Virgo Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Every horoscope sign has general characteristics which people born under the same sign share. That is valuable information to know if you are wondering about the compatibility between you and another person.

Usually, when we meet someone, and we like that person, we begin wondering about our chances of being with that person and the likelihood of having a committed relationship with them.

There are not many means to find out the answers to these questions, but astrology is one such means.

Astrology comparison analysis can give us accurate details about the prospects of a relationship with another individual, but for such an analysis we need precise data of this person’s birth.

Because such information is difficult to obtain if we don’t know someone well, we can instead use their horoscope sign, which is easier to obtain, to get not as precise, but also valuable information.

By comparing the signs of two people, we can conclude about the potential of different relationships between them, as well as the potential discords.

In the text below, we will make a comparison between the traits of a Virgo man and a Taurus woman to discover their basic compatibility.

Virgo Man

A Virgo man is not very emotional, and women sense that right away in his presence. These men are very rational and organized and love to keep things under control, which refers to their emotions as well. They avoid making hasty decisions because such actions cost them a lot, so they take a while when making decisions, considering all pros and cons.

These men are also not very passionate, and they have a detached approach to relationships. One of the main reasons is that they don’t want to get involved when they are not entirely sure about their desires.

A Virgo man is not very exciting either. For a woman who desires a passionate and adventurous relationship, he is not the right choice. This man is obsessed about planning and organizing things in advance, and that doesn’t leave space for spontaneity and adventure.

His need to have all matters in his life (and often in other people’s lives) in control doesn’t leave space for the unknown to enter his life.

The Virgo man is also not very passionate and often doesn’t care much about sex. He has an intellectual and rational approach to all matters, and the matters of the heart are not excluded from that. He needs to fit the woman he chooses into his organized schedule and that is often a difficulty for him because he is often very busy.

This man is often self-centered and that is a problem when you need to devote your time to another being. The woman he chooses must be very special for him to decide to give up on his freedom and change his life completely.

It sounds cruel, but these men are capable of living on their own, and they don’t need a partner to lead a fulfilled life.

It is not that they don’t feel anything, it just that they are simply deciding rationally what is best for them in certain occasions. A woman who is a nuisance, overly emotional, dependent, insecure, etc. isn’t a right match for this man. He doesn’t have the need to babysit anyone.

The woman he chooses must be independent and self-sustainable. Not every Virgo man resembles this picture, but many of them do. It is something you should be aware of if you are considering a relationship with him.

He also has high standards on personal hygiene and taking care of your well-being. These men are especially well-groomed and pay a lot of attention to details. If you have a smudge on your blouse he will certainly notice it and wonder if that often happens to you. He can’t stand sloppiness and messiness.

His house is usually tightened up like a pharmacy. He will expect to find the same in your house. If he doesn’t, he might consider revising his decision of committing to you.

Not all Virgo men are like this, and there are exceptions when they could be very messy and disorganized, but usually if they have some other planetary influences in their chart which cause that.

These men can sometimes exaggerate with their demands for perfection (just like Virgo women). There are not many people who can meet their standards, but they are not overly concerned about that. If no one fits them, they won’t have any problems being alone. When we say being alone, we don’t mean that these men don’t have any relationships.

They do, but they just don’t commit until they are entirely certain the person is right for them. Even then, they tend to rethink and sometimes change their minds.

Their tendency to criticize others is one of their worst traits, and they are well-known for it.

Many people consider them a big nuisance because of that, and not many women are ready to put up with that either. They often act as if they are the only ones who know what is right, and never stop and think what gives them the right to believe in that. You might try to talk to them and say that their attitude is bothering you, but it is likely that they won’t change much.

Some of them fortunately become aware that they are exaggerating, and they try to change for the better, becoming more tolerant of what they consider other people’s flaws and mistakes.

When a Virgo man marries, he undertakes all his marriage duties seriously, and he is often a devoted and loyal partner. His woman needs to be intelligent and good in conversation. He is repulsed by women who are aggressive, direct, rude, and overly sexual.

This man’s attraction towards a woman comes through his mind more than from his physical reactions, and that is something every woman who is interested in a Virgo man should be aware of.

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is a beautiful and sensual being. She is the queen of beauty and comfort.

