Saturn in Sagittarius

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People have always been interested into what is mysterious and intriguing, thrilling; it seems it is in our nature constantly to wonder about this or that. Since the first days of human civilization (and that was, you have to agree, very, very long ago), we have discovered and invented many magnificent things.

We know so much about ourselves, as living beings, about our planet, as the place we live in, and about all other living things on Earth.

However, our knowledge is partial and, someone would daresay, pretty poor. We still have no idea how we came up here; we do not know what our purpose, besides our mere existence is.

Every second, someone asks such a question at some corner of the world, perhaps. At the end of the day, we know something, but we strive to know everything and many questions remain unanswered.

One of the most interesting themes is the universe; the planets, stars, skies above and else related. Even with our latest discoveries, we still wonder is there something more than physics, chemistry, mathematics and so on.

Today, we live in the age of rational thinking, of scientific and technical mind. However, astrology and alternative sciences still live on. They are very old.

Astrology is a pseudo science related to astronomy. In fact, it was once part of it or we could think of the two as the same. Astrologers were much appreciated at the time and their opinion mattered.

Actually, astrology was an important factor in deciding the whole nation’s future, in a way. A king or an emperor or whatever title the ruler had would ask an astrologer for a counsel and advice on how to act.

Many historical battles were decided to take place upon an astrological counsel. The thing is, people have always believed planets and constellations affect human lives. Astrology systemized such beliefs, in a way.

Astrology is far more than fortunetelling, although many people would gladly place them in the same basket. Astrology is a science, although, today, not officially recognized.

This pseudo science has its methods, principles, rules and an abundant knowledge, just as other scientific disciplines. One has to master this knowledge and to have a lot of practice in the field.

Moreover, he or she has to invest the whole of him or herself into an astrological analysis. Sounds as some kind of wizardry, but it is not.

Saturn and Horoscope

You are, probably, interested only in one specific astrological branch and that is natal astrology. In modern day, people usually talk about astrology, while they actually mean natal astrology.

It is probably the most popular part of this science of stars, amongst common people.

Natal astrology analyses lives of individual people. It tries to understand and interpret the influence of planets over individuals’ lives.

This is where astrology parts with official sciences, such as astronomy. Yes, we know planets affect us as a totality, as humankind. What about their influence over individual humans, their lives, destinies, personalities, feelings and temperaments?

Astrology has answers to these everlasting questions. We all think we know who we are, until we are faced with certain situations and then we learn more about ourselves.

Astrology teach us about who we are, what kind of person we are, what potentials we have in our life and what cards has destiny gave us. Everything else is up to us; to use these precious, heavenly information.

Okay, planets affect us on both macro and micro plan. What about planet Saturn? You have probably heard Saturn is not a favorite one.

Saturn is a heavy and cold planet. Astronomically, it is a gas giant and it is very far away from us. Saturn is considered one of the most beautiful planets seen from the Earth, because of its recognizable, magical ring of asteroids.

However, astrologically, Saturn is notorious. It is believed this planet bring misery, misfortune, hard times, problems, illness and so on.

To make things worse, Saturn is the planet of chronic problems; it bring long lasting pain and sufferings. Although it sounds pessimistic, there is, of course, a bright side to it. Saturn is like that with purpose, not because it is only a dark and cruel planet.

Saturn is one of the two ‘social planets’, along with Jupiter. Social planets determine or place in the society or, more precisely, the way we are going to place ourselves within it.

Saturn is responsible for limitations and restrictions, for rational and mature thinking, for our determination, ambition and focus. Saturn is a life lesson giver; it is a teacher, but quite tough one. These bad things Saturn bring are there for a reason.

Saturn is also considered the planet of karma. The place Saturn occupies in one’s birth chart is of a major importance.

Birth chart is basically a frozen image of the sky as it appeared at the time you first came to this life.

It is a diagram that represents planets of our Solar system and other important elements of astrological analysis. This chart is divided into twelve houses and it also features zodiac circle.

As our own planet and others travel through space in their elliptical tracks, they move throughout one’s birth chart.

Saturn in Sagittarius – General Info

Planet Saturn travels slowly and it spends about two and a half year in one zodiac sign. It means that people of your generation would have Saturn in Sagittarius, as well as you have it. Saturn in Sagittarius often indicates a dynamic and curious personality.

This astrological aspect is identified with great intellect and sharpness of mind.

People with Saturn in Sagittarius are highly intelligent and they also have pragmatic mind. This means they are perfectly capable of using their intelligence for practical purposes.

These individuals are creative and inventive ones, although they tend to overanalyze things. They are eager to learn and to discover, which sparks up their imagination.

Their rational side is strong, so they are rarely dreamers; their rich imagination is easily and quickly rationalized and turned into something practically useful. Saturn in Sagittarius awakens questions about deep, genuine purpose.

Saturn Sagittarius people are likely to wonder about ultimate questions such as what is the humankind purpose in this world, why we are here and how do thing work.

They are extremely interested in such questions, which makes them real philosophers. Saturn Sagittarius is both philosophical and spiritual. In minds of these people, there is always a place for possibilities of mysterious and sacred themes.

