Taurus Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When it comes to love compatibility of certain zodiac signs, those inclined towards astrological interpretations, but lacking more knowledge, would often freak out seeing their zodiac background does not match that of their partner.

Moreover, they are likely to ascribe every possible misunderstanding or problem to non-matching zodiac signs, while the reality is, of course, far more complex.

Others would, however, take such predictions and calculations for granted. The truth is, perhaps, somewhere between these two extreme opinions.

While birth charts, alignment of planets and so on definitely give some answers about why our relationship looks how it does, it does not necessarily mean that our relationship is doomed if, astrologically, our signs do not match.

To be in any form of a relationship with a person whose horoscope does not match ours and whose zodiac sign in diametrically opposite of ours in its essence, means we would have to try really hard to maintain such a connection.

Friendship with an opposing sign could be tough and it could turn into hostility; however, it could be the best match ever, if you find in another person what you do not possess and vice versa.

The same is with romantic relationships. Love compatibility is one of the most interesting and complex parts of astrology. It is a never-ending source of exploration of connection between stars, energy of attraction between people.

Today we will unravel an interesting and quite a promising zodiac match.

Taurus men and Libra women are, by all means, one of zodiac couples with great chances for success in love.

Taurus Man

Taurus men are true gentlemen. Although they could appear slow and even clumsy, it is because they do not give a thing about something.

Behind this mask, they are fiery, energetic and quick, if needed. Taurus men are quite self-confident, persistent in their desires, plans and goals and are good organizers.

It is an extremely rare phenomenon to see a Taurus man complaining over something; he is ready to work hard and does not believe in achievement without investment of energy. A Taurus man is inclined towards material wealth and stability.

He loves money and luxury, that is for sure. Nevertheless, he does not act foolishly or in haste and does not spend his resources thoughtlessly.

He is very organized, neat and tactful, especially when it comes to finances, although his luxurious lifestyle might send a different picture. A Taurus man is a hedonist; he loves exotic foods and expensive wines, classy clothes and good cars.

In addition, he is not selfish and stingy about his money; he simply wants always to be sure to have a steady income, so he can relax and enjoy.

Taurus men are charming and quite positive people. They are enjoyable to have around and to talk to. A Taurus man is practical and simple in his thinking. If you suggest something and he decides it is manageable, he will simply do it, without second thoughts. He is calculated, which makes him knows his limits and boundaries.

Taurus men are unlikely to be found in an uncomfortably new and unfamiliar situation, they have a practical solution to everything in life. They are stubborn when they see a possibility to advance and progress, especially when it comes to career.

Taurus man is best motivated by money; if he believes certain work could bring him great income, he is ready completely to commit himself to the task.

In addition, he has great instincts; a Taurus man would never enter any shady business. His goals in life are comfort, pleasure, security and safety. Every Taurus dreams about true love and happy family.

He is gentle and kind in love. Taurus men are extremely caring and compassionate; they expect the same from their partners.

Taurus men would act crazy in love, because he just loves to be in love. He is romantic and passionate. Love is a great motivation for any Taurus man. Once in a relationship. A Taurus man never neglects his lady.

He s caring and loyal; he commits himself to the fullest. He would never accept offers such as open relationships or making pauses or such.

His love is never shallow. A Taurus man seeks for closeness in a relationship, in every sense possible. In his partner he sees both a lover and the best friends. He respects his partner and tries hard to understand all her needs.

Taurus men are popular amongst people in general. They have certain old-style charm, good manners and they are polite.

Women fall for them easily, because of their well-measured gestures, compliments and actions. In case of a Taurus man, this is not acting; he really means so.

A Taurus man does not play games with women and would show his affection quite directly, but served in the finest of manners. He is a perfect combination of pure manliness and true romantic.

Libra Woman

Libra women are known to be some of the most intuitive and easygoing ladies. They are rarely stressing out or making drama over stuff. Libra women are, perhaps, ones that handle stress the best way.

They do not take things in life for granted, but they would always find a way to go through negative situations without making big deal out of it. They are not afraid of challenges, but also do not rush or risk, unless the situation itself is extreme.

These women are modest in nature, but they do not stay away from luxury and fancy lifestyle, if they could afford it.

They are a type of people who can sleep under a tent in a camp, but also spend vacation at the expensive resort. They feel comfortable almost anywhere. In addition, Libra women are generally sociable, talkative and get along with everyone.

On the other hand, they are intelligent and cunning enough, so no one could trick or make use of their generosity and kindness.

It is interesting that Libra women handle all sorts of stresses related to career, job or social life very well; they are not vane, they do not suffer from need for attention, like Leo women or Scorpios, for example, they feel at ease anywhere and are quite capable to achieve amazing career goals and climb the social ladder.

When it comes to love life, they could be incredibly indecisive and unsteady. This happens before they enter any relationship.

It seems that they make up for all their stability concerning everything else in their life, on the field of romance. It annoys men, because they are initially adorable, charming, and easy to fall for.

