Rahu in 8th House

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Vedic astrology is of ancient Indian origin. It resembles Western in some details. Astrology in general represents a study of how the stars influence humans and their lives.

This influence is determined by analyzing the positions of planets in natal charts and their relationships.

Planets determine people’s personalities and their destiny and much can be discovered by analyzing their positions at the time of someone’s birth.

Analyzing planets requires a lot of experience and knowledge. The birth chart takes also a lot of knowledge to make, bur fortunately nowadays we have so many astrological programs that can calculate a birth chart in seconds. The proper and accurate analysis of the chart requires real knowledge and experience.

Even the basic analysis of the planets in signs and houses of the birth chart, and the aspects they make is enough to get a lot of insight into someone’s personality and possible destiny.

The birth or natal chart is a chart of the sky created for the moment when someone was born, or some other moment in time. It consists of 12 houses with planets placed inside these 12 houses.

The houses which have planets inside are the most important ones for the analysis and give the most information about the person and possible experiences they might have during their lifetime.

Vedic astrology is based on the idea of reincarnation and the fact that human beings are incarnated in this life in an exact predestined moment so they could fulfill their destiny.

The analysis in Vedic astrology aims to determine the personal traits of an individual as well as their destiny through the information gained from their natal charts.

Houses of the natal chart

Like in Western astrology, Vedic astrology has a birth chart with 12 houses. Those that have some planets inside give the most information to the astrologer.

These houses show where the person’s focus of attention is and where the most activities will most likely take place.

They also describe the person’s character and the possible events that individual might encounter during their lifetime. The energy of the planets that are placed inside the houses influence the areas ruled by these houses.

All house have their specific areas of rulership; the houses can give information about our personality and our appearance, our education, behavior, ancestors, children, parents, siblings, neighbors, family members, friends, travels, relationships, finances, health and physical condition, social life, etc.

In Vedic astrology, there are four trinities of birth chart houses:

  1. Dharma trinity – this trinity consists of the houses 1, 5, and 9; they are houses of spiritual action;
  2. Artha trinity – this trinity consists of the houses 2, 6, and 10; they are houses of wealth;
  3. Kama trinity – this trinity consists of the houses 3, 7, and 11; they are houses of relationships;
  4. Moksha trinity – this trinity consists of the houses 4, 8, and 12; they are houses of the liberation of the soul.

Vedic astrology also has another division of houses in three groups:

  1. Kendra – this group of houses consists of cardinal or angular houses (1, 4, 7, and 10);
  2. Panapara – this group of houses consists of fixed or succedent houses (2, 5, 8 and 11);
  3. Apoklima – this group of houses consists of mutable or cadent houses (3, 6, 9, and 12).

Rahu – Basic Qualities

Even though it is not an astronomical body, but imaginary point, in Vedic astrology Rahu is considered a planet.

In Vedic mythology, it is represented as a serpent or dragon swallowing the Sun, and that causes the Sun eclipse.

Besides Rahu, there is another imaginary point, which stands opposite to Rahu, and is called Ketu. They both represent imaginary points of intersection of the Moon and Sun paths. When the Moon or the Sun find themselves on these points, the Moon and Sun eclipse happen.

Rahu represents the north lunar node and Ketu represents the south lunar node; Rahu is depicted as the head of the dragon or serpent, and Ketu is depicted as the tail of the dragon or serpent.

Rahu mostly has a bad reputation; it is considered a shadow planet. Its nature is problematic and rebellious.

Rahu is prone to opposing authorities and social rules. It rules materialism, deception, manipulation, secrets, secrecy, bad behavior, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and all kinds of addictions, immorality, politicians, occult sciences, phobias and fears, greed, etc. It rules our dark side of personality.

To some people, Rahu can bring fame, popularity and fortune; they are usually people somehow involved in politics and government institutions. It can also bring authority in other spheres of life and make people influential.

Rahu is the ruler of desires and people’s material goals. The sign and house where Rahu is placed shows the areas where these desires might be focused and the areas where they will most likely come from. This position can reveal whether the desires are likely to be fulfilled.

To give an example, when a person has Rahu in Leo, this often creates a strong desire in them to be successful and wealthy, and often creates a desire to be famous as well.

These desires might make the person obsessed with gaining fame and fortune and putting all their activities in achieving such goals.

The planet Rahu rules manipulation and all kinds of deception. Rahu’s sign can show the astrologer the possible actions the person might use when they want to manipulate others to make them do what they want and please their desires.

Someone with Rahu in Cancer could be using emotional manipulation to make others fulfill their wishes. They might pretend they are weak and incapable in order to evoke pity and sympathy in others, making them do what the Rahu person wants.

Rahu in Pisces person might tell lies or hide the truth to make others grant their wishes or do what they want them to.

Rahu is the ruler of addictions and the sign, house and aspects of Rahu can reveal whether the person is prone to addictions or not. Someone with Rahu in Pisces might incline towards drug and alcohol addictions.

Sometimes Rahu’s sign can reveal the person’s desire for popularity and fame. It might show the activities the person might take to become popular or gain recognition.  

Eighth House Meaning

The eighth house is considered malefic. It rules the person’s lifespan, death as well as sudden events they might experience.

This house and the planets inside rule the person’s longevity and the way they are likely to die. This house can reveal whether the person shall die of natural causes, or from an accident, illness, peacefully, violently, etc.

