North Node in Virgo

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The natives of this North Node have as their main soul commitment to discriminate, organize, analyze and advance in a methodical, constant, organized way.

Their main task is to ground their idealism, working to specify through order, method, perseverance and the observation of details.

Also to work on a day-to-day basis to achieve your goals, and to maintain important body care. We are going to explain this in parts

People with this North Node tend to originally have a highly emotional, idealistic, compassionate nature, capable of understanding and nurturing many people without making many distinctions.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

However, this nature, although it is compassionate and useful for working in the service of others, does not favor them in their daily lives when they handle it in an overwhelming and undifferentiated way.

Virgo is the sign that most refers to the ability to discriminate, that is, to observe in detail to generate distinctions and operate accordingly.

It is important that the North Node in Virgo learn to be a shelter and shelter for others under certain parameters and limits, and after careful observation; otherwise they will be prone to great disappointment, by placing too much trust and idealistic love in others who do not correspond to that tone.

Applying a more judicious and analytical rational and mental template to their emotionality will allow them to channel their energy and find the focus that they often struggle to have.

Additionally, it will avoid misunderstandings, waste and even tragedies arising from this lack of schematization.

On the other hand, for these natives it is important to develop the ability to organize. The concept of order does not necessarily have to do with locating things occupying a specific place, even harmonious aesthetically.

It refers to the ability to generate action plans, divided into specific steps, and carry them out step by step on a day-to-day basis.

In general, the natives of this Node tend to have a fairly “relaxed” mentality, which is oriented to live and experience a dream, but not to look at the details and execute the steps that are required to make them come true.

In this way, it is difficult for them to dedicate time and attention to generating methodical plans, and working them on a day-to-day basis.

Given this, they are prone to having many difficulties in achieving their goals because they forget to pay attention to details, and their idealistic gaze blurs them from the most obvious realities of everyday life.

Again, it is extremely relevant that they remember that their objectives and tasks are executable to the extent that they become aware that step-by-step work is important to achieve them.

The Tarot card 8 of Pentacles is a very clear visual description of this state.

Let’s look at the central scene of the letter. A character who has some coins around, while working in detail to build a new one. He gives the feeling that all these coins that he already has he has carved with as much dedication, care and concentration as he is doing with the one he has in his hand.

We can also assume from the scene that the golds he has around him, although they are many, seem not to be attributable to a gift of destiny or to the benefit of the external, but to the neat and dedicated work of everyday life.

Thus, this scene reflects the focus, attention to detail, and constant and daily work for the consolidation of results that the North Node in Virgo comes to demonstrate.

These natives are usually used, whether they know it or not, to living from a Piscean focus or energy (the opposite sign of Virgo, where they have their North node).

Virgo is the most transpersonal sign of the zodiac, that is, the one that spends the least time thinking about worldly details, and focuses on connecting with high aesthetic, social, spiritual ideals, etc.

It is ultimately the sign of prioritizing the ideal and sublime, the encounter with the ALL, over the particularities of human details.

According to karmic astrology, the soul of these natives has gone through earthly experiences in which their idealistic focus displaced their interests and downplayed the everyday.

They could have been spiritual teachers, monks, artists… concentrated so intensely on their sensitive and spiritual development, losing notion and sense of the importance of routines as an important aspect of life.

Additionally, they could have lived in communities or environments in which the consolidation of objectives was perceived as unnecessary, or in which the care of the land or material became unnecessary or unimportant.

An artist with a patron, a monk disinterested in the material, or even a spouse or a courtier used to living in a “bubble” world and without the personal need to work for their earthly needs, are some examples.

Virgo – Meaning and Symbolism

The order-loving Virgo is unbeatable when it comes to restoring order in chaos. Virgos do their job with meticulous care, paying special attention to detail.

You work thoroughly and precisely. Efficiency and excellent performance of duty are the focus of their lives. Virgo has the ability to adapt perfectly, but is far too clever and intelligent to be victimized by anyone.

Life and expenditure depend on what the situation demands, what is most sensible, in order to achieve the best result with the least amount of effort. The highest priority is always to secure one’s own life. In this way, Virgo has the ability to plan ahead and organize perfectly.

As a subordinate in the profession, the Virgo is very popular because she is correct, hardworking and hardworking. She makes herself indispensable through her persistence and correctness.

Virgo people have the gift of perceiving imperfections and can make things work smoothly. They feel at home in areas that are well organized and in jobs that require technical skills, analytical thinking and discernment.

Virgos can resist almost any emotional temptation if they want to, because they are dominated by a sharp mind, holding back feelings and considering the consequences.

Virgos want a relationship that is built on trust and honesty. You will only open yourself to love if the person in question fully conforms to your ideas.

Even the little Virgo child is very sensible in almost all situations. It needs an orderly environment in which it is protected from spontaneous changes.

Virgo children are extremely inquisitive. Nothing escapes their observation and they want to analyze everything.

The Virgo child will overwhelm you with questions. Praise and recognition are important to fuel his development.

Virgo people are early concerned about their health and take all possible measures. In order to enjoy the best of health, those born under the sign of Virgo need plenty of fresh air, exercise and sun so that they can recharge their batteries.

