Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are wondering how to find out more about the person you like, or you would like to know about the prospects of a long term relationship with a person you are already dating, or have a desire to date, astrology is the right means to give you such answers.

An excellent way to find out about the compatibility between you and another person is making a compatibility (synastry) analysis between your natal charts.

This analysis requires making the natal chart of the person you like, as well as your natal chart, and comparing the planetary positions from both charts, and determining the aspects between them.

Positive aspects between the planets indicate a harmonious relationship between you two and the potential for longevity, while negative aspects between your planets usually denote incompatibility between your characters.

This relationship is not likely to be harmonious and lasting, and there is a great chance of conflict between you two.

The problem with this analysis is the need to have exact birth data for both you and the person who interests you, to make your natal charts.

That is not always easy information to obtain, especially if you don’t know the person well.

Another way to determine relationship compatibility is by comparing the basic traits of your horoscope signs.

All signs have some general characteristics which are shared among those born under the same sign.

The comparison of these traits can give us useful information about our compatibility with this person.

A horoscope sign can also give us valuable information about someone’s personality traits.

In the text below, we will make a comparison between the basic traits of a Sagittarius man and an Aries woman, and determine the potential for a relationship between them based on the traits of their signs.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men often resemble boys in bodies of grown men. Some of these men never grow up and become serious. They are usually great optimists and always tend to look at the brighter side of things. Even when the circumstances appear gloomy, they keep hoping some miracle will happen and turn the chances in their favor.

These men often have a great sense of humor and can stand a joke at their account.

A typical Sagittarius man can be a bit airheaded. These men can be prone towards getting themselves into risky situations without thinking things through and then suffering some serious consequences.

Regardless of that, they always seem to get back on the top and often succeed when the chances of success were around zero.

Sagittarius men have an adventurous spirit and they often find themselves in the most awkward and exciting situations and places. They love meeting new people and cultures and usually travel a lot. These men travel both for business and for pleasure.

Many of them use their frequent travels to interesting people for broadening their knowledge and experiences, which is something that brings Sagittarius people immense pleasure.

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet gives this people eagerness for learning and expanding their knowledge.

They are often interested in history and philosophy, as well as subjects that not many people are interested in. they are very interesting to be around because they are full of interesting stories, both related to their own experiences as well as their knowledge on different subjects.

They are very easy-going, open-minded, communicative and direct. They don’t have a problem approaching anyone and starting a conversation with that person if it appears interesting enough.

Sagittarius men are usually sports types. They love movement and action, and they are often into different sports activities. Some of them prefer collective sports, while others are more into individual sports activities, such as hiking and running.

There are typically two types of these men (but that also varies depending on the influences of other planets and signs in their natal charts). One is medium height, muscular built, and with a slightly larger head.

The other type is very tall with also a large, a bit elongated head, which resembles a horse and a slim muscular body. Sounds strange, but many Sagittarius men and women do resemble a horse, both in their face and their body built.

These men love their freedom more than anything else. They don’t like commitments, and they tend to avoid them at any cost (at least typical Sagittarius men and women often do that).

They enjoy the experience of meeting and being with different partners and they also enjoy the dating part (although it sometimes involves dating multiple partners at once), but when it comes to committing to a single person, that is when red lamps start flashing, and these men often retreat.

They find it difficult to decide to be with one woman exclusively because that act will take away their freedom, and also a possibility of meeting someone new who fits better into their desires.

This behavior is typical for a Sagittarius man who is not sure about a girl he is dating. It might be a situation where he likes the girl and enjoys her company, but he isn’t sure if she is the right one for him.

They don’t have a problem telling honestly their opinion. They will tell you the reasons why they cannot commit to you, and they will even offer you a possibility of continuing the relationship with them, as it is, or simply being friends to them.

These men are often not very emotional, and they can easily switch from being friends to dating, and vice versa. You need to choose whether to accept or reject their proposal. They have so many other preoccupations (not just dating opportunities, but they don’t lack those either), that they most likely won’t notice that you are gone.

When a Sagittarius man falls deeply in love with some woman, the situation is completely different. Most of them don’t believe in the possibility of that happening to them, but when it happens, it completely changes their personality.

They are able to become devoted and loyal to one partner, but it has to be the “right one”.

