Dreams About Being Cheated On – Meaning and Symbolism

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The majority or even all of the events that we experience in our lives become a part of our subconscious, even if we do not remember that we have processed them.

Every single thought, event, situation, or person you see/meet/experience in life can become a part of your dream world.

Even someone you have seen in a split second, on the street, can and often does become a motive in a dream.

Numerous scientists have studied the effect dreams have on humans, and they have concluded, in some part, that our mind process all that we have experienced during the day.

Now, interpersonal relations are often the motives of a dream world.

At a certain part of our lives, all of us have dreamed about cheating – in various combinations. One of the motives with this theme is where you dream you have been cheated on.

Probably such dreams left an effect on you, disturbing you – it is not a nice feeling when you find out that someone you love had cheated on you.

In real life, this is one situation no one wants to experience.

But we do. And we have to deal with it in the best way we can. People, who are experiencing a major fear of loneliness, lack of belief that things can change for the better, dependence on a partner, whether we think psychologically, economically, and emotionally.

In order to protect themselves from the pressure and condemnation of the environment and to avoid the agony of facing their own fears, many prefer to remain in an insincere relationship for the rest of their lives.

By choosing to stay in a relationship that does not fulfill them, the partners choose to suppress their real emotional needs.

By suppressing their needs and avoiding the inconvenience of facing the truth, partners often focus their energy on compensatory relationships and activities. They point out that they are married because of the children; for them, it becomes an important home, hobby, and not so few are obsessively dedicated to working.

No matter how much you try to silence dissatisfaction and emotional fulfillment with a partner relationship, there will always be a feeling of emptiness and anxiety in one part of your being.

And, it has to come outside – often through the dreams, the world that does not allow anything to be suppressed.

Therefore such dreams about being cheated on are very common.

Having said all of this – you have wondered, what does it mean when you dream that you were cheated on?

Will you be cheated on in reality, or are you just manifesting fears through the dream’s symbolism?

This is the dream that experts say is very common among those who feel that they are not treated well by their lovers, even in situations when they want to obtain a deep and meaningful connection.

Perhaps the dream with this motive is an indication that your lover is not very involved in your alliance, which you subconsciously sense.

These dreams most commonly do not have anything to do with the actual love life but can express different sections in life.

Meaning and Symbolism

There are many versions of this dream, and do not be puzzled – even the most bizarre options are in the game.

Did you know that many people have a dream that their lover had cheated on them with one of their parents!

This is also a significant dream with incredible meaning.

If this version of a dream – if one of your parents was the person your lover had cheated you on, it suggests that someone close to you (it does not have to be the lover from a dream) is sneaking something, that it has secrets they do not want to be revealed.

Some say that such a dream suggests that something uncomfortable or dangerous can harm the relationship between the two lovers.

If the dream where you were cheated on ended with the breakup (all of this is the motive in a dream), in that case, such a dream may indicate your emotions of uncertainty and anxiety of abandonment.

If you see your lover cheated on you in the act in the dream in the act, red-handed, in that case, such a dream can be an indication that your lack of confidence (in yourself and your relationship) creates this dream. If there is even tension, then the dream of cheating is the symbol of the unconscious dread of dedication and passion.

If you just heard about beings cheating on in a dream, such a dream can show a whole disappointment with the love connection with your lover; and it is the manifestation of such a fear.

This dream could also emerge from needing to end the love connection since someone else wants desperately to be with you to have you as a lover. It may be someone who has been pursuing you for a long time and even if you have not shown any interest, he or she would not give up on its intentions.

For those in a marriage, such a dream symbolizes the fear of the unknown and the constant questioning did they made a mistake when they tied the knot.

Remember that some experts say that the dream about beings cheated on may be a sign of your suspicion and loss of faith in your spouse. In some cases, such a dream may show an actual romance outside of the marriage or a relationship, from your side or the side of your partner.

Your subconsciousness has somehow recognized, even though there were no obvious symptoms of your mistrust that something is going on in your marriage or relationship.

If the dream ended by the lover saying sorry for the cheating – such symbolism is connected to the uncertainty of the feeling you have toward your lover. It may exhibit your suspicion of feelings you have towards your lover.

If the person you have cheated on is someone you know or like very much may come as an indication that you spend a lot of consideration to others (people that do not deserve your attention and care), and therefore feel incredibly blameworthy for ignoring your current lover.

On the other side, if the person you have been cheated on is someone you do not know someone seemingly random in that case, experts and dream therapists say, it is the outcome of your troubled psyche.

