Sun in Virgo

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Everybody knows at least basics about the twelve zodiac signs. They are one of the most important elements of an astrological analysis.

The sign you were born under, the sign, which represents the place the Sun occupies in your natal chart, is just one element of the more complex image.

Planets, houses, aspects and other elements constitute a natal chart.

Your horoscope is created according to your birth chart, which is something like your astrological ID.

It is a complex diagram that represents the position of planets at the time of your birth in an astrological chart. This scheme is what an astrologer interprets and creates your horoscope from.

Let us start with the core element of the birth chart, the Sun and its place in your horoscope.

Sun and Horoscope

Traditionally, the Sun represents vitality and the energy of life. As seen as in a natal chart, the Sun’s life-giving energy is even considered stronger if a person was born during the day. In modern astrology, the Sun always has a central place and it is considered the most important parameter in a natal chart analysis.

The Sun is an astrological planet, although technically, it is not one.

The Sun is one of the Luminaries, the bright astrological heavenly bodies. It is extremely interesting to observe the Sun as a factor in a natal horoscope and in a general space. The Sun in a natal horoscope determines the ruling sign of the person in question.

The way in which the Sun’s energy as it is going to manifest depends on the sign and on other elements in a chart.

The Sun itself is associated with will, self-confidence, determination, vitality, life energy, courage and bravery and else. It is a factor that determines one’s character, temperament and the attitude towards life.

The Sun shapes up our personality and defines us as individuals for a great part. It awakens our Ego, our sense of self and makes us act and react in a specific way.

If we observe the Sun as energy on a major plan, we could say it is the fuel for all activity and expression. The energy of the Sun motivates, helps us develop potentials, as humankind and as individual beings.  It represents optimism, motivation, drive, ambition, energy and positivity.

The Sun energy inspires you to move forward, to build, to grow, to learn, to achieve your full potential and use all of your inborn capacities.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo and over the Fifth House. That said, we see its energy as glorious, bright, greatly positive. The Sun is always associated with personal achievements, with high opinion of one’s self, with nobility, honor, rightfully earned respect, admiration and more.

The Sun inspires us to value and be proud of everything we possess and not only in a material way, on the contrary.

Energy of the Sun in one’s horoscope is deeply personal and related to one as an individual. At last, the Sun is one of ‘personal planets’, which are also the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Ideally, the Sun’s energy flows free and the line of the Sun is unburdened.

However, there are other important factors in a personalized birth chart. They could block the energy of the Sun and make it difficult to flow.

The Sun represents your true self, your manifesting self. The Sun is who you are and how you appear in the world. Its energy shapes up your own point of view and creates your goals, in a way.

The light of the Sun is what each one of us has to embrace, in order to shine and to take the best of all the potentials our astrological destiny has to offer,

Sun in Virgo – General Info

If you have the Sun in Virgo, this means you were born under the sign of Virgo and this is your ruling, native sign. What Virgo people are like and what potentials they have? There is no such thing as an ideal representative of the Virgo or of any other sign, of course.

Astrologically, people are unique complexes of many constituting parts of their natal charts. The native sign is the core and the base, but not the determining factor.

However, your native sign, the sign the Sun occupies in your birth chart with all of its powerful energy, definitely should not be taken for granted. Let us now talk more about the Sun in Virgo. The sign of Virgo is ruled by Mercury and it is associated with the feminine principle, which makes its energy reactive. Virgo is of mutable quality.

Since Virgo is one of the Earth elements signs, it means its energy is closely related to material and practical manifestation. Mutable quality allows for adaptation and some flexibility, although Virgos are known to be extremely tidy, meticulous and obsessed with perfectionism.

Physical body, health, appearance and strength matter a lot. Profession and organization are also of the highest importance.

Virgos are guided by their principles and high standards. They are extremely focused on details and they would not let the job unfinished or, better to say, unperfected.

However, they are rarely really satisfied with the outcome; they believe there is always more to be done. They reject the idea of imperfection, which brings a great deal of conflicts within and around.

Those with the Sun in Virgo are systematical and analytical. They enjoy comparing things and they are both criticizing and self-critical. They are highly rational and they rarely surrender to dreams and fantasies. Virgo people are great aesthetes and organizers. They value the beauty of simplicity and have an exquisite taste.

Virgos always take good care about themselves, especially their physical self. Order and organization are their leading principles. This makes a Virgo a person who follows rules and fulfills the duty, but not because of obligation to people, but that to principles, they strongly believe in. Virgos are highly pragmatic people, very material and methodical.

It interesting to notice that Virgos are marked by a distinctive spiritual touch in their idealization of things, in their obsession with perfection, beauty and order. It is some higher order they actually are guided by, even though they would always give you extremely firm, strict and rational arguments for why they do what they do.

On the outside, they are very reserved and cold.

Virgos appear distant, because they are focused inwards and on details. They are in search for perfection in general. They want themselves to be perfect and they evaluate others, according to their own standards, which could be really troublesome and hard to deal with.

