Virgo in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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Virgo is protected by Mercury. This fleet-foot of God, the messenger of Zeus, was the center of power, both physically and mentally, which is clearly manifested in the image of virgins. They are in constant motion, it is time to do a lot.

Born in this sign of great parties and use their sharp wit at full capacity. But a high level of intelligence can be a cause of skepticism.

Virgo is able to tame her worst instincts, subjecting them to a magnifying glass.

Virgo – Meaning and Info

Virgo – Mark Earth and most virgins – people of sound. Virgo may enjoy material things, but for them it is already a desire to surround themselves with real things.

Born in the sign of Virgo are very sensitive. They may be restless, but try to suppress those impulses. Virgo extremely concerned about a healthy lifestyle. They are neat and tidy. Reliable and practical.

By temperament and character Virgo – One of the most complex and deepest signs of the zodiac. They are smart, hardworking, and reliable and can do anything, and can be mediocrity and boring, and the greatest thinkers.

Virgo – a sign of innocence. But as a symbolism it should not be interpreted literally. Better to say: Virgin took on his character traits like humility and humanity.

Virgin quiet people love privacy. But they are not dreamers, they have no illusions. Only by nature are they one, secular life is not for them. And despite the fact that it is obvious that they are very attractive.

Many of them are bachelors and old virgins, but at the same time they are fully capable of finding marital happiness and becoming faithful husbands and wives.

However, neither male nor female Virgos love never obscures the eyes: they always see the shortcomings of their partner. Virgos are usually critics and their criticism is always thought out.

In most cases they are pleasant, helpful and considerate. Because they can get a good nurse. They always all right – and things and things, extremely clean, they shower several times a day and carefully monitor their clothes, but a little dress conservatively.

They don’t like lazy people who don’t like delays, nothing moves the line of decency. Restore order – your instinct. They hate dirt, vulgarity and laziness. Faced with screens of stupidity, ignorance and negligence, they become irritable, nervous.

They can’t sit still for a long time in one place, and start caring transplanted from chair to chair. But it is rarely a nervous condition that affects others.

The virgin keeps the peace. Strong emotional experiences passed in the interior, which affects health and can lead to indigestion and nervous system.

Virgo categorically does not want to accept service to others, they do not tolerate it because I do not want to be indebted to anyone. That desire no one could rely on forces them to save money.

Compassion for those who need a virgin there, but they are very generous to their friends who were in trouble. Very loving and sorry for the animals. The Virgos produced strong habits that they never divorced.

In terms of competencies, Virgo-born people are best suited for the role of subordinates rather than leaders. Increased sense of responsibility which makes them worry too much about other people’s mistakes.

Because of its precision, clarity of thought and methodical Virgo succeed in the literary, publishing and library fields in medicine and pharmacology, as laboratory workers and accountants. They can always rely on and trust them to work hard.

Usually physically resilient and healthy people. Although the disease can get nervous due to the fact that they are too nervous and Dev is an unusual disease of the stomach, headaches, and lung diseases.

However, they always know what they need to eat and how to prepare.

Virgo – the most common type of all signs, and if only to take care of his health, that he can survive his stronger friends.

But we must take into account that the Virgin can be valid, especially in old age, and if she falls into despair, and the doctor will be difficult to help her.

Because Virgo is vital to train herself that her health is fine and not his continue any illness. It should nurture warmth in relationships with others, not to call yourself compassion – for ill health, imaginary or real.

Virgin is in people like honesty, punctuality, thrift and ingenuity, they are not very generous in terms of love and not like throwing money away. They distribute their love quietly and smoothly.

Virgin habits – something fixed once and for all. That of a practical nature, individualists. They build their destiny on their own, tend to be independent and rely only on themselves. Moreover, they were mortally afraid of the burden of someone – or in old age. This explains some of the stinginess rather than the nature of their economic life.

Virgos try to keep their thoughts clean from any temptations. They define and create their own destiny much more clearly than other characters.

The biggest advantage of virgins is their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. And when all this is combined with the desire to serve others, Virgin are necessary.

8th House – Meaning and Info

House VIII is related to death, but not only with death in a physical sense, but also symbolic.

That is, House VIII represents the deep crises in our lives and how we react to them or what capacity for regeneration we have before them.

For example, how we adapt or face the different periods of life: childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, old age and death.

However, there is no need to be afraid of having many planets in House VIII, which can indicate a person deeply interested in the afterlife or someone committed to therapies, physical or psychological. For example, a doctor, a psychologist, an astrologer, etc. they may have an outstanding House VIII.

Generally, a House VIII populated by planets also indicates that the person will go through several changes of scenery and situation in her life, which will have to go through great transitions from one stage to another.

Other times, a VIII House with important planets such as the Sun or the Moon indicates the lack of the paternal or maternal figure in key years for the education of the individual. In a way, this house implies resignation.

