Mercury in Leo

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Astrology is the science of stars. Although, in modern times, many refuse to accept astrology as a science, its name suggest it is a form of a scientific, systematical approach, which it is.

The term astrology literally means ‘stars science’, translated from ancient Greek. It has roots that seize far back into past. The origins of modern day Western astrology lie some thousands of years ago, in Ancient Persia.

The exact time of its birth is unknown. Today, astrology is usually put aside all official sciences and placed amongst esoteric, obscure and prophetic. However, it is important to note that it is closely related to astronomy. In old days, it was one and the same. Even some of the greatest astronomical minds of the era of major discoveries were astrologers, at the same time.

While astrology could tell us a lot about our lives and destinies and it analyzes the effect of cosmos and planets upon our existence, it fails to give any concrete, exact information.

Astrology is actually not prophetic, in terms common people would usually think; it does not accurately predict event that are about to happen, but gives an insight into possible course of events.

It tells us about potentials. Most of us are interested in astrological analyzes of our own life and future and that of our closest and dearest ones. Here we come to horoscope and birth charts.

These are the same; a horoscope is actually a chart, an astrological diagram. This chart represents positions of heavenly bodies, planets, constellations, zodiac signs and all other important elements of natal astrology.

It is a personalized astrology, to say so. Natal chart could be easily delivered in modern days, thanks to our advanced technologies. In fact, you can get it online. The only data you have to provide are your date, time and place of birth. However, it needs an expert to take a closer look into it and interpret it to the detail, especially for you.

Two people can be born at the same time and at the same place on earth. However, it is unlikely they will share exactly the same destiny. One could be a king, the other a beggar, to give a dramatic example.

Many factors in personal birth chart, combined with real life experience and given circumstances determine what kind of life awaits you. Remember, astrology tells you about your potentials.

Planets have great impact over personal horoscopes. Each one is associated with specific energy. In ancient times, planets were associated with gods. It has long been known they do affect overall life on our own planet.

We are still yet to discover what these mysterious heavenly bodies have in store for us, in terms of both recognized official sciences and those mystical ones, such as astrology.

Mercury and Horoscope

Planet Mercury is the closest to Sun, of all planets in our system. Along with Sun, Moon, Venus and mars, Mercury is considered one of the personal planets.

It means that these determine an individual’s personality, depending on their position and aspects in a natal chart. Sun and Moon are not actual planets, as you know, but they are astrologically seen as ones.

Mercury possesses special energy. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the same as Greek Hermes, the messenger god, deity of communication and commerce. Hermes’s symbol is caduceus and it remained the symbol of planet Mercury in horoscope.

Mercury is considered an astrologically neutral element. Its energy and character greatly depend on other aspects in a birth chart.

This planet rules over signs Gemini and Virgo. In horoscope, Mercury represents reason, conscious, rational thinking, thinking in general, communication and connection. It is closely related to intellectual abilities, learning and rhetoric.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you must be a very talkative person; it depends on where Mercury stands in your personal horoscope.

Mercury gives incredible intellectual abilities. It makes one clever, resourceful, open to new knowledge and practical. It is a very important element that determines how you use all the knowledge you get.

Mercury represents the way of thinking and processing information. It makes one’s life exciting, full of things to discover. It is a symbol of youth, as well.

Mercury also represents curiosity, willingness to learn and try new things. It is also associated with creativity, energetic spirit and practicality.

For example, if you are a very imaginative individual and you have many fantastic ideas, Mercury in your birth chart could help you make your ideas applicable in real life, if it is a favorable aspect in your horoscope.

Mercury in Leo – General Info

Mercury in Leo provides incredibly strong will, capability not only to determine goal, but also to find practical, efficient ways to reach them. Communication skills are accentuated; Leo is known to be an attention seeker and a very dominate character.

Therefore, if you have Mercury in Leo, it is very likely that you would enjoy being in center of attention.

Mercury gives you incredible confidence and the power of impressing others by words. Mercurial Leo loves attention and enjoys being in front of great audience.

People with such an aspect are very self-confident and know how to astound others; other people often admire them for their excellence with words and their impeccable performance.

They have strong power of speech and dramatization, which makes them successful actors, but also politicians, lawyers and so on. Mercury in Leo secures high self-opinion; people with these astrological aspects are hard to intimidate and manipulate.

They are intelligent and their aura is just powerful, so one would rarely dare trying to trick them.

Mercurial Leo is amazing, glorious, often a notable one. People with this aspect rarely stay out of the spotlight. They could be successful in the public sphere. A person with Mercury in Leo is capable of organizing their life, of making good and promising plans that are not distant from reality. However, they are ambitious and they think big.

Thinking Mercury helps them successfully and thoughtfully overcome problems and difficulties in life. Leo’s pride, bravery and natural strength help them keep in track. Overall, this is an astonishing combination.

Mercurial Leo has vivid imagination, but is also characterized with consistent sense of reality. The expression of personal impressions is very important to mercurial Leos.

They are enthusiastic about widening their points of view. They like to share their knowledge with others, but only if their role is that of a tutor, inspirer, leader. Their manner of talking is theatrical and impressive.

