Purple Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Butterflies represent many things in various cultural systems. Many of symbolical meanings of butterflies are universal.

These gentle colorful insects represent joy and happiness in various traditions.

A butterfly is commonly seen a sign of good luck and fortune. In esoteric sense, butterfly represents transformation, growth and development of a human soul.

Throughout history and different belief systems, butterflies have been identified with the idea of the soul.

Since old times, butterflies have been representing the duality of life and death. They embody concepts of resurrection and rebirth.

Spiritually, butterfly represents the power of transformation and change, reshape and reform.

It stands for spiritual journey and the process of going through different life stages, with a promise of reaching ultimate form.

Butterfly represents harmony between our mind and our soul.

There has always been something magical about butterflies. In many cultures, butterflies are associated with spirits of the deceased, namely with the cult of the ancestors. It is believed that a human soul would incarnate in the form of a butterfly.

Seeing a single butterfly in non-typical circumstances is usually interpreted as a sign, either from our ancestors or from our guardian angels. Either way, butterfly represents a connection with some other realm.

Butterflies are seen as messengers from other worlds, those our mind cannot comprehend. Butterflies are magical and they are seen mediators in between the world, just as some other flying creatures.

There are so many superstitions regarding butterfly symbolism. Let us briefly go through them.

Butterfly beliefs and superstitions

There are widespread beliefs about butterflies, found in different traditions all across the globe. We will mention some of the most common.

If a butterfly lands on your hand or on your body in general, it is considered a sign of good luck and fortune.

It means you will hear happy news or something very positive is about to happen to you. It is also considered a message from your guardian angel.

By sending a butterfly, your heavenly guardian wants to tell you are not alone. It could happen at times you lose faith and feel hopeless and lost: if a butterfly lands on you, consider yourself blessed.

You are not alone, even if it might appear so to you. If you dream about a butterfly, it could mean you will soon fall in love or meet someone who will play an important role in your life.

If you find a butterfly that is hurt or have a dream about it, it means you should take better care about people around you. Mind your behavior and actions; maybe you have become reckless and insensitive.

Try to pay more attention to others needs. Show love and care to those that care for you. If you kill a butterfly, it is usually considered bad luck.

If a butterfly flies into your house, it is time to make a wish. Butterflies are often considered soirits that grant our purest desires.

You could gently catch it and hold it in your hands whilst making a wish and them let it fly away.

Be very careful not to hurt this soft creature. Butterflies are universal symbol of fragility and beauty: they remind us how some things are precious, so they need dedication, care and a lot of love.

Seeing a butterfly of particular color carries a special meaning. In the following text, we will specifically talk about the most mysterious of all butterfly colors, the purple butterfly.

Butterflies of light colors are usually considered a good luck sign. Butterflies of darker colors are commonly associated with forces from another world.

Butterfly symbolism

Before we move onto purple color and purple butterflies, let us talk a bit on overall butterfly symbolism and some interesting cultural conceptions of butterflies.

All around the world, butterflies are associated with beauty, grace and love.

Butterflies stand for transformation, enlightenment and light. They are usually associated with positive ideas and concepts.

Let us share one beautiful and sad Chinese butterfly legend. It illustrates many symbolical interpretations of butterflies. According to this story there was a girl who went to a big city so that she could get education she wanted.

She soon fell in love with a young man from the school she entered, disguised as a boy. He knew she was a girl and fell in love with her too.

As it goes in such stories, the girl was promised to another; it was a common custom to marry one that your family decides is the best.

The young student she fell in love with got so sad that he became very ill and he died out of sorrow. The girl visited his grave upon the day of her wedding.

A beautiful butterfly ascended from the grave as she was crying over it. The same moment the girl miraculously turned into a butterfly and flew away with her love.

The story tells they both turned into beautiful butterflies so that they could fly free and enjoy their love with no one trying to stop them.

They flew towards the rainbow on the sky and so they lived happily ever after as two beautiful butterflies, eternally blessed.

The story is a bit sad and very romantic, but it illustrates some of the most common symbolic associations with butterfly, those of love, beauty, innocence, spirit and human soul.

It also reflects the idea that butterflies represent souls of the deceased and loved ones that come to visit us in this life.

Butterflies also represent the invisible, magical connection between people.

It also represents bonds we have with our past and those from the other side.

