Sun in Taurus

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The Sun is a very big star, not a planet. It is the central star in the Solar system. The formation of the Sun is believed to date back 4.6 million years ago. This huge astronomical body has a mass around 330,000 times bigger than the mass of the Earth and its diameter is 109 bigger than the diameter of the Earth.

The Sun’s composition is mostly hydrogen and helium. As the most important giver of life on our planet, it was considered a well-respected deity in many ancient cultures of the world.

In astrology, the Sun describes in general details our personality and our character. While the Moon describes our subconscious content, the Sun describes our consciousness and our rational actions and decisions.

It indicates our mission on this planet and the areas of life where our focus will mostly be during this lifetime.

The Sun in our natal chart shows how vital and healthy we are, and all the potential threats to our health and general wellbeing. The Sun also indicates how strong our willpower is and how confident we are. It also indicates the amount of good fortune we are blessed with, and the things we tend to acquire without much effort.

The placement of the Sun in our natal charts indicates our identity and the way we perceive ourselves in public. The Sun represents our rational decisions and actions, contrary to the Moon, which represents our irrational behavior and instinctive reactions.

The Sun indicates our present while the Moon indicates our past.

When the Sun is prominently placed in the natal chart, the person can have a strong ego and be very self-absorbed and focused only on them. These people are usually very goal-oriented and determined to succeed. They are motivated by success and moving forward, and they are not intimidated by any obstacles they encounter along the way.

People with dominant Sun can be judgmental, egoistic, and often selfish. They can also be very talented and creative, and pursuing public careers, like acting and similar ones. The Sun also brings fame and fortune in our lives. People influenced by the Sun can be very popular, if not globally, at least in their surroundings.

The sign and the house where the Sun is placed in our natal chart indicate the areas where our attention should be focused, and usually is, and where we will find our life’s purpose and the means to fulfill it. The Sun shows the way we present ourselves to the outside world.

It takes the Sun around 30 days to go through one Zodiac sign. The Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo, and in the sign of Aries, this planet is exalted. Both the sign of Leo and Aries are a good place for this planet to be because it exhibits its best traits when placed there, although in Aries these traits could be a bit exaggerated.

The Sun doesn’t feel very well in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of its detriment because its potential in this sign is very limited and it can exhibit a lot less power when placed there.

The Sun rules progress, success, ambition, authority and people of authority, popularity, fame, famous and popular people, movie stars, fatherhood, father, men in general (especially in women’s charts), arrogance, and arrogant people and behavior, husband, riches, rich people pride, proud people, the ego, egoism, money, entertainment, powerful people and power, politicians, politics, self-sufficiency, self-reliability, vanity, prestige, etc.

The Sun sign can give us a lot of information about a person’s character and basic personality traits. The Sun points out the areas of our main focus and what motivates us. The sun also symbolizes motivation, initiative, courage, decisiveness, drive to succeed, activity, bragging, strong ego, insensitivity, selfishness, etc.

When determining the influence of the Sun on a particular person, it is important to consider the sign and its natal chart house placement, as well as all the aspects it creates with other planets of that chart. 

Sun in Taurus Man

Men with Sun in Taurus are usually very passionate and love to indulge in life’s pleasures, especially physical pleasures and food. Their financial stability is very important for their emotional stability, which makes them eager to establish it as soon as possible in their lives.

They are usually financially well of. They prefer material possessions such as real-estate or jewelry and other luxury items.

These men are rigid in their beliefs and attitude and hardly ever change their mind.

They are true men in the sense of the word, and expect their woman to play the exact traditional role. They are very traditional and respect their ancestors very much, many of them continuing the family tradition and family business.

They are not very action-oriented, and they love spending their free time enjoying the beauties of life. They are not adventurous at all, unless they have some other influences in their natal charts.

These men are excellent entertainers and hosts which everyone adores.

They enjoy preparing memorable gatherings in their home which is usually a place of peace, relaxation, and great comfort. They have an eye for beauty and tend to be surrounded by it in all forms.

Sun in Taurus Woman

Women with Sun in Taurus are usually very beautiful and have a great personal style. They have a talent for creating beauty and they use it often to make themselves as well as their environment pleasing to the eyes.

These women are usually art lovers and often have artistic abilities.

Like men with Sun in Taurus, these women prefer mostly to spend their free time in the comfort of their beautiful homes. Being a fixed and earth sign, these women love financial and material security and are usually able to provide it.

Most of these people (both men and women Taurus) are blessed with beautiful and often luxuries homes they could proudly present to their visitors.

These women also love the pleasures of life and know how to make life a joy. They love pampering themselves and buying nice things. They also love preparing delicious food especially when their loved ones are coming to their place.

They can often be stubborn and refusing to adapt to circumstances, as well as to accept some situations. That only creates problems in their lives and is preventing them from moving forward with their lives.

