives are more self-focused than Pisces in general, although Pisces is an introverted sign.

These natives are not as empathic as Pisces natives, since they are often obsessed by their own emotions.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon are deep in thinking and analyzing. They are ambitious and determined to reach their goals and do not mind the suffering. They do not avoid trouble as typical Pisces; in fact, sometimes they seek for it.

They like challenges and they are strong, ready to make sacrifices. They are fatalistic, dramatic and they are definitely not shy.

These people are serious and focused, which is not a Pisces natives characteristic in general.

There is more organization, responsibility and dutifulness in their personality, thanks to often militant Scorpio. There is an element of suffering in them.

They tend to be egocentric, but not out bad intentions. They would never take an advantage of others, in order to make themselves look better.

Pisces Sun Moon Scorpio people are courageous and they are ready to dive deep into their ocean of emotions.

They are not afraid of going to extremes; euphoria and total darkness are something they are familiar with.

They can afford both extremes, because they are naturally given an unbelievable capability of self-recover.

Good Traits

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon are sensual, elegant and feeling people.

They have incredible sense for fine and beautiful things. They are deeply intuitive and not susceptible to manipulation.

With good aspects they take good emotional care about themselves, but are less egocentric and are empathic.

These people are organized, responsible and loyal. They would never lie or make false promises.

Bad Traits

They could be too sensitive, overly dramatic and very moody. There is just to much of an emotional overload in these natives and the balance is easily shaken.

They often complain, but do not actually ask for help and, even worse, they refuse it if offered.

They could act childishly spoiled when it comes to emotions. They could become extremely possessive and jealous.

Their worst possible side reflects as passive aggressive behavior, judging and criticizing others’ behavior.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon in Love and Marriage

These passionate lovers put an accent on the emotional aspects of the relationship. Well, the physical part is always an important part of a relationship with Scorpio.

These people need full commitment, deep emotional connection and they need chemistry.

Otherwise, they just would not even think of starting a relationship. They have to feel fatal attraction and they are faithful for life.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are emotionally very demanding, so their perfect partner has to be someone well aware of that fact and ready fully to commit.

They need a passionate one, but also someone who is less temperamental than they are.

An Earth element native would be the best choice.


Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon are one of the most emotional and dramatic Zodiac combination in one person.

They posses great emotional depth and strong intuition. Unlike Pisces in general, these natives are far stronger and more daring.

They are more self-centered, but still posses enough empathy and understanding for others, if aspects are good.