Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Trying to find out facts about the person you’re interested in can often be exhausting, without providing much result.

Going through someone’s social media, looking at their pictures and statues can often reveal much about a person, but it usually puts us into situations where we make the wrong conclusions about that person’s life and unnecessarily disturb ourselves.

One means with which you can discover a lot about a person, and even discover how compatible you two are, is astrology.

Astrology can give you precise information about a person’s character as well as to describe the nature of the relationship between you two.

All you need is the person’s exact birth details (their precise time of birth, place, and date of birth) to make their natal chart.

You can discover about this person’s personality by analyzing their natal chart and determine your compatibility with them by comparing your natal charts and determining the aspects between your planets.

These aspects describe the nature of your relationship, that is, positive ones indicate the longevity and harmony of the relationship while the negative ones point out to possible conflicts, obstacles and endings.

If you don’t have the birth information you won’t be able to make the natal charts, but you can still use astrology do determine your compatibility with this person.

Comparing your horoscope signs traits can tell you if you two are compatible or not.

Also, their horoscope sign traits can tell you a lot about their character.

In this article, we are comparing the basic traits of a Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman to determine whether they are compatible or not.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are interesting guys, always ready for action. These men are always going somewhere, and they don’t seem to ever rest. They are prone to exhausting themselves, both at their work, and indulging in pleasures. These men have a tendency for excessive behavior.

They tend to exaggerate in all their activities, whether it is exercising, eating, working, physical intimacy, dating, partying, drinking, etc. they usually have strong self-control, but there are some situations where they don’t control themselves purposefully.

These men are irreparable optimists. They don’t allow anyone to put them down and fill them with negativity. When they sense someone’s bad vibes, they quickly disappear, sometimes without a word.

They don’t need to explain themselves and their behavior to anyone. They act as they feel, and they don’t bother themselves with thinking what others might say about their behavior.

These men detest negative people and people who tend to criticize others and tend to avoid them at all costs. Their faith in a positive outcome is so strong that no amount of negativity could undermine it.

This attitude along with their tendency to undertake great risks, often brings these men to some wonderful and amazing accomplishments which not many people are able to pull through.

A typical Sagittarius man is very masculine and passionate. He is into sports and often has muscular built. He often exaggerates with exercising or the sports he chooses. These men are often good looking and attractive to women. They are easy-going and relaxed and such approach attracts people to them, especially women.

They love spending time in their company, especially because they are very interesting and fun to be around. These men are full of amazing stories from their experiences, especially their journeys which people enjoy listening to.

They are not a commitment type of guys, at least a typical Sagittarius man isn’t. he loves spending time with a girl and dating her, but when it comes to more serious levels of committing, this man becomes hesitant and often refuses to commit. The main reason for his behavior is his great love for his freedom and independent lifestyle.

This man doesn’t like to be pressured by anything, and he doesn’t want his freedom limited by anything and anyone. That is one of the reasons these men often choose not to get married or have children.

They hate restrictions of any kind and some of them consider marriage and kids restrictions.

Some of them get married just to have children, but they still can’t accept the commitment part and the restrictions which a marriage union brings, and they usually continue with their old lifestyle.

It might sound selfish and cruel to some other signs who have different preferences but is just how these men are.

They are usually honest about their desires and don’t allow a girl to expect something which they are unable or willing to give. They can be promiscuous and dating multiple women, but they usually don’t hide that fact and these women know what they can expect with them.

There are situations where these men are willing to change their lives completely, and those are the rare moments when they fall deeply in love with some girl. In these cases, these men would give up their freedom just to be with them. When that happens, they become very loyal and devoted to the woman they are in love with.

Sagittarius men love traveling and that is one of their biggest passions. They love exploring the unknown, meeting different people and learning about new cultures. Difference excites them and they enjoy hanging around people who are complete strangers.

Their open attitude enables them to approach anyone and start a conversation freely.

These men have friends and acquaintances all over the world. They often travel for work and for pleasure, and they often have the satisfaction of combining the two together. These men often end up living abroad or at least spend part of their lives far away from their homelands.

Their ruling planet, Jupiter is often responsible for their frequent travels to distant places, as well as their life abroad.