The eighth house is also the house of wealth gained from other people, sudden gains, profit share, inheritance, insurance, etc. This house also rules losses from other people.

This house can reveal the process of transformation in the person’s life, and is also the ruler of depressive states, dissatisfaction, delays, or defeat. It can reveal whether the person has bad karma.

Malefic and afflicted planets in the 8th house are not a good sign regarding the person’s health and longevity.

These planets can cause illness, misery, restfulness, fears, money issues, addictions and bad habits in general, criminal tendencies, loss of loved ones, death, etc. This house rules the person’s reproductive organs. The 8th house reveals the person’s sense of physical attraction.

The eighth house is a house which reveals the financial situation of our partners. When the planets inside are beneficial and make good aspects, this could mean great gains from our partners, both business and romantic.

Good planets in this house help neutralize the bad effects of this house. They can indicate longevity and health.

People with planets inside the eighth house might be strongly intuitive and possess psychic powers. They might be interested in occult sciences. They can be successful in the fields of paranormal studies, math, science, and psychology.

This house is called Ayu Bhava. It corresponds to the sign of Scorpio. It also rules possessiveness, mystery, and passion. The body parts ruled by the 8th house are the colon and reproductive organs.

Because this is a house of transformation, its influence is considered tough. The influence of this house might make the person lose material possession and experience misery to experience spiritual transformation and realization of the true life values.

The goal is to transform and purify the soul from all evil and bad karma from past lives. The process is different for anyone, but it is ultimately rewarding.

It depends on the person whether they will be willing to understand and learn the lessons this house is offering to them. This house can initiate some life changing transformative events.

The 8th house in Hindu astrology is the house which reveals how the person will eventually die, and in combination with other houses it can even give indication when that might be. It will sure give information whether the person is likely to live a short, medium or a long life.

Bad and afflicted planets in this house are the worst sign. Sometimes they might not predict the person’s death but can indicate bad health. This house might also indicate concerns related to our relatives, especially parents.

Uranus in the eighth house could be an indication of a sudden and unexpected death from strange causes. Neptune could also indicate mysterious death.

Saturn might be a sign of chronic illness of the bones or other Saturn related illness. Jupiter is a good sign, indicating peaceful and clam death. Mars is also a bad planet to be in the eighth house. 

Rahu in Eighth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Even though Rahu has a bad reputation, when placed in the 8th house that placement doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Because it rules secrecy and secrets, this position of Rahu can often describe a person doing some secretive or high risk activities, like detective work, investigation, disaster management, etc.

The person might be a member of secret organizations or possessing information which pose a threat to their safety. Rahu in 8th house, especially when it is afflicted, can cause some destructive or violent events.

These people are interested in secrets, occult knowledge, and magic. They might experience some unexpected circumstances regarding their partner’s finances.

These people often end up with partners who are financially well-off and educated. In some cases, these people might become dependent on their partners.

Rahu in eighth house could be the cause of financial loss and problems. The person might get involved in some deceptive and manipulative activities regarding other people’s money which can bring them into trouble.

They are often insincere and have a laid back approach to life. They can be selfish thinking only about themselves regardless of the situation. They might be prone to lying and deceptions which can ruin their relationships with others.

The person with Rahu in 8th house might be a big spender. They can be reckless with money, especially if they are spending other people’s money. They might also spend money on legal battles and disputes.

This position of Rahu usually causes problems in their family life and relationships. Rahu in eighth house might affect the longevity of the person and shorten their life. This position might cause the person many problems and make the person’s life a misery.

In worst cases this position might get the person in jail for criminal activities they might commit.

They might be prone to deceptions and other immoral activities to gain something. Their behavior will jeopardize their relationships with their relatives and close friends.

This position is generally considered difficult. The most important information about its influence might be gathered from the planets Rahu comes into contact through aspects or other planets placed in the 8th house. Rahu in 8th house can cause humiliation and conflicts. It causes problems with in-laws as well.

For women, Rahu in eighth house alongside some malefic planets such as Mars can indicate a loss of their husband. Mars and Saturn with Rahu in the eighth house could be an indication of injuries and accidents the person might encounter.

The position of Rahu in eighth house could indicate illness related to this house.

This position could also be the cause of unexpected changes that might be destructive or violent. This position could also involve the person into secretive activities which can put them in some kind of danger. 


Rahu in eighth house is an unfortunate position. This is a malefic planet and placed in a house which rules death it isn’t a good sign.

When benefic planets make good aspects with Rahu in the natal chart the negative influence of Rahu can be a bit diminished.

If other malefic planets are in the eighth house besides Rahu, the person might experience a lot of misfortune and difficulties, and in some cases, this could pose a threat to their life.

If Rahu makes good aspects with beneficial planets, its placement in the eighth house might indicate gains from other people, and their spouse.

When the aspects of Rahu are malefic the person might be very relaxed with spending other people’s money, prone to malversations, deceptions and other criminal activities, which can lead them to jail.

This position of Rahu can be an indication of the person’s ill health, or the health issues of their partner. It can indicate the person’s inclination towards secrets, secret activities and professions.

Usually Rahu in 8th house causes the person difficulties and problems in life which they need to deal with.

The 8th house is a house of transformations and when Rahu is placed there it can indicate some major difficulties the person could experience which will change their life forever.