Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our Moon represents our inner being and our subconscious, while the Sun reveals our rational side and the part of our personality we present to the outer world. The Moon on the other hand is visible only to the people we know closely.

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Taurus have double earth element energy in their personalities. They are true Taurus outside and inside.

These people are very stable and grounded. They are also slow to take action and take their time making decisions about anything. They can often be self-absorbed and have a high opinion of themselves.

Many of them could be considered vain and egotistic. They take great care about their appearance and they are usually good looking. In some cases, they could be obsessed about the way they look and spend most of their time on routines with which they take care of themselves.

They love luxury and quality things. They desire only the best and don’t mind spending to provide it. These people know how much their desired lifestyle costs and focus on earning enough to be able to provide it.

They are usually very ambitious and believe that they deserve the highest positions. Their willpower is strong and they are very determined, so they usually accomplish whatever they set their minds into.

They don’t waste money on worthless and useless things. If they don’t use it to buy quality things that are necessary for them, they usually save their money or invest them in something that will increase their income and improve their financial situation.

They usually invest in real-estate and beauty objects, like artworks, jewelry, etc.

They can be perceived as bit complicated and difficult to get along with due to their inflexible nature and refusal to adapt. They hardly ever change their opinion which can be a problem when they need to cooperate with other people.

These people love beauty and enjoy creating it as well as being surrounded by it. They love to decorate their homes which are often very beautiful and cozy places. They love their homes and enjoy spending time there. These people are home types of people and very attached to their family.

People with a double Taurus influence can be very stubborn. They can also be very fixated on their ideas and beliefs. It takes a lot for them to change their mind and they usually don’t allow anyone influencing them.

These people might talk about the same problem for years, talking to everyone about it, using the same exact words to describe their situation, but still refusing to accept someone’s advice on how to solve it because they don’t believe it could be solved, even though they have never tried.

They usually love good food and love to eat. They love preparing food themselves as well as to go to nice restaurants.

These people could be prone to overindulging in food which causes them to become overweight and struggle with different diets. They can be addicted to food and have a difficulty getting rid of that addiction.

These people make great hosts. They enjoy having people they consider close in their homes.

They make a great company to their guests, making sure that they are satisfied. They often cook for their friends and family members and in general are caring and nurturing people.

They are very traditional and respect their family tradition and ancestry. Many of them choose to continue the tradition of their grandparents or parents and take over the family business.

These people have an eye for beauty. They love beautiful people, things, surroundings, objects, etc. They usually have a balanced and stable character and they don’t easily get angry.

These people are very confident in their abilities and they don’t get easily discouraged. They take their time before making decisions but when they finally decide what they want and need to do, they don’t back off until the job is done.

They are excellent workers for jobs which require persistence, determination, focus, and hard work.

These people are hard workers, but also love to enjoy. They love the pleasures of life and love to be pampered and to pamper themselves as well. They enjoy buying quality food and things, as well as going on beauty treatments to take care of themselves.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio: hard workers, love pleasures, love quality, beauty lovers, creative, artistic, dependable, thoughtful, good-looking, successful, financially well-off, know with money, traditional, attractive, passionate, organized, home types, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio: vain, self-centered, self-absorbed, egotistic, strict, inflexible, slow to take action, opinionated, stubborn, not good at making compromises, etc. 

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio are usually good looking and attractive. They put in much effort into maintaining their appearance and are often admired and envied for their looks.

Venus the ruler of their sign Taurus gives them physical beauty as well as a talent to create and recognize beauty. These people love beauty in all forms and are usually attracted to partners who are good looking and physically fit.

These people are usually very passionate and desire a passionate partner. They have strong physical needs and don’t have a problem talking about them openly. They desire a passionate relationship with a person with whom they share a magnetic attraction.

Their personality might be an obstacle for a stable and harmonious relationship.

They can be self-absorbed and focused on themselves and their needs first. They also don’t change their mind and beliefs easily, and relationship is a compromise.

These people are not good at making compromises, and usually go by the motto: “my way or the highway”. They can also have an attitude of always being right and not accepting anyone’s opinion.

Not many people would accept this kind of attitude in a relationship; that is why these people often end up with partners with weak characters and are satisfied with following these people blindly without the need to express their opinion.

If they do enter a relationship or marriage with a person who has an equally strong character and isn’t at all flexible, these people will experience quarrels and conflicts which will eventually lead to the end of the relationship or marriage.

Their main lesson is to learn how to be more flexible and make compromises in their relationship. They need to realize that they could not always be right and that their partner also has the right to have their opinion which should also be respected.

They have good organizing abilities and they usually take the leading role in their relationships or marriages. They handle everything around the house, and they usually make the major decisions regarding their relationship and marriage life.

Some women with this combination can accept their man doing the organizing and the decision making in the relationship and marriage, but that is usually not the case.

They often need to control everything and need to be asked for anything. They are caring parents who provide everything for their children, but can be strict and demanding when it comes to fulfilling the children’s duties.

Their children need to fulfill all their choirs before being allowed to play or do things they like. They are tender parents but they demand their children’s respect. They can be prone to involving themselves into their children’s lives way too much and bothering them with their presence.

These people are good providers and make sure their family and their spouse have everything they need and desire. They can be prone to shower them with expensive gifts and enjoy having the funds to finance that.

Their home will most likely be beautifully and richly decorated and they will enjoy spending time there in the company of their family members and close friends.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon

The best match for a person with Sun and Moon in Taurus are Pisces, Cancer, and Libra, and in some cases Gemini and Aquarius.

Another earth sign could also be a good match if they are both willing to make compromises and make joint decisions.

If this person isn’t as rigid and stubborn as previously described, they could also get along well with Scorpios as well.

Fire signs could not be a good idea because there are too many differences between them, and this person usually doesn’t have sufficient flexibility to enable the relationship to function properly.


People with Sun and Moon in Taurus can have a difficult personality because they can be very rigid about their beliefs and unwilling to make any changes.

They don’t change their opinions easily and they don’t like to listen to other people’s advice.

They can be very hard to get along and collaborate with because of their character. Many of these people believe that they are always right and that they are unmistakable which could irritate people around them, especially their romantic partners.

They love beauty and are often beautiful themselves. They can be vain and egotistic, focused solely on themselves and their issues. They are hardly the ideal partner everyone would wish for.

They often end up with a partner who doesn’t have an issue with their character and doesn’t notice their vanity or need to always be right.

These people seek passionate partners and have strong physical needs. They can be magnetically attractive because of their looks. They take good care of themselves and love luxury.

Their homes are beautifully decorated and they love to entertain their friends and guests there.

Besides their difficult temper they are good people who are caring and willing to help others. They are strict parents who make sure their children do all their choirs.