Sun In 4th House – Meaning, Synastry

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The Sun is the first and the most significant planet in astrological readings. Astrology counts ten planets, the Sun and the Moon amongst them; the two were planets, in astrological terminology.

The Sun represents our temperament, character, our basic personality traits.

We could say that the Sun represents who we are and how other people see us. The Sun is the first of personal planets.

Let us see how it affects astrological houses and what specific positions of the Sun within the houses could reveal.

The Meaning of Astrological Houses

Astrological Houses represent specific areas of people’s lives. There were twelve astrological houses and they are fields one could see in an astrological chart.

Each house has specific meaning and it could be affected by specific planetary distribution. Houses with more celestial bodies within would be very dynamic.

However, empty houses would also play their role; they are not ‘inactive’.

The Fourth House in Astrology – 4th House in Astrology

The Fourth House is one of Water houses, otherwise known as houses related to the spiritual aspect.

These houses are related to past and emotions. They tell about how people respond to current affairs, relying on their past experiences, not consciously, though.

These houses are associated with our sub consciousness, in the first place. They have to do with our spiritual awakening, in a way. This awakening is a process of dealing with the past.

Water houses are related to the deepest emotional level of a person; it has to do with deep, inner yearnings. With these houses accentuated, the soul and the emotion rule over one’s life.

The way we deal with our emotions, often rooted in past events, depend on planets affecting these houses. The inner personal life is affected by these houses and the planets found within.

The Fourth House is one of these soul and emotional houses; other Water houses are the eight and the twelfth house. This house, like other from the group, has to do with our most private self and the way we deal with it.

It is also one of the angular houses and, in this regard, it mostly has to do with one’s childhood, one’s foundation and privacy.

This astrological house is primarily associated with home and familial atmosphere. The Fourth House often has to do with someone’s birth and details about someone’s birth, such as the country and the very place of birth.

This astrological house could also be associated with concepts of fortune and misfortune, because it marks beginnings, but also ends to things.

The Fourth House is associated with secrets and with mystery, which is always expected when the Water element is involved. This house is like muddy water, full of things one cannot easily see. This usually has to do with family secrets.

The Fourth House also has to do with tradition and with old, traditional lore. This is a powerful and very interesting, though a bit mysterious house.

Sun in 4th House – Head of the House

When the Sun is in the Fourth House, it primarily has to do with one’s attitude regarding family and home.

A person with Sun in the Fourth House is an authoritative individual who wants to be the pillar stone of his or hers family; someone to provide for the family and be the one to keep it up.

This individual tends to be actively involved with everything that is happening within the family, often ignoring privacy boundaries.

This person literally aspires to be the head of the house, someone to control everything and everyone. It does not come out of any bad intentions, but it could be very tiresome and limiting and difficult to deal with.

This person expects others to be extremely loyal in everything they do, which is fine, but he or she also requires others to report everything they do to, in detail, so that he or she could have a sense of control.

This is a dominant, authoritative, controlling personality, whom others do respect, but also awe and even fear. Fourth House Sun person could really become too strict and domineering.

This person tends to be overly protective of his or hers family, to the point it becomes too limiting and restrictive. Family is the greatest value for one Fourth House Sun personality. In his or hers life, focus is on family and family values.

Why this individual does tend to be so protective of their family and why he or she wants to have everything under control? Well, it comes from their inner need to have their own safe haven, a place where they feel secure and stable, and their cozy corner.

They do appear fearless and as if they were ones to provide for others, which is correct, but they also want to have others to rely on. They need their dear ones and their presence.

They are also very attached to their home, their living space. These people want to make stable and harmonious relationships within the family and they would do all that is in their might to maintain them.

As we have said, they could become too authoritative in these terms.

However, they are capable of it. They are also inclined towards providing and securing financial/material stability. Family name is also something they would care much about.

Sun in the Fourth House – Household Treasurer

A person with Sun in the Fourth House is usually the one to take care about financial matters within the family. He or she tends to be the controller and the treasurer of the family budget.

