Midheaven in Aquarius

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Medium Coeli or the Midheaven is the highest point of the Tenth house in the most of astrological systems.

Midheaven is naturally associated with the sign of Capricorn, while in personalized horoscopes it could match different signs. Midheaven in Aquarius makes for an interesting combination.

Aquarius is the sign that is associated with freedom and the need to fulfill some higher purpose in life. It is also associated with originality, uniqueness and individuality.

Midheaven in Aquarius indicates a personality that expresses the best of his or hers professional capacities and potentials when there are no imposed limits and restrictions.

These people need freedom in work, whatever it is. They would never be typical businesspersons or employers.

Midheaven in Aquarius approaches to work in its original manner and loves to introduce others to it.

The Lower Midheaven for Midheaven in Aquarius is in Leo, which inspires great pride these individuals feel regarding their family. Their family and home are the area of life where they express all of their emotional creativity to the fullest.

In the outer world, their free spirited Midheaven Aquarius rules and makes them people who can change the very perception of the whole humanity.

Before we get into detail about Midheaven in Aquarius, we would like to introduce you to concepts of Medium Coeli and the tenth house, since these are not commonly mentioned astrological elements.

These elements constitute a natal chart, along with other angles, planets, aspects and more.

They are all parts of complex and detailed astrological interpretation of a personalized horoscope.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli Meaning

Midheaven is the crown of our success. It represents what the very idea of success is for an individual. It shapes up your ideas about the ideal career, the ideal reputation, the ideal professional and social status. This is the highest point on the ecliptic and the cusp of the Tenth house, which we are going to talk about in detail.

Medium Coeli reflects your First house, which is your essence. It represents the realization of your personality primarily in the professional sense. Your public image is what comes along.

The Midheaven is about how you would like to be perceived by people around and what would you like them to praise you for. It is also about what degree of public recognition actually attracts you, but also about what would take place in the reality.

Perhaps you would like to be known for your humanitarian contribution to the community, but instead people would know about you because of your musical talent or else. Medium Coeli hides the answer to that.

Medium Coeli is what we are in the public. This is the element of reputation; any reputation. It tells about the shortest and the most efficient road to success.

However, it is not only to be followed; you have to recognize it first. The Midheaven could also point out what negative behavior should we avoid. I could direct us towards our success, by revealing to us why we want it in the first place.

Medium Coeli is greatly about our attitude towards professional development and success in this field.

The element of the sign MC is found in your birth chart decides on the motivation you have for self-development in the professional sphere. We could see Medium Coeli as our final destination; something we dream of. It is kind of idealistic point of a birth chart.

That said, the Midheaven has to do with our idols, ideals and heroes. It decides what kind of people inspire us and why we see role models in them

Medium Coeli, thus, has much to do with authorities and our ideas about it. It shapes up our attitude towards authorities. In the first place, it is about the first authoritative figures in our life, our parents. Parental influence and expectations are also greatly connected to our Medium Coeli.

Our parent’s expectations are what definitely affect our future career choices, regardless of the outcome.

The Midheaven is always about our reputation; the one we wish for ourselves, but also the one we actually have, either way or another. Sometimes it could be negative publicity, not only ’misplaced’ one.

Medium Coeli is not only about fame, glory, recognition and acknowledgement, but also about scandals, drama, shame, notoriety and bad reputation in general. It depends on other elements in a birth chart, as well.

It is impossible to hide the effects of Medium Coeli. Whatever you do, people would think something of you. It greatly depends on you how would you use potentials and capacities your Midheaven indicates you have.

Your self-expectations, but also expectations of others, shape up your road to success, the nature of your success and the manner you approach to building your path.

Tenth House and Medium Coeli

The Tenth house plays major role in your professional development. It is the house of career, work and reputation, with medium Coeli representing the best of it, to say so. Or the worst, depending on a particular case. The Tenth house, just like any other, features planets and there are different aspects and things to consider.

Planetary aspects in the Tenth field decide on your professional life.

This is the field of social status, career goals and overall reputation. This field is associated with your First house, which represents your personality. The Tenth house also tells about Ego, but is more oriented towards its manifestation; it is not that about your intimate personality traits.

It represents ambitiousness, social and professional activities, employees, authorities and repute.

The Tenth house tells about your public image, especially in the professional sphere. It also tells about your influence on other people, not only the impression you make. The Tenth house decides what kind of mark you would leave on the world.

In fact, it tells about the possibilities and it is up to you to use them, just as all other information a natal chart provides.

Your perception of success, the attitude towards career and authorities are inscribed into your Tenth house, as well as all of the potentials and qualities you could use, along with directions on what you should avoid.

However, it is all meaningless, unless you interpret it well and actually make use of it in reality. This is why some people lose good opportunities.

It happens because of wrongly interpreting their Tenth house or aspects that make them difficult to realize their potentials. Some people are considered born under a lucky star; nothing is difficult for them to achieve.