However, then they start doubting whether they like you or not, what do they like about you, is it enough and so on. They could be insufferable, when it comes to choosing a romantic companion.

Nevertheless, it could all change once they fall in love for real, because a Libra loves to the fullest. Libras are generally kind towards people and open to approach to.

In love, they show great affection, passion, understanding and compassion. For a Libra, making compromises is not that big deal, she is capable of adapting. Libras are flexible and very tolerant.

These ladies are gracious, artistic and have a creative mind. They have a positive approach to life and generally search for a harmonious life.

They are very emotional, thoughtful and caring. A Libra woman is so charming, all cute and adorable, so she could make you forget all her little misdeeds. She is never mean towards others, but she has her ways to get what she wants.

Libra women are type of women who could easily become your best friend, if not your perfect lover.

Love Compatibility

Earth and air are not the best match in this case. Although these two signs have the same ruling planet, they are very different from one another. Taurus man is kind and old-fashioned when it comes to seduction and flirt, but, besides all his impeccable manners, he is direct; he wants it right away.

His intentions are direct; he wants a stable, steady relationship that could lead to a marriage and family.

On the other hand, sensible and gracious Libra loves games of seduction and tends to be indecisive. She expects all sorts of love games, signs of affection and is all about romance.

However, even a romantic Taurus gets tired of that. They hardly understand each other’s needs and dreams, which makes this match has pretty low potential.

According to some astrological calculations, they match for only 30-some percent. Not so encouraging, right?

It is interesting that these two could find many common interests, but it, in the best scenario, leads to a super cool and steady friendship, not a romantic relationship. They both are relaxed by nature; they do not do things in haste and rush.

They love spending time together and would find some places each feel amazing at. For example, you could meet them enjoying art shows, exhibitions, visiting a new, fancy coffee shop downtown or so. Both have an eye for aesthetics; they like beautiful things and have romantic souls, but it is not enough for a strong love relationship, unfortunately.

When it comes to intimacy and sex, Taurus is more about tenderness, emotions and comfort, while Libra would focus on timing and physical part. Interestingly, both are ruled by Venus, but have completely different understanding and use of its energy.

If it happens they (accidentally) choose the moment when Libra is in mood for sex and the situation that makes Taurus cozy and comfortable, the magic happens.

Both of these are great lovers in a specific way; they love is gentle, soft, sensible and emotionally deep. They both know how to enjoy! However, jealousy would show its face pretty soon.

Taurus men are possessive, because they like order and commitment is of the greatest importance to them. Libra women are known to be flirty; you never know what they are about.

Libras are not known to be unfaithful; it is exactly the opposite, if in relationship.

However, Libra ladies just enjoy men attention; flirting is in their veins. Many times, it could be too much for a steady Taurus man, who wants his woman all for himself.

Marriage Compatibility

When it comes to the idea of marriage, this combination is tricky. If they build up their relationship on basis of shared interests and friendship, it could be a good match. Most often, it happens that these two have been long time friends, before they discovered there is possibly something more.

It is not so likely that a Taurus and a Libra meet for the first time and fall in love. They have to work things out and really know each other before they decide to get married.

A marriage between a Taurus man and a Libra woman could work out, simply because a Taurus is not much demanding and Libra is tolerant and does not like drama.

It is more likely that they get used to each other and simply accept things as they are. This marriage is hardly to be characterized as turbulent, but it could become unexciting and boring, but long lasting. They are both pretty slow paced and non-hasty.


AS we have said, these two have many things in common, when it comes to tastes and interests. A Taurus is a hedonist and Libra is very much open for new and tasty things.

These two could be seen shopping together, never for too long, sitting together in a café, going to art galleries, cinema or a play. They enjoy sharing opinions on intellectual and artistic subjects.

Sometimes, a Taurus is too old fashioned for a sophisticated Libra, so she could fail to understand certain fashion choices of a Taurus and such.

On the other hand, a Taurus would see Libra as spoiled and snobbish.

Neither is true, but it could appear so in eyes of one another. However, it is, of course, not a problem when it comes to friendship.

Cool Facts

Perhaps the most interesting, but not that ‘cool’ fact is that both Taurus and Libra are primarily ruled by Venus.

However, their sensibility differs greatly, as we have seen. Let us name several famous personalities to make it easier to identify with both signs.

Popular Taurus men are George Clooney, Jack Nicolson and Channing Tatum, all pretty cool guys, right?

Famous Libras amongst ladies are Catherine zeta-Jones, Julie Andrews and Kate Winslet


In general, Taurus and Libra would do the better if they stay friends.

If their friendship however, develops into a relationship, which is the best way to build a relationship on strong foundations of trust and tolerance, it could be a happy and quite pleasurable connection.

If they find a way to harmonize their Venus vibes, because both have it, it could be a pleasant match. However, it is a rare case they stay together for long.

Nevertheless, they are not likely to split up in chaos and drama and they could remain friends.