Taurus in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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Greek legends saw in this constellation the Minotaur, but also that wild bull that once devastated the fields around Marathon and was defeated by the hero Theseus.

On the back of the heavenly bull lies the foggy constellation of the Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlanta, whom the hunter Orion pursued until they first turned into doves and then into stars.

The bright eyes of the heavenly bull are the constellation Aldebaran. Thus, Taurus symbolizes abundance and the power of creation.

Astrological aspect. In the astrological symbolism of the signs of the zodiac, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, “the sign of the Earth”, and everyone born under his patronage has such valuable qualities as heaviness and solidity.

Taurus – Meaning and Info

Moreover, their energy and love for practicality, beauty and originality are contagious, infect everyone around.

Fashion show, museum exhibition, presentation of a new collection of something – believe me, the vast majority of people everywhere will be represented by the sign of Taurus.

In communication, people born under the auspices of the sign Taurus are very complex, although there is nothing special in their communication style.

They are just unusually straightforward, sincere, and speak only to the point. From such a person not to hear silly chatter is not the case.

Taurus always speak only to the point, only in accordance with the topic, and they argue their every word, confirm dozens of proofs.

These are women and men, conversations with whom should always be ensured with a result. If you want to discourage Taurus from communicating with you, then tell him about your problems, start complaining about fate, or just gossip. All this is very much disliked.

And if you need an interlocutor, then talk to him only on business, do not give vent to emotions, set out only dry facts and be the most useful and informative person. It’s easy to befriend a Taurus.

All that needs to be remembered by a friend of a representative of this zodiac sign is that he should never lie.

It shows how we love, how we spend our free time and how we express ourselves through creativity. He is also responsible for various sporting events and games, including gambling.

Thus, he meets all our passions and hobbies. Often, the line between passion and obsession is rather blurred – these are two sides of the same coin.

Loving relationships and romance are described in the fifth house. In it, sex is perceived as recreational activity, play, exercise that maintains the health of the body and mind. Romantic relationships, flirting, and meeting new people – this is all the responsibility of the 5th house.

Vedic astrology links the 5th house with self-expression with intelligence. All forms of creativity that we enjoy are directed by this house, including art and literature.

5th House – Meaning and Info

The sun is the natural ruler of the 5th house. A child whose Sun is located in the 5th house from childhood shows various sports achievements and many talents.

One gets the impression that absolutely everything is subject to him: sports, dancing, singing, and acting. All this remains in adulthood, these people love to dance and sing. They can get along well with children and love to have fun with them.

The sun in the 5th house suggests that most likely the first child will be a boy.

At the same time, it is better to try to get pregnant when the Sun is not in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), the presence of a water or air sign, or a favorable planet, in relation to the Sun, can significantly increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Since the 5th house rules, including children, the presence of the Moon suggests that a person can have many children and since the Moon is considered a female planet, it is very likely that the first child will be a girl.

This probability is further enhanced if the fifth house is in one of the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Such people keep in touch with the child within themselves, and therefore children easily recognize them as “their own”.

Most likely, a person has more love relationships and an emotional connection with several people at the same time. He is constantly looking for new emotions and sometimes enters into a relationship just because he likes the feeling of being in love.

When he doesn’t have enough emotions, he can deliberately dramatize the relationship in order to get a significant emotional outburst. In addition, this position of the moon in the natal allows a person to look younger than his real age.

Mercury in the fifth astrological house brings excellent communication skills. Such people can express themselves in ways that influence people’s emotions, they can have a brilliant political career, and they can also be very successful in advertising or become good writers.

These people are always ready to share the information they have. They can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street and this is absolutely normal for them.

Mercury in the 5th house makes a person love games and sports associated with thinking. He will love chess or any strategy games.

Mars in the 5th house gives a lot of energy for activities that a person finds enjoyable and that give him pleasure.

For people with Mars in the 5th house, it is very important to lead an active lifestyle, so that the energy that he receives can be realized. These people simply cannot lock themselves in four walls, they need freedom and an active lifestyle. The person is likely to take care of their body and exercise to keep fit.

Taurus in 5th House – Meaning and Info

The child is mobile, talkative, a little hectic, and fast. Most often, he will study well enough (if other indicators do not contradict), despite the fact that he will not always understand the subject, it is not always good to know the subject, but in order to do well in school he will have everything.

From the point of view of the parent himself, this child is a small, smart, cheerful chatterbox. If, for example, Taurus, from time to time it will not be seen or heard (when he is engaged in some pleasant activity for himself), then Gemini will constantly demand your company.

