Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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What do you know about zodiac and astrology? It is likely that you know what zodiac sign you were born under and, probably, you know your ascendant. If you did more research or, perhaps, got your birth chart done, then you definitely know more about it.

Nevertheless, we would like to explain, in very short terms, what astrology is about, for those who know less.

Some people do not think astrology is serious business, while others trust astrology to the fullest. Perhaps it is the best to stay in the middle and being neither too skeptical nor to blindly obsessed with astrological predictions.

Astrology is so called science of stars. In some older periods, it was an official discipline and it was the same with astronomy.

These two interesting fields were parts of one area of exploration, examination and interpretation.

Today, they are completely divided, although they share primary objects of their interest, planets and stars and constellations.

However, while astronomy is more, to say, ‘mathematical’, astrology is more ‘mystical’, a mysterious one. There are many thing in astrology that cannot be explained by modern science.

You can learn much from your birth chart. How planets are positions and all other details from a chart are all important and useful signs for an astrologer. He or she could analyze it to the detail and even tell you what awaits you in future.

You should be wise to combine what you have learned from an astrologer with your personal life experience. It could be a precious guidebook, overall.

Many other things could be find in a birth chart. Say you would like to know if you match, astrologically, with the person you are in love with or you would like to know what the future of your relationship is.

Astrologers would use both of your birth charts and compare them, to see how they fit. You need to provide only dates, places and times of births.

Scorpio Man

We will not go into that deep analysis, since we do not have your personal data, but we could give some good basic guidelines. Compatibility of zodiac signs is probably the first step into understanding two people’s relationship. It is only a basis for deeper interpretation, of course.

All zodiac signs are compatible, no matter what people would say. It matters only to what degree and many factors would decide on that.

Today we are interpreting relationship between Scorpio man and Gemini woman. Keep in mind we talk about ideal representatives of each sign. Let us first meet up with Scorpio man. He is definitely a personality to catch your attention. Scorpio man is easygoing in temper, but responsible and organized in life.

He hates being controlled or manipulated, except if it fits him.

Scorpio man is an intuitive individual; he definitely sees through people’s intention and does not get fooled by anyone. If he sees any benefit from pretending to let others manipulate him, he would very likely go for it. However, it is very unlikely he would try to provoke such a situation intentionally; he will simply use the opportunity.

Scorpio woman are more cunning in making others feel in control, while they are actually not, intentionally.

He is a charming guy and the one people love to hang out with. Scorpio man is intellligent, stylish, adventurous. He takes care about himself in every sense possible, but is not so petty about it. His approach to life is generally positive and proactive. Scorpio man is less likely to have a depressive, dark side like a Scorpio woman.

However, he could appear equally exotic and mysterious. He is a natural born seducer.

Scorpio man is independant and strong. He prefers doing things on his own and is likely to choose a profession in which he could express his creative mind, the sense of responsibility and organization. He would find a way to combine pleasure with work.

Note that a Scorpio man would rarely do anything for free. He has a high opinion about himself and his work. He deems it precious and valuable.

He usually leads pretty balanced life and he needs both routine and excitement. He is versatile in every single sense. He could attend various social gatherings but then spend weeks by himself, doing whathever else he likes. He is responsible when it comes to work and he finishes what he starts. He is a personality loved and envied by many, especially other men.

That comes from his naturally iressistible approach to ladies. Scorpio man is open and direct in love, but also romantic enough. He likes flirting and enjoys playing games. It does happen that he loses interest after the game is finished. He would experiment until he finds the perfect one.

He needs a partner that is strong and beautiful, a woman who would blow his mind away. He is very intelligent and he expects his love to be well educated, eloquent and interesting, in terms of personal intersts, hobbies and so on.

Scorpio man would easily win a lady’s heart, but it is not easy to win his love. He could appear very cold, sometimes and that is his defense mechanism.

Although Scorpio man is indeed courageous, ready to take responsibility, honest and fearless, he is more fragile emotionally than he appears to be. He is, in fact, very emotional, which makes him a wonderful lover and a partner, but he could also become jealous and very possesive. He himself is loyal and devoted to his love.

Scorpio man is not likely to start a family early on, which is also very good to know.

Gemini Woman

What to say about this charismatic and playful girl? Gemini women are just like that; they are like girls, always searching for fun and entertainment. Gemini woman is girlish in her positive energy and her constant urge for excitement; however, this smart lady is very well capable of using her innocent games to her advantage.

Gemini woman is intelligent, clever and hard to resist. She has an incredible capability of change, adaptation and transformation.

She has very strong intuition and is highly flexible. Gemini woman cannot be tricked or fooled. Similarly to Scorpio man, whom we have talked about, she would let you feel in control.

However, she is the one that holds the strings. Gemini woman approaches lie with wide smile on her face and people feel good in her company. She is always up to something and she could change her mind in matter of seconds.

