Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our rational side of personality is mostly represented by our Sun sign, while our inner being and subconscious content are represented by our Moon. The first one is visible to everyone, the second only to us and some people we have chosen to share our most intimate personality traits and content.

People with a combination of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Sagittarius are a mix of earth and fire element and exhibit the traits of both these elements.

These people are firm and stable, and yet they possess an adventurous spirit and desire to explore and experience new things.

They love traveling and seeing the word, but they enjoy coming back home to the comfort and the beauty they have created for themselves. Their nature is calm, thorough, thoughtful, and focused, and their actions are quick and determined.

These people don’t make rash decisions and think things through before acting. They are very reliable and responsible, although Sagittarius could influence them into being a bit absentminded and forgetful.

These people are hard workers and don’t mind putting in the effort to achieve what they desire.

They desire an above average lifestyle and they know that costs a lot, which is why they are focused on finding a career which could provide them with substantial financial base and income, so that they can live the way they desire.

These people love to spend their money on things that give them pleasure, like good food, quality clothes, nicely decorated house, and, above all, money to finance their travels to distant countries where they will learn about new cultures and expand their experiences.

They love traveling and they are usually well-traveled people, even though the sign of Taurus is not known for being a frequent traveler. The sign of Sagittarius gives these people a great desire to expand their knowledge and develop their spirituality.

These people are usually spiritual and have solid knowledge on the subject of spirituality, but that trait of their personality is usually not visible to people from their surroundings.

They share that part of their lives only with the people who know them well, as well with likeminded people they have encountered during their quests for spiritual development.

Many of their travels are inspired by this quest and they meet a lot of people with similar interests while they are traveling.

Not all people with this Sun/Moon combination are spiritual seekers; many of them travel because they enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Because Taurus is usually a gourmand, many of them love to experience different gastronomy experiences on their journeys.

These people are always in between phases; they either eat a lot, which makes them gain a lot of weight, or they are in Spartan training mode, when they get into full shape and take care of their diet.

These people are usually into some sports, preferably individual, like running, cycling, etc.

They also love nature and enjoy a good hike or mountain climbing. Their trips could also be inspired by some world-wide destination or a mountain top they would like to conquer. They are optimists and always believe that the best outcome will happen.

They are ambitious and determined to succeed. They are also creative and often have some creative hobby. They love being around people, especially making new acquaintances. They love going out, but prefer more intimate socializing in a home environment.

These people enjoy inviting their friends and people they care about in their house, where they treat them with delicious food they have prepared for them as well as carefully chosen drinks, preferably wine.

These people are a mix of adventurer and a home type. Although they love all indoor activities, they are happiest when they come home.

For these people, their home is very important (this is due to Taurus influence because Sagittarius often doesn’t have to have a home, or has multiple homes).

Their homes are beautifully decorated and always have details related to their interests as well as souvenirs gathered from their many journeys.

Good Traits

The good traits of Taurus sun and Sagittarius moon: optimistic, creative, artistic, adventurous, explorers, eager for knowledge and new experiences, love comfort, calm, thoughtful, determined, ambitious, reliable, responsible, practical, tolerant, love to entertain, good hosts, caring, nurturing, giving, kind, sports types, love good food, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Taurus sun and Sagittarius moon: absentminded, forgetful, like to keep their options open, prone to cheating, extreme need for freedom and independence, don’t like formalities, etc. 

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Sagittarius’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with the Taurus sun and Sagittarius moon combination are usually very practical when it comes to matters of the heart. These people are romantic and enjoy being in a relationship, but don’t always have the need to formalize their relationships in the form of marriage.

The difference between a typical Taurus and a Taurus with Sagittarius influence in their natal chart is that the later cares way too much about their freedom.

These people are very independent and cannot easily imagine giving it up for the sake of marriage. They have the need to keep the idea of open options in their heads, even though in reality they will never consider using it.

That is why people born with this Sun/Moon combination (both men and women) have a problem with saying “yes”.

Another reason why these people might be hesitant to marry is their need for constant movement and action.

On one side, they love to feel safe and secure, and that is what marriage is supposed to provide, but on the other, they need to feel free to go wherever and whenever they decide, without having to talk about it with anyone, which is not something a spouse is able to do without offending the other spouse.

These people marry only when they are certain that their freedom is not in any way jeopardized by doing that act because their partner also has similar needs or is tolerant and understanding towards this need they have.

They are reliable and responsible spouses. They are good at organizing things and love to make joint decisions with their spouses regarding their life together, their future, home, family, activities, etc.

These people don’t have a problem taking on the lead role in their relationships or marriage, but they also don’t have a problem not having the lead role. Their ideal scenario is when two partners communicate about the issues they have and decide together what to do next.

They feel inspired by the person they love and always try to surprise them with gifts and other acts of attention. They also love to feel loved and appreciated in a relationship. These people love to travel alone, but they enjoy traveling with their partners.

These people are passionate and love intimate pleasures. They can be prone to changing partners, but that usually lasts until they find the right person they want to dedicate their lives to.

When they encounter that person, they change, and become loyal and devoted partners, without the need to look further. Their ideal relationship scenario is finding a mate who shares their interests and love for adventure as well as home life.

They can be great parents who will inspire the adventurous spirit in their children and nurture their desire to expand their knowledge and horizons.

These people are good providers for their children and their family in general, making sure they have everything they need.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Sagittarius’ Moon

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Sagittarius need a stable partner with an adventurous spirit, someone similar to them.

These people could get along best with a partner who is an earth sign, but also has some fire and air in their chart, to add some adventure to their character.

Someone who is only a fire and air sign without the influence of earth element probably wouldn’t be able to understand these people’s need for stability, home, comfort, good food, and enjoying the pleasures of life, which are all things that a Taurus person needs to have in their lives to feel satisfied.

Water signs are not a good choice for people with this Sun/Moon combination, unless they have some earth and fire influence in their natal charts.


People with a Taurus sun and Sagittarius moon have a stable and harmonious nature, but need a good adventure occasionally.

They love spending their free time at home and enjoying its comfort, but they also love the excitement of travels and exploring new cultures and discovering new things.

They also enjoy meeting new people and sharing their experiences with them.

These people love to entertain their loved ones, and prefer doing it in the comfort of their beautifully decorated homes.

They enjoy preparing food for their loved ones and pampering them. They are reliable and responsible, but can be prone to absentmindedness and forgetfulness at times. These people love their freedom and independence.

They love making their own decisions and doing what they like, without having to consult anyone about that. That is often one of the main reasons, why these people tend to avoid commitments such as marriage.

They do get married when they find a partner who can understand and tolerate this need they have. They also need to love this person very much. If there isn’t a strong live between them and their partners, they don’t have the reason to make this move.

They choose to stay in a loose relationship without having to explain anything to their partner, and the relationship can last while it lasts. When they feel that there’s a possibility of losing a partner they love very much because of their reluctance to commit and marry them, they usually decide to do that.

After doing it, they realize that they don’t need to keep their options open anymore since they have found what they were looking for all along.