Cancer Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The best way to find out if you are compatible with someone is to get to know this person well.

But many times that isn’t an option, or you want to find out details about the person who interests you as soon as possible.

You keep imagining if you would be a good match with this person and that is something that can be overwhelming and often bring you to unhealthy emotions and obsession.

Astrology is a good means to find out about someone’s compatibility with you.

If you know the birth data of your crush, you can find out a lot about how well you would get along with this person in a partnership, and with great accuracy as well. If you don’t have the precise data and you only know their horoscope sign (which is more likely), that too can give you a lot of valuable information.

Horoscope signs have some general characteristics, and by comparing them with the characteristic of the sign of another person, we can find out a lot about our compatibility with them.

In this text, we will make a general comparison between a Cancer man and a Leo woman, and find out more about the prospects of their partnership.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is often a kind of guy who turns his friendships into a committed partnership or marriage. These men have difficulties relaxing in the presence of strangers, and they need time to gain trust in someone.

They first observe the woman they are interested in and often befriend her, and only after getting to know her better they decide whether they want to court her or not.

A Cancer man has a kind heart and is always ready to help the ones in need. He is often the sole provider of a large family, and he manages to fulfill all their needs. He is very well organized with his money. This man is reliable and dependable. For a woman who seeks emotional and material comfort and stability, he is an ideal choice.

This man is not steamy passionate like Scorpios and some fire signs. He is filled with emotions, and the physical contact is more than mere chemistry for them (unless there are some planetary placements in his charts which point to the opposite). He is very emotional, and his feelings are easily hurt.

Fire signs women, as well as air signs, which are not overly emotional, might leave this man devastated if he falls in love with them. They are usually not a good match because fire and air signs women are often too strong for this gentle and kind man.

He is not the kind of guy they would usually choose because he cannot provide them with emotional excitement they seek. He might be attracted to the powerful aura that these women exude, but he might get heart-burned when they realize that he doesn’t have the strength and the passion they seek in a man and then leave him broken-hearted.

After an experience with such a woman, the Cancer man will learn the lesson and turn his attention to other water and earth signs women who have more compatible personalities to his.

One of the characteristics of this guy, besides their obvious sensitivity, is also their tendency to frequent mood swings, which can be caused by real or imaginary reasons or have no reasons at all.

The Cancer man might suddenly start behaving aloof or start sulking and behaving grumpy, without explaining their behavior. If you begin asking him questions about his behavior, trying to find out the reasons, maybe you won’t get an answer. They often don’t know the reasons themselves.

The reason for their emotional swings is usually the influence of their planetary ruler, the Moon. The mood changes usually coincide with the phases of the Moon. The fortunate thing is that they don’t last long and he is quickly back to being his old self.

This man seeks a very emotional woman who will openly demonstrate her love for him, and she will get the same in return. He enjoys caring for the people he loves, and his woman is one of the most important beings in his life. He is a guy who does everything for his family.

His woman needs to be a type who loves home and children, and that should be one of her main priorities in life.

A woman who is overly ambitious and spends a lot of time outside the house is not how he imagines his ideal woman. If she is a good cook, that is another asset.

He is a good host and loves to entertain the people he loves in his home. His home is the most favorite place, and where he feels the best. The woman who shares the same love will win him over. He will ask for nothing more.

Neither will she because she will find herself in the warm embrace of a loving and tender man whose only desire is to make them both happy.

Leo Woman

Leo women have passionate and fiery natures. They are the center of attention wherever they appear. These women have such powerful energy which cannot remain unnoticed. They also have a very direct, loud and almost aggressive approach to people and men especially.

Her personality is so strong that she often drains people with her presence.

This woman is aware of her qualities and often overrates herself. Almost every Leo woman is born with the belief that they deserve only the best in life. That approach, which most people despise about them, actually enables them to get all the things they believe they deserve.

These women usually manage to gain a lot of wealth, as well as influence in society. They aim high, and they usually reach high positions.

Leo women often behave as queens, and they believe that they deserve to be treated as such by others. They enjoy spending money, and many of them will continue spending even if that means jeopardizing their financial security. The sign of Leo is one of the most gallant, if not the most gallant among all the signs.

That is why these people enjoy spending money on other people, partly because they love to share what they have and partly to show off. Both men and women Leo usually have these traits.

