Unicorn Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

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Unicorns are imaginary beings whose existence goes way back in ancient times. Unicorns are horses with one spiraling pointed horn on their foreheads.

This word originates from the Latin word unicornis which means one horn. They are usually depicted with a lion’s tail.

Many ancient cultures have stories about unicorns and, according to some interpreters they are mentioned in the Bible as well.

In the folklore of the European people, unicorns are usually white horse or goat-like animals.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period, unicorns were considered as a symbol of purity.

Sometimes the horn was attributed special powers, such as purifying poisonous water or healing sickness.

In modern culture, the unicorn symbolizes something very rare and impossible to find. It is also a symbol of fantasy.

Unicorns were found on relief sculptures in ancient Persia. Many ancient historians mention animals which have unicorn characteristics.

Unicorns are often used as symbols in heraldry, especially since the 15h century.

Unicorn Symbolism

The unicorn symbolizes ideals, hope, and insight. These imaginary animals are a symbol of purity, innocence, gentleness, kindness, but also a symbol of power.

Unicorns also symbolize the feminine energy and magi, enchantment and miracles. Legends say that unicorns live around thousand years. They are a symbol of chastity and divine power.

Due to its connection with feminine animals, these mystical animals also symbolize the Moon.

Unicorns as totem animals call us to regain our childhood enthusiasm and start believing in the impossible. All doors open when we trust the power of our imagination because that is what we attract in our reality.

The unicorn as totem animal is asking us to start using our creativity instead of wasting our talents. Because it rules intuition and insights from other realms, this magical animal could appear in our life to help us develop our psychic gifts.

This animal is a reminder to never waste your talents, but appreciate the blessings that were given to you.

This animal will appear in our lives as a guide and support during difficult times. Its appearance could be a message not to give up on something, especially on your dreams.

When a unicorn is a person’s totem animal, it instills love for travel in that person and they usually travel a lot.

They usually have kind souls and they enjoy helping others. They don’t like negativity of any kind as well as conflicting situations which they try to avoid at any cost.

These people are often the ones, who are peace keepers,

Dreams about Unicorns

Dreams about unicorns are not a common dream symbol. If you dreamed of standing beside a unicorn that could mean that you had some out of body experience and the unicorn was there to guide an protect you.

This dream could be interpreted as a message from your spirit guides, usually confirming that you are making the right choices and you are on the right path in life.

Psychologically the unicorn could symbolize the transformation of our instincts and urges into more evolved ones, such as creativity.

Dreams about unicorns could indicate something that is imaginary or unattainable for you.

You could be a person who is prone to daydreaming and the unicorn finds its way into your dreams.

Maybe you believe in miracles and magic things happening, and you always believe that something magical will happen in your life.

Sometimes this dream is a sign from your subconscious asking you to get back to reality because you might be daydreaming more than you should, and as a result neglecting your real life duties and activities.

In some cases, dreams about unicorns could be a reminder of your subconscious to allow yourself to imagine things and daydream of your desire. It could be asking you to get rid of your rigid approach to things and life in general and let some magic enter it.

When a unicorn enters your dreams, it is probably an announcement of some good things happening and good luck entering your life. Some interpreters say that only pure and honest people can dream about unicorns.

Dreams about unicorns often symbolize some magical fortunate opportunities coming your way which you shouldn’t miss. The dream is asking you to get ready for magic and the impossible happening in your life.

It is possible that some desires or goals you didn’t believe were possible or that you will ever have them fulfilled, will suddenly be at your reach through a set of magical and unexplainable circumstances. Be prepared to welcome miracles in your life.

Dreams where unicorn appear usually mean satisfaction, joy, and happiness are awaiting you in the near future. They usually mean good luck.

Here are some of the possible dream scenarios with unicorns as their main actors:

Dreaming of unicorns in general – If you had a dream about a unicorn or unicorns, that is usually considered a good omen in a dream. Unicorns are a sign of abundance, prosperity, good fortune, and purification of your body and soul.

It is an excellent sign that portends a period of happiness, peace and prosperity in your life.

Dreaming of a unicorn attacking you – If you dreamed of a unicorn attacking you, that dream is probably a bad sign. It usually indicates difficulties that await you in the upcoming days. Unicorn attack in a dream could be a warning sign that you are surrounded by something false.

