Taurus Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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For a man and a woman to have a great and harmonious relationship there need to exist a lot of compatible traits between them.

Most of these traits usually don’t become evident until the relationship begins and develops, but the most important ones typically show at the beginning of a relationship if the two people reveal themselves in their right light and don’t pretend to be different only to impress the other person.

Because of that, it is useful to know a bit of detail about the basic personality traits of the person we are interested in dating, or having a committed relationship with.

If we happen to know their horoscope sign, that data alone can give us valuable insight in their main personality characteristics.

Every horoscope sign has some singularities which can help us determine whether the person is a suitable match for us, or there are many red flags we should be aware of.

In any case, these details alone are not enough to make a complete judgment about the compatibility between two people because every one of us is a set of unique placements and other influences, but it is a good start in getting to know someone, and it is a fun and interesting process as well.

In this text, the story will be about the basic traits comparison between a Taurus man and a Cancer woman.

Taurus Man

The Taurus man is a caring and gentle being, but he doesn’t always appear that way. These men take their time to get to know you, and they can seem a bit reserved at first.

They all appreciate beauty, and are usually good looking themselves, although many have few pounds or more overweight. They love the good things in life, and food is one of them.

These men often overindulge in food and that is visible on their physique, but they are usually super confident about their qualities and they don’t let that be an obstacle when they decide to pursue some girl they like.

The hardest part of course, is making the decision to pursue her.

Taurus men are slow when action needs to be taken. Sometimes they need to be reminded that something should be done.

One thing is good; when they make up their mind about something, they seem unstoppable. They plan their actions and they usually know where they are headed.

The woman they desire to be with will be showered with compliments, he will take her to the best restaurants, buy her flowers, jewelry and other gifts. In short, he will treat her as a queen.

The woman he chooses should be nothing less than a queen. She should be beautiful and very charming, sweet, gentle, thoughtful, and she should have a strong personality. She also needs to have an impeccable style, be very smart and creative.

The Taurus man needs his woman to respect him and his opinion. He doesn’t like loud women who express their disagreements with other people in a rude manner. He appreciates when a person can demonstrate control and restraint in conflicting situations. If a woman knows how to react in such situations, she will gain his respect.

The Taurus men are usually financially stable and manage to provide for a more than a decent lifestyle. They love expensive things and most of them will succeed in providing them.

These men are not reckless in any sense of the word. They are usually well-organized, and although they might appear slow, they manage to finish all their tasks and obligations in time.

Although there are types of Taurus man who enjoy going out often, most of them are home types of guys, who love spending their leisure time in the comfort of their beautifully decorated homes. The woman they choose to be with will need to share this love with them.

Taurus men enjoy being pampered and nurtured by the person they love. They are also very emotional and romantic, and enjoy exchanging signs of affection with their partner. They like cuddling and caressing with their loved one.

Their woman needs to be an epitome of femininity and they desire to be the man who will protect and take care of her. Most Taurus men love when their women are successful in their career, but many of them love having their women at home taking care of them and their children.

A typical Taurus man is very possessive, and that usually doesn’t refer only to his material belongings.

Although they enjoy being the object of envy of other men for having such a jewel of a woman beside them, these usually mild-tempered men can quickly become steaming machines if they even for a second think they have a reason to suspect their woman’s honesty.

A typical Taurus man is very jealous and you don’t want to provoke his jealousy, trust me.

All chance is that you won’t need to anyway because he will demonstrate his affection to you very openly and very often. If you think that you are the right woman for this man, go ahead. You will be more than satisfied. 

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is a very sensitive being and is prone to frequent mood changes. At one moment this woman appears sweet as candy and at the other she might burst into tears. She is not crazy; she just can’t control her emotions that easily.

This sign is influenced by the Moon and like its cycles, this woman’s emotional state changes.

She is a beautiful human being and that only adds to the uniqueness of her character.

Of course, some Cancer women act like spoilt brats, and they are difficult to tolerate, but most of them have these brief moments of almost unexplainable stubbornness, outbursts of complaining and sadness, uncontrollable laughter and happiness, furiousness, and who knows what other behaviors, after which they go back to their natural state of sweetness and peace.

They are fragile beings, and need to be treated with care and a lot of respect. They don’t find it easy being in their own skin, believe me.

When she is in her best mood, she is the woman every man would desire to have for his wife.