In addition, he or she is the boss, the one to organize and supervise all activities within the household. Income and outcome process is something this person is interested into and someone who controls it.

You have to tell them about yours, because they were the headmaster of family budget. It has its good sides, but, you already have the impression – it could be very restrictive to other family members, regardless of how good the intention was behind this control.

This person would give green light to outcomes regarding the home, the household itself.

However, if someone of other household members would like to buy something that does not necessarily contribute to the household as a communion; the Fourth House Sun Person is very likely to disapprove such an activity.

This person is focused on working towards financial stability and property possession and maintenance, with an aim of having stable and secure family life.

This person is usually very interested into buying properties and he or she would also deal with the question of inheritance and anything possibly related to it. This is a person who would do what they can in order to maintain and save what has been gained, bought, accomplished.

This person is someone to respect tradition, heritage and their own rights, just as those of their family as a whole.

Sun in the 4th House – Hospitable and Generous

Although you might have gotten the impression that a person with Sun in the Fourth House must be someone very strict, cold, even reserved and cruel, that is not correct.

True, this is a dominant, control freak personality, very firm in their convictions, but also someone hospitable, caring, generous and friendly.

When it comes to maintaining good relations, this person would always see to keep their connections even with distant family members. This person respects ancestors and traditional values.

It is very common that a person with Sun in the Fourth House was raised in a patriarchal family. Male ancestors and especially the fatherly figure may have played a prominent role in that individual’s life.

It is not uncommon that such a person often expresses the desire to have male offspring.

That does not mean, of course, that the person would be disappointed if they have female children; on the contrary.

Being very hospitable, this person enjoys welcoming their dear ones, a wide circle of family, but also their very close family-like friends. He or she would not mind money if they have to throw a celebration within the family circle or anything similar to that. They are also very creative and anyone who visits their home could realize this talent.

These people enjoy decorating their house, usually in a traditional and ethnic fashion.

It is likely that this person would often prefer countryside to living in the urban area. They usually have a house in the country, where they are likely to retire in their older days.

Well known neighborhood, people they could rely on, a familial surrounding in any case, these are things they find appealing. It is all in the family. Family business is also something they might be inclined to.

Sun in the Fourth House – Emotions and Balance

Sun in the Fourth House, which is an angular and a water house, indicates a great need for emotional stability, but also for a balanced approach to life.

Fourth House Sun people are rare individuals who could balance their reason with their emotions.

Thanks to this gift, they are usually satisfied with their lives. Another important thing is their strong intuition.

Although we have here a person who likes to have things under control and also the one who is focused on material gain, in order to provide security and stability for themselves and their family, these people are also highly intuitive.

They would listen to it, if there were some big decision to be made. Their intuition well fits their ambitions and life goals.

Sun in 4th House – Synastry

When one’s Sun is in partner’s Fourth House, it indicates vitality and creativity on one side and its great influence over the owner of the field, usually in terms of living space and conditions.

This position also indicates there was deep emotional connection between partners. This is a very good connection in which partners support one another and help one another’s self-expression.

The owner of the Fourth House is likely to take up a parental attitude towards their Sun partner. The Sun encourages the owner of the field to develop his or her talents and capabilities and to improve them.

The sun partner would often have a very sophisticated impact over the Fourth House owner.

There is a chance that the relationship comes very early or very late in life, for these two. This relationship could be unbreakable, depending on other synastry elements of course.

If the owner of the field was aware of principles that guide their solar partner, if he or she could admire and respect them, this could be a very promising connection.

Creative potentials of the Sun affect the Fourth House pleasantly and in an inspirational way. There is a strong connection on a sub conscious level. If things generally go well, the Fourth House owner provides a stable base for Sun’s creativity; they could be highly compatible.

This is an especially important bond when we speak about family relations. This is a very positive position in parent-child relationship, but it applies to everyone living under the same roof.

This position of the Sun is a stable foundation for good, firm and hardly breakable bonds between people. As we have said, Sun in the Fourth House is about family bonds and so it is in synastry.