Appreciation and admiration of their intellectual capabilities and their interesting stories are of essential importance to people with Mercury in Leo.

Combined with inborn self-confidence and strength of will, this need often leads them to leading positions.

They are honorable and just. They would never speak badly about others, behind their back. They appear noble, honest and loyal. We say ‘appear’ deliberately. It is interesting to note that these qualities actually come from their bad side, which is an unbearably big ego.

They often simply neglect other people and do not find them important enough to talk about them at all. Mercurial Leo loves to talk about themselves exclusively.

However, their ideas and their actual successes could inspire a great number of people, even if it is not their actual intention.

Good Traits

Mercurial Leo is characterized by many positive traits. These people are self-confident, focused, charismatic and strong. Their mind is fixed and concentrated and they do not hesitate openly say what they think.

Mercury in Leo would not let you get easily deceived and manipulated.

People with Mercury in Leo are brilliant at talking in front of people; they leave an impression of someone honest, bold and royal-like.

They are endlessly inspirational and they themselves do not lose inspiration easily. Their mind is creative, but their thoughts are rarely scattered. They are never indecisive. Mercurial Leo knows what he or she wants and is ready to open his or hers mind to new ideas, in order to reach their goals.

They are often interested in art, performance, sports, public relations and they feel at their best at leading positions.

People like Mercurial Leos for being extremely positive. Their energy is extroverted, fresh, happy and glorious.

Regardless of their ruling sign, people with Mercury in Leo always have that sparkle of a self-confident enthusiast, who feels comfortable with who he or she is.

They stand proudly before their ideas and opinions. They have the power to strengthen others’ spirits with what they say.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of having Mercury in Leo are generally all associated with egoism. People with Mercury in Leo tend to become arrogant, too proud of themselves and completely insensitive towards others, they think and talk exclusively about themselves.

To some point, it could be inspiring and good, but they are at great risk of crossing the border and focus solely to themselves.

They feed on others attention and could even become aggressive, if they do not receive the amount of attention they believe they deserve.

They are prone to over estimating their own capabilities. Since they always think in big terms, they could overlook many important smaller things, simply because they think they are not important.

Mercurial Leo could be extremely subjective.

They are always confident about what they have to say, but sometimes they do not carefully choose the words, only to keep in the center of attention. They are inclined towards making a big drama over things that are indeed minor, just from fear that they might lose the spotlight.

Mercury in Leo Man

Mercury in Leo man gives an amazing spokesperson, an individual who leaves an impression of someone bold, capable, and very intelligent. He is very manly and gallant. Mercurial Leo is brave, self-confident, someone with strong leadership capabilities.

His mind is focused on his goals and he is a very ambitious person. He thinks about creative and glorious ways that could lead him to his ultimate goals.

He is someone who will easily catch your eye. He is just astounding, with his royal attitude.

Mercurial Leo gives this man a charm and charisma no one could resist. He is a thinker and a doer. Mercurial Leo is always passionate about his work and he definitely does not accept to stay in the dust. His reputation is very important and he often maintains it by perfect rhetoric.

He is excellent in making connections through performance. His attitude is open and he is approachable, although he might be a bit arrogant.

Mercurial Leo is a man who wants power and he has sharp mind that helps him make right decisions and self-confidence that keeps him unshaken before possible difficulties. He is a devoted and protective partner.

Mercury in Leo Woman

This lady is all about expression. Leo’s general characteristic is that attention, dominance and leadership matter a lot. With Mercury in Leo, it is all translated into words. Mercurial Leo women are expressive and enjoy it.

Mercurial Leo women are the ones who have the most interesting stories in the company and the loudest laughter. It is very interesting that Mercury in Leo in woman signs gives them masculine qualities.

It is very likely that she was a real tomboy in childhood, playing with cars and spending time with boys, rather than dressing dolls and making girly tea parties.

She has a specific way of thinking, identified with masculine. She is not very emotional and is very active. Mercurial Leo woman is brave, proud, daring. She is an excellent communicator and very firm about her opinions.

If other aspects in her natal chart favor her Merury in Leo position, she would make a stable character, without being overly dramatic and theatrical, which is common with Leo women.

It greatly depends on aspects considering her ruling sign and planet, as well as many more elements. In the best-case scenario, Mercurial Leo woman is supportive, brave and loyal friend, partner or relative.

In the worst case, she is a real drama queen. Nevertheless, Mercurial Leo in women signs generally brings great confidence and makes this lady optimistic, ready to reach new heights.

She usually feels the most comfortable at positions traditionally perceived as more masculine than feminine. She could be a seriously astounding leader, boss or the head of some major institution.


Mercury in Leo is a strong aspect and it makes an interesting astrological impact over a personal birth chart. Mercury is not generally associated with firmness and stability, but, in Leo, its energy is pretty stable.

Mercury in Leo makes a combination of impressive communication and performing skills, which makes Mercurial Leo individuals people others admire, appreciate and look up to.

Moreover, they usually choose their words well, while their major goal is to impress others and keep their excellent reputation.

They are at risk of becoming too self-focus and, since Mercury is all about talk, communication and commerce, they would talk exclusively about themselves.

Mercury in Leo has its brilliant sides, as well as it carries some very egoistic potential.