Sun In 7th House – Meaning, Synastry

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According to ancient Greek myth, the sun god Helios would each morning ride out in his majestic golden chariot and give his light and warmth to the world. Helios was much adored deity in ancient times.

In various traditions and systems of belief around the globe and throughout human history, the Sun has been adored, praised, personalized and much appreciated. There was Roman Sol, Egyptian Ra, Persian Mithra and so many more of them.

In astrology, the Sun was a luminary of masculine principle; the personal planet telling about one’s identity, personality traits, temperament, ambitions and aspirations, one’s manifesting energy and active, vital, life energy.

Reading astrological sources, you will find that the Sun was the most important celestial body to look into.

The Meaning of Astrological Houses

Astrological houses are fields horoscopes are divided into. There are twelve houses and each represents an area of life. Planets in astrological hoses would determine the energetic flow within the hose and thus affect one particular field of life.

Some houses could be empty, but do not think it means these areas of your life would remain dormant.

If those were empty, with no planets inside, then you should look into the position of the ruler of a house. Houses could be angular, ruled by cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

Then there were succedent houses, ruled by fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. The third group are cadent houses, ruled by mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Houses could also be divided by four elements into Fire houses, associated with identity and attitude, Air houses, associated with sociability and intellect, Water houses, associated with emotions and the soul and Earth houses, associated with materiality and needs.

The Seventh House falls under the category of angular and Air houses.

The Seventh House in Astrology – 7th House in Astrology

The Seventh House is one of the Air houses, those associated with concepts of the social and the intellectual. Air houses have to do with formation of the concepts, with social interactions and with relationships.

These houses are associated with one’s mind and everything that has to do with an individual’s intellectual abilities and capacities.

Air houses are about one’s social life, one’s personal interests, verbal expression and associations. What people who have a dynamic air house focus on are concepts and the exchange of concepts, sharing concepts with other people.

These individuals need social interaction in order better to understand themselves. Social experience is their path of self-experience.

The Seventh House is also one of the angular houses, ruled by cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Angular are powerful houses that signify everything we could see in cardinal signs.

They are about action, dealing with the moment and being active in the present moment. The Seventh House is specifically about relationships of all sorts.

More precisely, this astrological house is about partnership and marriage, so it, for the greatest part, defines ups and downs concerning love life and married life. Passions, desires, expectations and else, regarding love life would have to do with the Seventh House.

In addition, the Seventh House also defines other types of relationships and social connections.

For example, it is associated with the relationship between a patient and a doctor, a pupil and a teacher, a customer and a seller and so on.

Moreover, this house is also associated with matters regarding law, including all types of contracts and procedures within the field. Public and social life of a person also have to do with the Seventh House.

Sun in 7th House – A Royal Marriage

Sun in the Seventh House is primarily associated with marriage and not any marriage. This position indicates a royal-like marriage, meaning that an individual with such positioned Sun has great chances of engaging with luxurious lifestyle with a married partner.

Such a scenario could be like a dream come true, but also the reason why many people would be jealous and envious around this individual and his or her marriage.

For people with Sun in the Seventh House, marriage is an institution. These people are set to find a partner who would answer their high standards, and fulfill their expectations on many levels.

These people are marriage-focused and they think of it in a very serious and methodical way. Sun in the Seventh House makes one think about marriage as something essential, something that would make the base of their life.

These people take the institution of marriage very seriously; we could say they really think through it and they are ready to invest efforts into finding a suitable match.

It sounds as they seek for a perfect business opportunity, but it is, indeed, more than that. Yes, they are focused on the material and financial aspect of marriage, but that is only one side of the story.

Seventh House Sun people want a marriage others would admire, a marriage to look up to. In their vision, it is a union of love, mutual respect, care, gentleness, emotionally security, reliability, tolerance and free and mutually supported expression of individuality.

Seventh House Sun person seeks for a partner whom they could trust, someone that gives the impression of reliable, stable, trustworthy person.

This reliability they seek in partner is associated with more than one level. They expect their romantic partner offers love and support, emotional and mental, but also material.

They want someone with whom they could have a comfortable, stable life, luxurious and on a high heel. They desire a royal marriage, so to say. They seek power and might through the institution of marriage.

Sun in the Seventh House – Situated Life

For these reasons, individuals who are financially stable and who have a remarkable income, usually attract a person with Sun in the Seventh House.

They fall for people of influence, reputation and power; they fall for rich people, why not admit it. They want a partner who is financially, emotionally and mentally stable – someone they could associate with these ideas.

Seventh House Sun people are usually interested into older partners. They fall for those who are materially situated and have more life experience than they do. However, it does not mean they only search for a person who would provide them with luxurious lifestyle.