It could be disturbing to those around her, if it happens they are around at the moment of one of her sudden changes. It takes time really to get to know Gemini lady and get used to her changeability.

However, Gemini woman is all but foolish, even if so changeable. When it comes to serious matters, she would act seriously. She could talk a mile and literally enchant you to get what she wants.

If times are hard and a situation difficult, she would give up her funny and sweet talk and get to business. That said, Gemini woman is very capable of being on her own and practically resolving problems. She does it through combination of tactics, adaptability and natural flexibility. She can make her feel comfortable where other people would feel very uneasy.

Gemini people generally see life as a funny, interesting and challenging game. It helps them go through all kinds of situation with almost no damage. Gemini woman deals with failure with incredible understanding and tranquility. She sees it simply as a lost level in a game; you press the button and start it all over.

This is an impressive self defense mechanism that saves her times of being miserable or feeling sorry for herself. Gemini lady is an incredibly positive personality and she would always make you laugh. She is very creative and inventive. Gemini woman is active and energetic and she would always find a way to express her inspiration through various channels. In addition, her interests are many and different.

Gemini woman just loves flirting, seducing, playing roles and so on. She would take a man’s breath away by her irresistible charms and charisma. She would play with his emotions, have no doubt about that. Gemini woman sees love as a game, as well.

Flirting is the best part of any relationship for a Gemini.

It is hard for her to keep interest in a man; it has to be a guy who would impress her on many levels. Gemini people seek a partner who is intriguing, exotic in a way, someone who stands out from a mass, a one who is seen extravagant and even a bit awkward.

It has to be someone unique and unusual, in general terms. Gemini woman would flirt with whomever she sees attractive and at least a bit interesting, but to start a relationship with Gemini woman, you have to blow her mind off. Her ideal partner should be ready to experiment and to match her on intellectual level.

Love Compatibility

At first, Scorpio man and Gemini woman appear as they were born for one another. Is that really so? Well, they have some things in common, but there are differences, of course. This is a combination that has all potential to become fulfilling and satisfying on many levels, but also the one that could turn into a complete disaster.

It greatly depends on if their ruling planets, Mars and Mercury, were in favor of this relationship.

The greatest difference is their emotional part. While Scorpio is deep and emotionally more grounded, to say so, Gemini could be shallow and play with emotions. This could be as wonderful as it could be difficult. Usually, Scorpio is the one to dominate this relationship and Gemini accepts that. In this combination, with Scorpio man and Gemini woman, it is perfect.

Gemini woman is magically attracted to Scorpio man’s deepness and his somewhat exotic character and she becomes more emotionally deep beside him. In Scorpio man, Gemini woman finds everything she wants in a partner; someone intriguing, very independent and intelligent.

There is much they could talk about and do together. Their sex life is also very dynamic. While Scorpio feels it deeply, in emotional sense, Gemini could be a bit shallow here, but generally, it is a good match. Scorpio man could become very possessive and this could be a problem, since Gemini women are playful and just enjoy flirting.

Scorpio man usually stops flirting with other women, once in a relationship, but that is not the case for Gemini woman.

Such a situation could lead to jealousy, suspicion and it could cost them both this relationship. Scorpio is more likely to feel hurt than Gemini.

Marriage Compatibility

If Gemini woman puts effort into trying to be calmer and less flirty and if Scorpio man manages to control his natural possessiveness, these two could have a fantastic relationship and eventually, a marriage.

This connection is, by all means, interesting and full of positive excitement.

Both of these characters are extravagant and adventurous in their own manner. They could combine this perfectly!

Neither of them is likely to start a family early on, so there is a lot of time for them to get better to know one another and spend amazing and exciting time together, before settling down.


Scorpio man and Gemini woman could become good friends, primarily because they intrigue one another.

They enjoy one another’s company and feel as they have someone with whom they could always talk about intellectual subjects and many others.

There are many interests they share and they could be seen together trying new exotic food, traveling somewhere, perhaps doing some non-typical sports together.

They are the type of friends for sharing activities, not the best of friends. They both are aware of that, but it could happen that Scorpio becomes possessive, even if there is no physical attraction or anything similar between the two.

Cool Facts

To illustrate this combination in real life, we present two intriguing celebrity couples of a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli.

They all are quite amazing personalities and these connections are all but dull and boring.

This match is an enigma to the outer world, but the one that definitely leaves an impression.


Now this is a relationship with great chances for success, but also with equal potential for failure. We have presented the good scenario.

It all depends on personal horoscopes, but this is definitely one of the most dynamic relationships in zodiac.

Not that it is dramatic, but energies here could be well balanced and yet, not to become boring or dormant.

Even if they do not get married, Scorpio man and Gemini woman would definitely have a relationship to remember.