In numerous traditions, butterflies are seen messengers from other world. It is also believed they have something to do with heavenly forces. Guardian angels often send us butterflies to assure us we are cared for.

Butterflies represent grace, fragility and tenderness. Their natural transformation pattern is an example of macro space in micro one.

Life path of a butterfly symbolically represents phases of life of every human being.

We do not experience so drastic physical changes, but we do follow a long road of all sorts of changes, challenges and troubles and rewards. We grow and develop by experiencing all sorts of things.

Each stage of our life has its purpose, just as butterflies’ transformative phases.

Purple color symbolism

Purple color has always been one of the most intriguing shades of the specter. It is the color of mystery, knowledge and wisdom. Purple is the color of great power, especially in spiritual sense.

It is also the color of royalty and nobility. Spiritually, purple is the color of the crown chakra.

It stands for wisdom and visual perception. It is associated with clairvoyance and psychic powers.

Purple represents inner balance and harmony. Traditionally, purple color represents spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment.

It represents whole lot of other ideas and concepts, of which all are of great quality. Purple represents creativity, imagination, extra sensor abilities. It is also a color of divine protection and strength.

It is a color of personal strength and integrity. In old times, purple was one of the rarest shades people could come up to. Purple garments were exclusive and very expensive.

This is the reason why purple was reserved only for nobility and royalty; although today we could paint clothes in purple with ease and even choose the shade we find the most fitting, the same meaning remains.

Purple is the color of kings and rulers, of wise men and those with special abilities. Purple represents intuition, mysticism, forces that are higher than we are.

In chromo therapy, purple color is used to heal emotional problems, particularly those related to addiction. It calms the mind and helps ease tension.

However, too much purple could have negative effects.

Since it is the color of mystique and unknown, it could awaken irrational expectations and also make one lose connection with the reality.

Interestingly, people who find purple color pleasing usually express amazing artistic skills, rich imagination, even psychic abilities.

On the other hand, those who find it repulsive, have every rational and strict approach to life.

They deny the possibility of anything supernatural and out of this world. Perhaps the best way is to remain in balance. Just do not become too purplish.

Purple butterfly symbolism

Purple butterfly is definitely an extraordinary symbol. It is an extremely rare variety of a butterfly and it is more likely that you could dream about it than you could see it in reality.

Everything that is rare is considered special and magical. Purple butterflies embody mystique powers of purple color.

They bring enlightenment, personal insight and great wisdom. Purple butterfly represents spirituality and connection with some higher realms.

They also represent creativity, great talent and uniqueness. If you especially like the idea of a purple butterfly, you wear it as a symbol or else, you surely possess amazing creative skills and very likely rich imagination.

Purple butterfly could be your guiding spirit. It is also believed that these butterflies carry some mystical knowledge and secrets that dwell beyond our rational mind.

Individuals who are interested in mysterious knowledge and ancient wisdom might find themselves dreaming about purple butterflies, for example.

It is a good sign, because it means their energies unrestrained, so they can open u their mind, soul and hear even more.

It is a special gift and purple butterflies embody that kind of gift. Purple butterfly represent insight, intuition and clairvoyance.

As other purple elements or living energies, purple butterflies embody the idea of luxury, royalty, everything that is noble and precious. Purple butterfly represents noble qualities in a person.

If you see it or dream about it, it could be a sign from your guardian angel who wants you to know how special you are. It is a reminder of one’s own gifts and qualities.

You should believe in yourself and all new roads will open in front of you.

Purple butterfly totem

If purple butterfly is your spirit animal, you are a lucky person. This powerful totem connects you with realms rarely one could ever reach.

For some reason, you are granted permission to visit worlds a human is not meant to see.

It means you possibly have some extra abilities; you are perhaps clairvoyant or have psychic abilities. If not so, you probably have an extraordinary intuition.

Purple butterfly totem wants you to use your intuition the best way possible. You should trust yourself and your soul.

People guided by purple butterfly totem are usually calm, patient and know much about the world.

They have great insight into many things and are not bothered by everyday inconveniences. They do seem a bit distant from reality, which is something one should pay attention to.

Purple butterfly energy is strong and it could lead you astray if you are not paying attention. See to maintain good connection with people from your everyday life.

Purple butterfly will give you a chance to explore depths of your sold and discover amazing things about the essence of human soul in general.

It could be a dangerous knowledge that might be too heavy to bear, so be very careful about it.