She is compassionate, gentle, caring, nurturing, providing, funny, and very amusing.

Although it might seem otherwise, these women have strong personalities and they are very persistent and determined when they make up their mind about something.

The symbol for the sign of Cancer is the animal Cancer or Crab. That isn’t a coincidence. C

ancers are known to hide in shells when they sense danger. People born under the astrological sign of Cancer often exhibit such behavior. Other people directness and insensitive remarks easily hurt both Cancer women and men, and their reaction is withdrawal in their inner shell.

They also don’t tolerate any criticism, and they usually react to criticism by withdrawing, stopping talking, or worse, attacking the person who criticized them, or openly demonstrating self-pity.

This woman will often stop talking to someone, without having an obvious reason, or she could begin behaving strangely, leaving people wondering what happened and what caused such behavior.

Often they don’t give any explanation, and simply return to their normal state after a period of sulking.

It is worth mentioning that Cancer people are capable of completely distorting the reality of any situation, allowing their imagination run wild, and getting angry at people who don’t deserve that at all.

These people are one of the rare signs, who can sulk indefinitely, ending relationships with people for no real reason (the reason is existing only in their heads). They need to work on their tolerance and becoming open to accepting other people’s opinions although they don’t like them.

The Cancer woman is highly intuitive and has a vivid imagination. She is a woman who feels her best in the coziness of her home, preferably beside her man and their children (she often wants to have a lot of children).

She is perfectly comfortable in the role of a housewife, and is usually proud to stay at home, taking care of the house and her loved ones. She is a great cook who perfectly prepares all the specialties which your mom or your grandma used to cook, and if you are into that, she will capture you quickly with her warmth and genuine kindness of heart.

This woman will stand by her man regardless of the circumstances, and she will defend them against all attacks, and bad words said about him. She is very possessive towards her loved ones and she is willing to fight for them.

If she is a typical Cancer woman, her man, her children, and their family home are her most important asset. She will proudly talk about her man’s successes at work and her children’s success at school, almost if they were her own. In a way, she considers them their mutual success.

This woman might have somewhat a complicated character to understand, but don’t we all?

When you accept her as she is (because she certainly will accept you, unless she has some other conflicting influences in her chart), you will find yourself living in a fairytale, with your woman by your side. 

Love Compatibility

A Taurus man and a Cancer woman are a good love match. They will realize at the beginning of their relationship that they shouldn’t provoke the sensitive side of their personalities, and when they manage to achieve that level of tolerance, their relationship begins to thrive.

These two have so much in common. They share the love for their home, and both enjoy spending time there. They both love good food and can enjoy spending time cooking together, which is a big satisfaction for both of them.

This woman won’t provoke the Taurus jealousy. She will be happy to have a strong and protective man beside her that she could proudly present in public.

When they are alone, she will be glad to cook for him and make him happy in other ways. He will be happy to have a loyal and devoted partner he could rely on.

This woman usually won’t contradict her man, and he will respect her for that. In this relationship, both the man and the woman will feel secure and taken care of. 

Marriage Compatibility

Taurus men and Cancer women make good marriage material. They naturally get along well, and there is much potential for a long-lasting marriage commitment between the two.

They have similar desires about their marriage life, and they fit very well in the picture of an ideal spouse each of them has. They organize well around their house and are excellent in the role of parents.

These two can easily create a happy family home where they can enjoy in the company of other family members or their friends.


The Taurus man and the Cancer woman can be perfect friends. If one of them isn’t romantically interested in the other, they can form a friendly relationship based on shared interests and mutual support.

These two will probably spend much of their time together, hanging out in the home of one of them.

Because they both love cooking and eating, they will often share the food they have prepared or cook for each other.

Cool Facts

Taurus man wants a woman he can take care for and the Cancer woman wants to be taken care of. That is why these two are a great combination, fluffing each other’s needs in a partnership.

The Cancer woman is very feminine and girly, and the Taurus loves that kind of women. As a couple, these two are great hosts who enjoy having people in their house, preparing delicious meals for them.

They both enjoy making their loved ones happy and fulfilling their desires.


As a combination of earth and a water sign, the Taurus man and the Cancer woman are a good couple because they share many personality similarities; they get along well in a romantic relationship, in a marriage, and as friends.

Of course, if there are some conflicting influences between their charts, their relationship could have issues or be prevented from starting.