It comes from a good background they have, but also from their inborn qualities and the ability to use their capacities to the fullest.

On the other hand, some people have excellent starting pint, but they mess it all up.

There are individuals who rise like phoenix from the ashes; they build up themselves a gilded throne out of literally nothing. Such people have amazing potentials in their Tenth house and a strong medium Coeli that guides them through all the darkness.

There are also unfortunate destinies of people who had amazing qualities, talents and gifts, but they never achieved any degree of recognition or acknowledgment of their contribution to the world.

The Tenth house could also represent’s one’s professional aspirations and interests. It is about our sense of duty, order, responsibility, cautiousness, tact and everything that has to do with professional development. This is always the field of action, of realization. It is not a passive aspect of one’s horoscope.

Planetary aspects define how your potentials are going to be realized.

This field is associated with glory, honor, dignity, titles and the highest rank one could achieve. It gives you the vision of the ideal you want to become, but it also determines your attitude towards this ideal and the way you are going to work to achieve it.

It is about effort, commitment and devotion to your goals. It is about difficulties you might face and the way you approach to them.

Midheaven in Aquarius – In Name of the Progress

Midheaven in Aquarius makes one a free spirited entrepreneur.

People with Midheaven in Aquarius do not bend to rules; they hate limitations of any sort. These people are of independent and self-reliable spirit; they do not want to depend on anyone else but themselves.

These people are born idealists. Their idealization could lead them to high positions; these are people to be found leading great revolutionary movements, for example.

They could be greatly inspiring leaders and play important roles in matters of state. They could become influential figures and role models. Midheaven Aquarius makes for an influential politician, for example.

It often happens these people enter politics, without actually intending so.

This is because they live their vision of the better world; it does not necessarily mean everything they do is good, but they are the ones to inspire masses.

All they need to succeed is freedom. Freedom of thought and also freedom of action, of deciding, the liberty to stand for their causes and the rights of those they would like to protect.

These people think big; it is common they focus solely on the big plan, at the cost of minor issues. These people could also be great in other fields, such as art or even electronics. Anything that has to do with modernity and progress is a good choice.

They are oriented towards progress and future and they often have brilliant, innovative ideas. This often makes them odd in the eyes of others, but still worth of every respect, even awe.

People with Midheaven in Aquarius are not bothered by being seen as awkward; actually, they enjoy the publicity of an eccentric and often nurture such reputation.

Midheaven Aquarius ones desire to be seen as those who bring change and progress. They could have revolutionary ideas regarding global society. They are visionary and idealistic.

Midheaven Aquarius inspire others to cross borders and dare do and say things they would never think of they are capable of. They lead masses and always stand out.

Medium Coeli in Aquarius often indicates certain level of intolerance towards authorities.

They rarely accept others methods, but see to create their owns. They feel proud if others find their way suitable, but also if it is seen as something shockingly new. They go one-step before their time. They re the happiest if they do what they truly love; a common office holder job would not do.

Positive Sides

The inventiveness and originality in thinking and approach to life and work is what definitely makes Midheaven Aquarius to stand out. These people have much to offer to the world. Their approach to success and fame is seen on a bigger plan.

They are genuinely interested in fate of overall humanity, which makes them people of strong aura easily recognized and felt around.

These people often choose the path that is rarely used; they fight old habits and want to make change.

They truly believe in progress and it is their guiding star. They are in front of their time, which makes them strange and eccentric in the eyes of others.

These people possess incredible spirit and strength to go against all odds and defend their futuristic visions.

These people are often those who come from common folk, they re friends to all people. They could rise to great heights from nothing, figuratively speaking.

Moreover, they have stamina and patience to work on their goals.

Their ideals guide them and it is not likely they would ever lose hope in better tomorrow. They could become both heroes and anti-heroes.

Negative Sides

Negative sides of Midheaven in Aquarius are of the same nature as their good ones.

They could become real outsiders, if their visions become too idealistic and distance them from the real life. Midheaven Aquarius strive for bringing change, at any cost.

It could make them destroyer of traditional values, which is not always the best course.

Their vision of better world could leave the same world abridged of valuable heritage.


Midheaven in Aquarius indicates a free spirit that dares saying and doing things rarely one would dare to.

These people stand against old systems and fight for the better tomorrow. It is important to note that their nature is pacifistic and humanitarian. Their approach to work and career is visionary.

They do not bind themselves with rules and obligations, but codes and principles of their own. They offer deny authorities.

Medium Coeli Aquarius people could reach high social status and popularity, depending of what their personal aspirations are.

In any case, ideals motivate them and they never lose it.

These people create circumstances for themselves and are likely to dedicate to a cause that allows them to combine profession with their ideals. They are the ones to inspire and often find inspiration in great revolutionary minds, inventors and philosophers.