Virgos are not very open to the world; they keep their carefully nurtured façade intact for long.

Good Traits

There are rare individuals that are so good at organization and analyses as Virgos are. These people are very reasonable, rational and great planners. They are systematical and fully dedicated to whatever they do.

Virgos seek perfection, which makes them brilliant in things they are truly passionate about.

Although passion and emotionality are not associated with Virgos, there is some very similar energy in them.

They are very practical and methodical. Virgos are modest, patient and honest people. They would never ever break their word or betray you. Virgo is not much open to the world and people around, but once he or she lets you in, be sure they will be faithful to your relationship, whatever it is.

If they are not maniacally obsessed with health, they are fit, strong and agile.

Virgos truly believe that less is more, so they rarely overindulge themselves. They manage material possessions with efficiency; they do not spend too much, but are not stingy either. A Virgo would always pay high price for a good quality product, but will stick to the brand or so. They do not experiment a lot and value routine.

Virgo people are focused and dutiful. The highest type of a Virgo spirit possesses all the qualities, with sense of their emotional self awakened, which makes such a person good at everything they naturally are, but also less reserved and closed.

An ideal Virgo is discrete, cautious, patient, devoted, loyal, efficient, honorable, just and respectful.

Bad Traits

Virgo people are generally not so open for cooperation, unless the cooperation falls under the category of principles Virgos are guided by.

They are too criticizing of others, especially if it happens they are in charge of something. They terrorize people with their grumbling and dissatisfaction. They are very prone of underestimating other people’s efforts and achievements, simply because, in their eyes, it does not appear ‘good enough’.

They could be very cold and indifferent, insensitive people. Virgos are not known for being compassionate and empathic and people often feel neglected in their presence. Even if a Virgo feels something, he or she has great difficulties in expressing their feelings.

Virgos are unbearably skeptical, petty, grumpy. They have something to tell about everything and it is usually negative.

Virgos are prone to hypochondria, because they overly worry about their physical body. They could even become genuine misanthropic ones. They are not sociable, but always have a complaint.

A Virgo strongly believes he or she has to be in control of everything and when things go out of track, they complain, grumble, get irritable, angry and they would even go so far to blame others.

The lowest type of Virgo spirit is all this. He or she believes the destiny has but a burden on their shoulders so they must serve everyone, in order to put things in order. To make things worse, these spirits believe they can change nothing, but they never stop complaining.

These people are completely intolerant and very insensitive.

Sun in Virgo Man

Man with the Sun in Virgo is guided by strong inner need to improve things.

He believes he could become better at what is doing, in the first place. He is a serious and responsible personality, with detailed plans. He has to find a good channel to express his organizational and analytical skills.

Virgo man has to be occupied with something, a job or a hobby, maybe both.

He is focused on his work, very determined to make it brilliant. Virgo man cares about his health and appearance; he invests in himself a lot. However, he is someone very reasonably to spend money and he has excellent taste.

Virgo man has high expectations of himself in the first place. He is intellectual, intelligent person, ready to take any step needed in order to progress.

Virgo man is a bit reserved and distant, quite insecure when it comes to love.

He is never certain if what he feels is actually romantic love or something else. Virgos tend to rationalize emotions, because they are not particularly emotional beings. Virgo man is loyal, devoted and fully committed partner.

On the other hand, he sees everything as a duty, even a pleasant one, so do not expect a lot of romance, dimmed lights and fragranced candles in your bedroom.

Sun in Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is an idealist, a charming and gentle, very feminine character. She is excellent in organizing her life and does not like others to interrupt her order. She is reserved and generally closed for other people. She is extremely cautious about letting people into her life.

Virgo woman is more tolerant and understanding in comparison to her male counterpart.

However, Virgo woman is also very oriented to details and could be pretty annoying if things do not please her, meaning if she finds them enough far from perfection to irritate her. With Virgos, so many things are far from perfection, so she could be quite hard to deal with.

Virgo woman works on her own perfection; she is dedicated to self-development, particularly in intellectual and professional area.

When it comes to love, Virgo woman is ready to wait for the right one.

She could be too analytical when it comes to relationship and too cautious when it comes to flirtation. She is insecure about herself as a romantic being and, just like Virgo man, she re-questions her own emotions, but also those of the person who tries to win her heart.


The Sun in Virgo creates a personality oriented to service and perfectionism. Virgos are rational people, with both feet on the ground. They do not leave things to a case and like to organize and plan things; they are very good at it.

Virgos are dutiful, guided by sets of principles of order, morality and responsibility. They value humanity as an entity and they serve the very idea of humanity.

Sometimes it seems unbelievable, because Virgos are not the ones to show compassion and warmth.

The Sun in Virgo describes personalities that serve the principles of humanity and civilization.

They are great idealists and they deeply within believe their purpose is to make this world a better, perfect, place, by starting from perfecting themselves.