Signs From a Loved One In Heaven

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Coping with a loved one’s death is very emotionally disturbing. Different emotions combine with emotional pain which can almost be physically felt, along with a sense of extreme loss and desperation.

We would do anything to see that person once again, and it is hard to accept the fact that it will be “nevermore.”

The comforting fact that everyone should know is that our loved ones are still present in our lives; we simply cannot see them.

They also use different signs to make their presence known, and we just need to learn how to recognize them.

When you learn to decipher these signs, you might realize that there are others, rather than the usual ones, which your deceased loved ones use to communicate with you.

It could be hard at first to learn how to decipher the right signs from the coincidences, but when these signs appear in impossible circumstances that is a sure confirmation that your loved one is contacting you.

When you realize that nothing has actually changed, besides the fact that their physical appearance (their 3D appearance) is lacking, you will become more attuned to the fact that you can communicate with them when you desire.

Below are some of the signs we are receiving from our loved ones in heaven:

  1. Seeing significant symbols, objects or shapes

After someone’s passing, you could begin noticing the same symbols, objects or shapes everywhere you look.

They are usually the common ones, like feathers, birds, hearts, coins, but you can begin seeing different ones, which are specifically related to your loved one. When you start seeing these signs everywhere and feeling they are a sign related to your departed loved one, it is a sure sign that you are being contacted by them.

You can ask for a confirmation if you are not sure. If the sign repeats, you can be assured that they are around.

  1. Seeing your loved ones in dreams

If your departed loved one visits you in a dream that can be a sign that they are trying to contact you and possibly deliver you a message.

Sometimes their presence in your dream can only be a sign of reassurance that they are well and at peace, but most likely it could be a message related to your life and your current circumstances.

Our deceased loved ones often appear in our dreams to give us encouragement and support to go through some difficulties we are currently experiencing. These dreams usually appear very real and are filled with emotions. You usually feel as if the encounter really happened.

Often our loved ones say something to us in our dream, which has a great significance for our lives.

  1. Seeing important numbers

When our departed loved ones want to announce their presence, they often use repetitive numbers which are somehow related to them or to their relationship with you.

These numbers can be birth dates or some important dates you share with them, they can be a number which the deceased person was attached to for some reason, or it can be a number which is important to you for some reason, and the deceased person knew that fact.

The number signs often appear in unusual and unexpected circumstances, such as on serial numbers, license plates, banknotes, tickets, house numbers, street numbers, receipts, clocks, etc.

When the same number you know is related to your deceased loved one appears time and time again, it is a sure sign that this person is trying to contact you from Heaven.

  1. You hear music somehow related to them

Our departed loved ones often communicate with us through music. Maybe you suddenly begin often hearing some special melody or a song which was dear to them or it was important for both of you.

You seem to hear it everywhere, on the radio, on a new commercial, etc. when that starts happening, know that it is a sign that they are sending you their love and support from Heaven.

Sometimes the music you hear often doesn’t have to be something related to the deceased person. That music can also be a tune which reminds of you somehow of your deceased loved one.

Also, the lyrics you hear can have some special meaning for your current life circumstances and be a direct message of guidance and support from your loved one.

In some cases, the music you hear starts playing out of the blue and completely unexpectedly, and sometimes it starts playing in impossible circumstances.

  1. Feeling your departed loved one’s presence

Sometimes you simply feel your loved one’s presence around you. You don’t have a reasonable explanation for your feelings and there are no obvious and physical signs to confirm that.

You just “know” that they are present. These feelings are usually followed by a feeling of warmth, tingles in your body, goosebumps, or similar sensations.

Although there isn’t an obvious confirmation to your feelings you are convinced that you are feeling your departed loved one’s presence near you.

Sometimes a thought about them comes to you without reason; that is also a sign that they are around you. When that happens, you feel a sense of ease and comfort and you are filled with feelings of love.

  1. People you encounter bringing you important messages

Sometimes our departed loved ones deliver significant messages through people we encounter.

These people can say the right worlds or take the right actions we need at that special moment. They were inspired to do that by an unknown source.

These people can be close to you, but they might as well be complete strangers you come across in unusual set of events and circumstances. When you have an encounter with such a person, you might actually feel as if they were sent by the Heavens to help you with your current circumstances.

  1. You notice some objects in your house are misplaced without a reasonable explanation

In some cases, our loved ones send us signs from Heaven in the form of misplaced objects around the house.

You cannot seem to find an object and you are certain that you haven’t moved it yourself and that no one else could have done it and that happens more than often and with the same object.

Sometimes an object in your house keeps falling on the ground, without a reasonable explanation. When something like that happens, it is often a sign of someone who is no longer with you, reminding you of them or trying to get your attention to something.

So next time something similar happens, don’t be mad for not being able to find something, but be happy when you find it, knowing that someone is thinking about you from above.

  1. Sensing the scent of a loved one in heaven

It happens some time to physically smell the scent of your deceased loved one. That sign can be the smell of the perfume they used to wear, the smell of their favorite food, or the familiar scent of their body.

When you feel their smell out of nowhere it is a sure sign that they are sending you their love you or that they are somewhere around you.

The sensation might last a short time, but it usually fills you with powerful feelings of happiness and peace.

There is a sense of simply knowing that they were close to you and that they are always somewhere around.

These are only some of the sings that our departed loved ones send to us from heaven.

Whatever the signs your loved ones are trying to send you, the main thing is that you need to be open to receiving these signs.

You need to believe that your loved ones haven’t ceased to exist after death and that they are still alive, but in another realm, which our human senses cannot perceive. You need to be alert to these signs and become skilled in translating them into messages, which are often of great significance for your current life circumstances, but also represent signs of encouragement, love, and support.

When you become acquainted with these signs, you will begin accepting them as a normal part of your life.

You shouldn’t forget to express your gratitude and appreciation for the efforts your dear departed loved ones make to demonstrate and convince you of their continuous presence in your life.

Say “thank you” and send back your love and appreciation to them. You will soon receive their response.