Virgo Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology could predict everyday course of events and future of a person’s life and all that by observing and then interpreting positions of planets in a personalized birth chart.

At least astrologers claim so and it is your own decision whether you believe it or not.

Your personal horoscope is actually your natal chart. It is a graphic representation of planetary positions at the time you were born. A good astrologer could tell you a lot about your destiny by interpreting your birth chart.

Horoscope is represented as a circle, divided into twelve equal parts or houses. Each of houses represents a different aspect or area of an individual’s life, such as love life, family, career, finances and material wealth, health and so on. Planets found in certain house actually tell about what you could expect in that area of your life.

Of course, your own perception and point of view on your horoscope and on what the astrologer tells you is of vital importance.

Moreover, essential elements play a great role in horoscope analysis. By essential elements, we mean Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Conjugations between stars, planets, zodiac signs, houses and essential elements draw a complex and mostly inspiring image of a person’s astrological destiny. These birth charts are usually so multilayered that we really need an expert to interpret it for us.

Astrology is itself a complex and wide science, actually, a pseudoscience. In general terms, it analyzes positions of planets and their influence on an individual, certain country or even a nation.

On a deeply personalized level, it could give you precious guidelines for life. The part of astrology people are always eager to know more about deals with love compatibility.

Perhaps you would like to know if your relationship is going towards a higher level or you want to know if someone you fancy could be the right person for you. Astrology, of course, does not offer you a definitive answers; it is you who decide, at the end.

However, it could be eye opening, interesting and useful to know if stars are inclined towards a happy future for you and your partner.

Astrologers need your both birth charts, to compare them and see how they match on various levels. Here, we offer interpretations of typical representatives of zodiac, which is a useful step to any further interpretation.

We will try to find out how well certain zodiac signs match. There are no definitely incompatible zodiac signs, only difficult and easy relationships.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is known to be calculated and cold, a man with an analytical mind and prone to inspecting others to the tiniest details. Virgo man is not adored and welcomed as some other representatives of zodiac are, because of his tendency to criticize everyone and find flaws in anyone’s ideas, plans or simply appearance.

Virgo is a perfectionist and idealist, which is, at the same time, the best and the worst of him.

He is not aggressive towards people; Virgo man is polite, tactful and well mannered. He is very intellectual and well educated, so he would never say something rude or out of place.

However, his critics could be sharp and hurtful to others. Virgo thinks he knows everything the best and he is stubborn in that opinion. He is very neat, meticulous and diligent in everything he does. While Virgo man is not obsessed with insanely paid jobs, he does not accept any position he believes disrespectable of his skills, talents and knowledge.

He could be as cooperative as he could be difficult to work with. He is the employee of the month, no, of the year and he does not accept anything less. If he is in the leading position, he could be demanding and very strict. Order, discipline, and hard work are what he expects from others and of himself.

However, his soft side is that he enjoys all sorts of pleasures, although he is organized in indulging himself as well.

He cares a lot about his physical appearance, his body and health, so he would rarely over indulge himself with, say, delicious food. He has in acquired taste for delicious healthy food, for example. He would treat himself from time to time. He loves everything in his life well organized and planned.

His style is never overdone; he could be either old-fashioned or very trendy, but the point is, everything he wears is always perfectly fitting, clean and carefully chosen.

Virgo man is very discouraged by failure, but perhaps less than Virgo woman is. However, he could be very indecisive about things in life and it comes from his insecurity. He is insecure about whether his decisions are perfect, so he often hesitate to make them. The same is in love.

Virgo man would reconsider his emotions thousands of times, until he is sure what he feel is actually love. Even then, he could suddenly realize it is not like that.

He is demanding and has high standards, especially when it comes to finding his perfect match. Many times, he is actually unsure about what he wants. He is an idealist, incapable of seeing his own flaws and weaknesses. Virgo is proud of himself and easily offensive. He cannot stand someone trying to persuade him his opinions are wrong.

It takes time for him to open up and let someone into his life, for real. He could have many short-term relationships, but he is unsatisfied with those. A woman who would impress Virgo man should be witty, interesting enough, intelligent and beautiful in his eyes.

If you fall for a Virgo man, you should be ready for his perfectionist’s attitude.

Libra Woman

Libra woman possesses a relaxed and intuitive approach to all things in life. She is calm, she knows how to handle stressful situations and there is not much that could deeply upset her.

However, Libra is emotional, compassionate and very reasonable lady. She uses her energy well and tries to take the best of life, without any damage to others. She is open, friendly and a warm personality. She is self-confident, although indecisive about certain things.

She feels comfortable about herself, Libra woman would not make drama if she has gained few pounds extra, but she would see to improve the situation. She has the same simple and efficient approach to everything else in life. She is not lazy, but she is not particularly adventurous or in need of excitement.

