Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology can give us much valuable information about the people we are in contact with. We often wonder if a person we like likes us back and do all kinds of research to find out more about them.

Some astrology analyses can be very precise in their details about an individual’s personality traits, as well as about our compatibility with that person.

The most accurate is the comparison of your natal charts.

The aspects your planets make can give you a lot of details about the compatibility between you two.

If the aspects are predominantly beneficial, that indicates that your relationship is highly likely to be a good and lasting one, while if the planetary aspects are predominantly malefic, the relationship is bound to struggle and be filled with conflicts, which will eventually lead to its end.

To make a natal chart of a person, you need to have their birth data, i.e. their place and time of birth, as well as their exact time of birth.

You will also need this data for your own birth.

If you don’t have these data, obviously you cannot make the above-mentioned astrology analysis, but you can still make a comparison between you two and get some valuable details about the potential of your relationship, by using your horoscope signs.

It won’t be as precise as the previous one, but you will still find out enough information.

How do you do this analysis?

Instead of comparing your planetary placements in each other’s charts and determining the aspects between your planets, you can compare your horoscope signs traits and see how well you two would get along.

In this article, we’ll make a comparison between the traits of a Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman to determine their basic compatibility.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is a very interesting and charming guy. He is not pretentious and intrusive, and instead has an almost disinterested and friendly approach, especially towards women. This approach opens many doors to him, mostly women’s.

They find this man very attractive and not many of them are immune to his boyish charm. Sagittarius men are usually handsome and sports types, which is another bonus to ensure their success with women.

They are usually passionate guys who love the company of women. They prefer passionate and active women to match their energy and drive. These men possess a lot of energy and endurance and not many people can follow their pace. They often exaggerate in their activities, both work and pleasure ones.

The tendency to exaggerate comes from their ruling planet, Jupiter, which rules excess and exaggeration among other things. That tendency often drives these men over the edge, and leads them to physical exhaustion and sometimes sickness.

They need to learn to respect their limits and don’t push themselves too hard, even if they enjoy very much while doing it.

Sagittarius men are very protective of their freedom and their independence. They (sometimes unconsciously) tend to avoid any activity and involvement which could potentially jeopardize it.

That especially goes for romantic commitment, which these men often avoid as much as they can, up to the point of ending a relationship with someone because they don’t want to commit to a certain lady.

This is often easy for them to do because they have a powerful self-control mechanism, which prevents them from developing emotions quickly. Many of them are not very emotional as well, and that makes things easier.

He avoids women who are clingy, jealous, and possessive. When he senses that things could get out of control and become more serious his defense mechanism fires and he begins pulling back.

Of course, all Sagittarius men don’t react in the same manner, but they all have a strong urge to protect their freedom to do what they feel like doing, without being constrained by the requests of a committed relationship or marriage. Many of these men never marry for that reason.

They don’t have a problem saying their attitude about relationships openly and giving the woman the opportunity to choose whether such an arrangement suits her or not. Many women leave after hearing the conditions he is willing to offer.

It might sound cruel, but this man is brutally honest. He rarely makes compromises and he knows his priorities. Sometimes the priority is their career and their woman must be aware of that and accept it.

These men are usually very self-sufficient, and don’t need a woman by their side to feel happy and satisfied with themselves. Many of them are fine with on and off relationships with women to satisfy their physical needs and lack the desire for a commitment with just one person.

Sometimes they choose to commit only to establish a family, but actually continue with their previous lifestyle.

Things change with this man only on rare occasions, and that is when he finds his kindred soul and falls deeply in love with some woman. These are the moments when he is ready to give up on everything just to be with her.

These situations don’t happen often and many of these men never experience such attachment.

Sagittarius men have optimistic and joyful nature. You will never see this man frown, at least not for long. This man doesn’t allow the circumstances or any situation he encounters bring him or his mood down. He believes in the positive outcome regardless of the circumstances. Negative people and critics should stay away from him.

He tends to avoid people who are energy drainers and always talk about bad things. This man surrounds himself with joyous people and positivity. When things are tough, he is even more motivated to succeed.

The incredible thing is that he usually manages to get out of almost impossible situations, only relying on his faith and good luck.

Because he is used to winning, he often takes unnecessary risks which in some cases jeopardize his wellbeing and the wellbeing of his loved ones. Even when some misfortune strikes them, these men are not discouraged. And almost never learn from their mistakes and continue behaving the same way.

