Dreaming of Sea – Meaning and Symbolism

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Great water spaces have always been fascinated humans. Seas and oceans are universal symbols of incredible powers of nature and the earth.

They divide and connect continents, awaken wanderlust in depths of a human soul and always make us wonder what lies behind blue waters, somewhere far away. Sea represents many things.

Water is a source of life, so both seas and oceans have always been associated with it. For some traditions, sea is a symbol of power and might, for others it represents the source of  food and life, while some societies associate sea with the unknown, unexplored, mysterious and deep. Perhaps all of the traditions actually share all of these associations.

Sea is beautiful, wide and deep, captivating to human eyes, while at the same time, it fills our hearts with fear in respect. In all societies sea is adored, worshiped, but also feared of and awed.

Sea is dangerous, just as it is pleasant and beautiful. It leads us to new places, inspires great discoveries, takes on a spiritual journey, just as we can travel physically by the sea.

There is nothing more refreshing and calming than standing on shores, listening to the harmonious sound of waves, watching lights reflecting on a sparkling sea surface. There is also nothing scarier than a raging sea and waves that could wipe away whole settlements and mercilessly end all life there.

Sea is beautiful, captivating, respectful, dangerous, scary and worth of every admiration and awe.

Wide spaces of the beautiful sea inspire us to imagine distant worlds and lands beyond our immediate reach. Not only that sea makes us wonder what lies behind the water, but also what is hidden in depths humans can never reach without our special equipment and gadgets.

Today, it is easier, since we are able to send our machines down there and actually see what is going on in these mysterious realms.

However, in ancient times people could not do that, so numerous of legends developed illustrating sea and ocean depths. Although today we are able to get an idea on it, it still remains a mysterious and difficultly comprehensible realm.

The sea, the sea, the open sea, the deep and wonderful and dangerous sea. It is a common motif in world’s mythologies, legends, religious concepts and thousands of superstitions.

Sea in dreams

No wonder sea has incredible strong symbolism in dreams. It belongs to moderately common motifs.

Although people do not dream about the sea that often, it still appears to be one of common motifs.

Some people dream about the sea all the time, while others dream about it only once in a while. People who work at sea dream about it very often, which is a logical consequence of the strong bond they have with it.

The same is with people who live by the sea and whole life and economy greatly depend on the sea. However, sea often occurs in dream of people who love to travel or those who have an inner desire to explore, discover and dare try things other would rather not.

Sea as a motif often occurs in dreams of people with suppressed desires and emotions, since water is universal symbol for human emotions.

Your sea related dream could have numerous meanings and it all depends on how you see it in your dream and what is happening in it.

Of course, any emotions you are able to identify and relate to your dream are of major importance in interpreting the dream. Sometimes it happens that a person dreams about the sea simply because he or she longs for a sunny beach vacation.

However, there are various other reasons to see it in your dreams. The exact meaning depends on whether you only see it, stand by the sea or travel by the sea, whether the sea was calm or stormy.

In your dreams, the sea might appear calming or threatening, you could swim in the sea, dive or float on the surface. It could be a warm, summer sea or a cold, northern one.

Let us see into different scenarios and different meanings.

Dreams about a calm sea

If you dream about a calm and tranquil sea is a positive dream. If you only standing on shore, watching it, it means you are in front of some big changes in your life, but also that you are finally one hundred percent sure it is something you want.

This dream means you will face no major difficulties in the near future; it means you have made good and solid plans and that you will stick to them. This dream reflects your inner peace, calmness, self-confidence and belief.

The dream indicates a successful period. The calm sea does not mean you will simply go with the flow, not at all. It means you are ready to take responsibility and that you are strong.

The sea is wide, deep and amazing, so it has incredible symbolical weight. In this case, it is a very positive weight. It means this you are about to do will definitely mean something.

The closer you are to this calm sea in your dream, the more ready you are to enter this phase of life.

However, there are slight variations that could entirely change the meaning of the dream.

If the water is calm, but muddy and you cannot see through it, it means you are entering something you probably should not. It means you are making a decision that is likely to very slowly and discretely lead you to failure.

Maybe the opportunity seems attractive, because it is easy.

If the sea was clear and you can see through it, it is the most positive dream. It means your intentions are clear and the opportunity is pure and good.

It also matters if the surface is reflective, so that you cannot see beneath it or not.

If it is like a mirror, it means you are in front of opportunities that are either unreliable or simply very uncertain.

If you remain on shore, looking at it, it means you are questioning if it would be the right decision. You are still unsure about something.

On the other hand, if you dared step into waters that are calm, but the surface reflects only the sky and you see nothing beneath it, it reflects your courage and daring nature.

You are ready to risk and discover what lies ahead and beneath.

Dreaming about a stormy sea

Alternatively, the stormy sea in dreams indicates tough and troublesome period ahead. If you stand on shore or elsewhere and only look at the stormy sea, it indicates you may face dramatic changes in near future.