Saturn Sagittarius people have great predisposition to make balance with rational and spiritual, facts and speculations, practice and theory. They could be amazing scholars, researchers, inventors, in the sphere of social sciences, in the first place.

Saturn in Sagittarius with good aspects makes one capable of practical use of his or hers intellectual skills. This brings great satisfaction and good positions within the society and particularly in professional sense. People with Saturn in Sagittarius are curious, willing to learn and ready to make mistakes. They are not afraid of failure and their mind is optimistic.

They are independent and self-reliable, but they are also good friends. Loyal, moral, with the sense of justice. Not particularly emphatic, but open to listen, understand and give advices.

Saturn in Sagittarius usually does not make troubles in the fields of love. These people usually have clear ideas about what they want from their partner and they would search and wait for the right one.

They need someone who can match them on intellectual level, above all else. They are not afraid of being alone and they could manage well on their own. This makes them patient and non-hasty when it comes to love.

They are the kind of people who value quality above quality, in all matters. They do not boast around with trophies, but work diligently on achieving their goals.

Good Traits

Saturn in Sagittarius is one of the most moral positions for this planet, when aspects are favorable. People with Saturn in Sagittarius are honorable and moral; they are very interested in philosophy and ethics.

They have good sense of justice and righteousness and they could contribute the society. Usually, they are highly educated and successful in what they do.

Saturn Sagittarius could reach respectable positions and climb high on a social hierarchy ladder. What is more important is that they act naturally and they do not put themselves above others, no matter how high they are. Saturn in Sagittarius promotes justice, law and order.

They fight for true, genuine values of the society and they stand for those to whom injustice was done.

They have even stronger sense for justice than those with Saturn in Libra. For example, people with Saturn in Sagittarius would be interested in creating socials norms and rules; you could find them amongst those who create laws, constitutions and other.

They are focused, diligent, analytical and patient. Saturn in Sagittarius makes one thoughtful, concentrated and reasonable.

Saturn Sagittarius are usually honored for their intellectual contributions to the local society.

They are figures that inspire admiration and respect; people think good of them. They are enlightening and refreshing personalities, with bright, original and, above all, reasonable and applicable ideas. They learn quickly and they are capable of viewing things from all sides.

Bad Traits

There are of course bad sides of Saturn in Sagittarius. Their sense for justice and order could be that strong that they take the role of the one and the only that knows what is right.

They usually do things with good intentions, but they fail to realize that what they believe is good for all is actually not that good for a great number of people. They are authoritative when it comes to that and incapable of receiving any critic.

They cannot stand critics, because they believe they know everything. In that’s sense, they tend to underestimate other people and their opinions.

If Saturn in Sagittarius in not in favor with other elements in a birth chart or if there are no aspects with Saturn, it happens that everything that is good with this combination turns bad.

In such a scenario, one faces inability to learn, their mind becomes limited and closed and it takes times and a lot of hard work to break these blockades. Bad aspects of Saturn here create great intellectual vanity.

It also happens that these individuals have unreal expectations of themselves and irrational perception of others. They put themselves above others and do not listen to critics, even those that are good intended.

This makes them feel as if they are not going anywhere, which is frustrating. They are stubborn and unwilling to admit there are things they know nothing about.

Bad aspects of Saturn usually affect career and profession. They lead to extreme lack of motivation and bring indifference to these philosophical minds.

They start wondering about what is the point of anything and they lose themselves within the question. They start feeling as if there is no purpose of trying to find out answers, in the first place.

Saturn in Sagittarius Man

These intellectuals are men of great sense of justice and order. These are gentlemen; they are educated, well mannered and sharp minded. Saturn Sagittarius want to change the society for better.

They could be amazing spokespersons, politicians, teachers, inspirational leaders. They are humble in attitude, moral, with well-established principles.

Saturn Sagittarius men have ideas that are related to the greater good. They want to change the society for better. It depends on their horoscope how this urge would manifest itself.

If they are not publically oriented, then they take excellent care of their own household.

They are amazing, caring husbands and excellent fathers. A Saturn Sagittarius man is genuine paterfamilias figure.

Saturn in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Saturn in Sagittarius have the same sense of order, justice and morals. They have ideas about improving general quality of life of all people. They would speak about it loudly.

Just as the case is with Saturn Sagittarius men, if they are not oriented towards larger audiences, they focus on creating a well structured, but cozy and warm family life.

They are loyal wives and great mothers.

Saturn Sagittarius women enjoy teaching and helping people.

They have a kind heart, but they are more reasonable than compassionate, because otherwise they would break. They have philosophical mind and usually work in the field of education. They are attracted by intellectual, quick minded, charming men that make them laugh.


Saturn in Sagittarius is one of the good positions for this, usually troublesome, planet. In Sagittarius, Saturn could freely show its good sides.

In this position, it is as if Saturn turns into the planet of intellect, education, noble causes and enlightenment. It inspires both spiritual and intellectual part of a human being.

Of course, it is all possible with good aspects, while bad ones could spoil the good quality if Saturn in Sagittarius.