If she is in the mood for staying the whole day in bed, with popcorn and extended versions of her favorite movies, she will do so.

If she is about socializing, it is the same. She is not irresponsible when it comes to work, but sometimes has maybe too relaxed approach. Libra woman is not particularly ambitious and she would never try to gain anything at the cost of others. Moreover, she is particularly sensitive to injustice, no matter to whom it is done. She could be very courageous in defending what she deems just and right. She is a natural born diplomat, not a ‘war master’.

Libra woman is friendly and very flexible. She feels at her best almost anywhere; from a fancy five star hotel, to a camp tent, Libra is at home. She is pretty much the same when it comes to social occasions. Libra woman is relaxed when in a large company, she would entertain her friends by her stories or else, but she does not like actually to be in the center of attention (public speaking, for instance).

This incredible woman is not afraid to express her emotions openly. If she fancies you, she will let you know and vice versa. Libra woman is never rude to people and she would rather step back than waste her time and energy on endless debates and quarrel.

Libra woman is free minded, spirited, enthusiastic about arts and fashion, but also modest and down to earth.

She could get really indecisive when it comes to love and relationships. She loves to flirt, she enjoys little love games and so on and it takes time for her to actually commit to someone. She is very romantic, compassionate and emotional in a relationship.

Her love is unconditional and warm, a perfect combination of a genuine romance and friendly approach.

Libra woman falls for guys that could make her laugh and who are smart and intelligent. She does not care much about his financial or social status, even about his appearance. She does not have strict standards and she let a man amaze her by his character, not by his fancy car.

Libra is, perhaps, one of the most tolerant zodiac women, while, at the same time, she does not let others manipulate her and she keeps her integrity.

Love Compatibility

This is an interesting couple, with kind of fifty-fifty chances for a harmonious and steady relationship. Efficacious and tense Virgo man and relaxed, easygoing Libra woman are not a natural match, which is pretty common for neighboring zodiac signs.

However, they have potential to build up strong bonds if they focus on what they have in common, while trying to work out what they have not.

The advantage here is that Libra woman is quite tolerant and she actually does not care much what the next step will be, if, for example, these two plan something. If they are dealing with something that is not of a big concern for Libra woman, she will leave it to Virgo, who will happily arrange things the way he imagines them to be.

There would be rarely big problems with such things.

Their energies are opposite; Libra is calm, Virgo is tense, Libra could be lazy, Virgo is all about having things neat and tidy. They would often argue about daily stuff, such as washing dishes, cleaning house and so on.

However, it could just become normal for them and they would not make a big deal out of it.

Their sex life is not particularly satisfying, because Virgo is moody and demanding and sees sex as duty, while Libra thinks of it as pure pleasure.

They could learn much one from another, if they are enough attracted to one another and willing to learn. While their energy is opposite, it could be very compatible, if carefully handled. Virgo man could take a lesson on relaxation and an easygoing approach from his lovely Libra, while she could learn that there are things to be taken a bit more seriously.

Virgo man and Libra woman have important things in common. Neither of them is about money, career and luxury, but they would both like to have a comfortable, stable family life.

They also have a lot to talk about; both have a taste for art, literature or something similar. Both are intelligent and creative. They would not find it hard to have very good time together.

Marriage Compatibility

This relationship could lead to a marriage, but it is very important both are completely sure about it. Both are known for being indecisive about entering a relationship, let alone something more serious than that. Both want to be sure if their partner is the right one.

It takes time for them to decide on such important step, but, when they do, it could be most inspiring and interesting.

Unfortunately, it could happen that they simply cannot find a common tongue when it comes to sex life and it would be a great disappointment for both.

It even happens that both find another partner to satisfy their sexual desires, but stay married because of common goals considering family and business. It could be an awkward situation, but the one both agreed to.


This combination is more likely to turn into or stay friendship than lead to a marriage. They are different in nature and pace, but still have many important things in common.

Virgo man and Libra woman, for example, both like fashion and art, both enjoy good books, time spent in nature and so on.

They could become really good friends and actually never think about anything more than that.

Cool Facts

Virgo man and Libra woman are definitely a couple to notice. There are good examples amongst celebrities, although not lasting ones.

Prince Harry and his ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy are one of Virgo man/Libra woman couples.

Another good example is a relationship of actors Scott Biao and Erin Moran.


Overall, this combination really has a potential to become something beautiful.

Although Virgo and Libra are generally not so natural combination, being too close in zodiac and an Earth and Air element signs, they are not doomed, if they focus on what they do share and try to find some compromise about what they do not have in common.

It could be tough, but worth all effort.