Tongue – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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All parts of the human body have a specific symbolical meaning besides their physical function.

For example, ears are associated with a sexual connotation, in the same way that eyes are with the soul.

Tongue – it is associated with the speech, of course, but from the other side, it speaks of health and the person’s character.

It can appear in a dream world, although not so commonly.

Read here what it means.

Meaning and Symbolism

In a general way, dreams that have a tongue as a central motive suggest that the one who has such a dream should be careful what they say in real life.

Also, if you had such a dream, you are a very temperamental person whose voice is faster than the mind.

It usually happens that you react in the first second, after which you repent and withdraw to the people you may hurt.

Many do not dislike you because they know that you are careless, but you will not always find understanding and tolerance.

One version that carries a negative symbolical value is the one where you see a tongue that is bitten, and such a dream signifies death.

This may be an associate with whom you were not especially close but whose life story never left you cold.

Such situations are a set in you and raise questions about the meaning of life that you never manage to find.

In an alternation, this dream speaks of an ending of a particular phase, one that has ended and the other has come, so the negative connotation is not mandatory.

When you dream that something is on your tongue, crawling on it, in reality, it has an excellent symbolical value.

In fact, you will defeat the enemy for sure, even if you are not certain how well you do it.

Despite showing how capable you can be, you often encounter underestimation and negative comments about things you have accomplished. You try not to be affected by someone else’s envy, but you fail to control yourself in some situations, but you make it clear what you think about them.

Such a dream shows that you may be lack self-confidence and faith in yourself in an alternate version.

That’s why you often stay away and don’t want to reveal your abilities, skills, and talents.

Every day you watch your colleague’s progress at work during your standstill.

If you work on it, maybe your career will take an upward trajectory.

In a dream, and this one is prevalent, where you do not have a tongue, it speaks of the past (it is the past that you did not face in the right way, and it has come back to you).

Such a dream shows that you are abused from the past, from a specific event where you did not oppose someone who insulted you in public. You decided to be more innovative and give in, but that situation hit you deeply. It is good that you try to avoid conflicts, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

This kind of dream means that someone has trusted you with a secret and that you have to work hard not to give it away, and it is a challenge, for sure.

It’s not a problem for you to refrain, but now you often want to share your opinion about it with someone.

Consider whether this is more important to you than a relationship with a person who has complete confidence in you.

In a dream where you are swallowing your tongue, such a dream symbolizes that you are the target of gossip. Your action or decision will serve as a good matter for someone to talk about, so you will not be saved from various enhancements and even lies.

Don’t talk much about everything you hear about yourself because that way, you will only ignite other people’s interest and urge to gossip about you.

Decoding the Dream about Tongue

As you know, the motive’s appearance in a dream speaks a lot of what it means. Here the way the tongue looks can alter the dream meanings.

For example, in a dream where you see a big, colossal tongue – it comes as a warning to be extra careful in reality.

This dream implies that when you are in front of some people, and you are scared to speak your mind. Your curiosity, but also your tendency to scatter confirmed and unverified information, could get you in a problem.

The next time it occurs to you to share your knowledge of someone with a third person, try to imagine how you would feel if you were the subject of such a conversation.

A small tongue, on the other hand, shows that you are in such a stage in life, that above all, you need a lot of peace.

It shows that you are currently surrounded by people who make you a little tired and suffocated by their conversations, you cannot do it anymore, and you are struggling to find how to do it. You would like to spend at least some time alone so that you can think in peace about some things that bother you.

If the tongue is pierced in a dream, it means that the opinion of the environment about you is more important than everything else in life.

Before you do anything, you try to imagine what kind of comments would provoke.

That’s why you often do something you don’t like and rarely enjoying it. You have begun to lose your identity to maintain a good reputation.

Think of what is more important to you – to be your true self or to be made according to other measures. What will make you happy? Here lies the answer!

If you dream that your tongue is swollen, you may enter into a discussion with a stubborn person who does not want to abandon their beliefs, regardless of how you are persuasive and right.

That someone is usually a radical person who is on the other side of the specter from you.

It is someone who disagrees with you in numerous ways about a lot of things.

The advice that comes from this dream is to give up and not waste your time on such conversations anymore.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

The dream about the tongue speaks of you, and it can show your current state in life, perhaps relationships that you have in life, but also with your own ability to speak your mind.

Lately, you feel that you are not completely honest and that you both avoid talking about some topics.

It takes you further and further away, so you often find yourself thinking about what your life would look like if you were alone.

Think carefully about what you want and tell your partner.

If your goal is to maintain that connection, you will have to talk much more about painful topics.

Additional versions of this dream are where the tongue is black or white alter its meaning and therefore the message connected to it – black usually means that you will make a mistake and find it very difficult to find an excuse for your actions.

No matter how hard you try, you will not prove that you did not have bad intentions.

This could seriously damage your relationship with some loved ones, and your task is not to allow it from happening.

A white tongue as a motive in a dream comes as a warning to stop talking to people behind their back – the advice here is to speak openly, and if you had a problem with someone, tell that person in his or her face, not behind their backs.

Don’t be a coward and pull back, be brave and speak your mind.