Aries Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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According to astrology, people’s destinies are written in the stars. Astrology is old, dating millennia of years ago.

The origins of Western astrology lie in Ancient Persia and Greeks and Romans introduced the knowledge about the stars and their influence over people’s lives to Europe.

Astrology is also a complex discipline. Commonly, people only speak about their native sign, as if it decides everything.

However, it is way more complicated than that. Your native signs is, true, the core of your natal chart and your horoscope, but it is not the only deciding factor.

Actually, no element of a birth chart is definitely deciding upon your personality and your destiny.

They tell about potentials, capacities, possibilities and opportunities. What your birth chart tells is what you might become.

The key is to understand your natal chart and see what potentials are hidden in there.

If you manage to interpret them well, you could better use them.

An experienced astrologer could make an in-depth analysis and tell you what the stars have in store for you. Everything else is up to you.

Today we are talking about the Sun and the Moon combination in personalized horoscope; both are very important elements to consider, inevitable for understanding your astrological profile and inseparable one from another.

The Sun and the Moon are Luminaries, the obvious and the mysterious part of one’s personality.

Sun Sign

Planet Sun plays an important role in each person’s horoscope. It decides your ruling sign; the sign the Sun was at on your birthday is your native sign.

We call it planet, although astronomically, the Sun is a star, not a planet by its physical characteristics. However, astrology enlists all heavenly bodies in the Solar system as planets.

The Sun is, however, special one, being the brightest of the stars and the first of so-called ‘personal planets’.

In short, the Sun is your Ego. The Sun represents our consciousness, reason, attitude, ambition and action. It is an active, fiery and masculine principle. In personalized horoscopes, it also represents the figure of the father.

In a natal chart, it decides your native sign. Your Sun sign then defines your basic personal traits, your temperament and character.

The Sun is the ‘king of the day’. It shines upon our personality and exposes us to the eyes of others.

It is associated with self-esteem, will for life, vitality, strength and health. It stands for glory, nobility, our identity in the world.

Sun in Aries

Aries is one of the fiery signs and the Sun is the element of Fire itself. Sun Aries is a powerful, strong and mighty combination.

Aries people are known as some of the most active, dynamic and executive zodiac representatives, but also the most stubborn, aggressive and tactless.

These people grab opportunities or create them; they are impatient to wait for things to happen.

They are courageous and fierce. Sun Aries people are eager to take initiative in any situation.

They do not like others to do things in their place; they are controlling and dominant, with a strongly authoritative attitude. Often they do not think before they act, but let their impulses guide them.

They are tough, so even if failure greatly irritates them, they move forwards. These are zodiac representatives less likely to surrender to despair.

For an Aries, life is a battlefield. It is something to be explored, experienced, affected.  People with the Sun in Aries are open, direct and bold; many would describe their attitude as imposing and aggressive.

However, they inspire great respect, even awe. Sun Aries’ are true to their goals and to their words. They are fearless pioneers, a bit naive and highly optimistic.

Moon Sign

The Moon is everything opposite of what the Sun represents in a natal chart, which makes it an inevitable part of astrological patterns.

Everything the Sun is supported by mysterious, transformative energies of the Moon. The greatest wisdom is, perhaps, putting the two into harmony.

The Moon is our deep, emotional self. The Sun is about the manifestation and action, the Moon is about impression and feeling.

This Luminary affects the way we feel the world around us. It is of a flexible, changeable, transformative nature, as the element of Water. It rules the sign of Cancer, one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac.

The Moon is our soul and our emotion. It is also our imagination and intuition. Many would describe the effect of the Moon as a guiding, inner voice.

The Moon inspires the noblest feelings, the strangest ones, as well as the dangerous ones. One should nurture his or hers emotional side and try to channel its energy properly.

The way our Moon energy is going to affect us greatly depends on the sign the Moon occupies in one’s natal chart. It further affects other elements of the natal chart, such as your Sun sign.

Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo is emotionally dramatic and pompous. People with the Moon in Leo are often greatly self-reliable and self-sufficient.

They are prod and emotionally bound to everything that boosts their Ego and everything that is in their possession. They have true talent in evaluating others’ motives.