People born under the sign Virgo tend to be nervous and should reduce stress and rush. The Virgo is very fixated on her obligations and tasks and often forgets about the necessary breaks for regeneration.

The natives of this Node, to the extent that they establish routines, hold a day-to-day job, and analyze their situations in a rational, systematic way and a little more detached from their emotions, will have the ability to offer harmoniously and rewarding their ability to serve others.

Additionally, they will have the facility to show others how to reconcile their ideals and dreams with the practical aspects of reality.

More importantly, they will have acquired a strong discernment that will allow them to teach others to distinguish between fiction and reality, dream and delusion, the important and the truly indispensable, etc.

In this way they will have a very rich internal toolbox to consolidate their objectives and support others in the same task.

Sometimes the north node in Virgo makes one feel that it is not fair to be helped, this is due to a karmic past in which you were persecuted, withdrawn from society or in short, they made you feel that you were inadequate. The trace of those experiences is still permeated in the depths of your being.

North Node in Virgo – Meaning and Symbolism

People with a southern node in Virgo come from past lives in which there may be some chaos and disorganization.

Virgo energy is the energy of “flow” and unconditional acceptance but taken to excess can mean that one does not take control of his life, putting himself in a passive place, where he feels that the things that happen to him are inevitable or uncontrollable.

If the person is not aware of this tendency, the nodes may be shy or lack goals and ambition. You can also manifest escapism through addictions or a fantasy and imagination that is higher than most.

The gift of these nodes is your empathy and adaptability to the ups and downs of life.

It is also likely that you have a very global and particular way of understanding the world since in past lives you inquired about the functioning of the universe.

If, instead of shyness, you decide to use your love of solitude for introspection and research, it is likely that you will reach conclusions and ideas that will be of maximum use and interest to other people.

The Virgo – Virgo nodal axis is the axis of service. You must use your empathic capacity to help others and to contribute something useful to the whole of society.

But without forgetting yourself. It can be difficult to really measure your strength, since people who have a north node in Virgo are very aware that they are spiritual beings and in some cases, they deny their physical condition.

The lesson is clear, you cannot be the savior of all the vulnerable people or animals that you meet, you are a limited being in a physical body. If you do not accept this reality, you are likely to become ill.

The challenge is to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem. Allow others to lean on you in addition to you lean on them.

Sometimes the north node in Virgo makes one feel that it is not fair to be helped, this is due to a karmic past in which you were persecuted, withdrawn from society or in short, they made you feel that you were inadequate. The trace of those experiences is still permeated in the depths of your being.

You may have difficulty leading an orderly lifestyle and good habits so you will also have to learn to have balance in your day to day.

Organizing does not take away the magic of life, on the contrary, you can enjoy more time for yourself if you manage to give space to everything. You will have to ensure that your day to day is in line with your beliefs, be consistent with yourself.

Intuition is also one of your strengths, especially if Jupiter is in good position in your natal chart.

The challenge will be to be able to listen to your intuition and sensations and go on to check them in reality, systematize them and study them from a scientific and logical point of view.

Part of the spiritual path of these nodes is to understand that the spiritual world is not so separate from the physical world, everything is related. No knowledge should be treated as if it were impossible to verify and manifest in reality.

The north and north nodes of the moon in our astral chart speak of those situations that we come to resolve in this life, but that come from other pasts, that is why they are known as the nodes of karma.

Today we will explore the North Node in Virgo, a typical position for individuals who must work on their discipline and connection with reality.

Asking a Virgo North Node individual to have limits is somewhat difficult, especially when it comes to her personal care and safety. Their helpful personality leads them to make extreme sacrifices for others or to want to fix issues that are not theirs.

Chaos is the genuine habitat for these people, so finding an order, a method and a system is their main task, once they achieve it their powers of initiative and creativity will have no limits.

The karmic lesson of this node is hard work and seeking to have a plan to achieve all of your goals.

People with a North Node in Virgo enjoy a particular sensitivity, especially directed towards the arts such as theater, cinema, music and poetry.

Their intuition takes them around the world and it is not difficult to idealize possibilities, the problem is found when they are asked to “land” ideas.


Perfectly reasonable, and even rewarding, to live these soul experiences, the immediate consequence can be inattention and forgetfulness of the practical matters of life, including basic health and body needs.

People with this location can resort to excess food, or the use of substances such as alcohol and drugs as a form of escapism from everyday life, without elucidating the consequences of their habits in the daily life.

The opposite can also happen to them: eating very little or nothing, a fact that can also be related to a disconnection with the importance of the body from the functional point of view (not from the aesthetic point of view)

If you have the north node in Virgo, you usually experience multiple disappointments, related to the gap you perceive between your ideals and reality.

Can you see that this gap is really the difference between what you do and what really needs to be done to get realistic results?

Therefore, one of the objectives of this location is to generate greater awareness of health and the body as a functional vehicle, which requires daily care beyond the aesthetic.

Again, generating routines that they effectively follow in their daily lives that guarantee physical well-being (Exercise for quality of life, nutrition rich in nutrients and balanced) are important objectives.