Kookaburra – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Kookaburras are kingfishers native to New Guinea and Australia. These are the largest existing kingfishers. They are well known for their distinctive laughing call.

These birds live in different habitats, such as woodlands, savannas, dry eucalypt forests, near running waters or areas with tall trees. They are also found in gardens, and public parks.

These birds are meat eaters and are skilled predators. They feed on snakes, mice, small reptiles, worms, the young of other birds, insects, goldfish, etc. They are sedentary birds and don’t leave their territory during the year.

They are territorial birds and several birds will often produce this call to mark their territory. Kookaburras are most known for their unique call which sounds like a human laugh. This sound can be heard throughout the day, but it is most frequent at dawn and dusk.

One bird starts this sound and others join it.

The sound of the kookaburras laughing is one of the most distinctive sounds which can be heard in the Australia bush. This sound can sound frightening to many.

Kookaburras are monogamous birds and they spend their lives with one partner. They often form groups with their grown offspring, which help them defend their territory as well as take care of their younger siblings.

These birds usually breed in tree holes or excavated holes created in termite tree nests. The female usually lays three eggs. The parents and their older offspring help in incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks. The group continues to feed the chicks until they become completely independent.

Kookaburras are widely spread and their population is quite large.

The females are larger than the males. These birds have large heads, eyes and large bills.

These birds are quite relaxed in human presence and are known to eat food from their hands. They can even snatch food, without warning.

What does the Kookaburra Symbolize?

The kookaburra is a unique bird.

It symbolizes laughter, happiness, joy, pleasure, amusement, the bright side of life, optimism, community, family, good parenting, help, fidelity, monogamy, team work, humor, unity, healing, cheekiness, etc.

The Meanings of a Kookaburra as a Totem Animal

The Kookaburra totem has many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Family. The kookaburras are family oriented and help their family members. This totem animal teaches you of the importance of your family and the need to be there for your family members, offering your help and support whenever they need it.

If you have the kookaburra as your totem, you are most likely very attached to your family members and there is a strong bond between you all.

You all help each other and enjoy doing that very much.

Happiness and laughter. The kookaburra is mostly known for their recognizable laughter. The kookaburra totem is asking you to take a more relaxed approach towards life and start laughing more.

Team work. Kookaburras often stay with their parents for several years, to help them defend their territory and raise their younger siblings. These birds know all about team work. They even incubate eggs and feed the chicks to replace their parents.

This totem animal offers you a lesson about team work and helping one another.

If you have the kookaburra as your totem, you are probably a team player, and others can rely on you.

The Kookaburra as Your Totem Animal

If the kookaburra is your totem animal, you are probably an optimistic person who enjoys fun and a good laughter.

You try to enjoy life as much as you can, and you don’t allow every day’s problems overwhelm you.

You have strong ties with your family and you are all very connected and help each other.

You often help your family members even when you have a family of your own.

You are very protective of your family heritage and you are proud to defend it along with other family members.

What if a Kookaburra Appears in Your Life?

The kookaburra reminds you to begin looking at the brighter side of life, to expect and hope only good things will happen in your life. They use their unique laughter to encourage us to laugh more and don’t be overly serious about life matters.

The kookaburra is calling you to laugh instead of worrying.

That way you will create an aura of positivity around yourself and begin attracting good things into your life. You cannot attract anything good when you are constantly worrying and negative.

When this beautiful bird appears in your life, be ready to begin that project you have been postponing for some time. The kookaburra is asking you to trust that it is the right moment to do so to ensure its success.

The kookaburra’s appearance often symbolizes prosperity and progress awaiting you, and is asking you to be happy in advance.

This totem animal often calls you to spend more time with your family members. Maybe some of them need your help, so find the time to talk to them and offer your support.

The kookaburra can be a reminder to use your laughter to heal yourself. Laughter and funny activities have beneficial effects on our bodies and overall health, and this bird is reminding you to laugh as often as you can.

Maybe you have become overly serious and worried about the future, and this bird reminds you to return to simplicity and go with the flow, expecting everything to turn out for the best. Begin enjoying life and its blessings.

You should devote more time to the people you love or do the things you enjoy. Life is not only about responsibilities and problems. Find the time to relax. 

When to call on a Kookaburra?

You should call on a kookaburra totem when:

  • You need more fun and laughter in your life;
  • You want to amuse yourself;
  • You need to begin looking at life from a brighter and happier perspective;
  • You want more time to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures;

Dreams about Kookaburra – Interpretation and Meaning

When a kookaburra enters your dreams, it can have a similar meaning, reminding you to stop worrying and begin enjoying life more.

The kookaburra also announces a fortunate period in your life approaching and asking you to make the most of it.