Moon Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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If the Moon is well aspected, then it often provides popularity to people in the acting and bohemian professions.

In this case, the goal is achieved by connecting intuition, the ability to influence the masses (for actors and artists).

The art of these people affects the subconscious, the emotions of people.

With bad aspects – blurring of the goal, inability to concentrate, to get together, somewhat vague initiative.

Disappointment in the purpose of life, in one’s own existence. If at the same time strong Saturn is on ASC – the impossibility of achieving the goal.

Moon – Meaning and Info

Moon in conjunction with MC – your feelings and emotions are in direct connection with the ego, and if you get authority, success and social position, then you feel at ease.

However, if obstacles arise in the way of realizing your ambitions, you feel misunderstood and depressed.

You have an innate ability to see what the public likes, so you can become a successful salesperson or be successful in public relations. Women will provide you with business support, and your mother, without a doubt, has a strong influence on your choices in life.

If the Moon is in the 10th house, your mother was your authority as a child. In a man’s horoscope, a weak Sun, Mars or Saturn indicates that your opinion of yourself as a man may not be high, and you will need a lot of confirmation to feel more confident.

Moon, MC trine, trine in the natal chart Moon in trigone sextile with MC – due to the innate ability to understand the desires and needs of other people, working with the public will bring you the most success.

Because you are full of attention and compassion, people trust your judgment, and sensitivity to the needs of others paves the way for you to succeed. You must rely on intuition as you learn and know through the senses.

You are attracted by traditions and the past, true values, but this does not prevent you from harmonizing them with new trends, and people perceive this positively. You could thrive as a real estate broker, mining, agriculture or trade.

If the Moon is in the 6th house, maybe you will try to try yourself in several different professions before making the final choice and determining a permanent occupation in life.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

Moon, MC opposition in the natal chart Strong position of the Moon, domestic inclinations, close family ties. Without a home and family, they feel unhappy and abandoned.

They pay tribute to gourmand and cuisine, love to be by the water, and often wander from place to place in search of new emotions.

Deep feelings, skillful gardeners, love the earth. After marriage, a close relationship with the mother.

Moon in square-opposition-quickens with MC – given the fact that you always openly express your thoughts and feelings, it is better to avoid you or treat you very carefully.

You quarrel with people, and their desires and needs do not agree with your feelings, and it is not easy for you to decide what is better to do – please yourself or listen to other people’s advice and persuasion.

It seems that you are often at the mercy of your feelings, and maybe at some point in your life you will have to resolve a disputed relationship with your business or life partner.

Despite strong attachments to home and family, you will turn your back on them when it comes to your own success and the security of your position, especially if the Moon is in the 5th house.

If the Moon has many other difficult aspects, your popularity will not be easy for you, you may become notorious for some negative events or incidents.

Moon Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The aspect of luck and support of higher forces is formed between the planets standing in the signs of the same element, which enhances its harmonious influence.

If one of the participants is the Meridian of the Midheaven (MS), then a person easily achieves what he wants in the professional sphere and enjoys the sympathy of others, because the Moon shows the creative, sensual beginning of the psyche and the ability to adapt to the peculiarities of the team.

Agile thinking, empathy, and clairvoyance help pinpoint the areas in which the greatest success will come from innate talents, as well as recognize future friends, business partners and loved ones at the first meeting.

Developed intuition is the basis for professional advancement, but do not go too far into the fantasy world, apathy and empty dreams weaken the power of the trigon.

It is a mistake to consider trine as an independent engine to success. Folding your hands and waiting for the wind of luck to take you to the top of Olympus will not work.

The speed of implementation of professional ideas and determination of one’s purpose depends on the element of the sign, where the Moon and the MC are located.

Water makes a person more sensitive and shy in terms of expressing emotions. He understands how to act and negotiate, but worries about public opinion, is afraid of condemnation. Earth grants penetration, but weakens empathy.

The most successful are the owners of the Moon in the sectors of fire and air. Here there is a good balance of intuition and ambition, giving an understanding of how to properly interact with the boss and the team in order to quickly make a career. Women have a positive influence and support in finding a purpose and choosing a profession.

If there are doubts between several places of work, it is better to choose where the boss is a lady, because you can always count on her location and help.

With the position of a night luminary in the 6th house, a change in activity and even profession is likely, especially when the native wants to develop abroad, but in this situation, success awaits at home.

It is important to know the main milestones of the influence of Trine Luna – MC on fate: artistry, well-delivered speech, if there are no negative connections or weaknesses of Mercury, charm; a wide range of interests: from psychology, acting and literature to mining, agriculture and hospitality.

the innate gift of a diplomat and peacemaker, compassion, a rich imagination and practicality (when positioned in the signs of the earth); optimism even in difficult and desperate situations, the ability to become the soul of the team and inspire achievements; the tendency to become firmly attached to people, places of work and residence, considering them a part of oneself.

love for antiques, old houses, photographs, family history and country; a feeling of possessiveness in relation to loved ones, the desire to bind them to oneself emotionally and materially, limiting the freedom of choice; with age, a strong need for a home on their land, which can limit professional growth and development, if you do not think it through in advance.

With the position of the Moon and the MC in the element of the earth, the native is constantly looping over material goods. He does not think of himself separately from the things that he possesses and perceives problems with a career as the collapse of his whole life, and not a simple test.

The main person in the native’s life is the mother. She inspires, consoles, gives the only correct advice about self-determination and career choice.

It is possible that the mother will be the boss, for example, the trine Luna carrier – MC works as a teacher under the wing of the mother – the headmaster.

If the Moon is in the signs of fire, then the parents demand from the owner the aspect of activity and creativity, participation in competitions and all kinds of competitions, and when the night star is in the elements of water and air, the emphasis is on spiritual intimacy and friendship. Concrete results and leadership skills are important for the position in the land sector.

In any case, the skills acquired from the mother form a person as a person and determine the choice of a profession. In adulthood, the wife takes over the guiding mission of the mother in the man’s horoscope.

The more respect and sympathy he shows his wife, the more successful he becomes in business.

And for women, the Moon still means a mother, boss, girlfriends, and good relations with whom help to advance in a career. Practical interaction with the trine Luna – MC Trigon is a constant value. Wherever the native finds himself, he evokes sympathy and a desire to help.

However, the same will have to be given to others: to advise, console, heal with words or literally, so that the power of the aspect of luck does not run out.

It is important to live in the places where you spent your childhood, to preserve the ancestral property or reconstruct it according to your tastes, keep photo albums and study the family tree.

Hint: if there were people in the family with professions corresponding to the sphere of influence of the 10th house, it is definitely worth choosing them for self-realization.

Also shown is work with groups of people in the region.

Aspects of psychology, trade, education, beauty and health, public speaking and artistic activities.

An excellent source of energy will be a place of residence by the lake or in nature, away from the bustle of the city, especially if the Moon is in the signs of water and earth.


The disadvantage can be the habit of thinking with emotions and excessive attachment to things and people, because of which the native blocks his own paths to new heights.

Constant contact with jewelry made from natural stones makes them talismans that protect you from going into illusion.

Rhinestone, amazonite, white opal, snow quartz, belomorite and cacholong are perfect for carriers of the trigon Luna – MC.