A typical Sagittarius man is very communicative and easily makes contacts. These men often speak more than one foreign language, and many of these they learn while living in these foreign countries. They are sociable and love being in the company of people.

They also love outdoor activities and spend most of their free time in nature. They also love nightlife and enjoy going out, especially when they are younger.

They are financially well-off mostly due to their, at times risky business endeavors. These men don’t get scared when they encounter obstacles. In fact, difficulties motivate them to push harder to achieve their goals.

They don’t give up and are focused on their goals. These men are very determined and can do the impossible to get what they want.

Pisces Woman

Pisces women often appear as if from another world or dimension. Pisces women often have a beautiful appearance and they have unusual and unique personalities. These women have kind and gentle hearts, ready to help anyone in need.

They often tend to sacrifice themselves and their needs for a higher cause, or for someone they care about. These women are very adaptable and usually don’t have a strong will.

They are not very ambitious either, and they often need a boost from a close friend and a dear one to push them towards success.

These women are often very creative and talented, and often choose professions related to art and expression of their inner beauty. They can sometimes be very naïve and prone to being manipulated by others, which is a thing they need to be aware of, especially to be careful not to be manipulated and used by men.

When they fall in love, these women have eyes only for the man they love. Nothing else matters, and they are willing to put everything and everyone else aside just to be in his presence.

These women usually don’t have powerful and confident personalities and they usually need someone to guide them and support them. That is why they seek confident men who can be their providers and protectors.

Their often weak character can make these women behave clingy towards their partners.

That is not always the case, but they usually need a strong shoulder to lean on.

They are often capable of doing things on their own, and can be quite independent, but are relieved when a man shows up in their lives to take over the role of organizing and planning. They much rather do things other tell them to do, than plan and organize themselves.

They are very devoted to their dear ones and families. These women are usually not very sociable and love spending their time at home besides their loved one.

Their complaisant nature often brings them in situations where they do things they don’t approve of and behave in a manner which doesn’t appeal to them, and that is one more reason why they should try to train their will and confidence and avoid people and situations which can have a negative influence over their lives.

Pisces women have mild natures and can get along with almost anyone. They are good wives and tender mothers and enjoy pampering the people they care about. Their home is a warm and pleasant place. They enjoy supporting their man in achieving success and they consider that success theirs.

These women are willing to give up on some of their dreams to support their partners accomplish some goals, as well as support their children growing up and making their own choices.

The theme of sacrifice is often present in their lives, but they do it willingly and wholeheartedly and always with love.

They can be prone to absentmindedness and forgetfulness, and the main reason is lack of focus and concentration they often have issues with.

They don’t have a bad intention behind such behavior, and it is something people who are close to them need to get used to because they are not likely to change.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman can fill both with some beautiful emotions and can be a pleasing experience. The problem is that they often have some different ideas about their future and especially their future together.

While she might begin imagining wedding bells and children, he might not have any of that in mind, and might simply enjoy her presence and being with her.

The danger comes from the fact that these women are prone to full themselves with false hopes and desires, which could only make them waste their time.

Fortunately, the Sagittarius man is likely to open her eyes about the reality of their situation, and she will be able to choose whether to stay in a relationship which doesn’t go in the direction she wants or leave.

A different scenario happens when this man falls in love with a Pisces woman, which is likely to happen because these two can form a strong bond. In that case, this relationship can become a true love story with a lasting future, the ones we read about in books.  

Marriage Compatibility

The Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman can have a beautiful marriage union, providing that this man wants to be married to her and accepts the consequences which marriage life brings.

That is a situation when he is very much in love with her and is willing to do anything to make her happy.

If that is not the case, this marriage is often a result of momentary infatuation and emotional illusion on both sides, in which case it is not likely to last, unless there are some other bonding influences between them. 


The Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman can make good friends.

They share an interest in traveling and exploring the word, especially its distant parts. They enjoy talking about their experiences and the beauties they have experienced first-hand.

Cool Facts

The Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman can be very attracted to each other.

He will be attracted to the mysterious aura that she exudes, and she will be amazed by the strength of his personality, and the ease he expresses himself.

When there are mutual love and devotion between them, this could be a wonderful relationship.


The Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman usually attract each other, but their relationship is often short-.lived because they have different interests and preferences in life.