Fortunately, they are blessed with good fortune, and that enables them to gain financial rewards from their endeavors. These men are usually financially secured.

Sagittarius men are explorers of the world and different cultures. These men usually travel a lot and are true citizens of the world. They are full of experiences and interesting stories.

Their charm and easy-going approach put them in a position to be with a lot of women. They can often behave promiscuously and have multiple partners at once.

These men are capable of devotion and loyalty to one person exclusively, but as we have mentioned earlier, that doesn’t happen often.

Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman often appears strict and rigid, full of rules she blindly obeys, and makes others obey as well.

They are not the easiest individuals to get along because they have a strong attitude and beliefs which they don’t change easily. They are also very direct and straightforward and don’t hesitate to tell their opinion regardless of the circumstances.

Although they easily criticize others, they don’t like being criticized, and not many of these women accept remarks and comments on their behavior. They can be very sarcastic, even when deep down they know that they are wrong.

Capricorn women are usually very ambitious and are often very accomplished in their career.

Most of them manage to achieve success and be financially rewarded for their professional efforts. They desire men who are financially stable and secured as well as ambitious just as they are. They need to be proud of their man’s achievements.

These women rarely fall for underachievers. They naturally strive towards successful men and are inspired to help them gain more success. People who are not ambitious and are satisfied with average are usually not in their range of interest.

They often appear cold and calculated, but they are not. They are capable of achieving success themselves, and it is normal for them to expect their man to be able to do at least the same if not more. They want a strong and confident man by their side, not to feel protected and secure because they already are confident and self-secure, but to feel proud and satisfied with their choice.

They are usually very smart and don’t provoke the man’s masculinity and his role as a provider and protector of the family. They are perfectly satisfied with the role of his companion and supporter, while he is climbing up the ladders of success. Her man’s success is partially her own.

She will also continue doing her work and maintain successful and financially independent. That is also an important fact.

Capricorn women are very capable of doing all their roles. They are successful in their careers, they do an excellent job as mothers and wives, and they manage to find time for themselves. And they do that with ease and stress. They are often very beautiful and stylish.

These women are passionate, but that is not apparent on the outside. Only the ones who are close to them know their true nature.

They are capable of deep emotions and devotion. They are faithful and loyal to their partners. They respect honesty and reliability and cannot forgive being cheated on.

Love Compatibility

A Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman are usually a bad match, unless there are some bonding ties between them.

They have different personalities and attitude towards life.

These women are rather strict and determined while they are easy-going and flexible. They can also be absentminded, superficial, unreliable, and irresponsible which are traits these women cannot tolerate.

On the other hand, these women are too serious and organized for these men’s taste.

They will most likely put them in the “too heavy to handle” and “better avoid” category. They are two different worlds and this relationship is often possible only when there are some other connections between these two.

This relationship is more likely to happen when they are younger and not completely aware of their preferences and desires. 

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage between a Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman isn’t a very likely occurrence.

The main reason is the difference of their characters which are more likely to create conflicts than unions such as a marriage union.

These two can get married and have a lasting and stable union only in cases when they have some similar and beneficial planetary placements in their natal charts in which case they will have things in common which will bond them and enable the durability and harmony of their relationship and marriage union.

If there’s no such a bond, and this marriage happens anyway, the chances for it to be a lasting one are vague.

The frequent conflicts which are likely to happen, will eventually lead to its end. 


A friendship relationship between these two is probably the best of all three relationships.

Their differences won’t be as visible in this kind of relationship because they don’t spend much time together and they are bonded by some similar interests.

These two don’t have much in common, but they both appreciate each other’s intelligence and knowledge.

They can be bonded by their mutual interest in philosophy and history.

Cool Facts

The Sagittarius man is often frivolous and superficial when it comes to relationships.

On the other side, the Capricorn woman is devoted and loyal, and cannot tolerate a man who wants to keep his freedom and old lifestyle even when he is in a committed relationship or married.

He is too unconventional for her taste, while she is too rigid and strict for his taste.

These two often dislike each other instantly or they annoy each other. 


To summarize all: the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman are not a good match unless there are some other planetary placements which connect them and create a bond between them which can in turn make them fight for the relationship and maintain its stability.

If there are no such bonds between them conflicts and disagreements are likely to occur frequently in this relationship until it finally ends.