But, while for some people the resignation can give a feeling of loss, for others, it can suppose a liberation and a possibility to start from scratch. For example, inheritances are related to this house, and planets located there often warn of difficulties in everything related to inheritances or wills.

But this house is the opposite of the two (that of the economy and personal resources), so it also represents the resources of others.

For example, this house talks about the resources of the couple and how we share what is ours with theirs. The planets in House VIII also speak of loans and, ultimately, all money, good or resource that comes to us without having earned it personally.

The planets located in this house give the ability to penetrate the deepest and not remain in the appearances of things. They also confer qualities for personal transformation or to help the transformation and evolution of the people with whom they come in contact. Well used, the planets located in this house serve to have a deeper vision of everything.

Sexuality and everything that concerns it is also represented by this house, which is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious of the twelve Houses in a horoscope. Deep down, the planets in this house tell us about how we share with others or how we come to combine our energies with theirs.

Like Persephone, through relationship we sink into a foreign world. In sex and intimacy, we discover and share parts of ourselves that are normally kept hidden. Relationships are the catalysts for change.

Every influence from this House cleanses and regenerates, bringing to the surface (generally via a current relationship) problems that were left unresolved in previous relationships.

There is a primordial instinctual inheritance: envy, jealousy, greed, rage, seething passions, need for power and dominance. In the realm of this House, there can be destructive fantasies that may lurk, hidden behind gentle facades.

Virgo in 8th House – Meaning and Info

They closely monitor their appearance. You will never see a Virgo man unshaven. Men born in the sign of Virgo is a very practical people, not prone to sentimentality.

But even so, they reveal to the child a deep connection with family and friends, those who are less than them.

It has a sharp mind and great intelligence, the male Virgo is very practical, and his analytical mind is always calculating the probability of risk. Most situations happen that they will try to understand first, so they feel more confident.

He knows how to pick up good friends and lovers, rarely wrong. Very picky in choosing a lover, so he had serious novels. His modesty and genius protected him from unwanted relationships. Sure, it sometimes happens with purely physical earthly love, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

They do not advocate violent and passionate love, they love it devotion to family and friends. Any bright expression of emotion – sensitive promises of raging tears, tumultuous explanation – can frighten and alienate the Virgin.

Men can wear Virgo maintenance more easily than other characters, as they are much disciplined. In love tends to stability, permanence. But since they are hard to achieve, they are not so much a love affair.

Typically, a Virgo man continue a love disappointment. In such cases he is closed, he comes from society, but next time he will be doubly careful.

Don’t try to cheat or lie with him, Virgo hates illusions. She wants the relationship to be pure and sincere. It is not easy to awaken your emotions.

Even when challenged, he rarely loses his temper. It will hide your true feelings with truly acting talent. Will pretend that you are completely indifferent to her, treatment cold, even if he is in love. But his heart certainly has it, so be patient. Success comes to those who can wait.

A virgin is looking for a woman, not a mistress in every sense of the word. His love will ignite a flame equal and give you a sense of security for many years to come. Virgo man sensitive to small things that are important to women. He will offer his lady security, reliability and loyalty.

However, he will have to say goodbye to the parties and other similar activities, because I don’t like them.

But once I have won it, it is unlikely to give you reason to be jealous. It won’t be you showering with money, but it will be necessary.

Men Lady – faithful men and tear family ties only in exceptional cases where there is a clear violation of dignity.

Although sometimes a Virgo man aimlessly starts flirting just to make sure it is their manhood.

He is a great worker. Give him a job, and he immediately finds solutions.

If he doesn’t do it right away, he’ll just be careful to collect data from all the sources available to him. Self-discipline – an important feature of his character.

Usually Virgin is quite nervous, and they need a quiet environment, so you can do your best. This explains Virgos love the fresh air, exercise and adherence.

If a man Virgo has decided something completely. It’s hard to change your mind. He does not tolerate ignorance, stupidity, the filth of hatred and vulgarity. Very conscious father seriously his responsibilities.

It was the father who soon tried to teach the children to work and to meet their moral standards.

He is willing to make every sacrifice to give children a good education, even when divorced from his wife, because he attaches great importance to the development of intelligence, ethical concepts and a sense of civic duty.

Virgo loves to take care of her health, but if she gets sick, be careful with you and she will take care of you.


Virgo exposed her fate without a fight. If destiny is appointed by the loneliness of a Virgo man it is necessary, without regret or emotional drama. Because so many of them once.

However, Virgo can be a skilled seducer. His nature – a mixture of sharp mind and very earthly passions.

It can destroy the light flirting heart, but his analytical mind rarely goes admiring from the scope of the platonic connection to the physical. In love, there is always something pure, sublime.