It could be something that comes as a consequence of your own doing or something that is completely out of your control.

Either way, it is something that you will be a part of. This dream commonly indicates some changes you yourself are about to make.

It could mean that you have already made some decisions that bring radical changes, possibly some that you have never expected. If you stand and watch the raging sea, it means you are watching consequences of your own doing, but are helpless to stop it.

It does not have necessarily to be something negative per se, but it could be too strong, too radical and it could bring imbalance.

If you are in the sea (stepped into it, while the storm is raging), it means you are very courageous and ready to take responsibility for things you provoked. You are ready to do whatever it takes to calm things down and bring balance again, because it might affect other people, not just you.

This dream could have another, even more intimate meaning. Raging sea could reflect your emotions.

Raging sea in dreams often represent suppressed anger or sadness or anything that is overwhelming and strong in that sense.

Maybe you cannot express these emotions in waking life; it usually has to do with feelings that people associate with weakness. You do not want anyone to see how hurt and scared you are, or how sad and angry you might be.

It often reflects in dreams as something to do with water, since this element is closely associated with emotions. The stormy, turbulent sea is a powerful channel of processing such feelings.

On the alternative side, this dream could indicate conflicts and arguments you are about to have with people from your environment.

Think about if the situation at your work, at home or in any social circle was tense. It may soon escalate.

Dreams about a frozen sea

While people usually dream about either calm or raging sea, dreams about frozen seawaters are rare, but possibly very significant. It is a strange and very deep dream. It could mean various things.

If you watch over a frozen sea, it suggests your plans are on a standby. You want something, but circumstances in your life do not allow you to get it easily.

Frozen waters represent being stuck in the moment. However, it could have a positive vibe, although rarely a desired one.

Looking at frozen sea means you should have patience and wait for the snows and ice to melt, until you sail again, figuratively speaking.

Frozen sea means frozen emotions, as well. It could reflect the feeling of emptiness one tries to mask in real life.

Walking along the shore by the frozen, icy sea, means you are in a period of finding a solution. It is as if you are near a solution, but still not there yet. Do not give up, be patient and work on it.

If you try to walk over this frozen vastness, it means you are a really brave and courageous person. You know that walking on icy surface is uncertain, but still you do it. It could be very risky.

If the ice cracks, the dream is a warning sign, you should return to the shore and wait, either for ice to melt or to thicken more, so you can cross. If you manage to cross it, it means you will successfully overcome actual difficulties, but only being very cautious and keeping cool head in critical situations.

Dreams about swimming in the sea

Dreams about swimming in the sea greatly vary. The meaning of such a dream depends on exact scenario, details and your emotions related to the dream.

If you dream about swimming in the clear seawater, not being afraid of depths and creatures that might await you in deep waters, than it is a very positive dream.

It means you are ready to let go of worries and surrender to the tides of your life, freely. You want to get somewhere and you are ready to start a journey.

This dream means you feel good about yourself, strong and free at your soul. This dream is especially positive if a person who has fear from deep waters dreams about it. It suggests you are willing to accept your fears and get over with them.

You want to challenge yourself and explore your limits. This could bring you amazing success, because if you do not dare, you will never know.

If you dream in stormy waters, it means you have troubles, but that you are trying to overcome them on your own. You are rave to do so.

The dream suggests you are facing problems in your life, not letting them to pile up and wait for you around the corner. If you do not swim in the sea alone, it means you have help and support in your life; you are not alone.

Alternatively, a dream in which you swim with someone else reflects your worry and care about that person. You want to be beside them and help them.

Maybe you are being overprotective, but maybe that person really needs your help.

Think about your current life situation and relationships with people in your life; especially think about your closest ones, such as your partner, family members, best friends.

Dreams about drowning in the sea

Now the scariest of them all. Dreams abort drowning in the sea could appear terrifying and to leave a great impression on a dreamer. However, the meaning depends on details in the dream.

If you dream about trying to swim out to the surface, but something keeps dragging you down, it indicates real and troublesome situations in life.

However, it could be something you are actually unaware of.

Think about toxic relationships, toxic environment or anything that you might associate with a delayed and slowed progress.

If you dream the same thing, but you feel completely indifferent about it, it means you have already accepted that something is hopeless. It means you have accepted your destiny.

Although it might sound as giving up and surrender, it does not have to be bad. It could also mean that you have tried everything, but there is nothing you can think of to do more. It is okay, because being too stubborn too change something never ends well.

If you were drowning, but managed to get out the dreadful situation, it means you will overcome real problems, but with great difficulties. You must endure it; be strong and do not give up, the dream suggest.

Fight on and believe you can do it. If someone saved you from drowning, it means you have friends in unexpected places.

It means you are not alone and that, even if you have been fighting alone, someone is there to help you anyway.

Maybe you should put more trust in other people and rely on their support.