Venus in 12th House

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Astrology arouses a lot of interests in people because of their natural inclination to discover things about them and other people, but also about their future, as well as the outcome of different situations they encounter in life.

Despite that fact, many people are not aware of how powerful astrology is when its content is used by experienced and knowledgeable astrologers. It can give answers to almost any question we ask.

Astrology can give predictions about future events as well as about the outcomes of relationships between people.

Astrology analysis consists of analyzing the positions of planets at a certain moment in time placed inside a natal chart created for that moment.

Astrologers analyze the planets in Zodiac signs, their position in the houses of the natal chart, the aspects they make between them as well as the rulers of the houses in the natal chart.

The natal chart and many astrological calculations which in previous times required a lot of time are nowadays calculated in seconds through different astrological programs. Doing these calculations manually is a time-consuming process and requires knowledge.

The analysis of the natal chart and accurate predictions require a skillful astrologer with a lot of experience.

A skillful astrologer can give a lot of insight about a person by analyzing their natal chart, especially about their personal appearance, behavior, interests, focus of action as well as their goals.

Also, the astrologer is able to predict possible events the person could experience in their life.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The natal chart is an image of the sky at a certain moment of time, containing the planets inside the 12 houses of the chart.

The natal chart is usually created for the moment of someone’s birth but natal charts can be created to analyze other situations and give answers for different questions.

The exact degree of each house is calculated through different house systems, and it is up to the astrologer to choose the house system which suits their work best.

The most important houses of a natal chart are those with planets inside. The planets inside a house influence the energy of the house and the areas it rules with their energy.

The houses with planets reveal the areas of life where the center of activity and attention is; the houses without planets can reveal details about the areas they rule through their ruler and its placement and connections with other planets.

Astrology technique which analyses relationships is called synastry. This technique compares the natal charts of two people and determines whether there is potential for them to be in a harmonious and lasting union.

The astrologer especially analyses the placements of the planets from one natal chart into the houses of another natal chart. This analysis reveals how the relationship is likely to influence the partners and in which areas of life.

The 12 houses rule different areas of our life, such as our character, personal appearance, interests, talents, education, hobbies, social life, friends, finances, health, physical condition, relationships, partners, parents, children, siblings, our ancestors, family members, neighbors, surroundings, home, work, profession, communication skills, travels, etc.

The houses are divided in different categories. They can be personal and interpersonal; angular, succedent, cadent; cardinal, fixed, mutual, etc. 

Venus – Basic Qualities

Venus rules romantic love and romance, just like the goddess Venus. Venus the planet is the brightest planet on the night sky and can be seen with a naked eye.

Because of its brightness, Venus is sometimes called “evening star” or “morning star”.

Venus is close to the Sun (Mercury is closest), and it takes it around 225 days to circle the Sun.

Venus also rules art and different forms of art and artists, pleasures, glamour, females, female principle, decorative objects, beauty, girlfriends, friends, abundance, wealth, prosperity, money, overindulging, overspending, laziness, comfort, good taste, kindness, harmony, leisure, marriage, partners, love affairs, creativity, procrastination, etc.

Twelfth House Meaning

The 12th house rules secrets, hidden things, fears, secret affairs, issues caused by fear, health issues, isolation, places of isolation, prisons, retirement, karma, karmic duties, addictions, criminal activities, criminals, solitude, self-harm, secret societies, secret affairs, betrayals, partner’s health, etc.

This house rules intuition, psychic abilities, visions, unknown matters, hidden emotions, etc.

Often people with powerful psychic powers have many planets inside the 12th house. This house is ruled by Neptune and its corresponding sign is Pisces.

The 12th house is the house of our subconscious. By analyzing this house and the planets inside, the astrologer can discover a lot about the person’s subconscious content.

A person who has a lot of planets inside the twelfth house can have many fears and phobias which often don’t have an explainable or visible reason.

People with many planets inside the twelfth house often chose professions that are behind the spotlight and hidden from the public. They often work undercover or in some isolated institutions which not many people know about. These people might work for secret organizations or be members of such organizations.

This house is also a house of secret enemies and affairs, unforeseen danger and problems, etc. It also rules events that could transform the persons’ life forever.

The 12th house, as well as the planets which might be placed inside, reveals our subconscious content and reactions. It shows the subconscious needs we have and the way we tend to fulfill them.

This house can reveal subconscious issues we are not aware of and are possibly blocking our life.

The 12th house shows our weaknesses and helps us become aware of them and start dealing with them. These weaknesses are often something the person is not aware of.

The 12th house is a karmic house, revealing the karmic issues of the person and our past lives. This house might give information why our current incarnation looks like it does, and reveal the reasons why we are now going through some experiences.

In some cases, the planets inside the 12th house can be an indication that the person could spend a part of their life in some kind of isolation, either in jail, a mental institution, or self-isolating themselves for some reason.

This could also indicate a person who has a closed-off personality and is prone to spending time alone, avoiding people, etc.

Sometimes this could be an indication of hospitalization for a long time because of some illness.

The person with many malefic planets inside the 12th house could end up in jail due to their criminal activities, or in some cases due to some unexplained circumstances.

In some cases, the 12th house and the planets inside could indicate distant travels to places where not many people have been, and in some cases this could be a sign of relocating from the place of birth to a faraway country.