It is possible that someone you consider good, honest, and trustworthy will show their true face and try to somehow take advantage of you or hurt you in some other way.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of some changes you are about to experience.

In some cases a unicorn attacking you in a dream is a sign of an upcoming trip abroad.

Dreaming of a unicorn running away from you – If you dreamed that a unicorn was trying to run away from you, that dream is usually a bad sign. It could mean losing your innocence, or doing something bad which is contrary to your nature.

It could also mean losing your youthfulness and childish spirit.

Dreaming of a unicorn running towards you – If you dreamed of a unicorn running towards you, that is a good sign. A unicorn running towards you could indicate the start of a new relationship.

Sometimes this dream could indicate going on some trip soon.

Dreaming of getting kicked by a unicorn – If you dreamed that a unicorn kicked you with its legs, that dream could indicate losing your feelings for someone. It is possible that the relationship with your partner has grown colder and you don’t love your partner anymore.

Getting kicked by a unicorn in a dream could also mean that your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

Dreaming of riding a unicorn – If you dreamed of riding a unicorn, especially if you were riding it in a race that is a good dream sign, and indicates joy and prosperity you are about to experience.

Dreaming of catching a unicorn – If you dreamed about catching a unicorn that is a very good sign, most likely indicating abundance that is about to enter your life. It is a sign of success of all your actions and endeavors.

Dreaming of grooming a unicorn – If you dreamed of grooming a unicorn, that is a good dream sign. Grooming a unicorn in a dream usually indicates being successful in your endeavors.

It is a sign of prosperity and being able to provide a comfortable life for yourself due to your efforts and hard work.

Dreaming of killing a unicorn – If you dreamed you killed a unicorn, whether intentionally or by chance, that dream is not a good sign. Killing a unicorn should be considered a warning to change your behavior.

It is a sign that your selfishness and your overall inconsiderate behavior is making people you care about abandoning you. Your attitude chases people away.

Dreaming of unexpectedly seeing a unicorn – If you dreamed of a unicorn suddenly appearing before you, it could be a warning sign. There is a chance of finding out that your partner has cheated on you or betrayed you in some other way. This could be a sign of disappointment.

Dreaming of petting a unicorn – If you dreamed you were petting a unicorn that dream is likely a warning from your subconscious or from some higher powers reminding you to be more appreciative of your blessings. It could be that you are taking them for granted.

You need to begin expressing your appreciation and gratitude for all the good things that come into your life with or without your efforts.

Dreaming of feeding a unicorn – If you dreamed of a unicorn eating from your hand, that dream is a very good sign. It usually announces a period of happiness, calmness and satisfaction.

Dreaming of attempting to catch a unicorn – If you dreamed of attempting to catch a unicorn, that dream could represent some unattainable goal you have. Maybe you have some high hopes for your future, but they are not your reality at this moment.

It would be a good move to revise your desires and adapt them to your current situation and slowly build a ground for them to become your reality.

Dreaming of seeing a black unicorn – If you dreamed of encountering a black unicorn, that dream should be considered a warning, especially regarding your health. This dream scenario could symbolize neglecting your wellbeing and jeopardizing your health.

In some cases, a black unicorn in a dream could be a sign of bad news.

Dreaming of freeing a unicorn – If you dreamed of rescuing a unicorn caught in a trap, that dream is a good sign, especially regarding your creativity. It could indicate a fruitful period ahead full of inspiration and creative works.

Dreaming of a white unicorn – If you dreamed of a white unicorn, especially if you were riding on it, that dream is a good sign, and indicates being able to successfully overcome your difficulties. Something will happen to help you deal with your obstacles.

This dream is a sign of your health and overall wellbeing improving.

Dreaming of a golden unicorn – If you dreamed of a golden unicorn, that dream is usually a very fortunate sign. It is a sign of finally getting rid of the negativity in your life. It might indicate changing your life for the better and adopting some healthy habits which will improve your life completely.

Dreaming of a unicorn that was chasing you – If you dreamed about a unicorn that was chasing you, that is usually a sign of warning sign in a dream. You might find yourself in some danger or taking some risks which could jeopardize your wellbeing.

Consider this dream as a sign to be careful and don’t provoke your destiny.

Dreaming about an aggressive unicorn – If you dreamed of an aggressive unicorn, that dream is probably a warning. It could indicate the possibility of making some big mistake regarding something that is important.

Maybe you will do something that will ruin your reputation and you should be very careful about that.