They will want your active participation in their games, he will constantly come up to ask you for something, tell you something, and ask something. Needless to say, these will be either little know-it-alls, or pretty little things, or both.

They are often not even embarrassed that an adult is talking at this moment with another adult, or, say, on the phone. If he has something to say, he will definitely say, even if it is the “second line”.

As a rule, they speak quickly and a lot (again, this is how the situation is seen by the parent himself), but how specific this speech will be depends very much on the state of Mercury. And – PARENT. It is he who will show how adults perceive the speech of their child.

If in the parent’s horoscope there is no strong connection between the elements of the first and fifth houses, then the relationship with the grown child will be good, normal, kind. But they, as a rule, will not be very close, sincere.

He will call you 50 times a day just to chat, or to say something, but there is often no warmth here – this is a friendly relationship (of course, if Mercury did not get, for example, in Pisces, or Cancer, or Taurus). Relationships are rarely very close, but they are overwhelmingly very friendly, good, and light.

Gemini is an easy, good, positive Sign. And relationships with such a child, as a rule, are also painted in the same positive, light colors.

Such a child rarely seeks to dominate (this is what the parent thinks), but at the same time, everyone and everywhere knows him, just as he knows everyone.

He is constantly friends with someone, or rather, he is friends with everyone. In the summer, when you don’t have to go to school, the Sun has just risen, and someone is already calling him to walk under its windows. He is not lazy, not stubborn, very easy-going and very inquisitive. Everything is interesting to him.

They often read a lot, and read the school curriculum long before it was asked in class. Sociable, communicative and open (of course, if Mercury does not indicate otherwise by his position in the horoscope).

Sometimes this contact even scares the parent, it seems to him that such a child can be taken away by anyone and anywhere. And there is a certain grain of truth in this – firstly, he is too positive and, therefore, it seems to him that all others are also just as positive and good.

Secondly, he is very contact and inquisitive, and no matter how the parent says “do not talk to strangers” – it can be difficult for him to resist if this outsider interested him in something (and it is not at all difficult to interest him, especially the Gemini is a male Sign, so that they themselves very often act as initiators of communication).

Of course, if you have Gemini on the cusp of the 5th house and Mercury in Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn or Scorpio, it is unlikely that your child will be so trusting – more likely not than yes. And it will reveal the described qualities among “its own”.

But in those horoscopes where Mercury, ruling the 5th house, also stands in some active, open Sign, this problem is often relevant.

As well as for other Signs, here you can often see the Gemini profession in grown-up children (watch the MC lecture in Gemini

Cancer on the cusp of the 5th house (control K5 in Cancer, the Moon in the 5th house, control of the 5th house in conjunction with the Moon). Firstly, it is a very close relationship with the child, very tender.

Such a child is always seen by the parent as “small”, defenseless, dependent. They pity and support him all the time.

And here a very interesting thing works – if on the cusp of the 5th house there is Cancer, then on the cusp 11 there is naturally Capricorn.

And the parents – the owners of this axis on the cusp of the houses responsible for the children, if they have more than two children, endow them with absolutely opposite qualities, and most importantly, they choose completely different approaches to them. No other axis gives such an abyss in the perception of a child’s theme as these two Signs.

It turns out that from the point of view of a parent, one child is small all the time, and the second is an “adult” from birth.

The “rachis” child is very beloved and always guarded (it does not matter whether he was born first or second). The relationship with him is very close, and as a rule, this child is emotionally closer to the parent than any other in general (and even more so – the one who goes under Capricorn).

The parent is very much tied to this child. And on the one hand – this is wonderful – a strong emotional connection, full acceptance of this child. On the other hand, very often (not always, but


In people of this sign there is a connection with the ground and soil, which determines the stability of their positions and considerable vitality.

This interpretation is confirmed by Schneider’s remark that since the bull corresponds to the transition zone between the elements of Fire and Water, it probably symbolizes the bond that binds heaven and earth.

Taurus steps slowly and consistently, but be careful not to tease, provoke him, otherwise you will learn in your own skin the bitter consequences of his anger, which easily turns into rage.

Intellectual aspect. A realist, turned to everything earthly, Taurus is usually patient and stubborn in his work. He is loyal to his friends, although he is a materialist who understands the importance of money and property.

This person is conscientious, practical, often headstrong and stubborn, but still full of love; strong sensitivity. Can drive something into his head and then does not pay attention to advice.

Sometimes he is very distrustful, suspicious and jealous. Doesn’t forget grievances.