These women can also be possessive and clingy, which are traits not acceptable by most people, mostly men and they need to consider changing them. If they don’t do that they might continue to experience disappointments in their relationships. 

Good Traits

The basic good traits of Sun in Taurus are:

– reliable, loyal, prone to making thoughtful actions, affectionate, fertile, stable, graceful, beautiful, warm-hearted, kind, practical, generous, traditional, creative, beauty lovers, etc. 

Bad Traits

The basic bad traits of Sun in Taurus are:

– unreasonable, rigid, stubborn, prone to pleasures, inadaptable, materialistic, dull, overindulging, resisting changes, etc. 

Sun in Taurus – General Info

The sign of Taurus rules beauty and beautiful places and things, as well as beautiful people; it rules architecture, actors, actresses, artistic talent, art, art dealers, art stores, banks, bankers, finances, financial affairs, cash, colors, dancing, dancers, culture, culture centers, jewelry as possessions, jewels and jewelers, precious stones as possessions, treasury, farms, farming, all kinds of possessions, money, music, musicians, music rooms, etc.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This makes these people stand firm on the ground and hesitant to make any changes in their lives. The main traits of Sun in Taurus are: stability, security, protection, reliability, structure, love for pleasures, and sensuality.

People born in the sign of Taurus often have a strong desire and drive to establish a firm foundation for their future.

They need to have a financial stability to be able to feel relaxed and enjoy life. They often have the need to provide a great amount of comfort and security for themselves and their loved ones.

That is why these people usually manage to establish a substantial amount of material wealth to keep them secure in the future.

They love the pleasures of life and quality things, and these things cost money. Their desire to enjoy and pamper themselves, is another driving force which makes these people eager to earn as much as they can.

Not all of Taurus people are materialistic. Acquiring money and wealth is a necessity for these people to be able to feel worthy and above all secure.

They often get attached to material things. They are not very fond of action and prefer enjoying in the comfort of their homes which are often places people envy them for. They have a talent and eye for beauty and are often very creative and able to beautifully decorate their homes and surroundings.

These people find it very important to be in a surrounding which is pleasing to their eyes and their other senses.

Typical Taurus people are beauty lovers in all forms, but they are also lovers of good food.

They have excellent taste and simply consider eating a pleasure like any other. They usually enjoy preparing food for themselves and for other people.

These people have a gift for entertaining people and are marvelous hosts. Because they prefer staying at home, most of their socializing happens there. These people carefully choose their friends and people they will spend their time with, and you can be honored if you are one of their chosen ones.

These people love luxury items, such as jewelry and expensive wardrobe. They also love expensive holidays and spending their vacations in costly locations. These people (both men and women) are usually very sensual, passionate, and fond of physical pleasures.

One of the negative sides of their fondness of pleasures is their tendency to overindulge in pleasures up to a point when they begin to harm them. These people might overindulge in physical pleasures, but also in eating, which often shows in their figure. Many of them struggle with weight.

They can be very stubborn and hard to get along because they usually don’t accept compromises. They rarely (if ever) change their opinions, which is a trait that prevents good collaboration.

They are not flexible and adaptable at all and that is something they should work on changing, otherwise, they might cause problems in their relationships with others, especially at work, or in their romantic relationships.

They love the stability which a home and family life provides for them. They are usually traditional and have great respect for their ancestors. They have a reliable and responsible nature, and don’t like people who exhibit different traits.

People who are prone to lying and not keeping their words don’t last long in their lives. They can be very honest and direct in expressing their opinions and are usually respected for these traits.

These people are usually very helpful and love to express their kindness and generosity in all occasions. They are dependable and people know that they can rely on them. One of their problems can be their stubbornness when it comes to changing their opinion and adapting to new circumstances.

Some of them could be considered lazy and prone to procrastination. It takes some time for a Taurus person to get into action. It is their nature. They could also exhibit traits of dependency and possessiveness, especially in their romantic relationships which can be an issue if their partner doesn’t like that kind of behavior and likes to maintain their freedom.

These people are focused on the gain, and they prefer saving to spending money. They usually need to see their wealth in a material form, otherwise they cannot feel secure.


People with Sun in Taurus are beauty and pleasure lovers.

They are reliable and dependable and usually stand very firm on the ground. They need financial and material stability to feel relaxed and secure and their focus is often on acquiring them. They need to establish a solid financial and material base for the future.

These people are kind and generous and love to entertain the people they love and care about.

They are usually home types of people, and prefer enjoying in the comfort of their homes to going out or even traveling.

They love luxury items and love being able to provide them. They love pleasures of all kinds, and are prone to exaggerating and overindulging in them. They can also be very stubborn and refusing to change or accept changes.