The Leo woman often doesn’t have a problem expressing her romantic interest to the person she fancies. Some man can find that repulsing, and some are excited by her approach. She desires a passionate man who can give an appropriate response to her strong sexual energy.

She is often attracted to fire signs because they share the same fiery energy. She also finds Scorpio men attractive, but if there aren’t any other complementing aspects between their natal charts, the partnership doesn’t have a ground to develop past the mere mutual physical attraction, which evidently exists between these two.

Because she is usually ambitious and successful, she looks for a man with the same qualities. She can tolerate being the provider for her man and the family for some time, but a man who is not capable enough to create something and be successful, usually won’t stay in her life for long.

Sounds cruel, but this woman is strict and knows that if she is able to put in effort into achieving her goals and succeed, then the man she chooses to be with should be able to do the same.

This woman is often career oriented and is not a stay at home person. She likes excitement and adventure, and she seeks a man she can share these interests with. She is a good mother and wife but needs to have time to devote it to herself. She enjoys pampering and pleasing herself, buying expensive items and clothes, going to beauty treatments, etc.

Her quest for success often costs her a lot because she misses many opportunities to establish a family in her earlier years. She learns through time that she needs to restrain her strong personality and need for dominance, which has only been rejecting man from being with her.

These women often end up with a man who has a weaker personality than theirs because they cannot accept being told what to do, or because they want to be the one to tell others what to do.

These women have many wonderful traits. They are often very generous and enjoy helping people, even the ones they don’t know very well. They have an open heart and enjoy going out and meeting new people.

Some Leo women can suffer from vanity, and they can be the victims of people who might try and succeed in using their generosity by falsely complimenting them and only pretending to be their friends. Some Leo women can experience such behavior from men who they fancy.

For a man who likes a dynamic, successful, passionate, and independent woman, who knows what she wants, she is an ideal woman, providing that he shares the same traits. 

Love Compatibility

A Cancer man and a Leo woman are not an ideal combination, although not an impossible one. These two have almost opposite personalities, and it is highly likely that they won’t even notice each other.

The Cancer will be turned off by her aggressive and overbearing approach, while she won’t notice the shy man who patiently and carefully observes the surroundings.

She is all about the glitz and the glam, and he is the complete opposite (unless some of them or both share some same placements in their natal charts, in which case this union might stand a chance).

The Leo woman is emotional, but she is not even near the sensitivity of a Cancer man. Her directness and aggressiveness might offend him, or hurt him in some other way, but he might not admit that. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Cancer man and a Leo woman is a rare occurrence. These are rarely in a relationship, and marriage is farther of than that.

If the marriage between these two happens by any chance, the reason will lie in some other bonding elements in their natal charts because these two have almost nothing in common.

Their marriage, if it happens and there are no mutual bonds between them, might be a result of a temporary infatuation and doesn’t have a chance of being a lasting one. 


Cancer man and a Leo woman are not likely to form a friendly bond. These two have different personalities and different interests, which is a prerequisite for a stable and lasting friendship.

The Cancer man prefers home parties with food he enjoys preparing for his guests (usually close circle of friends or family members), while the Leo woman is about glamorous and expensive night-outs with friends, but also new acquaintances.

Their idea of having fun differs completely and the fact that they hang out in different places prevents them from meeting each other and becoming friends. Their energies are opposite, he is water while she is fire, and they simply aren’t a suitable match.

He is often overwhelmed by her strong and overpowering energy, while she is bored by his indecisiveness, emotionality, and lack of initiative.

Cool Facts

The Leo woman is all about spending, while the Cancer man is about saving.

She will be shocked by his habit to watch out for every dime he spends, while he will be disgusted by her nonchalant throwing away money on things she doesn’t need.

These two are probably a combination of the biggest spender and the biggest cheapskate in the entire Zodiac. 


To summarize all, the Cancer man and the Leo woman are not a good idea. If they are typical representatives of their signs, we might freely say that these two seem to come from different planets.

They don’t get well fine in any kind of relationship because they have completely opposite personalities, temperaments, interests, needs, goals, and pretty much everything.

Their relationship is possible and can be a lasting one only in case they are bonded by some other compatible planetary placements in their natal charts; otherwise, this is a no-no for the both.