This woman adores her home and usually arranges it lavishly so it could resemble a palace worthy of her. She is very creative and artistic and she instills her talents into all her endeavors. Their talents come from their ruling planet, Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Taurus women are very confident about themselves and their woman attributes. They are very passionate, but their passion is subtle and sensual and doesn’t resemble at all the fiery passion of some fire sign women. They are attracted to strong men who also have confidence in their masculinity.

She has a traditional approach to courting and expects her man to put in a lot of effort into conquering her. This woman has a very high opinion of herself and that opinion is well deserved because she has a lot of qualities.

These women love their house and love spending much time there. They love arranging it and they also love cooking. They enjoy preparing delicious food for the people they love. Their house is often full of friends and family and they nurture their relationships with them.

The Taurus woman doesn’t mind having a dominant man by her side, providing that he respects and values her. He also needs to be successful and able to provide for her and the family.

She doesn’t mind working, but expects her man to be able to do his manly role as a provider of a family. She supports the traditional roles between men and woman, and because she is all woman, she naturally expects her man to be all man.

This man is excellent around the house, and she performs perfectly all her womanly roles. She is the loyal wife, the perfect lover, devoted mother, perfect house wife, and a sexy companion on a night out. A man who is in pursuit of such a woman needs not to look further. She is all that in one person.

She also has an immaculate style and many women envy her for that. This woman is also very beautiful, although often has problems with having a few pounds more than she desires. This woman is a wonderful choice for a man who is looking for a committed relationship.

The Taurus woman is also a good entertainer and besides spending time at home, she loves going out. She expects her man to demonstrate his affection for her, both publically and in person. She is very affectionate and enjoys kissing and caressing with her man. She is also a good and passionate lover.

The sign of Taurus is known for its tendency towards stubbornness, and this woman often suffers from this as well, but usually, it is to her detriment. She can be obsessed stubbornly about something or someone which isn’t serving her highest purpose, but it takes time for her to realize that and give up. Sometimes it takes years to realize how wrong she was.

When a man hurts them, Taurus women often tend to suffer for a long time, but they rarely forgive them. When their trust is broken, it is hard for them to go back to where things were.

These women are very principled and don’t tend to make compromises regarding things they consider very important. 

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Virgo man and a Taurus woman is not the best idea. These two are both earth signs, but they have opposite temperaments and personalities.

Also, the Virgo man is not very emotional, while the Taurus woman is. She probably won’t notice this man and he won’t notice her.

They also have different interests and that fact will contribute to not having the chance to develop something more than an acquaintance. She is too passionate for this man and he is too distant and calculated for this woman who loves life and enjoys it to the fullest.

This relationship is often a mistake, unless there are some other planetary placements in both their charts which will enable the compatibility between them and ensure a lasting relationship. 

Marriage Compatibility

If a marriage between a Virgo man and a Taurus woman happens, it well might be a lasting one, although not the happiest one. He is more of a Spartan type of guy and usually doesn’t require much to be satisfied, while she is a hedonist who loves to enjoy the pleasures and beauties of life.

Both of them are responsible and perform their marriage duties on time, but they won’t have internal emotional fulfillment in this union, which is likely to end one day. If they have children together, they will perform well their role as parents, but warmth in this union will always lack.

She will also be annoyed by his criticism and house rules he will ask her to respect. He is not a kind of guy she could imagine by her side as he is not masculine enough for her taste.

These two are a complete mismatch. 


A friendship between a Virgo man and a Taurus woman is not a likely one.

They are both earth signs, but they are different personalities, although they are both grounded and down to earth people. Their interests are also different and they usually belong to different social groups.

If they do become friends, it is most likely due to some other connections between their natal charts.

Cool Facts

Virgo men are usually very cautious about their diet and they pay a lot of attention to the food they eat.

They try to eat healthily and usually don’t eat much. These men are often vegetarians or vegans, or they eat only organic food.

That is why they are often skinny. Conversely, the Taurus woman is usually a gourmand and loves to prepare food as well as to eat.

These women often have problems with their weight because of their eating habits and love of food. They often tend to overeat and are often on some kind of dietary regime.


A relationship between a Virgo man and a Taurus woman is usually not a good one. These two rarely make any kind of connection past being acquaintances.

When it happens it is often a result of temporary attraction and ends after one of them or both realize how different they are.

Usually, only if there are some other planetary bonds between them they can establish a lasting union.