Dream of Flying Away From Danger – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about danger are always disturbing and could be quite traumatic, depending on a particular scenario.

Once in a while, every one of us dreams about being in danger of any sort; the scenario varies due to our imagination, real life experience, current situation in life and so many more.

Details matter a lot, but the actual meaning behind dreams about being in danger comes from only few causes.

The most common reason for having nightmares and dreams in which you are exposed to a dangerous situation are real time worries and fears.

Anxiety could grow to unbelievable proportions and make us feel constantly in danger, which is the most common reason for our worries following us into the realm of dreams, meant for us to rest our brains for a while.

The more under stress you are in reality, the more likely it is to dream about a dangerous situation.

However, many of such dreams have roots in very real reasons to be afraid. If you are in danger in real life, if someone threatens you or certain signs indicate you will lose something or anything like that, it is pretty normal to have a disturbing dream.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate material situation and feel as if there is currently not much to do about it, you could have a dream about something dangerous.

If you have health issues and have to be very careful, it is logical to feel endangered and dream about it. If you receive actual threats or so, the consequences are obvious.

People who have experienced truly dangerous situations in life could dream about those or other ones as a consequence of traumatic effect.

Danger dreams are a way for their mental and emotional health to restore back to normal; their brain has to process the event, which is not always an easy thing to do and not the same for everyone.

Dreams about avoiding/escaping danger

Avoiding danger in dreams, running away from it or escaping it in any other way (e.g. driving away, swimming away, flying away etc.) is a special category of ‘dangerous’ dreams. Avoiding danger in a dream could mean many things.

One of the reasons why people dream about escaping danger in dreams is their actual fear of defeat and failure.

Dreams about escaping danger reflect our nature need somehow to get away from danger, without getting hurt.

Now, on one side, it could be our sub conscience telling us that something is too big to be beaten; there are things in life we have to accept as they are, even if they are not the best-case scenario.

Running away from it in a dream does not mean you are a coward, but that you want to save what is left to be saved.

This kind of dream suggests awakening of self-awareness when faced with situations that are difficult and, at the time, irresolvable.

Sometimes it is the best choice to retreat, not to foolishly run into it.

Alternatively, of course, it could in fact mean that you have no guts to face a situation that fills your heart with fear; you are too afraid to face it, so you run away.

On the other hand, dreams about escaping danger do not necessarily have to do with an actual danger, but with something else you transform into danger, so that you can give yourself a moral excuse to avoid it.

It is usually about responsibility and consequences. IF you have done something you regret, it is likely it fills your mouth with a bitter taste. You are possibly ashamed of it, so you would do your best to avoid it.

However, it just grows bigger and bigger and transforms into a monster or whatever you are trying to escape from in a dream. Refusing to take up respo9nsibility for one’s own actions often ends up with a nightmare of trying to escape a dangerous situation.

Meanings behind dreams of escaping danger could get a slightly different note if you fly away from t.

Dreams about flying away from danger

Flying away from danger in a dream puts you in an ‘advanced’ position. It is not the same as if you were running or else, except if whatever is behind you flies as well.

Flying away could mean anything from flying on your own, which is the rarest type of this dream scenario, over riding a flying animal to flying by using a device or a vehicle.

This kind of dream symbolically represents ultimate escape; if you happen to fly away from a danger on ground, it means you will successfully escape or avoid a potentially dangerous situation by lifting yourself above it.

In a very metaphorical sense, it could mean that you will be able mentally and emotionally to put yourself above the negative and potentially harmful situation.

Let us give you a simple example. Say there are people around you who always have negative comments and try to spoil your work and your joy.

By arguing and constantly fighting back, you are letting them hurt you and drain your energy. By putting yourself in your mind and heart above the situation, you will definitely feel better.

Sometimes, the dream suggests you should physically leave toxic environment for good.

Flying away from danger in a dream means you have the power to overcome danger by not letting it consume you.

The very act of flying away has a different connotation than running away; in the first scenario, you ultimately escape, while in the latter you are actually still in danger, only delaying the encounter.

Flying away also symbolizes ultimate change, the point of no return.

The meaning could be very different if there were other people involved, such as your family and other dear people, for example.

If you dream that you are all exposed to a dangerous situation, but only you fly away from it, the dream indicates you are letting down someone dear in reality. Maybe you pretend if it is not so, but your guts tell you otherwise.

This is a dream that channels the suppressed feeling of feeling bad about not helping someone else when he or she was in need, by choosing to save your skin only.

On the other hand, if you carried someone else with you or returned to save other people there, it reflects the nobility of your heart and the love you have for people around you.

Dreams about not being able to fly away

It all changes if the danger, whatever it was, is equal to you and if it also flies, chasing you.

In that case, it is the same as running away or so. What does it mean if, regardless of the means the dangerous entity uses or the way in which dangerous situation manifests itself, you fall? What if you did not manage to fly away?

This dream means either that the danger is too big for you to overcome or that there is no way of avoiding inevitable responsibility.

Such a dream suggest that there are things in life that are unavoidable, no matter how hard you try to keep away and regardless of all the skills and tactics you use to avoid it. One way or another, you have to face them. There is no running away; no flying away, either.

The dream might appear gloomy and hopeless, but it is just the reflection of your reality. It is a lesson, not a punishment.

On the other hand, it could have a pessimistic meaning, if you are facing hard times in real life and try hard to overcome it and save yourself or others.

The dream is a negative omen in terms that it most likely could not be done.

It also indicates an ending to a phase; possibly a hurtful one, but at least an ending.

This dream serves universal lesson that say that there is no new beginning, without an ending.