Love matters to these people and it matters very much. However, they do expect much from the marriage as an institution and their standards are high and rarely changeable.

These individuals are very generous partners, in terms of sharing love and in terms of their romantic passion. They are capable of keeping the flame alive, honestly, with full heart and a lot of love. They are very optimistic, loyal to their spouses, caring and gentle.

Moreover, they know how to manage a household and they are very attached to the family as a whole.

Family home and family life feel warm and bright with people who have their Sun in the Seventh House.

They are the ones to brighten up everyone’s day, ones to gentleness and care towards their dearest ones. They take a lot of care about things at home and are very skillful in doing so. It something they enjoy and feel very glad to take care about.

Sun in the 7th House – Domineering and Control

It could happen that their care turns into control and domination. Deep inside, they want to be in a superior position and to handle everything the way they think it was the best.

They love commanding and controlling things in marriage and family life. It could happen that they cross the line with this.

For this reason, they should think about making compromises with their spouse, because it would eventually contribute to overall well being and a healthy marriage.

Generally, this person is inclined towards forming strong, compassionate bonds with their partner and family. They should be cautious about their desire to be in a dominant position.

In the most cases, they do not actually find it hard to approach to their marriage in a diplomatic and balanced way.

They could feel when they have crossed the line and they are capable to smooth things up and be more tolerant and understanding. These people are also very interested into maintaining traditional values.

Heritage, family values and everything related to it they see crucial. They believe that following family tradition undoubtedly contribute to stability of their family life.

They would work on keeping the family tradition alive. Although they could insist on certain things and could have a dominant, authoritative attitude, these people are diplomats at heart and they would see to maintain pleasant and flowing family relations.

They see unity as vital to human existence and well-being.

Sun in the Seventh House – Flirt and Unity

Besides their excellent communication skills and self-representation, people with Sun in the Seventh House are naturally born to flirt and seduce. They really know how to do it.

These individuals are friendly, open, talkative, charming, flirty and seductive. They have a marked desire to get intimate with others and they do seek for pleasures.

Commonly, these ‘artists of seduction’ are gifted in literal terms. They have an eye for beauty and art and they could be very creative themselves. Sun in the Seventh House marks a need for unity and cooperation.

These people believe that many things in life could be easier achieved if they join forces with someone else.

Therefore, Sun in the Seventh House is also about partnerships, colleagueship and joint forces regarding accomplishment of certain mutual interests.

Sun in 7th House – Synastry

Sun in the Seventh House could be an interesting position in synastry. Sun in the Seventh House overlay usually creates a competitive atmosphere, but it commonly remains well balanced. It is a balance between giving and the importance.

With such synastry position of the Sun, roles are clearly divided and tasks are divided, as well. Each one knows their place and role to play.

In this connection, partners commonly feel a strong compatibility, being complementary. They feel as if they belong together; they could be opposites that cannot exist without one another. It appears to them so.

Sometimes it feels as if there could be no one else that would fit with you, as your current partner. This is an overlay that gives a strong sense of unity and of the importance of such unity.

This overlay is a good one, in terms of mutual attraction and friendship, so these two individuals would usually have quality time with one another. It could be a good base for a solid relationship.

With partners each knowing their role in a relationship, while still maintaining a harmonious and balances distribution of power, it could be a very good thing.

However, the connection could also be more or less in imbalance.

There is a very strong affection coming from the side of the owner of the field; he or she would admire and adore the Sun partner, offering them all the care and gentleness, even in moments when it seems that the Sun one did not deserve it.

It could happen that the field owner holds on the Sun’s glory and brightens, forgetting about their own qualities and neglecting their own self and identity.

This synastry overlay could be challenging, precisely because partners often feel as the other one represents their missing part. It happens that the two of you become so close and so complementary that you lose your identities.

Such a scenario leads to rebellious attitude, because each one would love to win their individuality back. You could start fighting, while, at the same time, you feel as if you cannot exist without one another.

Sun in the Seventh House synastry overlay could often turn into a love and hate, fatal relationship. Once identities were suppressed, each tries to regain it by expressing individual qualities in drastic ways.

You want to prove yourself as being unique and independent and it could really mess things up. Extreme actions and behaviors could ruin this relationship.

However, not all is lost, of course. Remember that the Seventh House is associated with balance and diplomatic attitude.

Therefore, you really have good predispositions to make this type of connection harmonious. The Sun is about identity, but there are ways to make this thing go perfectly smoothly.

It is not an easy thing to do, but, once achieved, it feels amazing. It makes your relationship a perfect unity of complementary opposites.