This dream may symbolize that you are not trustworthy with your lovers about something irrelevant. It does not have to be anything major. But the guilt is there – a constant but suppressed perception of the blame for something you have done. Perhaps you stated something back to your lover that bothered them, and now you feel distressed because of it.

If in a dream, your lover has confessed to cheating you, such a dream is the symbol of your unhappiness regarding the life you are leading right now. In a better version, it is the preparation for something better to come. You may be planning to perform some adjustments for the better.

Decoding Dream About being cheated on

In some cases, the dream where you have been cheated on, in a general sense, comes as an indication of some intimate contacts with those humans for whom you know or feel does not like you very much (or that hate you). These events may even end with jeopardizing your own reputation in society.

Now, let us talk about feelings that you have while you dream that you were cheated on.

Did you feel angry when you saw that you were being cheated on? Or you felt relief? Did you left your lover after you have found out or you become even unhappier then before?

If there was an argument in a dream about cheating, most commonly, this dream is not a good indication. This dream shows concerns and uncertainties regarding your love life. Some say that it is the prediction of your response and brass since perhaps you cheated on your life, so it comes at the surface in a dream.

But, on the brighter side, a dream about being cheated on can be, in some cases, a good sign. In this version, you felt a relief when you saw a lover cheating you on. Then such a dream is a warning of opening a different stage of life.

At times, this dream is a symbol that you necessitate to defeat the contemporary barriers you have to gain progress. Do have in mind that this dream does not have to do with the insecurity regarding love life; it can be any part of your life – from family life to your job.

One more interesting version of the dream about beings cheated on is the one where you have been cheated on with a member of your family, and it can be brother or sister, mother, father. This type of a dream is more common then you expect, and yes, it is very bizarre, but dreams are often just like that.

Experts say that such a version, such a dream is a terrible warning; it could even suggest that you see a member of your family as a competitor, which is a startling fact if it is correct.

This dream is a word to handle those emotions you have towards family members and review connection with them. It is very important to review feelings and actions toward your family, but objectively, from a rational perspecitve, not emotional.

To have a dream to be cheated on with multiple people, be careful – such a dream can show that in reality, you may be required to struggle with people you do not like very much.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

This type of dream is so common among those who live in fear, have anxiety that they will be rejected, abandoned, or feel like they do not receive enough attention, love, and care from their lovers.

So, this dream has a lot to do with you, not your lover, and the message is to deal with yourself first and then your lover.

Some say that the dream where you are cheated on is a dream where your sub-mind is telling you that you do not have enough self-confidence.

It is like you almost feel that you are not worth being with them like they will soon realize it and leave you. The fear finds its way into your dream world.

This dream is a note to confront the dilemmas of self-confidence and self-esteem and attempt to resolve them in the best way you are able to do. If you are not able to do so and do not take this dream as a warning, you can face a time of undesired fights with lovers and people you care for.

In the long term, such behavior shall expose the love connection with the people you care for; and the disappointment you will feel will drive you to various difficulties and struggles in different sections of your life.

You may have had some past bad experiences related to them, which caused your feelings and attitude towards them. It may be complicated for you to accomplish what is required of you in such unbearable and unfavorable conditions.

At times a dream when you are cheated on, and you get your lover back shows nothing else but discourtesy and dispute between you and your lover.

If the dream you have regarding being cheated on ends with you or your lover, ending a relationship and going to the next shows that the disappointments and concerns you have on a daily basis are pushing you to the uncomfortable limit and that you are about to crack any minute now.

For some, this dream is a sign that they need help with everyday tasks regarding home or job.

For others, this dream apparently symbolizes little, common struggles and disputes that do not imply harsh impacts on your love relationship.

If the version of this dream is the one where your lover cheated you with your best friend, in that case, the dream is a manifestation of the feeling you have been neglected by your lover.

In this case, in reality, it shows the need to talk to your lovers about the things that are bothering you.

Also, you may have to experience such dreams if you are going to a separation from your lover, all caused by reciprocal misinterpretations or loss of respect.

But the advice is to try to protect your connection if you attempt to illuminate some things by communicating and operating as a team.

Advice is to begin to structure self-confidence; because in the case when you do it, you will resolve or avoid disputes and absurd charges against your lover, spouse, avoiding ruining what you have.

Resolve any dissatisfaction that you have in a relationship, and change what you do not like.

Consider this dream to be the information to communicate honestly with your lover about all that has been troubling you so that you can make peace once again.