If you happen to be that “lucky one”, your life will never lack excitement and adventure. You will often be put into awkward situations by this man, who lives his life like one big adventure, and you will have to adjust to that, accept it as a part of your reality and enjoy.

When you accept to be his woman, you will need to deal with the rest of his personality, which is often not as amusing. For example, you will need to deal with his superficial approach towards things, forgetting duties, not listening to what you say, and similar.

If you realize that it is worth it putting up with all that, go for it, knowing that your life will never be boring again. 

Aries Woman

Aries woman attracts attention, often due to her loud voice and dominant appearance.

These women might appear aggressive in their approach to other people. It is who they are, and are usually not aware of their behavior. These women have a good soul and kind hearts, but they lack refinement and elegance. Many Aries women have boyish style and exhibit masculine traits.

The main reason for that is their ruling planet, Mars. Mars is the god of war, aggression, and violence, and that gives people born under this sign, similar traits.

These women have confident personalities, and they aim to succeed in life. Their ambition to succeed usually appears early in their life. That ambition often leads them to begin earning money at a very young age and becoming independent. They often set their goals very high and do anything it takes to achieve them.

Career is usually very important for these women, and they are often very successful and end up doing managerial positions later in life.

They are always ready to protect the weak, and are usually very helpful to those in need. They do it out of the openness and kindness of their heart, and are usually not prone to having ulterior motives.

One of their main negative traits is being prone to react impulsively, hastily, and without much thinking which then puts them into situations where they need to deal with the consequences of their actions.

These women are very passionate and often openly express their interest in some man. Their approach might not be welcomed by every man they fancy, but some men are fine with women approaching them.

They are very independent, and they don’t need man’s support in life to achieve their goals.

Aries women are attracted to confident and ambitious men, who aim to reach high in life, just like they do. Some of these women have such dominant personalities, that men, who are equally powerful, don’t want to be with them because their masculinity would be jeopardized in such a relationship.

This type of Aries woman usually ends up with a man who has a weaker personality than her, and she ends up being the alpha and the omega of that relationship.

Unless they have some water or earth elements in their charts, Aries women are not very emotional or sensitive, and often appear blunt, mannish, and rough to people from their surroundings.

People, who don’t know them well, might have a completely different opinion about these women, and that opinion changes once they have the chance to know them well. These women have admirable personalities and they can be very feminine when they desire.

They have a desire to get married and establish their family, but their desire for advancement and career success often causes them to postpone these activities until later in life.

Some Aries woman, do the opposite and hastily enter into marriage, which ends up in divorce early in their life.

Love Compatibility

The love relationship between a Sagittarius man and an Aries woman can be a good and lasting one. These two are fire signs and share a common spirit of adventure and action.

They are both fond of sports activities, and this mutual love provides them with many circumstances where they could enjoy this love together. They are both very fond of their freedom and independence, and understand that need within each other.

That is the main reason why the Sagittarius man doesn’t feel as much pressure in this relationship compared to relationships with some women with other horoscope signs.

The Aries woman is often focused on her career, and although she has a desire to become a wife and mother, she usually doesn’t rush things, and let matters happen spontaneously; there are, of course, some Aries women who are quite the opposite and pressure their men into commitment, and in such case their attitude might be a turning off point for a Sagittarius man.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Sagittarius man and an Aries woman could be a lasting one, providing that she undertakes all the order and organization part of the marriage duties, and have the patience to remind her man into doing his duties.

They both have a lot of fun and they share similar energy, don’t take things too seriously, and are optimistic in general.

That is why this relationship could be a fulfilling experience for both of them.

The Aries woman can be possessive, but not overly possessive because she loves her own freedom as well, which means that the Sagittarius man won’t feel as pressured as in a relationship with women of some other horoscope signs.


A Sagittarius man and an Aries woman are very good in the friendship role.

These two have similar energy and similar interests.

They are both into sports and often do some joint sports activities. They also love outdoor activities, and are both always ready for action.

Cool Facts

Both the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are outdoor types and they spend a lot of time in nature; this is a common trait, which brings them closer together.

These two often enjoy different activities together, like hiking in nature, or mountain climbing, riding bikes, etc.


The Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are often a good combination in any kind of partnership.

They have some issues in their characters they need to adjust to, but all in all, this is a good union, with the potential to be a lasting one.