Venus in Twelfth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Venus is the planet of love as well as romance and the 12th house is the house of hidden things and secrets. The most obvious indication for Venus in 12th house is hidden and secret love affairs.

The person with Venus in twelfth house might experience secret romances and love affairs that they won’t be able to publically present.

The reasons for that might be various; the person might already be in a long-term relationship or marriage, or their partner might refuse to publicize their relationship, or they might have some reasons of their own not to show their romantic partner to their surroundings.

Because the 12th house is also a house of betrayal, this might often be an indication of cheating in relationships; depending on the state of Venus and the entire natal chart, the Venus in 12th house person might be the one to cheat on their partners or they might often be victims of partners cheating on them.

Sometimes they might be in relationships where both they and their partners will cheat on one another.

Neptune is the planet ruler of the 12th house and Neptune rules secrets and illusions. When Venus is placed inside this house, this could be a sign of illusions in love which this person could be prone of having.

Because the 12th house is also karmic and reveals karmic patterns which lead to current life events, these people might constantly find themselves involved in relationships with unavailable partners or partners who don’t appreciate them or disappoint them in some other way; they might experience rejections and/or experience psychic abuse in their relationships, etc.

Venus in twelfth house is often a sign of disappointments and disillusions in love. These people often experience emotional hurt and pain because of their bad emotional and love experiences.

In some cases, the partners they will tend to attract into their lives could have a secretive background, possibly criminal, or addictive, or in some other way related to the areas of 12th house.

People with Venus in 12th house could have a very caring and nurturing nature. They don’t care only about those who are close to them, but the humanity as a whole.

They often choose professions where this love of theirs can be expressed. They work for humanitarian organizations or do volunteer work where they offer their services without expecting and receiving anything in return.

Because they love people so much, these people often get their feelings hurt by people who are not as understanding and caring as they are.

These people often put other people’s needs first and often don’t have any time to attend to their own needs, in some cases jeopardizing their mental and physical health due to such behavior.

Even though 12th house is a house of isolation and loneliness, Venus is a planet of companionship and partnerships and it doesn’t feel good when placed there.

This person might find it hard being alone, and they might enter relationships out of desperation, which in turn only accentuates their feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Especially if Venus is afflicted, these people might follow a pattern of destructive relationships which in the end might destroy them completely if they don’t find the strength to change and start confronting the issues within them that lead them to make such choices of relationships.

Venus in 12th house might be an indication of relationships with partners related to 12th house matters.

They end up with partners who are secretive, prone to criminal activities, suffering from some mental disease and isolated; they might also be in relationship with someone in prison, etc.

In some cases, Venus in twelfth house could be a sign of a relationship with someone who lives far away from the person.

This might indicate a partner from a completely different cultural background and coming from something that would be considered an exotic place compared to the place where the Venus in 12th house person comes from.

Venus in twelfth house people might have issues with self-love and self-worth. They might have their roots in some traumatic experiences from a past life, or from their early childhood.

In that case, they won’t be able to stop the chain of negative romantic experiences until they confront their issues and heal them. They will keep attracting new experiences to feed their wound and make it bigger.

In some cases, these people could experience situations where they are never able to express their feelings towards the person they love, and these feelings remain repressed in their psyche. They can also attract mentally unstable partners and need to deal with that. 

Venus in Twelfth House Meaning in Synastry

When one person Venus falls into someone’s 12th house, the Venus person stimulates their romantic feelings and desire to be romantically involved with them.

The Venus person might see the 12th house person as intriguing and mysterious and there can be a great attraction between them.

This is often an indication of a relationship that for some reasons cannot be exposed to the public; this can be due to the fact that one or both partners are already in a relationship or married, or because of some other reasons which fall into the realm of 12th house.

In some cases, the Venus person could have romantic feelings for the 12th house person without ever revealing them to this person, or the 12th house person could feel that way towards the Venus person. There is always some element of secrecy and mystery with this contact.

In some cases the partners might have some secret they hide from others. They might have some secrets they share.

Often in this connection the two people cannot see one another in a true light. There might be an element of confusion and mixed feelings, and they might have illusions about each other, imagining them different than they actually are.

Sometimes this connection could indicate betrayal and manipulation from one of the partners. The Venus person can be manipulative and selfish, as well as self-absorbed and use the 12th house person, especially if Venus is afflicted.

When Venus is afflicted, the Venus person might be inconsiderate and reveal some of the 12th house person’s secrets.

Sometimes, when someone’s Venus falls into another person’s 12th house, this could be a sign of an unrequited love where the 12th house person doesn’t return their affection to the Venus person.


Venus in 12th house is usually a sign of secret love affairs and partnerships involved with some kind of secrecy and confusion.

The person might have issues from past lives which are the cause for their wrong choice of partners. Their partners often have traits related to the 12th house areas of rulership.

They can be criminals, convicts, isolated in an institution, loners, live very distant from where they live, etc.

These people might experience betrayals and cheating in their relationships. They are often in relationships that cannot be public because they are involved with partners who already have relationships.

This position is a difficult one for the person’s love life and often causes disappointments and illusions in love. These people might be humanitarians which choose a profession where they help others.

When Venus is in 12th house in synastry, this is also considered a bad placement, which can cause manipulation and confusion in relationships.

Often this placement happens in relationships that never happen or cannot be public due to some secret or circumstances.