This temperament is fiery and direct. Leo Moon does not let others manipulate them.

On theater hand, these passionate zodiac representatives could become greatly emotionally vulnerable when they truly care for someone. Leos are noble and protective by nature, very openhearted and generous, the ones that make the spirit of any company.

The great advantage is that rarely one sees them weak, so they lick their emotional would far from the eyes of others and maintain their proud reputation.

Moon Leos are honorable people, sensitive to injustice. They would boldly defend those who are helpless. They have particularly strong protective instinct related to their family.

Moon Leos are irresistibly charming, with a bright and wide smile on their faces.

They truly believe problems can be solved through positive attitude. They are spontaneous and melodramatic at times, but generally, someone you can rely on. They are authoritative and brave people, born to lead.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Personality

Now here we have a golden, glorious character. Aries Sun Leo Moon simply shines around, bathed in the sparkling Sun and touched by the element of Fire.

No one could easily resist to these people.

They possess endless enthusiasm and strength. They are positive and very optimistic, fearless in front of life’s challenges. Aries Sun Leo Moon are born to be remembered.

These people have certain heroic feature in their personality. They possess incredibly energy of both Aries and Leo. Being native Aries, they are executive, fierce and strong, while the Moon in Leo makes them passionate, compassionate and generous.

It adds to their inner strength and their boldness. Both Aries and Leo are fiery, proud, dominant, courageous and overall positive personalities.

There is a lot of activity in there. It all depends on how you are going to channel this energy.

Aries Sun Leo Moon individuals are creative, they care for being seen and admired. They have both talent and drive to succeed.

An ideal Aries Sun Leo Moon combines determination and focus of an Aries with incredible charisma, noble spirit and passion of a Leo.

The best thing about them is that they are natural and honest. Although prone to drama, it is just who they are. They do not pretend to be anyone else. Their self-confidence pierces the sky.

It could make them arrogant and superficial, but, in the most cases, they handle it and remain approachable and very warm and generous people.

Nothing is too difficult for them to do or to challenging to dare not to do.

Good Traits

Aries Sun Leo Moon are determined and enthusiastic, while noble and warm at the same time.

They are people of heroic nature, predisposed for great things. They could leave the mark on the world, by leading others and ruling by example. They are philanthropist and they emit positivism around. Their personality stands out in the mass.

They are very individualistic people. Aries Sun Leo Moon use their talents in a creative way.

They are spontaneous and spirited. These people demand respect and admiration, but they usually have a good reason to expect it.

Their intentions are noble and good; these people stand for themselves, for their dear ones, but also boldly protect anyone in need of saving. Heroes, as we have said.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of Aries Sun Leo Moon are easy to presume. So much energy and self-confidence often leads to arrogance, egocentrism and vanity.

These people do tend to put themselves above others, as if they were special.

Well, they are special but there are good way to express it, such as their exemplary guidance, nobility and protectiveness.

Their heroism could easily turn into either zealotry or tyranny, if they do not control it.

Aries Sun Leo Moon in Love and Marriage

Aries Sun Leo Moon are the most passionate in love. As we have mentioned, love is, actually their weakness, but it is not a bad thing.

It softens them. It does make them more vulnerable, but also caring, kind and extremely devoted lovers.

They are passionate in pleasing their partner, but expect the same of them. They are straightforward, irresistibly charming, true ladies and gentlemen in love and marriage.

Best Match for Aries Sun Leo Moon

One might assume these people have very high standards and expectations of an ideal partner.

Well, it is true and they would not make compromises about that.

Their ideal match should definitely be someone with great enthusiasm to follow their goals.

It should be a person with a reputation, someone noble, respected, beautiful and charming. It should be someone to admire their own qualities and who would not calculate their emotions.


Aries Sun Leo Moon are heroes of the Zodiac, if aspects in a natal chart are favorable, of course. They are predisposed to leave the mark on the world.

Their impulses, rather than patient reasoning guide them, but, fortunately, their positivity and strength are so huge that they rarely get harmed. Even if they do, they boldly step ahead.

These people are generous and loving, greatly admired and respected by wider audience, as well as in private circles.